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									                    Ask experts worldwide,
         for a good destination to invest in.
                  They’ll point you to India.

                       Ask experts in India
        And they’ll point you to Bangalore.

And where will experts in Bangalore point?.
 Because the same factors that made
    Bangalore the world’s destination,
are making themselves felt in Mysore.
                              And these,
        make Mysore the next destination.

                  1. Access to Bangalore.
              2. Potential for employment.
           3. Access to skilled manpower.
4. A conducive atmosphere for investment.
                   5. A tourist destination.
                            Access to Bangalore (and the world).

   A 4-lane highway connects Bangalore - Mysore in 120 minutes.
             The new NICE Expressway reduces it to 90 minutes.

         The Bangalore - Mysore - Mangalore line is operational.
         The Bangalore - Mysore - Coimbatore line, will soon be.
The proposed Indo-Jap Monorail takes you to B’lore in 40 minutes.

        Mysore Domestic Airport will be operational by Dec. 2008.
                          And the International Airport, by 2011.

                                       Potential for employment.
                             3 IT SEZs coming up in Mysore.

                                  Infosys has a 450 acre campus,
        with one of the world’s largest technical training centres.
                 Wipro, its Global Service Management Centre.

                      KIADB has acquired 2200 acres in Mysore
                                       for IT and Textile Parks.

               Established old economy giants like TVS Motors,
Siemens, AT&T, Nestle, BEML and L&T already have a presence.
                               Access to skilled manpower.

          Mysore has access to the same skilled manpower
                                 that Bangalore boasts of.

Some of India’s best engineering and management colleges
                       in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu
               provide a steady stream of skilled manpower
                             to both Bangalore and Mysore.
                                 (And are closer to Mysore.)
                                       A conducive atmosphere.

                                     Karnataka is trying its best
                      to promote Mysore as the next destination.

         As indicated by its efforts to develop access to Mysore,
                           land acquisitions for SEZs and Parks,
             development of the airport and other infrastructure.
                                               A tourist destination

                                 Mysore is the gate to the Nilgiris.
Which includes the Bandipur, Mudumalai and Wyanad Wildlife parks.
              And is among the hottest wildlife destinations in India.

                        Mysore has always been a tourist destination
                               thanks to its status as a heritage city.
                Mysore is developing
into an ideal investment opportunity.
                           And now,
if you are to ask experts in Mysore,
        for a good place to invest in,
            where would they point?
is the most premium development
        in this erstwhile royal city.

              A 60 acre property
 that combines a Residential Spa
   with homes for today’s royalty.
                     What Highlands has to offer is unheard of,
                                                     in Mysore.
                         And compares with the best, in India.

                               Highlands is jointly developed

                                      by The EsVee Group
           (promoted by the Chairman & Managing Director
         of the RS.1800 crore Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd.)

                                          and The Ishya Group
(with interests in Hospitality, Realty & Asset/Portfolio Mgmt.)

             www.ambujagroup.com        www.ishyagroup.com
                   The intent, for both the promoters,
        is to create a landmark residential township
              that will compare with the best in India.

                                           For this,
              Singapore Based Architectural Firm
                            Jurong International
has been appointed as the architects for Highlands.
                      Join us on a guided tour of
Mysore’s most exclusive residential development.
                                                                   The Residential Spa

               Highlands houses a Residential Spa made as per international standards.
                    Which will marketed both as a holiday and conferencing destination.

                                    The fact that Mysore is already a tourist destination,
and is the gateway to the other famous destinations of the South is an added advantage.

                                   The Residential Spa will have a whole host of facilities
                                                     comparable to any 5-star property.
The Residential Spa, facilities.

              Swimming Pools
             Steams & Saunas
              Massage Rooms
               Beauty Therapy
       Conferencing facilities
      Multi-cuisine Restaurant
                  Coffee Shop
                  Banquet Hall
              Business Centre
In addition, there will be a dedicated Club House
                        for the use of the residents.
           With facilities that no gated community
               has ever had access to, in Mysore.
The Highland Club House, facilities.

                 Reception / Lounge
           Home-theatre/ T.V. Room
                       Fitness Centre
                       Locker Rooms
           Meditation / Aerobics Area

            With facilities for Tennis
                         Table Tennis

                 And a Skating Rink
                       Play Ground
                     Kids Play Area
                                              [And for the avid golfer,
                   the Private Golf Course, just 3 km from Highlands,
                                               will be ready by 2009.]

                                    All these aside,
Highlands has more to offer its privileged resident.

                                        A Helipad
                         Fountains / Water-bodies
                          Jogging / Cycling Track
                                     A Party Lawn
                               Landscaped Parks
                                   Amenities at Highlands

All amenities provided at Highlands will be best in class.
                                            And, pre-laid.
                                  Landscaped Open Spaces
                                          Asphalted Roads
                                       Underground Cabling
                     (Electricity, broadband and television)
                                   Underground Water Lines
                                    Sewage Treatment Plant
                                           24-hour Security
                                        Maintenance Teams
                                         Convenience Store
                   All you need to do,
is move into your palace at Highlands.
                                                      You have the option of having your villa constructed
                                                      by us, from a range of options you can choose from.
                                                                 Or, you can build your own dream home.

(All villas will have to have a common external elevation to maintain the architectural theme at Highlands.)
   You have options on plot sizes as well.
                     2400 - 10000 sq.ft.

(How big a garden you want, is up to you.)
           Because Mysore will soon be among
              the South’s most developed cities.
      And Highlands, its most exclusive address.

Your neighbourhood will be Mysore’s social elite.
                    And the property you live in,
           on the international traveller’s circuit.
           Because the airport, is 1.5 kms from Highland.
                     (You can see it from your balcony.)

Because the 800-acre Textile Park, is next to Highlands.

           Because the Nanjangud Highway which leads to
     Ooty, Wynad, Coimbatore, Cochin etc., is 0.5 km away.

And the Ring Road, with all its new economy establishments,
                                                  just 5 km.
                                     Because by 2010,
when Highlands begins promoting itself as a destination,
       the current price would have more than doubled.

     And you don’t need to be a visionary to see all this.
          For more about Highlands, or for a visit,
                                   give us a call
                             at +91 9845371881

It will be the best investment and lifestyle decision
                                 you will ever make


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