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                                                     April 2012

               L ak e la n d C h r i s t i a n S c h o o l

Campus Technology
Engages Students
in Learning
        Why Accreditation?
        By Dr. Mike Sligh, Headmaster

            D   uring our recent accreditation visit, one of our              Every agency
                students asked, “What’s the big deal about this          publishes standards
        visit, anyway?” The school staff member replied, “Well, do       for accreditation that
        you know all the work you’re doing in high school? Would         govern all areas of
        you like that to count?” So what is accreditation, anyway?       school practice. Faculty
            Accreditation is a seal of approval rendered by              qualifications, facilities,
        agencies approved by the state for that purpose. LCS             finance, academic
        maintains accreditation from the following four agencies:        program, co-curricular
        The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)        activities, library,
        accredits Christian schools around the world. Only a             technology, governance,
        small percentage of ACSI-member schools qualify for              transportation, food
                                accreditation. The Florida Council       service, and health
                                of Independent Schools (FCIS)            and safety are all
“...the school’s mission        and their partner agency, The            addressed. The school
                                Florida Kindergarten Council (FKC),      staff completes a review
of ‘Education in the            accredits schools throughout the         of all curriculum
Light of God’s Word’            state. FCIS and FKC require all          documentation and
                                members to maintain accreditation.       practice as well as a self-study report addressing each area of the
is fully evident in             The Southern Association of Colleges     school’s operation. Every five years the agencies send a visiting

every aspect of school          and Schools (SACS) is now part of        team to the school to validate the self-study documentation
                                AdvancEd, which has been formed          and check school records and practices to ensure compliance
operation and program.”         as a conglomerate of multiple            with the standards. They also assess progress in addressing the
                                regional accrediting agencies.           recommendations made on the previous visit. The teams provide
                                     LCS maintains accreditation         reports to the accreditation commissions of their respective
        from both Christian and secular agencies. We want to be          agencies. The reports include a series of commendations and
        held accountable to provide a truly Christian education in       recommendations as well as a recommendation as to the
        every aspect of our students’ education. We also want to be      school’s continued accreditation. The commissions render the
        publicly accountable to meet the criteria for the quality of     decision on renewal of accreditation and communicate their
        the agencies recognized in the secular world as the “industry    decision to the school.
        standard” for education. The rigorous standards of all of             During the visit the teams meet with the administration,
        these agencies provide a well-rounded peer review process        parents, students, board members and the faculty to gain a
        that affirms the quality of an LCS education and provides        sense of the school culture. They seek to determine the extent to
        focus that enables us to make it even better.                    which each area of the school supports the stated mission, vision
            Graduating from an accredited school is a common             and core values of the institution.
        college entry requirement. In addition to college admission           Recommendations from these reports shape the school’s
        considerations, accreditation serves a vital consumer            plans for continual improvement as well as the school’s strategic
        protection role. The first consideration for parents searching   plan. The accreditation process provides the “controlled tension”
        for a school should be to look for a school that holds           that is vital to school improvement.
        accreditation from an agency such as the four that                    At the close of our recent visit, the team chairs reported
        accredit LCS.                                                    to the faculty and staff in a brief exit interview. Although the
                                                                                                                           continued on page 2

        MISSION STATEMENT — The mission of Lakeland Christian School is to educate students in the
        light of God’s word to equip them for a lifetime of learning, leadership, service and worship.
                           Jonny Diaz, LCS Students Delight
                           Large Musical Harvest Audience

    E    ven the best of events become hard to sustain year after
year. However, the LCS Musical Harvest always seems to deliver
                                                                          has been to write songs that
                                                                          entertain, encourage and
an outstanding program featuring professional musicians                   challenge fellow believers. In
performing alongside Lakeland Christian students.                         addition to writing and singing
      This year’s event may have been the best ever, as the fifth         a number-one hit, Jonny was the
annual Musical Harvest welcomed Lakeland’s own Jonny Diaz as              2010 GMA Dove Award nominee
the featured entertainer. The contemporary Christian pop artist           for New Artist of the Year.
thrilled the crowd of 300+ with a fourteen-song concert, including              Net proceeds
his number-one hit single, More Beautiful You.                            from this year’s
      Jonny was joined on stage by more than 115 LCS student              Musical Harvest                5th AnnuAl
musicians and vocalists for renditions of You Are Good, A Mighty          totaled $34,000. This
Fortress and More Beautiful You. Jonny and LCS senior Johnny              money will be used
Boatwright teamed up to sing Waiting Room, while the LCS                  to help purchase
vocalists opened the show with O God, Our Help in Ages Past.              a new baby grand
      Jonny is an artist whose mission in life is to serve the Body       piano for the Music
of Christ. From the beginning of his music career, his desire             Department, with the
                                                                          balance being used
                                                                          for financial aid.
   Harrell’s Fertilizer Group                                                   “This event is a multiple blessing in that LCS music students
                                    April & Bart Richert
   CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP          Christina & Greg Sale                 are well on their way to getting a new Boston piano while, at the
   OMS                              Gina & Dean Saunders                  same time, we will now have more money to distribute to families
   Peterson & Myers, P.A.           Annette & Steve Sligh                 who are struggling financially to have their children at LCS,” said
   Philip Sebring                   Tammy & Tom Standifer                 Steve Wilson, Director of Advancement. “It was a great evening
   HOSTS                            Sherry & Conrad Varnum                for a great cause,” he added.
   Payton & Keith Albritton         Amanda & Ed Verner                          Following the event, Gold Patrons, event sponsors and hosts
   Connie & Dave Aplin              Lee Wall
                                                                          enjoyed an after-concert reception at the home of school parents
   Bena Bayless                     Marcy & Dave Wickenkamp
                                                                          Dean and Gina Saunders. These patrons had the opportunity
   Deanna & Howard Bayless          Kim & Jim Wilbanks
                                    Susie & Steve Wilson                  to visit personally with Jonny while enjoying an elaborate
   Pat & Ralph Blalock
                                    Wanda & David Yrastorza               hors d’oeuvre buffet.
   Kim & Bob Cleghorn
   Susan & Joe DiCesare
   Candy & Clint Gordon
   Regina & Rob Harper
   Tina & Jack Harrell
   Barbara Hart
   Danease & Jay Horne
   Lois & Kevin Knowlton
   Amy & B.J. Mason
   Cheri & Todd Maxwell
   Virginia & Vane McClurg
   Shannon & Jeff Miles
   Alyson & David Miller
   Jaimi & Corey Miller
   Melissa & Brad Murray
   Jean & Oz Mutz
   Pam & Bill Mutz
   Beth & Lee Patteson
   Melanie & Wayne Peace
   Mandy & Cory Petcoff
   Publix Super Markets Charities
   Angie Register
   Dama & Buddy Register                                              1
 Julie Rice                                                                                    Why Accreditation?
                                                                                               continued from inside front cover
 Appointed Director
                                                                                               teams are not permitted to share their
 of Enrollment                                                                                 recommendation regarding the school’s
                                                                                               continued accreditation, they do share

      LCS is pleased to announce                                                               a summary of their commendations

 the appointment of Mrs. Julie                                                                 and recommendations.
                                                                                                    Among the most gratifying
 Rice as the school’s first Director
                                                                                               commendations was the teams’
 of Enrollment. This position will
                                                                                               observation that the school’s mission of
 provide overall direction to the
                                                                                               “Education in the Light of God’s Word”
 enrollment building efforts of
                                                                                               is fully evident in every aspect of school
 LCS and will facilitate a seamless
                                                                                               operation and program. All participants
 admissions process for new families.
                                                                                               – faculty, staff, parents, students, board
 Her new responsibilities will
                                                                                               and administration – fully embrace
 include all activities associated
                                                                                               and pursue this mission. Among the
 with enrollment and re-enrollment,
                                                                                               commendations listed were the school’s
 working with the advancement
                                                                                               implantation of technology, social media,
 office in marketing the school, and the coordination and oversight of the
                                                                                               advancement efforts and the school’s
 admissions office. Maintaining and growing the enrollment of LCS will
                                                                                               family oriented culture. Recommendations
 enable the school to broaden its influence by providing “Education in the
                                                                                               included encouragement to pursue more
 Light of God’s Word” to more and more families.
                                                                                               differentiated instruction in the high
      Mrs. Rice is a graduate of Florida State University. She joined the LCS
                                                                                               school in order to continue to address the
 faculty in 2003 and has served as Director of Community Relations since
                                                                                               unique needs of all learners throughout
 2008. She and her husband, Tim, are the parents of one LCS alum and three
                                                                                               the instructional program; the priority of
 current LCS students.
                                                                                               completing the current capital campaign
                                                                                               in order to move on to additional facilities
                                                                                               projects in science and fine arts; and
                                                                                               encouragement to continue to pursue
                                                                                               stated goals and initiatives in the school’s
                  Moore Receives Cotillion Award                                               strategic plan.
                                                                                                    We are grateful for the diligent work
 Lakeland Christian School                                      involves thousands of          of the entire school staff in preparation
 secondary computer                                             students nationwide. Mrs.      for the visit and for the participation
 teacher Barb Moore was                                         Moore was nominated            of parents, students, board members
 the recipient of a “Best                                       by LCS student Alex            and school staff in the process. We look
 Mannered Teacher” award                                        Babcock-Latta, who wrote       forward to receiving the final reports
 by The National League of                                      an essay outlining her         in late spring and early summer.
 Junior Cotillions (NLJC),                                      positive characteristics,      Accreditation is one means of enabling
 Golden Triangle Chapter.                                       how she shows courtesy         us to continue to improve in our ability
 The NLJC is an etiquette                                       and respect for students       to equip our students for a lifetime of
 and social dance training program that           and why she is a good role model.            learning, leadership, service and worship.

                                        1   Musical harvest              8       Odyssey of the Mind             15-17 Fine Arts
in this issue                           4-7 technology                   9-10 elementary happenings              17      Alumni news
                                            engages students             11-14 secondary news                    18-22 sports

                                                                                                                           Around the
                                                                                                                           LCS Campus

Fourth grade students used bubbles to learn about light and how it behaves. Mr. Fred Wiechmann, LCS
science resource teacher, had the students observe light patterns as they blew a bubble. Using a straw and
dish soap, Jack Kirk blows a large bubble as the students watch the light.

LCS parent Craig Roth,
owner of Sunshine
Growers, spoke to third
grade students as part
of their science unit on
plants and flowers.                Mrs. Evelyn Towler, the first principal of Lakeland Christian School,              Students in the LCS K4 program had some special visitors on “Pet Day.”
                                   recently visited the school. She was the principal when the school started in      Harlee Cress, pictured here with her dad Josh (’03 LCS alum), brought in a
                                   1954. Mrs. Towler is pictured here with current headmaster, Dr. Mike Sligh.        pet chicken to show off to her class.

Mr. Ron Yeater, who runs the Creation Care Ministry at Camp Gilead, recently visited K4 and K5 students at
LCS for a special Welcome Wednesday Open House. Mr. Yeater brought along several “critters” including
this bearskin.

                            Middle school science students in Mrs. Cheryl Brannen’s class recently built catapults.
            The students then launched tennis balls in Viking Stadium to see which design was the most effective.

                                                    Learning by Doing .........
                                                                        New Ways to Access Data
                                                                            As access to data is made easier, Lakeland
                                                                        Christian School is implementing ways to use it to the
                                                                        students’ advantage.
                                                                               “Students learn best when they are involved in
                                                                        the learning process,” said Mr. Keith Overholt, Assistant
                                                                        Middle School Principal. “Learning by doing” is what
                                                                        the process is called, and it is made easier by providing

R    emember the days of sitting in class and listening to a
teacher lecture day after day? What about taking notes with a
                                                                        direct and immediate access to information, learning in
                                                                        context, and having the ability to discuss, collaborate
                                                                        and work as a team.
pencil, flipping through an encyclopedia or filling out a stack of          Through the generosity of school grandparents
worksheets? Did you used to go to one person’s house when you           and parents, as well as the profits from the Boosterthon
had a group project due the next day? As technology changes             fundraiser, Lakeland Christian School has expanded the
the face of education, LCS students likely won’t remember a             technology around campus. Here are some of the recent
day when they just sat back and passively took in information.          additions over the past few years:
                                            Instead, they will          ■   A campus-wide Wi-Fi network
                                            be students who are         ■   SMARTBoards in the classrooms
                                            engaged and active in       ■   More than 200 iPads
                                            their own learning.         ■   50 iPod Touches
                                                 The age of             ■   A mobile Mac lab
                                            mobility has allowed        ■   At least one iMac in all elementary
                                            students to have                classrooms and several in middle school
                                            immediate access to             and high school classrooms
                                            information right           ■   The Weather Bug system in the Wonder Room
                                            at their fingertips,        ■   A high school research lab (all PCs)
                                            whenever and                ■   A music composition lab with iMac computers
                                            wherever. Consider          ■   Four large flat screen TVs around campus
                                            these statistics: On            for announcements
Christmas Day 2011, there were 6.8 million new activations of
smart phones. When the iPad 3 was released a few weeks ago,
three million sold in the first three days. There are 4.2 billion
mobile phones in the world, and there are more wired devices
in the United States than there are people. For the first time,
laptops are outselling PCs.

....... Technology Allows Students to be More Engaged
     Preparing for the Future
         When the 2012-2013 school year kicks off this coming August, even          iPads into their classrooms in unique ways to
     more changes will take place with the implementation of the new LCS            enhance their subject area.
     1:1 iPad initiative. All students in grades 6-8 will have their own personal       According to Mr. Overholt’s research, many of
     iPad for use in the classroom. Students will have access to digital            the top 10 jobs right now are related to technology
     content, be able to collaborate online, create and edit video projects,        and computers. “Forty percent of jobs today are
     access applications to enhance learning, create projects digitally, submit     creative, and the typical school setting doesn’t
     assignments online, research and much more. Teachers will integrate            prepare for that. We are preparing our students to
                                                                                    compete for jobs that don’t exist yet.”
                                                                                        The mission of Lakeland Christian School is to
                                                                                    educate students in the light of God’s word to equip
                                                                                    them for a lifetime of learning, leadership, service
                                                                                    and worship. Learning by doing – taking an active
                                                                                                               role in their education – is
                                                                                                               one way that students will
                                                                                                               be equipped for the future.
                                                                                                                    If you would like
                                                                                                               more information on the
                                                                                                               technology programs
                                                                                                               at Lakeland Christian
                                                                                                               School, please contact Mr.
                                                                                                               Keith Overholt, Assistant
                                                                                                               Middle School Principal, at

                                                                                                       About the
                                                                                                       At L akeland
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                                                                                                                 gy is be                  l,
                                                                                                       myriad              ing utili
                                                                                                                of ways              zed in a
                                                                                                      iPads a            . Most n
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                                                                                                     the clas                   sed in
                                                                                                    for mos            at all le
                                                                                                             t subjec            vels and
                                                                                                    graders           ts. Here
                                                                                                                               , first
                                                                                                             Carley H
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                                                                                                           tions to              cationa
                                                                                                                    practice              l
                                                                                                  they are                     what
                                                                                                                    g in cla

Faculty, Staff Integrate Technology All Over Campus
T   o keep pace with the ever-changing nature of
technology, LCS teachers, staff and administrators are
                                                            ■   Instead of purchasing $100+ graphic calculators, students in
                                                                Mrs. Kristi Stacy’s classes use the iPads and iPods for graphing
finding new and creative ways to encourage students to          lessons in Algebra 1.
be hands on with their learning. Gone are the days of       ■   Seventh grade Bible students use iPod Touches to record video.
researching in printed encyclopedias and having to be           The students act out the stories in the book of Acts. They upload
in the same location to work together as a group. You           the videos to the Mac computers, and using iMovie, they
don’t have to be a professional to film and edit a video,       add music and transitions. The
and you can study the anatomy of a frog without ever            students then present their videos
needing to open the amphibian’s chest.                          to the class.
     Across the board, most classes are using computers     ■   Students in several different grades
and the iPads for research, and the majority of teachers        use Weebly to create their own
are using SMARTBoards in the classroom. But here are a          websites to share information that
few specific ways that LCS teachers are using technology        they learn on different units.
in the classroom – at all levels and in most subjects:      ■   Mrs. Cheryl Brannen utilizes the
■    First grade students recorded messages for                 iPads for a DNA and forensics
     Grandparent’s Day so that their grandparents               lab. She also uses a camera
     could listen and watch the student and then record         and video for a simulated crime
     their own message back to their grandchildren.             scene analysis. For a virtual DNA
■    Fifth grade media students utilized Skype, a Mac           fingerprinting lab, Mrs. Brannen
     and a SMARTBoard to interview LCS alum                     uses her SMARTBoard.
     Lanna (Daniel) Britt who works for Fox News            ■   In ninth grade English, students
     and Brett Baier’s Special Report.                          in Mrs. Katy Andersen’s class
■    Fourth grade students used the iPads to research           acted out and made videos of
     objects that use light.                                    scenes from “Romeo and Juliet.”
■    Students in high school physics use iPad apps such         The video projects were complete
     as Sound Measure and OScope to measure the                 with memorized line and
     intensity of sound in decibels and the frequency           costumes, along with creative editing and video effects.
     components of sound.                                   ■   High school drafting students use computers for Computer Aided
■    First graders use iPad apps to practice handwriting        Design (AutoCAD). They create plans for additions to homes,
     and spelling, review sight words, review math facts,       churches and other building projects.
     study grammar skills and research information
     about different units of study.
■    High school art students use cameras, printers, Mac
     computers and iPads to build their
     AP art portfolios.
■    Middle school science teacher Jennifer Canady
     uses class wikis in a variety of ways, including
     showcasing student work, posting test
     reviews, responding to questions,
       providing opportunities for differentiation and
            maintaining a blog.

■   The K4 teachers use their SMARTBoards for games and songs            ■   In her Bible class, Mrs. Ruth Boulet utilizes her
    that teach the youngest LCS students basic lessons on letters,           iPad and Keynote to display notes to her class.
    numbers and shapes.                                                  ■   Mrs. Melissa Henson uses the SMARTBoard in her
■   Rather than bring a book back and forth from home to school              high school English classroom, allowing students
    each day, seventh grade science students can access their                to participate interactively, using the pens to
    textbooks online or through a downloaded PDF on the iPads.               make changes to mistakes and to review using a
■   Sixth grade history students used iPads and iPods to research            Jeopardy game.
    ancient China and then created a project using Keynote,              ■   Head boys’ basketball coach Todd Radford
    Pages or SonicPics.                                                      keeps all of the team stats on his iPad for easy
                            ■ First graders use the classroom and            organization and instant access.
                                lab computers for AR quizzes,
                                research, typing reports, creating
                                websites and playing various
                                educational games.                               New Software Expands
                            ■ Calculus students use an iPad app
                                called Wolfram Calculus for solving
                                                                                 LCS AR Program
                                complicate integrals and derivatives,                 Lakeland Christian School is now a
                                and they utilize Khan Academy as                 member of Renaissance Place, a web-based
                                an online tutor.                                 version of Accelerated Reader and STAR
■   Fifth graders in Miss Kala Walls’ class use Keynote and SonicPics            called AR Enterprise. This includes every
    for presentations in both social studies and math, and they                  AR quiz available – more than 135,000
    create blogs to present their book reports.                                  quizzes – and will enable LCS students to
                                                                                 have a greater variety of books to choose
                                                                                 from for their AR reading. The students
                                                                                 are only able to test at school but have
                                                                                 the ability to access their accounts at home
                                                                                 through Renaissance Home Connect.
                                                                                      Home Connect improves the
                                                                                 school-to-home connection by allowing
                                                                                 parents and students to log in to the website
                                                                                 and view the student’s reading progress.
                                                                                 Access to online results promotes discussion
                                                                                 between parents and students, motivating
                                                                                 the students and making reading even
                                                                                 more effective. In addition, parents can
                                                                                 specify up to six email addresses to receive
                                                                                 automatic updates in English or Spanish on
                                                                                 their student’s reading progress.

Five Teams Compete in
Odyssey of the Mind
                                                                                            The middle school team will compete in the State
                                                                                            Odyssey of the Mind tournament in late April.

Five teams represented Lakeland Christian at the regional
                                                                       Primary Team – “Hide and Peek” (non competitive):
Odyssey of the Mind competition held at Strawberry Crest
High School in late February. Competing against 120 teams          Morgan Teagan, Sean Cardosi, Eil Curls, Emily Bayless,
from Polk, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee and Hardee              Connor McLoughlin, Carys Wiechmann. Coaches:
counties, the LCS teams earned several top-five finishes.          Pam Szydlowski, Kara Szydlowski.
The middle school team won first place in their division               Fourth Grade – “You Make the Call” (3rd place):
and will travel to the state competition in late April.            Alexandra Clements, Christian Herman, Aden Mines,
     The middle school team was made up of Wilson                  Mary Bayless, Emily Branham, Sarah Lowe, Avery Bryant.
Grooms, Logan Mason, Evan McLoughlin, Daniel Vila,                 Coach: Sherry Herman.
Brandon Starling and Adam Mines. The team was coached                  Fourth Grade – “To Be or Not To Be” (4th place):
by Darise McLoughlin and Rochelle Grooms. They chose               Christian Messenger, Ryan Srivastava, Carter Ferguson,
the “Ooh-Motional Vehicle” problem which required them             Rachael Branham, Elena Peek, Britain Musick, Sydney Curls.
to design, build and drive a vehicle that would travel a           Coach: Christine Ferguson.
course and encounter three different situations. The vehicle           Fifth Grade – “Odyssey Angels” (5th place): Mary Fran
displayed a different human emotion for each encounter,            Caswell, Vivian Streets, Emily Valentine, Anna Canady, Annie
and one caused it to travel in reverse. The team had to create     Bolter, Grace Sharpe. Coaches: Laurie Streets, Krissa Valentine.
a theme for the presentation that incorporated the vehicle             Odyssey of the Mind is an education program that
and different emotions.                                            encourages students to develop creative problem-solving skills.
                                                                   Problems can range from building mechanical devices to
                                                                   presenting their own interpretation of a literary classic. The
                                                                   program encourages students to work collaboratively. LCS
                                                                   parent-coaches noticed growth in the students’ ability to work
                                                                   together during their months of preparation.
                                                                       Middle school coach Darise McLoughlin said, “The thing I
                                                                   love most about coaching an Odyssey of the Mind team is that
                                                                   you truly get to watch the kids learn to put the needs of the
                                                                   team above their own wants and needs … It promotes creative,
                                                                   out-of-the-box problem-solving and team building that will
                                                                   give us the leaders and problem solvers of the future.”
                                                                       Christine Ferguson, who coached for the first time this
                                                                   year, said, “The young people I had the amazing opportunity
                                                                   to work with are some of the most creative young people I
                                                                    have ever known. They worked diligently every week and
                                                                       had such an amazing respect for each other’s ideas.”
                                                                             Coach Sherry Herman added, “OM was a great
                                                                         experience for the children to work together to create
                                                                         a team solution, while they shined as individuals with
                                                                            their own personalities.”
                                                                                    For more information on Odyssey of the Mind
                                                                                 and an explanation of the problems, visit

                                                                                        The fourth grade team prepares to present their problem,
                                                                                        “To Be or Not To Be.”
        Grant Funds Fifth Grade Field Trip
        Lakeland Christian School fifth                      experience and learned what it truly             of ground and surface water as they
        graders can thank the Southwest                      means to “go green.” Immersed in                 identified the causes and impacts of
        Florida Water Management District                    a series of activities, the students             acid rain, industrial agriculture and oil
        (SWFWMD) for a fun day at the                        discovered how humans have altered               spills on the environment. Students were
        Sweetwater Organic Farm. The                         the earth and impacted its natural               encouraged to identify solutions to these
        $2,730 SWFWMD grant funded the                       systems. Students conducted an                   problems and discover ways to become
        field trip to Hillsborough County,                   in-depth investigation of the water              greener and promote sustainability –
        where the students got hands on                      cycle and the natural filtration                 both locally and globally.

 A staff member at the Sweetwater Organic Farm speaks to fifth grade girls                      Fifth grade boys got hands on with the compost pile at
 about greenhouse seedlings.                                                                    Sweetwater Organic Farm.

Barrett Keene Speaks to                                                                         Anderson Wins Art Award
Missions Class                                                                                  Twelve-year-old Ethan Anderson, a student in the LCS
                                                                                                Discovery Program, recently received an award for his
The fifth grade Missions class invited Barrett Keene to speak
                                                                                                artwork at the 2012 Children’s Festival sponsored by the
about his project to raise money for a special missions
                                                                                                University of South Florida College of Education. The
project. Keene, following the admonition in James 1:27 to
                                                                                                theme was “Learning is WonderBULL,” and Ethan’s picture
care for widows and orphans, decided to walk from Miami
                                                                                                depicted the USF mascot and was featured on the cover of
to San Francisco to create awareness for The Global Orphan
                                                                                                the festival’s schedule of events. Congratulations, Ethan!
Project. Keene embarked on this 3,475-mile journey because
he holds a special place in his heart for children and realized
that there are approximately 145 million orphaned and
abandoned children around the world.
For more details on his walk, visit You can
also sponsor or virtually take part in
his walk by visiting
Information on The Global Orphan Project is available at

                                                                                                             Students in first and second grades
                                                                                                             celebrate America in their
                                                                                                             patriotic-themed musical.

                                                                                                             High school student Carter Overholt
                                                                                                             is joined by several second graders
                                                                                                             before the elementary musical.

First and Second Grades
Present Patriotic Musical

Lakeland Christian School first and         grade students had
second graders presented the patriotic      speaking parts, and
musical “AMERIKIDS” in late January         high school student Carter Overholt served     were represented. As a special tribute,
for their annual program. Directed by       as the adult role of The R.S. (Recording       members of the audience who had served
elementary music teacher Miss Nancy         Secretary and George Washington). All          in the different branches of the military
Snyder, the musical centered on the         of the students marched in and out like a      were honored and asked to stand when
theme, “In God We Trust.” Second            political convention, and all of the states    their anthem was sung.

                             Students Recognized by American Legion
E  ach year, the American Legion recognizes students         Fifth Grade — Distinguished Achievement Award: Max Mudger,
                                                                  Abby Branham. Honorable Mention: Bryson Yamnitz, Grace Sharpe.
in fifth, eighth and twelfth grades who demonstrate
the character qualities of courage, honor, patriotism,       Eighth Grade — Distinguished Achievement Award: Kara Stacy,
leadership, service and scholarship. Congratulations to           Greg Holden. Honorable Mention: Nehemiah McIntosh, Rebekah Cline.
the following students who were selected as American         Twelfth Grade — Distinguished Achievement Award: Mark Mutz,
Legion Award recipients:                                          Emily Behrens. Honorable Mention: Zach Varnum, Jenna Smithson.

     A-Team Finishes Sixth in County Tournament
     Which one of the following did not              The correct answer is (C). This           team combined for a total of 215 points
     sign the Declaration of Independence?      question was one of many that was              to advance to the final round. Junior
           (A)   Thomas Jefferson               answered correctly by the LCS Academic         Christina Sierra scored the most points for
           (B)   John Hancock                   Team during the 29th Polk County High          LCS in the semi-final round.
           (C)   George Washington              School Academic Tournament held at                  This year’s LCS Academic Team
           (D)   Benjamin Franklin              Lake Region High School on February            consists of senior Claire Jarvis; juniors
                                                16. During the tournament, questions           Christina Sierra, Stephanie Powers, and
                                                were asked from a variety of subjects          Emily Oak; sophomore Derek Andersen;
                                                including music, art, math, humanities,        and freshman Amanda Fulton. During
                                                science, social studies, English and           the regular season, Claire Jarvis scored
                                                foreign language. The LCS Academic             the second most points ever in school
                                                Team had another successful tournament         history and was selected to the Polk
                                                finishing sixth place overall out of a total   County All-Academic Team. This team
                                                of nineteen schools that competed in           will compete at Disney World in April
                                                the event. LCS has placed in the medal         against other teams from around the
                                                round eight out of the past eleven years       state of Florida. Mr. Steve Livesay, the
Lee Wall           Blake Bellar                 and continues to be one of the county’s        A-Team coach, is confident that LCS will
                                                top competitors. In the first round, the       field another strong team next year.

Middle School
Spellers Compete
in County Tournament
Congratulations to LCS middle
                                                                                                                                     The LCS A-Team
school students Blake Bellar                                                                                                         finished sixth
(7th grade) and Lee Wall (6th                                                                                                        in the County
grade) for representing Lakeland                                                                                                     Tournament
Christian School at the Polk                                                                                                         in February.

County Spelling Bee held in early
March. Blake and Lee competed
against 36 other middle school
students from around the
county. Blake finished 11th
overall in the tournament.

  Stonick Wins Polk Essay Contest
  Congratulations to seventh grader Cheyenne Stonick for winning first place in the Polk
  County Family Essay contest in November. This contest was held as part of Polk County
  Family Week, and students wrote on the topic “Why I Love My Family.” Cheyenne won
  first place in the 6th-8th grade category and was honored at the kickoff event in Winter
  Haven in mid-November. In addition to a cash prize, Cheyenne was shown on several
  cable channels and websites reading her essay. LCS was the only private school that
  participated in the contest, along with 28 public schools. Cheyenne is a student in
  Mrs. Gaye Lene Hasha’s English class.

                                                                                                 Seventh grader Cheyenne Stonick reads her winning
                                                                     11                          essay at the kickoff event for Polk County Family Week.
Eighth Graders
Go On ‘Adventure
to Tallahassee’

             LCS eighth graders piled onto buses early on March 6 for a three-day adventure to Tallahassee. During the trip, the students
             toured the historic Capitol Building, the new Capitol Building, the Florida Supreme Court, the Museum of Florida History
             and the Tallahassee Museum (including dinner and a “Night Prowl”). The group also visited the Mary Brogan Museum
             of Art and Science, the Governor’s Mansion, the Mission San Luis and the Florida State University Campus.

                                                                                            Representative Kelli Stargel and Representative Seth McKeel joined the students
                                                                                            for a group photo.
 Chief Justice Charles Canady addresses the   Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam
 8th graders in the Florida Supreme Court.    speaks to the students about public service
                                              on the west plaza of the State Capitol.

                                                      First Lady of Florida,
                                                      Mrs. Ann Scott,
                                                      welcomed the group
                                                      to the Governor’s
                                                      Mansion during their
                                                      trip to Tallahassee.

Nine Attend University
of Florida Symposium
     Nine middle school students represented
Lakeland Christian at the 49th Annual Science,
Engineering and Humanities Symposium at
the University of Florida. The students had the
opportunity to spend time in research labs with
renowned scholars, hear presentations from eminent
researchers and experience high school researchers
presenting their findings. LCS participants who                        Several middle school students attended the annual science symposium at the University of Florida.
attended the symposium had competed in the LCS
science fair for at least two years.                                students in career explorations by revealing opportunities in the sciences,
     According to its website, the Junior Science,                  provide recognition and prestige for students who demonstrate aptitude for
Engineering and Humanities Symposium is designed                    scientific studies, offer teachers the opportunity to motivate students and
to “search out talented youth and help them dis-                    update knowledge about current research, and demonstrate the vital role of
cover their interests and abilities in science, assist              the humanities in the development of scientists and engineers.”

Secondary Students Recognized by Rotary, DAR
     Congratulations to the following                Senior Emily Behrens participated in the Rotary District                        on to represent the Rotary
students for their participation in              speech contest held at the Lakeland Yacht and Country Club                          Club of Lakeland South at
community events:                                in mid-February. Emily won first place in the contest and went                      the next level.
                                                                                                                                           At the Daughters of the
                                                                                                                                     American Revolution (DAR)
                                                                                                                                     Tea on February 1, eighth
                                                                                                                                     graders Olivia Overholt
                                                                                                                                     and Cole Yrastorza were
                                                                                                                                     recognized for participating
                                                                                                                                     in the middle school essay
                                                                                                                                     contest. Senior Zach Varnum
                                                                                                                                     was selected by the LCS
                                                                                                                                     secondary faculty and his
                                                                                                                                     peers to represent LCS for the
  Senior Emily Behrens won the Rotary District      Senior Zach Varnum was             Eighth graders Cole Yrastorza and             DAR Good Citizen Award.
  speech contest in February.                       chosen to represent LCS for the    Olivia Overholt represented LCS in
                                                    DAR Good Citizen Award.            the DAR essay contest.

                 Senior Homecoming Candidates

    In the December 2011 edition of The Viking, senior Homecoming candidates
    Tyler Slomowitz and Rebecca “Spookie” Eaves were left out of the Homecoming
    article. We apologize to Tyler, Spookie and their families for this mistake.
    Congratulations on being nominated by your peers, and thank you for
    representing the Senior Class of 2012.

                    Two Advance to State Science Fair
N  ineteen middle school students represented Lakeland Christian School at the Polk Regional Science and
Engineering Fair this winter, and two students – Julia Canady and Brandon Kaye – were selected to
compete at the State Science Fair in April.
     Congratulations to the following students on their outstanding accomplishments:
                                                                                                   Julia Canady and
                                                                                          Brandon Kaye (joined here
Honorable Mention                        Shelby Bedwell                                     by middle school science
                                                                                           teacher Jennifer Canady)
Brady Allen and Adam Mines               Category: Math
                                                                                            will represent LCS at the
Category: Medicine and Health            Project: “The Book Prediction”                            State Science Fair.

Project: “Mist You: Investigating        Triston LaPorte
        Schoolwide Immunization          Category: Medicine and Health                     Second Place Awards:
        Programs”                        Project: “‘C’ The Difference”                     Brandon Kaye
Will Richert                             Reese Overholt                                    Category: Environmental Science
Category: Physics                        Category: Computer Science                        Project: “Aquatic Toxicity of Potassium Phosphate”
Project: “The Golf Ball Plunge”          Project: “iWonder: The Impact of Running          Paul Mowrer
                                                 Apps on the Battery Life of an iPad”      Category: Engineering
Third Place Awards:
                                         Kaid Walding                                      Project: “The Thermodynamics of Roof Color”
Christian Bedwell                        Category: Engineering                             Evan McLoughlin
Category: Behavior Science               Project: “The Effect of Blade Shape on            Category: Zoology
Project: “Leadership and Conformity”             Amount of Energy Produced”                Project: “The Effects of Various Cover Crops
                                                                                                     on the Population of Detrimental
                                                                                                     Nematodes in Soil”
     In addition to their success at the science fair, four students have been
     invited to present their research at a poster session at the upcoming                 Cole Yrastorza
     PolySTEM conference. The students will share the spotlight with faculty               Category: Medicine and Health
     during the poster session and will interact with business and community               Project: “Effectiveness of Comeceuticals for
     leaders as they share their research. These students have partnered with                        Sun Protection”
     businesses and universities in the development of their research:
                    Brandon Kaye – Phoslab Environmental                                   First Place Award
                    Evan McLoughlin – University of Florida                                Julia Canady
                    Lee Wall – USF Polytech                                                Category: Botany
                    Julia Canady – Florida Southern College                                Project: “Weed Warfare: Investigating
                                                                                                     Allelopathy Year 2”

                                                       Weather Bug Allows Students to Study Weather
                                                       Thanks to the generous donation of a school grandparent, Lakeland
                                                       Christian School middle school students are using the Weather Bug program
                                                       to study weather in exciting and innovative ways. Using real-time data,
                                                       students are able to monitor approaching weather fronts and weather
                                                       patterns. Additionally, Weather Bug allows students to be challenged by
                                                       high-school-level work and investigate areas of interest more deeply.

                                                       The Weather Bug station, located in the Anne MacGregor Jenkins Wonder Room,
                                                       allows students to get real-time data about approaching weather fronts.
            Band Students Compete in Solo and Ensemble
Congratulations to the following LCS band students (grades               David Jones, Brandon Kaye, Quinn McKown,
6-12) for performing well and scoring high marks at the District         Chase Palmer, Kristen Schaedel, Caleb Wickenkamp
and State Solo & Ensemble competitions:                                  and Cole Yrastorza (MS brass choir); Maria Baker, Alaine
                                                                         Branham and Kaylee Mills (flute trio); Audra Drake, Danae
                    STATE COMPETITION                                    Drake and Kendra Lehner (clarinet trio); Claire Jarvis, Sarah
                                                                         Mora, Zach Varnum and Danae Drake (clarinet quartet);
Individual Superiors: Makalyee Graves (flute solo), Claire Jarvis        Skye Allen, Derek Andersen, Hayley Maloy, Jazmine Pabon,
(clarinet solo), Cameron Underwood (tuba solo).                          Christina Sierra, Will Smaha, Alissa Sullivan and Jacob
Individual Good: Christina Sierra (alto saxophone solo).                 Fuller (saxophone choir); Whitney Andersen, Aaron Brooks,
                                                                         Amanda Fulton, Chris Greene, Kyle Jenko, Chris Kitchens,
Group Superiors: Claire Jarvis, Zach Varnum, Sara Mora and
                                                                         Josh Martinez, Zach Martinez, Ashley Middleton, Jonathan
Danae Drake (clarinet quartet); Jonathan Murray, Kyle Jenko,
                                                                         Murray, Marky Rupert, Jenna Smithson, Caleb Thomas and
Chris Kitchens, Aaron Brooks, Jenna Smithson, Whitney
                                                                         Cameron Underwood (HS brass choir).
Andersen, Chris Greene, Josh Martinez, Marky Rupert, Zach
Martinez, Caleb Thomas, Ashley Middleton, Amanda Fulton                  Group Excellents: Emily Palmer and Abby Riley
and Cameron Underwood (brass choir).                                     (trumpet duet).

                 DISTRICT COMPETITION:

Individual Superiors: Mollie Tew, Noah Russ, Nixie
Vorndran, Daniel Vila, Evan McLoughlin, Hope
McGrath, Brantley Sabat, Austin Branham,
Trey Brickhouse, Peyton Wells, Carlos Rash,
Brock Guynn, Isaac Green, Kacee Strickland,
Maddie Pistoria, Gloria Tabb, Laina Strickland,
Jacob Fuller, Craig Heacox, Kristen Schaedel,
Rachel Chapman, Caleb Wickenkamp, David
Jones, Chase Palmer, Jonathan Murray, Maria
Baker, Makaylee Graves, Claire Jarvis, Danae Drake,
Amanda Folk, Christina Sierra, Ashley Middleton,
Amanda Fulton, Cameron Underwood.

Individual Excellents: Brandon Starling, Madison Graves,
Emma Kirk, Will Smaha, Triston LaPorte, Hannah Scruggs,
Danae Drake, Kendra Lehner, Hayley Maloy, Derek
Andersen, Christopher Greene.

Group Superiors: Kassidy Lehner and Mollie Tew (flute duet);
Liz Campano and Tacy Snyder (clarinet duet); Micah Stewart
and Daniel Vila (saxophone duet); Hope McGrath and Austin
Branham (trumpet duet); Taylor Anderson and Brock Guynn
(low brass duet); Marybeth Boulerice and Kacee Strickland
(flute duet); Maddie Pistoria and Gloria Tabb (flute duet); Jacob
Fuller, Alissa Sullivan and Will Smaha (saxophone trio); Emma
Kirk and Kaitlin Smith (clarinet duet); Josue Blanco, Cole
Radford and Kristen Schaedel (trumpet trio); Reece Batterton,
Andrew Douglas, Brandon Kaye and Ryan Trasport (baritone
quartet); Marybeth Boulerice, Emma Kirk, Maddie Pistoria,
Kaitlin Smith, Kara Stacy, Kacee Strickland, Laina Strickland
and Glorida Tabb (MS woodwind choir); Josue Blanco, Rachel
Chapman, Cole Radford, Andrew Douglas, Craig Heacox,

Secondary Vocalists Strong at                                                             Seven Musicians
District Competition                                                                         Chosen for
LCS choir students participated in the annual FVA District 12 Solo and Ensemble            All-State Choir
Festival held on Saturday, February 4, at Rochelle School of the Arts in Lakeland.
Thirty-six students participated in 20 separate solo, duet and ensemble entries with    Seven LCS students were chosen
the following results:
                                                                                        to participate in three All-State
High School Superior Ratings (moving on to perform at State Festival in April)          Choirs and one All-State Band from
                                                                                        January 12-14, 2012, in Tampa.
Solo: Johnny Boatwright, Amanda Carl.
                                                                                        These students were chosen by
Duet: Katie Greene and Emily Carl, Caitlin Robb and Cailey Bates,
                                                                                        musicianship, sight-reading and
Johnny Boatwright and Amanda Carl, Casey Jones and Makaylee Graves.
                                                                                        vocal audition, and they participated
Chamber Ensemble: Brendan Adriano, Whitney Andersen, Cailey Bates,                      with hundreds of their peers from
Johnny Boatwright, Amanda Carl, Emily Carl, Makaylee Graves, Katie Greene,              around the state. Guest conductors
Casey Jones, Sarah Kettelkamp, Alexis Latimer, Tyler Leach, Caitlin Robb and            from all over the U.S. spent many
Ana Rodriguez.                                                                          hours in rehearsal with these
High School Excellent Ratings                                                           students and presented excellent
Solo: Makaylee Graves.                                                                  concerts as the culmination of the
Duet: Amanda Fulton and Sarah Kettelkamp, Christina Sierra and Ana Rodriguez.           weekend. Congratulations to the
Trio: Robert Verner, Carter Overholt and Spencer Abramson.                              following students for receiving this
                                                                                        honor: Kara Stacy, Vaviel Verner
Junior High Superior Ratings
                                                                                        and Alex Vorndran (Middle School
Solo: Brittany Lewis, Cole Singler, Christian Bedwell, Cheyenne Stonick,
                                                                                        Treble Chorus); Johnny Boatwright
Taylor Mills.
                                                                                        and Casey Jones (High School Men’s
Duet: Vaviel Verner and Paige Watson, Ashlynn Joyner and Abigail Garrard.
                                                                                        Chorus); Whitney Andersen (High
Quartet: Laurel Hesseltine, Kara Stacy, Vaviel Verner, Paige Watson.
                                                                                        School Women’s Chorus); and
Ensemble: Shelby Bedwell, Blake Bellar, Scout Hunt, Caroline Kitchens,
                                                                                        Claire Jarvis (Symphonic Band).
Taylor Mills, Cheyenne Stonick.

LCS Choirs Reach Out During Christmas Season
During the month of December, the LCS choirs had many opportunities to
present the truth of Christmas to members of the Lakeland community. The
Junior High Choir visited Oakbridge Assisted Living Unit where they sang
Christmas carols and spent time talking with the residents. The Sixth Grade Choir
visited the Emeritus Lakeland Assisted Living Unit, singing familiar carols. It was
exciting to see the residents singing along as we were able to connect them to
Christmas music of their past. On Friday, December 16, the High School Concert
Choir and Chamber Ensemble presented a program to the South Lakeland Rotary
Club, held at the Yacht Club on Lake Hollingsworth. High School Choir and
Ensemble students were also selected to sing in the Epcot Candlelight Processional
Program, presenting the biblical Christmas narrative through Scripture and
music. We are so thankful for the opportunities that Christmas gave for sharing        Congratulations to the seven LCS musicians who were

the truth of the gospel to the Lakeland community through music.                       chosen to participate in the All-State music groups.
                                                                                       Clockwise from front and center: Alex Vorndran,
                                                                                       Vaviel Verner, Whitney Andersen, Casey Jones,
                                                                                       Johnny Boatwright, Claire Jarvis and Kara Stacy.

                                       Alumni news
          Ashley Thomas (’05) recently earned her MBA through the University of Michigan. Ashley is an online media
          representative at Universal Orlando Resort.
          Priscilla Allen Long (’04), husband Kevin, and big sisters Hannah and Emily, welcomed Tiffany Love Long
          to the family on February 16, 2012. She weighed 8 lbs., 1 oz. Priscilla is a stay-at-home mom, and Kevin is a
          geometry teacher at Haines City High School. The family currently resides in Lakeland.
                                                                                                                                              Tiffany Love Long

Note to Alumni Parents:
                                  Melissa (Busing) Helm (’99) and her husband, Joel, welcomed son Jackson David in
If your former student no
                                  September. He weighed 8 lbs., 10 oz. Melissa has been a trainer with the LCS football
longer lives in your home
but still receives mail           program, and Joel coaches the boys’ varsity tennis team.
from Lakeland Christian           Ben Forlaw (’98) and his wife, Danielle, are the proud parents of William David Forlaw
at your address, please
                                  who was born on January 26, 2012. William was welcomed home by his big sister, Riley
e-mail Claudia Powell at
                                  (two years old). The Forlaw family resides in Suwanee, Georgia, where Ben is an account
to update their alumni            manager for DisplayIt. Danielle is a stay-at-home mom.                                                      Jackson David Helm
information.                   Glenn (’97) and Julie (Barnes) Warner (’97) moved to Savannah in the fall of
                               2011. Glenn is the pastor for family ministry at Bull Street Baptist Church. The
                               Warners have three children: Eisen (eight years old), Landon (six years old) and
          Charis (three years old). Savannah is a beautiful city, and their church family is wonderfully
          welcoming and gracious. They praise God for his abundant provision.

                 We love to hear from you. News about you is important to us and to your former classmates.
                                    Please e-mail Claudia Powell at
           Planning your class reunion? Claudia can also arrange for use of facilities and will offer other helpful tips.
                                                                                                                                      Ben, Will and Riley Forlaw

                                 High School Vocalists Perform for the Detroit Tigers
               The LCS High School Chamber Ensemble and Concert Choir                       the Detroit Tigers and the Minnesota Twins. The group of 34
          were honored with the privilege of performing the National                        students was well-supported by the fans in attendance and
          Anthem on Wednesday, March 21, at Joker Marchant Stadium in                       was blessed to have the opportunity to represent LCS in the
          Lakeland. The Choir opened the spring training game between                       Lakeland community.

                             Winter SportS
      Vikings Athletes Compete Well, Finish Strong
      Across Polk County, Central Florida and throughout the state, the Viking athletic program is consistently recognized for being strong
      competition year after year. The 2011-12 winter sports season was no different. Here is a brief recap of the winter sports season:

                                                                      Boys’ Soccer
                                                                •   The boys’ soccer team had a strong start to their season, winning seven out of their
                                                                first nine games. This included big wins over McKeel Academy (8-0), Orangewood
                                                                Christian (5-1) and All Saints’ Academy (8-1).
                                                                • The Vikings also topped local rival Santa Fe Catholic twice during the season – on
                                                                December 2 by the score of 2-0 and again in January by the score of 4-0.
                                                                • The Vikings, coached by Grandy Streets, finished their regular season with a record of 13-9.
                                                                • In the first round of the District tournament, the varsity boys’ team easily handled All
                                                                Saints’ by the score of 6-1. The Vikings came up just short after a hard-fought battle
The boys’ soccer team was led by four seniors: Hunter Lehman,
                                                                against Fort Meade for the District Championship. In the Regional Quarterfinal round,
Jordan Green, Josh Nilius and Jarrod Cochran.                   the Vikings dropped a 3-1 game to Windermere Prep to end their season.
                                                                • The JV boys’ team finished their season with a record of 3-10-1, while the middle
                                                                school boys’ team ended up at 1-7.

               Girls’ Soccer
      •   The varsity girls’ soccer team, coached by                  and one set of five penalty kicks. It was           •   In the State Semifinal game, the
      Jason Streets, finished their great season with a               sophomore Charlie Eaves who stepped                 Lady Vikings were overpowered by
      trip to the State Semifinal and a record of 21-5-2.             up and scored the game winning PK for               St. John’s Country Day School and
                                                                      the Lady Vikes. In the Regional Final               ended their outstanding season
      •   The Lady Vikes started off strong, taking big
                                                                      game, Josie Koretchko scored early in
      wins over Tenoroc (8-0), Fort Meade (8-0), Santa                                                                    with a 7-2 loss.
                                                                      the first half and held on to the 1-0 lead
      Fe Catholic (7-0) and Bartow (4-0). The first loss
                                                                      over Tampa Prep to advance the girls to
                                                                                                                          •  The JV girls’ team finished their
      of the season didn’t come until early December                                                                      season with a record of 6-7.
                                                                      the State Semifinal.
      when they dropped a close 2-1 decision to the
      Master’s Academy. They came back to win three
      big games in a row: Kathleen (6-1), All Saints’
      (6-0) and Santa Fe Catholic (8-0).
      •  The District tournament proved easy for the
      Lady Vikes. In the Semifinal round, the girls’
      finished off Fort Meade’s season with an 8-0 win
      over the Miners. Facing rival Santa Fe in the
      Class 1A, District 6 Final, the Vikings claimed
      the championship trophy after a 6-0 win over
      the Hawks.
      •  In the Regionals, the Vikings faced a tougher
      challenge but still came out on top over Geneva
      (4-2) in the Quarterfinals. In the Semifinal
      round, the Vikings were still tied with First
      Academy after regulation play, two overtimes
                                                                                                The varsity girls’ soccer team advanced all the way to the State Semifinal
                                                                                                game before being eliminated.

         Girls’ Basketball
•  The girls’ varsity basketball team started the year off with new head coach
Mike Carl in charge, and after just one season, Coach Carl earned the FACA
Coach of the Year Award for Class 3A, District 13. The Lady Vikings finished
their season with a record of 13-11.
•  The Lady Vikings came up with a number of big wins over area public
schools, including two wins over Lakeland High School (78-59, 59-51), New
Dimensions High School (58-12, 59-28) and Auburndale High School (52-37).
The Lady Vikes also defeated local rival Santa Fe Catholic twice in the regular
season by the scores of 47-23 and 64-52.
• As the host of the annual Holiday Hoops Tournament, the Lady Vikings                           Seniors Amanda Carl, Alexis Latimer, Whitney Houk and
won the tournament after defeating Bishop McLaughlin (46-21) and Victory                         Irene Mansour led this year’s Lady Viking basketball team.

Christian (52-38).
•  In the first round of the District tournament, the Vikings once again              •   After dropping the first two games of their
defeated the Santa Fe Catholic Hawks by the score of 70-59. In the District           season, the JV girls’ basketball team went on
Final round, the girls’ team was defeated by McKeel Academy, 50-25.                   to finish their season with seven straight wins.
•   The Lady Vikings ended their season in the Regional Quarterfinal round            The middle school girls’ team finished their
of the 3A tournament, falling to Seffner Christian by the score of 65-29.             season with just one win and 11 losses.

         Boys’ Basketball
•  The boys’ varsity basketball team, coached by Todd Radford, finished their             •  After losing to New Dimensions High
season with a record of 13-13.                                                            School by just four points earlier in the
• The Vikings had a number of big wins this season, defeating St. Stephen’s               season, the Vikings came out on top in
Episcopal (78-40), Fort Meade (49-27) and Keswick Christian (69-44). There were           the District Semifinal game, winning
also some hard-fought victories over area rival schools such as Frostproof (39-36),       51-43. In the District Final game against
Fort Meade (39-36), Santa Fe (51-47) and All Saints’ Academy (40-37).                     McKeel Academy, the Vikings dropped a
                                                                                          49-44 heartbreaker.
                                                                                          • In the Regional Quarterfinal game,
                                                                                          the Vikings faced a very tough Tampa
                                                                                          Prep and finished their season with a
                                                                                          70-22 loss to the Terrapins. Tampa
                                                                                          Prep went on to win the Class 3A
                                                                                          State Championship.
                                                                                          • The JV boys’ team finished their
                                                                                          season with a record of 10-9. The
                                                                                          JH-Varsity team had a record of 10-3,
                                                                                          and the JH-JV team ended their
                                                                                          season at 9-3.

    The Viking varsity basketball team finished their season with a
    record of 13-13.

                          With the highest cumulative GPA in the state, the girls’ basketball team was named the
                          Academic Team Champion for Class 3A.

FHSAA Awards Winter Academic Team Champions
    The Florida High School Athletic         winter sports season, and the LCS                      place in Class 3A with a team
Association (FHSAA) has named the            girls’ basketball team topped the list                 GPA of 3.407.
Academic Team Champions for the              for having the highest grade point                           The boys’ varsity soccer team
                                             average in the state.                                  finished third in Class 3A with a
                                                    With a cumulative team GPA                      cumulative team GPA of 3.579,
                                             of 3.729, the girls’ basketball team                   while the girls’ team landed in
                                             finished at the top of Class 3A. The                   the number 12 spot with a
                                             boys’ basketball team earned fifth                     GPA of 3.514.

                 Michael Wheary

                                         Three Seniors to Continue Athletic Careers
                                               Three Lakeland Christian School seniors have signed letters of intent to continue
                                         their athletic careers at the collegiate level.
                                               After leading the county in touchdown receptions (15) and being second in
                 Tyler Leach             receiving yards (970), receiver Michael Wheary settled on Youngstown State for
                                         football. Michael was an All-County Second Team selection and broke eight school
                                         records this past season. Michael is the first Division One football recruit from LCS.
                                               Pitcher Tyler Leach signed his letter of intent to play baseball for Brevard College
                                         (North Carolina) next season. Last season, Tyler was an All-County Second Team
                                         selection. Recently, he pitched a no-hitter against Shorecrest Prep, striking out 10
                                         during the game.
                 Jarrod Cochran                Jarrod Cochran, a member of the Viking varsity soccer team, will continue his
                                         career as a Warrior at Middle Georgia College in Eastman, Georgia. Jarrod was named
                                         to the All-County First Team this spring.

                                                                                           Wheary Honored for
                                                                                          Football Achievements
                                                                             S  enior Michael Wheary earned a number of impressive football
                                                                             recognitions after the Viking’s regular season wrapped up. In
                                                                             mid-December, he was named the offensive MVP of the North squad
                                                                             at the North/South Central Classic. Michael also earned an Honorable
Senior Michael Wheary was named offensive MVP of the North squad.
He is joined here by several Viking coaches and players.                     Mention on the Class 3A All-State Team.

                   The Ledger Names Fall and Winter All-County Athletes
    Congratulations to the following students                       Girls’ Basketball:                   Boys’ Soccer:
    for being selected as All-County athletes by                    Second Team – Whitney Houk           First Team – Jake Molony, Jarrod Cochran
    The Ledger for the fall and winter sports seasons:              Honorable Mention – Tess Horne,      Second Team – Jordan Green, Alex Sessums
                                                                       Alexis Latimer                    Honorable Mention – Josh Sessums
    Football Offense:
    Second Team – Michael Wheary                                    Boys’ Basketball:                    Girls’ Soccer:
    Third Team – Christian Alexander                                Honorable Mention – Will Portlock,   First Team – Sydney Rayborn, Charlie Eaves,
    Honorable Mention – T. J. Simmons, Brad Peace,                     Phil Wilsman                         Lydia Cagle
        C. T. Thomas                                                                                     Second Team – Josie Koretchko, Bailee Mathers

    Honorable Mention – Meagan Palm

    Boys’ Swim/Dive:
    Honorable Mention – Mitch Devore

    Girls’ Swim/Dive:
    First Team – Sarah Mora,
        Chloe Wineinger
    Honorable Mention – Tori Green

    Girls’ Golf:
    Honorable Mention – Savannah Collier

    Boys’ Golf:
    Honorable Mention – Blake Crosby, Trent Harris

    Boys’ Cross Country:
    Runner of the Year, 1st Team – Mark Mutz

    Girls’ Cross Country:
    Coach of the Year – Mike Musick
    Runner of the Year – Mallory White
    First Team – Mallory White,
        Rebecca “Spookie” Eaves
    Honorable Mention – Hannah Warren,
        Jessica Fuller, Mary Lanzino

        Houk Hits Three-Point Milestone                                                                            FACA Names
                                                                                                                   Girls’ Basketball
              Last season, senior Whitney Houk reached a milestone that few high
              school basketball players ever see: her 1,000th career point. This
                                                                                                                   Awards Winners
               season, Whitney reached another impressive milestone against Fort
               Meade on December 12 when she sank her 200th career three-pointer.                                         The Florida Athletic
                She finished her high school basketball career with 266 three-pointers,                            Coaches Association named its
                93 of them in this season alone. When she hit her 200th in December,                               2011-2012 winter player and
                    she was 10th in the nation in three-pointers made. Whitney received a                          coach awards, and two from
                    number of accolades this season, being named the FACA Player of the                            LCS were honored for Class 3A,
                     Year for 3A, District 12 and to the All-State team.                                           District 13. Congratulations to
                                                                                                                   senior Whitney Houk for being
                                                                                                                   named the Player of the Year
                                                                                                                   and to first-year head coach
                                                                                                                   Mike Carl for being named the
                                                                                                                   Girls’ Basketball Coach
                                                                                                                   of the Year.
                                                                                                                          Whitney was also named
                                                                                                                   to the Florida Association of
                                                                                                                   Basketball Coaches’ All-State
                                                                                                                   Team. She averaged 22.8 points
                                                                                                                   per game this past season,
                                                                                                                   including 93 three-pointers.
                                                                                                                   Congratulations, Whitney!

                                                                                               What is          How much money         What class do
                             In my free time,            Best thing     Favorite Easter
                                                                                             your typical       does/did the Tooth     you wish LCS
                                 I enjoy:              about spring:       candy?                                Fairy leave you?      would offer?

Tess Horne                       Playing sports            Easter
                                                                                                  10:00 p.m.             $3.00            Agriculture
9th Grader                                                                     eggs

                                                                                                                  My parents didn’t
Jenny Boulet                        Running            Spring dresses
                                                                        Reese’s Cup
                                                                                                                  let me believe in     Creative writing
6th Grade Teacher                                                          eggs                    10:30 p.m.      the Tooth Fairy.

                               Playing basketball
Andy Averitt                  and swimming with           Fishing
                                                                               Sweet Tart
                                                                                              10:30 p.m.                 $1.00             Shop class
7th Grader                                                                      bunnies
                                  my brothers

Cameron Rowe                  Flying ... I’m working
                                                        Spring break                Peeps      Midnight             $5.00                    Flying
11th Grader                   on my pilot’s license

Faith Albritton                 Playing outside         Spring break     Chocolate bunnies     9:30 p.m.         $2.00
                                                                                                                                          Cooking class

2nd Grader

                    TURN                                                22
                                                                                                                             The Viking archery team won the NASP State
                                                                                                                             Tournament and will go to Nationals in May.

                                                 Archers Win State Championship

                                                 W   ith the help of eighth grader Jessie Andrew’s             Ryan Harper was the top male archer
                                                 15 bull’s-eyes, the Lakeland Christian School            for LCS, earning fifth place in the middle
                                                 archery team won first place at the National             school male division with a score of 275
                                                 Archery in Schools Program (NASP) State                  (11 bull’s-eyes). Garrison Hodge was the top
                                                 Archery Championship in late February and                male archer in the high school male division
                                                 will travel to Louisville, Kentucky, in May for          after earning 269 points with six bull’s-eyes.
                                                 the National Competition.                                     In the coaches division, Mr. James Moore
                                                      Held at the Easton Sports Complex in                won first place.
                                                 Newberry, Florida, the Viking team earned 3,165               Scoring for the state competition is
                                                 points. Jessie led the Vikings with 282 points out of    based on the top 12 archers on the team.
                                                 300, earning her the top female spot in the middle       The complete scores are as follows:
                                                 school female vision but also the overall female         Jessie Andrew – 282; Ryan Harper – 275;
                                                 winner in the state competition for all divisions. For   Garrison Hodge – 269; Makaylee Graves – 268;
Eighth grader Jessie Andrew was the overall      winning overall female, Jessie received a medal, a       Cyler McVay – 268; Alex Babcock-Latta – 266;
female winner at the NASP State Tournament.      trophy and a Matthews Genesis chrome-plated bow.         Sydney White – 263; Matthew Henderson – 260;
James Moore won first place in the coach divi-        Senior Makaylee Graves was the leading              Kaitlynn Connell – 258; Austin Berges – 257;
sion at the State NASP Tournament.
                                                 female in the high school female division, scoring       Karlin Ellenberger – 253; Kaitlin Smith – 246.
                                                 268 out of 300 points, with 12 bull’s-eyes. Sydney           In preparation for the state NASP
                                                 White placed second in the high school female            tournament, the team competed against
                                                 division with 263 points and six bull’s-eyes, and        Bartow Union Academy. Jessie Andrew won
                                                 Kaitlynn Connell earned fourth place with 258            first place with 280 points, and Makaylee
                                                 points (six bull’s-eyes). In the elementary female       Graves earned third place with 273 points. For
                                                 division, sixth grader Camren Meier placed third         the boys, Ryan Harper won first place with 266
                                                 in the state with 231 points out of a possible 300,      points. Cole Radford finished in second place
                                                 including six bull’s-eyes.                               (262 points), and Garrison Hodge finished
                                                                                                          third with 261 points.

      Gifts              T O         L A K E L A N D                        C H R I S T I A N                       S C H O O L

On behalf of the students we serve, a heartfelt thanks to the following generous persons and companies who have partnered
with LCS by providing a gift to the ministry. We were blessed by:

Ms. Pam Abbott                    Mr. and Mrs. Clint Gordon              Mr. and Mrs. Eric Mowrer           Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Stabler
Mr. Tom Abramson                  Ms. Ann Grassfield                     Mr. and Mrs. Jay Mueller           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stacy
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Albritton      Mr. and Mrs. Mike Green                Mr. and Mrs. Birk Mullinax         Mr. and Mrs. Tom Standifer
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Aldridge         Dr. and Mrs. Graham Greene             Mr. and Mrs. Vern Murray           Mr. and Mrs. Chris Stonick
Mr. and Mrs. David Andersen       Mr. and Mrs. Richard Greene            Mr. and Mrs. Mike Musick, Sr.      Mrs. Sybil Swofford
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Atkinson     Mrs. Brenda Grimmette                  Mr. Matthew Nipper                 Mr. and Mrs. John Szydlowski
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bagwell       Ms. Patsy Ham                          Mr. and Mrs. Steven Norton         Ms. Sherri Tanner
Dr. and Mrs. Duane Baker          Mr. and Mrs. Louie Hampton             Mr. and Mrs. Chris O’Byrne         Mr. and Mrs. Ken Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Banks, Jr.   Mrs. Norma Harrell                     Miss Ellen Oncu                    Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Tidey
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bates, II       Mr. Terry Harris                       Mrs. Judy Oncu                     Mrs. Evelyn Towler
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bayless       Mr. and Mrs. Keith Henderson           Mr. and Mrs. Ken Overholt          Dr. and Mrs. John Tucker
Mrs. Thomas Bayless               Mr. and Mrs. Rex Henry                 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Phillips          Mr. and Mrs. Jim Turlington
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Bean            Mrs. Robert Hightower                  Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Pike          Mr. and Mrs. Charles Underwood
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bedwell         Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hodge               Mrs. Marlene Pitts                 Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Varnum
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Berry         Mrs. Debbie Houghton                   Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Portlock       Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wiechmann
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Beuoy         Mr. and Mrs. Rich Howe                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Powell, Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Blalock        Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Huckery            Mr. and Mrs. Todd Radford          Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wineinger
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Boatwright       Mrs. Jayne Hughes                      Ms. Angela Register                Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Wright
Mrs. Beverly Book                 Mr. and Mrs. David Hurd                Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Register        Barbara Hart Fund within the
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Booth            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hurlburt           Mr. and Mrs. Bart Richert             Community Foundation of
Mr. and Mrs. Don Bradley          Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Johnson             Mr. and Mrs. Brad Rideout             Greater Lakeland
Pastor and Mrs. Brady Brinson     Mr. and Mrs. Ken Johnson               Mr. and Mrs. Bill Riley            CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bryant        Mr. and Mrs. Steve Johnston            Mr. and Mrs. James Roberson        E & A Cleaning, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. T. Brzozowski        Dr. and Mrs. Derek Keenan              Mr. and Mrs. Scott Roth            Hall Communications, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Burkett         Mr. and Mrs. James Khork               Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Rowe         Harrell’s Fertilizer Group, Inc.
Mr. Dennis Burnsed                Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kirby                Dr. and Dr. Medardo and            MIDFLORIDA Credit Union
Mr. and Mrs. Don Busing           Mr. and Mrs. Curt Kitchens                Ressurreccion Santos            Outsource Management Solutions
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cabrera         Ms. Diane Klages                       Mr. and Mrs. Steve Scruggs         Pro Med Healthcare Services, LLC
The Honorable and Mrs. Charles    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Knowlton            Mr. and Mrs. Chris Shaw            Thorpe Heating & Cooling, Inc.
   Canady                         Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kriegbaum             Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Shimko          Tiger Construction
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Chamberlin      Rev. and Mrs. Mike Latham              Mr. and Mrs. David Sligh           United Way of Tri-County, Inc.
Mrs. Shirley Chesser              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Latimer            Dr. and Mrs. Mike Sligh            Verner Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Pam Cole                      Mr. and Dr. Douglas Latta              Dr. and Mrs. James Smith           Watson Clinic
Dr. and Mrs. David Cook           Mr. and Mrs. Rigoberto Leach           Miss Nancy Snyder                  Wells Fargo Foundation Educational
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cotterill       Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lewis                Mr. and Mrs. Jody St. John            Matching Gift Program
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Crosby         Mrs. Denise Loock
Mrs. Jackie Davis                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Macey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Davis     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Macey
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Davis         Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Denney
Ms. Beth Dickman
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Greg Masters
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Tom McLaughlin
                                                                             Online Giving Available on LCS Website
Mr. and Mrs. John Douglass        Mr. and Mrs. Terry McNutt                  Do you know that you can give to Lakeland Christian School
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Duncan          Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mears                    online? Just visit
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dusing       Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mehler
                                                                             to make a one-time gift, make a payment on an existing pledge,
Miss Susan Ellis                  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Middleton
                                                                             or set up a recurring donation. You can choose what program
Rev. and Mrs. Roger Evans         Mr. and Mrs. Bob Miller
Mrs. Nancy Fisher                 Mr. and Mrs. Corey Miller                  you would like to give to (i.e., Families in Crisis Fund, Student
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Forlaw           Mr. and Mrs. David Miller                  Financial Aid) or you can simply give to the area of greatest
Mr. Adam Fowler                   Mr. and Mrs. Doug Miller                   need. You can also make the gift in honor/memory of someone.
Mr. and Mrs. Avon Frier           Mrs. Nancy Miller                          Does your employer match gifts? You can take care of that on
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Frost           Mr. and Mrs. Bert Mills                    the website too! Contact the LCS Advancement Office at
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Fuller        Mr. and Mrs. James A. Mills                863-688-2771 if you have questions.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fulton       Mrs. Norma Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Gibson           Mrs. Bonnie Mosley

Living Memorials                                                                        LCS Appreciates
It is a joy to receive gifts that are sent to acknowledge a loved one.                  Lakeland Christian School is the beneficiary of
We are grateful for the gifts received from the following:                              many donated goods and services provided by
                                                                                        school families and other friends. These gifts
In memory of: Mr. R.P. Robbins                    In memory of: Bradley Langston        enable higher levels of excellence campus-wide.
   Given by: Mr. and Mrs. Andy Bean                  Given by: Ms. Diane Klages
              Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brooks          In memory of: Mr. Joe Firmin          Donna Rodocker – For the donation of
              Mr. and Mrs. Harry Coots               Given by: Ms. Diane Klages         craft supplies.
              Mr. and Mrs. John Douglass                                                Leslie Kohnenkamp – For the donation of
              Miss Susan Ellis                    In memory of: Garrett Wynn
                                                     Given by: Ms. Diane Klages         books for the library, used uniform shirts, band
              First State Bank of Canadian                                              uniforms and PE uniforms.
              Harrell’s Fertilizer Group, Inc.    In memory of: Mr. Doug Green          Cathy Hamilton and Marsha Hannum –
              Ms. Laura Hawley                       Given by: Mr. Steve Dawson         For volunteering their time each week in
              Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hobdy             In memory of: Mr. Calvin Ellis        Mrs. Debbie Stump’s classroom.
              Dr. and Mrs. Derek Keenan              Given by: Mr. Eddie Ellis          Mr. Sonny Averett – For the donation of
              Dr. and Mrs. Gary Kimball                         Mrs. Sarah Ellis        several novels to be used in Mrs. Gaye Lene Hasha’s
              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Myhrer
                                                  In memory of: Mrs. Dot Cleghorn       English class.
              Mr. and Mrs. Steve Peterson
              Mr. and Mrs. Jim Roads                 Given by: Mr. and Mrs. Rob         Mrs. Carol Jones – For serving as “Art Grandma” in
              Mrs. Kate Robbins                                   Harper                Mrs. Mosley’s four-year-old classes. Her extra pair
              Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ryal               In memory of: Mrs. Arlene Knowlton    of hands and caring heart is very much appreciated.
              Mr. and Mrs. Harold Snyder             Given by: Mr. Erwin Knowlton       Pam Szydlowski, Darise McLoughlin, Laurie
              Miss Nancy Snyder                                                         Streets, Christine Ferguson and Sherry Herman –
                                                  In memory of: Mrs. Cathy Asbridge
              Mr. and Mrs. Rick Timmons                                                 For volunteering their time to coach Odyssey of
                                                     Given by: Mrs. Beverly Mansfield
                                                                                        the Mind teams.
In memory of: Mrs. Fran O’Hop                     In memory of: Cooper Naughton
   Given by: Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Curls, Jr.                                            Dennis Proctor (Lakeland Picture Framing) –
                                                     Given by: Mr. and Mrs. Larry       For donating to the Secondary Art Department.
In memory of: Mrs. Vicky Dawson                                   Naughton              Jay Horne (Horne Construction) – For his diligence
   Given by: Mr. Steve Dawson                     In memory of: Mrs. Mary Rumore        in getting the A/C fixed in the Elementary/Middle
              Ms. Diane Klages                       Given by: Mr. and Mrs. Glenn       School building and for getting hot water into
In memory of: Mr. Joe DeRosa                                      Wright                the clinic.
   Given by: Ms. Diane Klages                      In honor of: Blake Crosby and        Dana Sabat, Payton Albritton, Becky Russell,
In memory of: Mrs. Faith Waibel                                    Brice Crosby         Randy Blalock, Lizette Batterton, Kellie Atkinson,
   Given by: Ms. Diane Klages                        Given by: Dr. and Mrs. Brian       Dana Fox, Debbie Houghton, Candy Gordon,
                                                                   Crosby               Marlene Blanco, Tammy Scruggs, Lisa Jones
In memory of: Miss Ashley Turlington
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. James      and Darise McLoughlin – For serving as
   Given by: Ms. Diane Klages
                                                                   Booth                Welcome Wednesday tour guides.
In memory of: Brad Hicks                                        Mrs. Bobbie J. Crosby   Denise Fie – For donating a microwave and dish
   Given by: Ms. Diane Klages                                                           drainer to Mrs. Sue Gibson’s Food Prep class.
                                                                                        Several LCS faculty members – For taking time
                                                                                        before and after school to tutor students.
                                                                                        Regina Harper and Hulbert Homes – For their
                                                                                        support and donations to the NASP Florida State

Library Donations                                                                       Championship LCS Archery Team.
                                                                                        Ron Yeater of Camp Gilead – For his faithful
                                                                                        service to Lakeland Christian School over the
The Lakeland Christian Library staff appreciates the generosity of those who have       years and for speaking in the classrooms and
provided recent book donations. The library counts on the regular contributions         chapel on a regular basis.
of school families to expand their collection for students.                             Suzanne Watson – For her dedicated service in
                                                                                        the LCS library over the past three years.
Mary Nannette Boyce                    Landon Naughton                                  Mrs. Watson and her family are moving to the
Avery Bryant                           Miss Nancy Snyder                                Birmingham area and will be greatly missed.
Michelle Campbell                      Evelyn Towler                                    Ken Hutton – For creating a puppet show as an
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Forlaw                Mr. and Mrs. Donny Watson                        AR award and for letting Mrs. Debbie Stump’s
Leslie Kohnenkamp                      Mrs. Georgianna Whyte/Adam Whyte                 third grade class use his puppet stage. The students
Mr. Tom LaJeunesse                     Amman Baptist School Band Students, Jordan       are able to use their talents by writing scripts and
Mr. and Mrs. John McClellan                                                             performing puppet shows.

1111 Forest Park Street • Lakeland, Florida 33803 • 863-688-2771 •
                                                                                                                                                       Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                         Lakeland, FL
                                                                                                                                                        Permit No. 133

                         The Viking is published quarterly by Lakeland Christian School, 1111 Forest Park St., Lakeland, Florida 33803

Rummage Sale to Benefit                                                                      Important Dates for the
Student Leaders                                                                              2012-2013 School year
     The members of Student Leadership University at                                         Parents, please keep these important dates in mind for the
Lakeland Christian School will hold their annual rummage                                     2012-2013 school year:
sale on Saturday, May 5, 2012 from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. in
                                                                                             AuGuST 16-17                            DECEMBER 24-JANuARy 7
the school gymnasium. Proceeds from this sale will benefit
                                                                                             Orientation                             Christmas break
students attending various Student Leadership University trips.
                                                                                             AuGuST 20                               MARCH 25-29
     The group is taking donations, and all items are                                        First day of school for                 Spring break
accepted. You can drop off items in the maintenance building                                 Grades 1-12
                                                                                                                                     MAy 24-29
from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.                                          AuGuST 21                               Senior trip
Contact Mr. Keith Overholt at or                                     Orientation for K4 and K5
                                                                                                                                     MAy 30
863-688-2771 if you have questions.                                                          AuGuST 22                               Last day of school for K4 and K5
                                                                                             First day of school for
                                                                                                                                     JuNE 3
                                                                                             K4 and K5
                                                                                             NOVEMBER 19-23
                                                                                                                                     JuNE 4
                                                                                             Thanksgiving break
                                                                                                                                     Last day of school for Grades 1-11

                                                                                                          M A R K YO U R C A L E N D A R

                                                                                       MAy 1-2                    MAy 14                           MAy 25
                                                                                       Art Review                 Band Awards Concert, 6:30        K4 End of Year Program, 8:30 a.m.
                                                                                       MAy 3                      p.m.                             MAy 25-30
                                                                                       National Day of Prayer     MAy 15                           Senior Trip
                                                                                       MAy 7-17                   Progress Reports                 MAy 28
                                                                                       AP Exams                   MAy 21-24                        Memorial Day – No School
                                                                                       MAy 10                     Senior Exams                     JuNE 3
                                                                                       Choir Awards Concert,      MAy 22                           Baccalaureate, 3:00 p.m., at
                                                                                       7:00 p.m.                  Elementary Honor Roll Awards     Heritage Baptist Church
                                                                                       MAy 12                     MAy 24                           JuNE 4
                                                                                       Junior/Senior Banquet      High School Awards Chapel        Commencement, 7:30 p.m., at
                                                                                                                                                   FSC Brancomb Auditorium

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