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                                                                                                                  We speak for those 
                                                                                                                  who cannot speak 
                                                                                                                   for themselves. 

NEWSLETTER           OF   THE   TULSA   SOCIETY    FOR   THE   PREVENTION OF     CRUELTY      TO      ANIMALS        Summer      2011

2910 Mohawk Blvd.                Tulsa, OK 74110           918-428-7722    

      Bingo Bash is back!! The Tulsa SPCA Auxiliary is pleased to announce the return of this
     popular fundraiser. Play bingo, buy pull tabs (every one’s a winner!) and bid on items at the
      silent auction and bottle auction, all while enjoying a variety of delicious hors d’oeuvres.
                              Fun for everyone….bring the whole family!

                                          Bingo Bash
                                   Saturday, July 23 * 6 p.m.-9:30 p.m.
                                    Elks Lodge * 5335 S Harvard Ave.
                                        Advance Tickets-$20 * At the Door-$25

                                 To purchase tickets or for more information,
                    please call Dana at 918-625-4584 or Becky at 918-625-3980

                                         Tulsa Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


                                                   2nd ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT
                                                   Monday, July 25, 2011 · Emerald Falls Golf Club

                                                         30510 East 63rd Street South, Broken Arrow

Entry Fee:          $500.00 for a team of 4 players or $175.00 per player. Breakfast, lunch and goody bags provided.
Format:             Four-person scramble. 18-hole stroke play.
Features:           “Mulligans” $10.00 each - limit 4 per player. “Move-ups” $20.00 per team - 1 tee advance per player.
Time:               Registration 7:00 a.m. Shotgun start at 8:30 a.m.
Prizes:             Tournament prizes will be given to members of teams placing first, second, third and last place.

                          Deadline for entries is Friday, July 22, 2011

                                 All Proceeds to Benefit Tulsa SPCA

                                For more information and entry form,
                           visit our web site at
                               Happy                    Watch for ‘Wags’ to sniff out a few of our alumni’s Happy Tails! We
                                                        hope you enjoy reading updates submitted by the new families of our
                                                        former charges. Keep those stories and photos coming our way via email
                               Tails                    at

                                                            Tessa Loves Life

    Just wanted to update you on Tessa. She is so sweet and loving.
    All her stomach problems have been sorted now and she's healthy
    and happy. We are in SW Oklahoma now and she's adapted with no
    problems. We can't imagine our home without her. Twice a week
    we have to fill in the holes she likes to dig in the yard but she
    enjoys it so and you can almost hear her laughing as she plays.
    Thank you all for the good work you do!

                                            Sincerely, Patricia Anoli Wood

    Mobley’s Story
    Big Challenges for a Little Dog
    By Elise Podhajsky
    A little Chihuahua we call Mobley was born on April 20 and brought to the Tulsa
    SPCA’s Brodhagen-Porter Clinic the very next day. His owner sought help after
    realizing that Mobley’s mother had chewed off one back paw completely and all
    but one toe of the other. Dr. Sarah Gordon and her clinic staff immediately went to
    work to provide the care this little guy required.

                                                      Mobley’s paws were treated and the tiny
                                                      Chihuahua was kept in complete isolation
                                                      to reduce the risk of infection and
                                                      disease. A dedicated clinic employee
                                                      bottle fed Mobley – no bigger than the
                                                      bottle himself – every two hours to keep            Mobley - a few days after arrival
                                                      him well nourished. It’s a grueling schedule for a caregiver, but such measures
                                                      are crucial to the survival of a newborn.

                                                      Early in Mobley’s treatment, questions inevitably came to mind: Will he be able to
                                                      walk? Will his injuries cause future health problems or affect his quality of life?
          TSPCA’s Brodhagen-Porter Clinic             Will his chances for adoption be affected?
                                                                                                                “Mobley” - Continued on Page 5

    About       Location                          Contacts                         Vicki Limas                   Becky Robbins
                2910 Mohawk Blvd.                 918-428-SPCA (7722)              Board President               Dana Kastelic
    Tulsa       Tulsa, OK 74110                                                    D’Ann Berson                  Newsletter Editors/
                                                  Fax 918-428-2525
    SPCA                                                                           Director of Operations        Graphic Design
                Hours                                                              Dr. Sarah Gordon              Bruce Hall
                Mon - Sat 10am to 5pm                 Veterinarian                  Contributing Photographer
                Closed Sunday                        Facebook: Tulsa SPCA          Special thanks to             Lori Hall
                                                     Twitter: TSPCA                Sylvan Printing               Newsletter Coordinator

                         Published quarterly by the Tulsa SPCA. Please notify us with address changes or cancellations.
                                  We hope to offer our newsletter via email soon. If you’d be interested in receiving
2                                    this publication in email format, please contact us at
                       Our list of needs and wishes keeps growing. Your generosity in
                       providing these items helps us help them! Thank you so much!

For a complete list of needs and               Babies and Foster Care                   •   Dawn dishwashing liquid
wishes, please visit                                                  •   Ziploc Bags (sandwich & gallon
                                               •   Dry baby cereal
                                               •   Pet baby bottles (small and              sizes)
Pet Care & Playtime
                                                   standard sizes)                      •   Wooden clothes pins
•    Canned or dry dog & cat food              •   Baby-bottle nipples                  •   Rubber-backed kitchen rugs for
     (Science Diet, Pedigree, Beneful or                                                    outdoor kennel bedding during
                                               •   Esbilac milk replacement for
     Iams please)                                                                           daytime outings
•    Metal no-spill dog and                                                             •   Large Scotch-Brite scrub pads
                                               •   KMR milk replacement for kittens
     cat bowls (all sizes for indoor and                                                •   Industrial mop heads
     outdoor use)
                                               •   Raw hamburger and chicken (for
                                                   sick animals)                        •   Fans of all sizes
•    Nylabones
                                               •   Distilled water
•    Kong toys                                                                          Everyday Needs - Office
                                               •   Premium canned kitten and puppy
•    Treat-dispensing toys                                                              • Gift cards (Lowe’s, Office Depot,
•    Squeaky dog toys (all sizes; durable                                                   Staples, Walmart)
                                               •   Puppy pads
     rubber type)                                                                       •   Postage stamps
•    Washable chew toys and heavy rope         Everyday Needs - Clinic                  •   Batteries
     toys (great for chewers!)                                                          •   Ink pens (all colors, gel type)
                                               • Large trash cans with wheels for
•    Kitty litter (non-clumping)
                                                   transporting laundry                 •   Multi-colored hi-liters
•    Kitty toys (soft balls, interactive
                                               •   Long, durable leashes                •   Laminating sheets (letter size)
     “fishing poles”, small “chase” toys)
                                               •   Paper towels                         •   File hangers (legal size)
•    Collars (all sizes, buckle style)
                                                                                        •   File and pocket folders
                                               •   Clorox Clean-Up wipes
•    Dog sweaters (all sizes)
                                                                                        •   Storage containers (all sizes)
                                               •   Large and medium knotted rawhide
•    Tarps
                                                   chews                                •   Post-It Notes
•    Exercise pens
                                               •   Brooms & dust pans                   •   Copy paper (letter size)
•    Metal crates
                                               •   Empty spray bottles                  •   Colored copy paper
•    Kuranda dog beds (see our website
                                               •   Large scrub brushes with handles     •   Sharpie pens (all colors, fine point)
     for a link to order these beds)
                                               •   Bottle brushes                       •   3-ring binders (2 inch)
•    Comforters, quilts, thick blankets
                                               •   Baby wipes                           •   Wooden clipboards
     and sheets for comfy bedding at
     night                                     •   Lysol (spray & liquid)               •   CD-R disks and jackets

•    Hot dogs (training treats)                •   Pine-Sol                             •   Coin envelopes (1 1/2” x 2”)

•    Natural dog treats                        •   Metal poop-scooper sets              •   Dry erase markers, fine point

•    Honey and peanut butter                   •   Nitrile latex gloves                 •   Carbon-copy phone message books
                                               •   Zip ties                             •   Rolling office/computer chair

                                                                                    Little John’s First Easter
    Sweet Bella
                                            Little John at his 1st Easter Egg Hunt -
                                            adopted from Tulsa SPCA Sept. 2009 -
                                            spoiled rotten now!
                                                              Thank you, Kris Turner

                           This is our sweet Bella Paul. We adopted
                           Bella (Gabrielle) last week from the Tulsa
                           SPCA. Thank you to everyone at the
                           Tulsa SPCA for our new family member.
                                               Sincerely, Glenna Paul

                                                                                   Hot Tips for
                                                                                      Hot Weather
                                                                                   ● Don’t let your dog linger on hot asphalt.
                                                                                      Sensitive paw pads can easily burn.
                                                                                   ● Never leave an animal alone in a parked
                                                                                      car - even with the windows open or on
                                                                                      milder days.
                                                                                   ● Plan for shorter walks in the morning or
                                                                                      evening when it’s cooler. On extremely
                                                                                      hot days, keep dogs indoors.
                                                                                   ● When outside, make sure your dog has
                                                                                      access to a shady place and plenty of
                                                                                      clean, cool water.
                                                                                   ● Supervise pets around pools. Not all
                                                                                      dogs are good swimmers.
                                                                                   ● If you suspect your pet is suffering from
                                                                                      heat stroke, seek help from your
                                                                                      veterinarian immediately. Signs of heat
                                                                                      stroke include excessive panting,
                                                                                      vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, bright-red
                                                                                      tongue and gums and body temperature
                                                                                      of 104-110F degrees.

    Orange ‘Sherbert’, An Unexpected Treat
    By Dana Kastelic
    ‘Sherbert’ (sic) was found as a stray and brought into the TSPCA clinic wildly protesting
    any attempts to calm her down. And no wonder! An examination revealed that one of her
    back legs was broken (the one hanging down in the picture). An X-ray revealed a bit of
    good news. The leg was broken in such a way that there was no need for surgery or a
    cast. Pain medication helped ease her through the healing process and she recovered
    completely under the watchful eyes of Dr. Gordon and the clinic staff. Sherbert was one
    lucky kitten!

    There are hundreds of stories like Sherbert’s every year in the Tulsa area. Animals that
    are injured, neglected, abandoned or whose lives are considered to have little or no value
    are tossed aside and left to fend for themselves as best they can. But they are no match
    for the hardships they encounter just trying to survive from day to day. The TSPCA does
    its best to rescue as many as possible, but we are limited by a shortage of space and
    funds. Only your donations can enable us to continue to help these animals.

    Sherbert’s story does have a happy ending, as do most of the cases that come through our doors. She and Jack, a TSPCA
    dog, were recently adopted by an Owasso couple who was eager to have the pitter-patter of (a lot of) little feet in their
    house again. We know the two of them will enjoy many happy years in a safe and loving environment. And back at the
    TSPCA, we can only take a moment to celebrate Sherbert’s successful outcome before turning our attention to the next
    animal that needs our help.

                                                     September 24, 2011 will be a day to remember for Tulsa pet and blues
                                                     music lovers as the inaugural benefit Hound Dog Blues Music Festival
                                                     takes place at Tulsa’s beautiful Chandler Park festival grounds.
                                                     Featuring some of the area’s finest blues bands and performers as well
                                                     as a regional headline act and perhaps a surprise or two, the day-long all
                                                     ages festival will offer something for everyone that attends. In addition
                                                     to the music stage, pet related contests, demonstrations and vendors are
                                                     planned. Visit website often for details.
                                                     This year the annual event will promote raising funds for the much
                                                     needed Tulsa SPCA kennel expansion fund drive. Proceeds will come
                                                     from a portion of ticket, merchandise, food and beverage sales.
                                                     Attendees will also be offered the chance to make tax-deductible
                                                     contributions to the fund on the event website and at the event.
                                                     Seating will be open festival style meaning concertgoers bring their own
                                                     lawn chairs and blankets. A variety of food, beverages and merchandise
                                                     will be available for purchase at the event. Coolers will not be allowed.
                                                     Pets must be leashed and attended to at all times.

                               EVENT DETAILS
                       Hound Dog Blues Music Festival
                Saturday, September 24, 2011, 10 AM - 10 PM
          Chandler Park Festival Grounds, 6500 West 21st Street, Tulsa
              Tickets on sale July 1, 2011 -                                                               QR Code-Scan with
                   Seeking sponsors, vendors and volunteers                                                                    your mobile phone
                                                                                                                                scanner for event
                      Website:                                                                               information

“Mobley” - Continued from Page 2

Weeks later, some of these questions have been answered. Mobley is
now old enough and well enough to be adopted. He’s a typical puppy,
uses all four legs to get around and requires no further treatment at this
time. His picture has joined the many other deserving dogs and cats on
the TSPCA website, waiting for a special person or family to invite him into
their home.

                                          Six weeks after Mobley’s arrival, his
                                          previous owners called to say they
                                          had moved and left his mother and
                                          another puppy behind. When we
                                          arrived, the puppy was dead and the
                                          mother was severely malnourished.                Mobley must be fed every two hours the first few weeks
                                          The mother is a sweet-natured little
                                          dog and her condition and treatment may have contributed to her earlier behavior.
                                          She, too, is waiting to find a family that will provide a loving home.

                                          The unfortunate circumstances surrounding this mother and son present special
                                          challenges for their future success. The TSPCA has an excellent track record of
                                          finding forever homes for animals like Mobley and his mother who have had to
    Happy, healthy and ready to go home
                                          overcome so much. So that we can continue to provide the same opportunities for
                                          others, we need your continued support. Won’t you please give what you can?

                Alan Jackson
    SPCA staff – This is long overdue, but the beloved Alan Jackson (now
    called Harlow) says hello! It's been almost 9 months now since I
    adopted him and he's as happy and healthy as ever! :)
                                   Sincerely, Liz Easterling

    Ginny’s Spirit Shines Through
    Sammy Fund Aids Her Rehabilitation
    By Elise Podhajsky
                                                                 all the ticks. She then underwent heavy treatments of
                                    On March 29, a 2-year-       antibiotics. Since the wound could not be closed, it had to
                                    old Basset Hound mix         be scrubbed daily to keep it clean as it healed from the
                                    arrived at the Tulsa         inside out. Sweet Ginny never once complained.
                                    SPCA. With her
                                    inquisitive brown eyes       A portion of Ginny’s treatment was made possible by the
                                    and loving, fearless         TSPCA’s Sammy Fund, created in memory of Companions
                                    Basset spirit, she quickly   Forever founder Gary Dunbar. This donation-based program
                                    became a staff favorite.     was established to help dogs and cats with special medical
                                                                 needs, just like Ginny, and give them the second chance at
                                     When we first met           the life they deserve.
                                     Ginny, her bony body
                                     was covered head to         Despite everything Ginny had been through - from the
                                     paw in ticks, and a gash    abuse to her long recovery - her spirit never wavered. A
                                     4-inches wide and 1-        busy girl with a big Basset heart and even bigger Basset
inch deep lay gaping and infected on her neck. We were           ears, her tail was always wagging. And although she loved
told that a 15-year-old boy tied her to a post with a metal      her temporary TSPCA home, she deserved to find her
wire around her neck and left her outside for weeks.             forever home. And thanks in part to the Sammy Fund,
                                                                 Ginny has now found a family who loves her as much as
                                                                 she loves them.

                                                                 If you’d like to help us continue to rehabilitate animals like
           ...thanks in part to the Sammy Fund,                  Ginny, please send
        Ginny has now found a family who loves her               your donation in the
                 as much as she loves them.                      envelope provided with
                                                                 this newsletter, or go
                                                                 to our website at
Ginny was quickly taken to the Tulsa SPCA Clinic and             click the ‘donate’
treated by Dr. Sarah Gordon and her team. Her wound              button. Be sure to
was so deep and had been left untreated for so long, it          designate that your
could not be stitched closed. Anesthesia was required to         donation is for the
clean the gash, and it took hours for clinic staff to remove     Sammy Fund.

        Can’t make it to BINGO BASH but want to be part of our fundraiser??
                         We’re searching for items to use in our silent auction and as pull tab prizes.
                         Items don’t have to be expensive, nor do they have to be animal related.
                         Merchandise, company ’branded’ giveaways, gift certificates for services or
                         merchandise...just about anything will qualify. Contact Becky at 918 625-3980
                         or Dana at 918 625-4584 by July 15 to donate or for more information.

                                                      Join the Tulsa SPCA’S
                                                       ‘S.P.A.C.E.’ Program

            The Tulsa SPCA offers an opportunity for you to provide S.P.A.C.E. for the animals in our care.
                                  Your generous gift will help ensure the following:

                                                  Consistent, high-quality  ‘S’USTENANCE
                                                                 to maintain good health

                Abandoned puppies
               share a nutritious meal
                                                             Temporary      ‘P’ROTECTION until permanent
                                                      homes are found

                                                                                                                      Pets enjoy a safe haven
                                                                   Love and ‘A’ FFECTION for                               until adopted
                                                                    emotional growth

                MAC volunteer cares                      Quality medical    ‘C’
                                                                             ARE provided by our on-site
                  for a waiting pet                                  veterinarian and clinic staff

                                                                                                                       Sarah Gordon, DVM,
                                                                            ‘E’XERCISE - an important                 examines a TSPCA pet
                                                       component of all-around well-being. Outdoor
                                                    runs and an outdoor cattery provide opportunities
                                                      to stretch legs and socialize with other animals,
               Jog-the-Dog volunteers
                                                                staff and volunteers
                run with TSPCA dogs

               Your donation to these programs will be recognized on a prominently-displayed plaque for the entire year.

                        Indicate your preferences for any of the following special programs and send your check (payable to Tulsa SPCA) to:
                                                        Tulsa SPCA, 2910 Mohawk Blvd, Tulsa, OK 74110

                       S.P.A.C.E. Program                                Mobile Adoption Center                         Sammy Fund
   Large Dog Space         Small Dog Space           Cat Space                MAC Cabin                           Dog Medical         Cat Medical
              ($500)                     ($400)           ($300)                   ($600)                                 ($500)                ($200)

         In Honor of                In Memory of

Sponsor’s Name:

                        Street/PO Box                                                             City               State         Zip Code


                (If you would like notification sent to a third party, please include their name and address with your donation)

The Laugh-In Gang’s Journey
    By Elise Podhajsky
    It takes a community to find homes for the TSPCA’s pets.                                      again at the PetSmart
    Here is just one example of how many people worked                                            Adoptathon. A few days later,
    together to create a happy ending for a group of puppies                                      Ruth and Martin left for their
    that found their way to our doors.                                                            new homes. Rowan and
                                                                                                  JoAnne made their television
                           Meet Rowan, Martin, Ruth and                                           debut on the Fox23News
                           JoAnne. These cuties were dumped                                       morning show to promote
                           next to a mobile spay-and-neuter                                       Tulsa People’s Cutest Pet
                           unit that had been working in the                                     Contest. That week JoAnne
                           Durant area. The unit had spayed          was also adopted. Rowan’s picture was included in the
                           and neutered 150 dogs in 3 days but       Tulsa World’s “Pause for a Pet” section and found his
                           took the time to round up these four      forever home the following week. Through the efforts of all
                           puppies. They began calling rescue        of these people and businesses, the lives of these four
                           groups in the area but all were full      dogs went from despair to delight.
                           and simply could not take them in.
           Rowan                                                     The Tulsa SPCA is fortunate to have a wide network of
    With tears in their eyes, the mobile-unit crew was about to      supporters that helps with the adoption process. Dazzle
    euthanize these puppies but decided to made one last call        Dog is always there to help with our grooming needs. And
    to the Tulsa SPCA. Although we, too, were full, we felt          this is the 4th year for Tulsa People to donate the proceeds
    sure these little guys and gals would find homes quickly.        from their Cutest Pet Contest
                                                                     to the Tulsa SPCA. Our
    One of our foster parents agreed to pick up the puppies in       local TV stations are very
    Sapulpa. Her first impression of these dogs was that they        supportive in promoting our
    were very cute but very scared and unsure about what was         efforts at fundraising as well
    happening to them. She also                                      as many news events. The
    noticed that they were very stinky!                              Tulsa World sponsors the                    JoAnne
    So we called our friends at Dazzle                               “Pause for a Pet” section for many animal-rescue
    Dog groomers and, even though it                                 organizations in our area, allowing us to showcase our pets
    was a busy day for them, they told                               at no charge. Many local businesses and special events
    us to bring them right in. The next                              invite us to bring our MAC to their locations to show the
    day TSPCA veterinarian Dr. Sarah                                 public our wonderful selection of furry companions. And
    Gordon checked them out and                                      our foster families respond to our pleas for temporary
    found them to be extremely healthy                               homes, increasing the number of animals we can rescue.
    and ready for adoption.
                                                                     The TSPCA ‘community’ continues to expand every day
    That weekend all four made an                                    and each member contributes so much to our success. We
    appearance on the TSPCA’s Mobile Adoption Center                 thank all of you for the many ways you touch the lives of
    (MAC) at Antique NV during the Jenks Herb Festival and           these animals. We could not do it without you.

                                   Samson Is a Perfect Fit
                                    We thank you guys! We can't imagine not having him. He is exactly what we wanted!
                                    He is the greatest! To think he was left as a newborn in a blizzard w/his cord still
                                    attached. He thinks he's a baby; he likes to jump in our laps!
                                                                                         Sincerely, Alicia Cook and family

                                                                        Bo’s New Life
    Hi...this is Bo, our rescue that we got from the SPCA. We and Bo wanted to say thank
    you and keep up the good work. Bo has a new life with us and is such a loving and
    wonderful dog to have. We took him to the country to visit his "grandpaws" and he loved
    chasing the rabbits!
                                                                  Sincerely, The Jarvis Family
                                            It’s Catapalooza Time!
                  Kitten season is upon us and we are inundated with cats - with more on the way! From June 21
               through July 31, cat adoption fees will be cut in half to make room for the new arrivals. A “cat of the
                 day” will be selected every day with an adoption fee of $10. And every fifth cat adoption will be
                                          free! Call us at 918-428-7722 for more details.

                                       Adoption fees include the following services (value):
                 Rabies vaccine ($18) * Physical exam ($40) * Distemper combo vaccine ($18) * Microchip ($30)
                30 days pet insurance ($8.95) * Ear-mite exam & treatment ($36) * Deworming & fecal test ($30)
                Feline leukemia & FIV blood test ($48) * Spay/neuter ($175) * Flea treatment ($20) * ID tag ($6)
                                  A lifetime of love and companionship (PRICELESS)

Remembering Otto
In late September, 2001, I visited TSPCA with the
intent of adopting a dog. While touring the kennels, a
handsome black and white dog quietly reached a paw
through the gap next to the gate. He was shy in the
time we spent in the ‘get acquainted’ yard, but when he
was led back into the shelter, he looked over his
shoulder with a farewell glance and took my heart.

A few days later, I picked up Otto. When we arrived
home after a shopping trip for supplies, we were
greeted by our neighbors, including a purebred wire-hair
terrier, Bonnie. Otto and Bonnie began sharing play                 I could go on and on with stories of what these two
dates and walks at the park. Even though Bonnie was                 brought to the lives of their two families. But from me,
half Otto’s size, she held her own. As you can tell by              I am appreciative that I found Otto at TSPCA.
the photo, even though Otto was random bred, he held
his own in the looks department. Over the years the                                                      - Kathleen Kastelic
canine’s and their human’s lives changed and they did not
see each other as often. Be we all remained friends.                Ed Note: As this newsletter goes to the printer, Kathy is in the
                                                                    process of adopting another forever friend at the Tulsa SPCA. We
                                                                    hope to hear from her again soon with news of her newest family
In late October of 2010, Otto was diagnosed with                    member.
lymphoma and unfortunately did not respond to the
treatments and died in November. Although there were
not enough of them, I cherish the nine years we had
together.                                                                “Dogs have given us their absolute all.
                                                                          We are the center of their universe. We
Bonnie was diagnosed with kidney disease in late                         are the focus of their love and faith and
December, 2010, and she died in February.
                                                                         trust. They serve us in return for scraps.
                                                                             It is without a doubt the best deal
Please accept this donation in memory of Otto d’Mutt
and Red-Hot Bonnie and in honor of the companions they                                man has ever made.”
left behind, Lucy (Sheltie) and Jon (Parson Russell                                                           ~ Roger Caras

           Put Your Paws Together…                                                                                               
    Good News and the Many Ways                                   When a crisis occurs it sometimes “takes a village” to
                                                                  remedy the situation. The donated TSPCA van died and
    You Show You Care for the Pets!                               was nearly sent to the salvage graveyard. Good
                                                                  Samaritans saved the day as well as the much-used
    Without the many friends and animal lovers out there          vehicle. Kudos to the individual but team efforts of BJS
    that provide the Tulsa SPCA with material donations and       Towing, Phil Stewart of Stewart’s Automotive for
    labor on many needed projects, we would not be able to        donation of a rebuilt motor, Midwest Engine
    provide the special care and comfort our furry friends        Rebuilders and Daniel who supplied extra parts while
    need and deserve. YOU are our GOOD GUYS and we                installing the motor, and original donors of the van,
    salute all of you.                                            Lynda and Jeff Holt, for monies to cover the total
                                                                  repair. Thanks to the above folks we are back on track
    The good guys come in all sizes and descriptions but          and able to transport pets to events and school visits.
    have in common a love of animals, a wish to help make
    their lives better, enthusiasm and energy.                    Thanks and a sorrowful goodbye to our friends of
                                                                  several years at Wilson Middle School. They made
    Girl Scouts and Brownies and their supportive leaders         their yearly donation of needed supplies of all kinds but
    have spent hours of time and effort and brought               are now a victim of the current TPS school closings.
    welcome donations. Many thanks to the following:              Best of luck to all the students and teachers; we hope to
                                                                  see many of you visiting us in the future from you new
    • Girl Scout Troop 891 cleaned up our yards,
      socialized with the cats in the colony room, and
      prepared and shared their lunch with the staff. What a      Other school friends, teacher Rachel Colwell and her
      wonderful surprise!                                         class at McKinley School, sponsor a pet each school
                                                                  year. There are regular donations of a variety of pet
    • Girl Scout Troop 1953 brought lots of peanut butter
                                                                  items and food and recently a requested radio/recorder
      and honey to help stuff Kongs for our pets’ nightly treat
                                                                  to sooth the kennel environment during the night hours
      and entertainment (and to preserve their beds and
                                                                  and rain sounds. The dogs and kitties all send thanks.
                                                                  We look forward to our class visits this coming year.
    • Brownie Troop 92 brought joy to the cats and kitties,
      dogs and puppies with dog and cat supplies and food.        Many thanks to the group of University of Tulsa
      Purrs and woofs are coming your way.                        students that came to the TSPCA on their Annual TU
                                                                  Volunteer Day. The students rotated the taxing chores
    Our special friends at Sylvan Printing continue to            of moving rocks, dirt and sand used to make the outdoor
    provide us with professional-looking print materials that     dog play yards safe, escape proof and more attractive,
    seem to fly right into the hands of shelter visitors and      along with other much-needed improvements. There
    those who stop by on our many outings. Many thanks            was some time-out while the workers played with the
    for the invaluable help.                                      critters and learned the TSPCA training method for
                                                                  walking the dogs or socializing the cats. Three cheers
    Thanks to Hilti for hosting a fundraiser for the TSPCA        for all our student friends this last year.
    pets. Many visitors stopped by to see the MAC and its
    cargo of dogs and cats. Several Hilti employees helped        We are always grateful to Companions Forever for
    the TSPCA staff and with exercising the visiting pets.        helping the TSPCA provide a dignified and respectful
                                                                  ending for those pets who come to us and, in spite of
                                                                  our efforts, we are unable to save.
    Maintenance around our aged facility is important and
    never-ending.                                                 Kudos to Cedarwood Veterinary Clinic for their
    • Joe Rickman continues to keep up with needs for             assistance with our pets that have special needs beyond
      heat and air repairs.                                       the basic services available at the TSPCA Clinic. And a
    • Be Bop Brian Ward supplied a boot disc for our              big thanks to Dr. Robert Poteet of Cedarwood for
      computers.                                                  becoming the Veterinary Consultant to the Tulsa SPCA
    • Damon Sacra and Greg Deardorff donated lawn                 Board of Directors. His words of experience and
      mowers now used regularly on our fast-growing lawns.        medical knowledge have already benefited the Board
    • Keith Kantner provided a number of clinic related           concerning unusual situations.
      supplies and repairs. He also paid for after-hours
      veterinary services for two injured dogs brought to the     Dazzle Dog provides much needed grooming to many
      TSPCA Clinic late one Saturday afternoon, personally        of our needy rescues in order to dazzle our customers
      transporting both to his veterinarian.                      who are looking for their new companion.

                                                                               …for the Good Guys!          
      We appreciate the invitation to Belk’s Charity Day
      fundraiser. This was our second year to participate and
      we look forward to many more outings there.

                The TSPCA extends special thanks
                to a couple of our great supporters.

                             Mary Green’s K9 Manners & More
                             sponsored the Bedlam Blanket
                             Drive before the OU-Texas football
                             game weekend. Tawnie Larson
                             spearheaded this contest in which
                             three boxes were labeled “OU”,
                             “Texas”, and “We don’t care for
       football - we prefer Animal Planet”. Animal Planet won
       by collecting the most blankets in its box, but really our
       pets came out on top by receiving about three van-loads
       of blankets. This really helped keep our pets warm
       during the long, cold winter.
                                                                                Emmy with a blanket collected at K9 Manners & More.
       Mary always accepts gifts for TSPCA’s pets from her
       customers at K9 Manners & More. She is also among
       the first to sign up for a vendor booth to support our
       events. A long-time trainer and advisor for the Tulsa                  “There is something about the
       SPCA, she makes an appearance every Tuesday to                    presence of a cat that seems to take
       give our Pet Care Specialists guidance on proper dog
                                                                               the bite out of being alone.”

                               Another special thanks goes to                                              ~ Louis J. Camuti
                               Nicole and Tom Tobias at The
                               Yoga Room. For the last 10
                               years they have offered a
                               Thanksgiving yoga class,
                               collecting donations for the
                               TSPCA instead of payment.
                               Tom and Nicole match the
                               collected donations, totaling as
                               much as $1,000 with the
                               matched funds. They have sold
                               used yoga mats with all the
       proceeds going to the TSPCA. In 2010 they donated
       twelve one-month unlimited yoga classes, valued at
       $1,500. There is also a sponsored ‘Walk for Yoga’
       program that offers a one-month unlimited yoga pass to
       any student who spends 12 hours in 30 days walking
       dogs at the TSPCA.

                Put your ad in the next issue of the
             Tulsa SPCA’s Tracks. Contact Lori Hall or
                 Courtney Waska at 918-428-7722.
                                                                         Nicole & Tom Tobias of The Yoga Room, with a couple of furry friends.


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