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					                               JANUARY 2003



The Department of Transport is liaising with the UK Authorities about the acceptance
by the UK Authorities of screened air cargo originating in Ireland bound for a flight
from the UK without any further security screening. The UK Department of Transport
has been supplied with a range of information concerning the air cargo security
procedures and arrangements applicable in Ireland.

In addition, recognising that air cargo from Ireland flies from airports in other EU
States , the Department proposes to contact other relevant EU Member States so as to
agree arrangements for the recognition of screened air cargo originating in Ireland as
"known cargo

Representatives of the IIFA Air Committee will meet with Dept. of Transport on
January 28th and it is hoped to have a representative from C.M.G. present to discuss
how the programme has worked since its implementation on January 1st.

If you have any issues which you would like raised at that meeting, please contact
Pakey Pim at 8331429 on or before January 23rd.


         Training for 2003 – What are you doing about it?

Are you looking at your training needs for 2003. There is an opportunity for IIFA
members to become part of the IIFAnet training network, which offers you part
funded training along with training which is designed to be relevant and specific to
the needs within the industry. By having an influence on the content of the training
allows for training to be of maximum benefit to the companies of those attending.
The courses planned for this year include:-

IIFAnet Training Schedule 2003

Strategic Planning – 5 days      Customs Clearance & Documentation – 3 days
Management Skills – 4 days       Warehousing & Logistics 4 days
Supervisory Skill – 4 days       Manual Handling – ½ day
Sales & Marketing – 6 days       Forklift – Re-certification – 2 days
Customer Care – 2 days           Forklift – Beginners – 5 days
Credit Control – 1 day           Dangerous Goods by Air –
                                 Initial – 3 days
                                 Refresher – 2 days
Finance for Non-Finance          Air Cargo Security
People – 2 days                  Category 1 – Module 1 – ½ day
                                 Category 2 – Module 1 & 2 – 1 day
HR Skills – 4 days               Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor – 5 days
PC Skills – Word & Excel –       Occupational First Aid – 3 days
80 hrs

To find out more contact Emer Smyth @ 833 1429 or for further


Fuel shortages have impact on sea freights

Over the past 12 months the price of bunkers on the Global markets have been
fluctuating on a monthly basis. The knock on effect of this on the market has been an
increase in the BAF (Bunker adjustment Factor) implemented by the ship owners on
both the short sea & deep-sea routes.

Back in November the markets calmed down with a return to prices in the region of $
125 per ton for the fuel IFO180 which most vessels use. At the beginning of
December, most operators were looking forward to a period of stability on this market
for the foreseeable future. However, during December due to the national strike in
Venezuela in combination with the heightened threat of war in the Middle East, the
bunker prices began to soar.

During the period of 16th Dec 2002 up to the time of the IIFA council meeting on
Tuesday 14th January 2003 the prices have risen from $ 137 to $ 202 per ton.
OPEC has made moves to increase output however this will not hit the market for a
number of weeks. As a result we have the shipping lines back on the doorsteps
looking for a reintroduction/increase in the BAF.

There is a web site,, which is directly connected to the
Bunker Markets. For up to date information on this subject, please access the Markets
page on this website.

We would recommend all members to keep a close eye on this issue as it may have a
large bearing on the markets during 2002 particularly with the threat of war in


It is intended that the Business Insurance Alliance will renew it’s meetings of
interested trade grouping in the near future. Some aspects of the commissioned
feasibility study will be presented for discussion. Michael Slevin will attend on
behalf of IIfA members and will report in full in due course.


and why does it matter?


and how can this affect my liabilities?

Get answers to these questions and many more at an afternoon seminar on

Date:  February 27th
Venue: Great Southern Hotel. Dublin Airport.
Time:  3p.m. – 6p.m.

Ms Noreen Howard an Associate of Matheson Ormsby Prentice , Dublin will present
a paper which will cover the following:-

General Legal Principles and the Rights and Liabilities of the Freight Forwarder.

The Contract with your customer and how far IIFA Standard Trading Conditions
can be relied on.
The Proper and Effective Use of the Lien.

The CMR Convention.
The seminar will present an up-date on the current legal situation in these extremely
important areas of operation to the Freight Forwarding Industry.

Fee - E25.00 per person.

A large attendance is expected so please book your place early by sending your
payment to IIFA, Merchamp House, Vernon Avenue. Clontarf Dublin 3

Payment at the door will also be acceptable.

This is the first of a series of Seminars organised by the Professional Members section
of the Irish International Freight Association.

                              ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS

Can we remind those of you have not sent in your Annual Subs to do so as soon
as possible.

Since its first edition in 1987, the highly successful Irish Transport and Logistics Services Directory
has become the definitive guide to such services and the companies providing them in Ireland.

The latest edition is published in partnership with the National Institute for Transport and Logistics, the
independent government backed “Centre of Excennece for Logistics and Supply6 Chain Management
and is now available (hard copy or CD) at a cost of Euro 40 plus VAT from Malahide Promotions, Tel.
01 8454640 Fax 8454639

This , the fourteenth edition of the Directory, carries more company names and more information than
every before, all contained within a handy A5 size, spiral bound volume of 408 pages. A new feature
of this full colour publication is that, for the first time, it contains almost four thousand simple listings
with addresses, phones and fax numbers. Details profiles of over two hundred companies engaged in
the business of moving goods, internationally or domestically over land, sea and air are segregated in to
more than sixty service heading, ranging from airfreight to bonded warehousing, third party logistics
services provider and training. Each company profiled lists the services it offers and provides
information regarding branch offices both in Ireland and abroad – with contact names.

The publication is widely used by companies involved in international trade, who import and export
goods ranging in size from a band-delivered letter to a requirement for charter of an AN-4 100
freighter. Supply chain professionals find the directory and its complementary website
( where all its contents can be viewed) extremely practical and useful as a guide
to alternatives and options that can give an edge in these competitive times.
Readers of IIFA Newsletter should be aware that views expressed in editorial material are not
official IIFA Policy unless specifically referred to as such.

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