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									1 Sarah Parent
Red ceramic platter with a crystalline glaze • 2012 • 18" x 3"
Seattle artist Sarah Parent is captivated by the possibilities of
pottery. Parent is motivated to look for new and more refined
ways to capture the variability of clay, glaze and fire. Choosing
the metamorphosis that occurs with a crystalline glaze and how
the crystals paint the final piece by adding their own unexpected
finish keeps her intrigued. Red is made with a crystalline glaze.
Crystalline glazes are created with a combination of zinc and
silica, which form crystals when the glaze is molten at between
1,800 and 2,250 degrees F for many hours. They are unique,
unpredictable, difficult to achieve and the finished piece is
striking. Her work has been shown in local galleries throughout
Washington and as part of the recent exhibitions for NCECA
(National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts).
VALUE: $400
Donor: Sarah Parent

artful evening
              Begins at 7:15pm

2 Valerie Hector
Cinnabar Spirals
Glass and sterling silver beads, sterling silver, thread • 20"
Valerie Hector’s mastery of the history and techniques of beadwork
lovingly shapes her hand-made designer-quality beaded jewelry.
Since opening her jewelry studio in 1988, she has designed and
fabricated hundreds of beaded bracelets, earrings, necklaces
and brooches in a wide variety of styles, colors and price ranges.
Known for her meticulous attention to detail, refined aesthetic
and skillful craftmanship, her work has been exhibited at the finest
juried American craft shows and featured in prominent books and
magazines. She is also the author of The Art of Beadwork, which was
published in 2005.
VALUE: $2,100
Donor: Valerie Hector

                                            3 Paul Villinski
                                            Memo: Night
                                            Aluminum (found cans), wire, soot, brass • 2012 • Butterflies approximately
                                            1" x 1" to 3" x 3", installation variable
                                            With a concern for environmental issues, New York artist Paul Villinski
                                            frequently re-purposes discarded materials, effecting surprising and
                                            poetic transformations; in this case, “metamorphosing littered beer cans
                                            from the streets of New York into flocks of butterflies mirrors the act of
                                            transformation and rebirth that butterflies symbolize across all cultures.
                                            How can these ridiculously delicate creatures, apparently blown
                                            about by the merest breath of wind, actually fly many thousands of
                                            miles to migrate?” In BAM’s recent Making Mends exhibition, Villinski’s
                                            Diaspora installation of birds made from LP records was one of the
                                            show’s highlights. His work has been included in numerous exhibitions
                                            nationally, recently at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York and
                                            an international Biennial in New Orleans. Widely collected, he has been
                                            awarded a National Endowment for the Arts grant. He is represented in
                                            New York by Morgan Lehman Gallery.
                                            VALUE: $2,500
                                            Donor: Paul Villinski
                                            ELIGIBLE FOR GOLDEN TICKET SELECTION

                                                                                   Benefiting Bellevue Arts Museum
                                                                                    Begins at 7:15pm

4 Tuscany Wine Vacation for Four
During the course of this exclusive vacation, you’ll have
the opportunity to explore Tuscany while participating in
daily pre-arranged wine tastings at some of the world’s
most recognized wineries. Two couples traveling together
can enjoy three nights in a winery’s guest villa within the
breathtaking winemaking region of Tuscany. Total Wine &
More will arrange lodging in the fabulous guest home of
their winery partners. Siena and Florence are short distances
from these guest homes. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is also just
a short drive away. While staying in the winery’s guest villa,
you will be given VIP treatment which includes vineyard and
winery tours, private wine tastings and an insider’s look at
winemaking in Italy’s most famous region. Total Wine & More
can also set up private tastings at other wineries within Tuscany during your stay. To help kick-off your trip, Total
Wine & More will provide a wine tasting of Tuscan wines to help you and your friends learn more about Tuscany
before going on your trip. This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Airfare not included. Mutually agreeable date.
VALUE: $5,000
Donor: Total Wine & More

                                              5 Michael Dickter
                                              A Question of Balance
                                              Oil on canvas • 2012 • 30" x 30"
                                            Michael Dickter is interested in “creating a permanent record
                                            of the duality of permanence and impermanence all around us.
                                            Through the act of painting, my work engages the natural world.
                                            Images of birds talk to me of connection, of beauty, of freedom
                                            and the precious nature of our world.” Previously his work dealt
                                            with issues of memory and home, stability and freedom, personal
                                            history and communication, but an encounter with mortality
                                            refocused his work. Now beauty and fragility, the fleeting
                                            impermanence yet profound magnificence of life informs his work.
                                            He is fascinated with making marks on a canvas. The process, the
                                            decisions and the joy of paint on a built-up surface are essential to
                                            him. Dickter’s work has been featured nationally and is exhibited in
many private and local collections including Swedish Hospital and Seattle University. He is represented by local
and national galleries.
VALUE: $3,000
Donor: Michael Dickter

artful evening
              Begins at 7:15pm

                                            6 Dirk Staschke
                                            Arrested Still Life
                                            Ceramic • 12" x 12" x 2"
                                           Winner of the John and Joyce Price Award of Excellence for BAM
                                           Biennial 2010: Clay Throwdown!, Dirk Staschke recently had his
                                           first museum solo exhibition Falling Feels a Lot Like Flying at BAM.
                                           For Artful Evening, he created Arrested Still Life, which is part of
                                           his current body of work exploring notions of gluttony and cultural
                                           excess. Inspired by bountiful Vanitas still-life paintings of 16th-
                                           century Northern Europe and excessive ornamentation of the
                                           Baroque period, Staschke captures the beauty and opulence of
                                           a moment — sweet and enticing — yet, with decay and collapse
                                           looming right around the corner. While maintaining an ongoing
                                           studio practice for 14 years, Staschke has taught at Emily Carr,
                                           Alfred University and New York University. His work has been shown
                                           internationally and is included in the permanent collections of the
Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum; Houston Museum of Fine Arts; Icheon Museum; and
World Ceramic Center, South Korea. He is represented by The Wexler Gallery in Philadelphia and Gallery Jones
in Vancouver, BC.
VALUE: $2,000
Donor: Dirk Staschke

7 Italian Dinner for Six with Chef
      Extraordinaire Stefano Catalani
An exceptional opportunity to experience Artistic Director
Stefano Catalani’s other creative talent: cooking. You and
five guests will savor an exquisitely prepared meal while
exchanging artful repartee. Feast in the ambience of the
inspiring home designed by internationally acclaimed
architect Robert Swain. Mutually agreeable date.
VALUE: $2,000
Donor: Stefano Catalani and Robert Swain

                                                                           Benefiting Bellevue Arts Museum
                                                                                 Begins at 7:15pm

                                             8 Walla Walla Foundry Tour,
                                                  Dinner and Wine Tasting for Eight
                                             Artist Squire Broel, Foundry owner Mark Anderson and Winemaker
                                             Ali Mayfield will be your hosts for an exclusive “behind the scenes”
                                             tour of the Walla Walla Foundry as well as a wine-inspired dinner
                                             at Foundry Vineyards. The foundry casts sculpture for artists such
                                             as Jim Dine, Deborah Butterfield, Tom Otterness and Maya Lin.
                                             Foundry Vineyards is quickly becoming known as the place to
                                             experience Art and Wine in the Northwest. Wine Spectator and
                                             Wine Advocate have consistently rated their Bordeaux-style Artisan
                                             Blends at 90 points and above. Their wine labels, gallery and
                                             sculpture garden all feature works by artists who have cast pieces
                                             with Walla Walla Foundry.
                                         Up to eight guests will enjoy this creative and memorable
                                         experience. Don’t miss out on this unique and exclusive
opportunity for expanded conversations about art, wine and the hidden treasures that exist east of the
mountains. Mutually agreeable date.
VALUE: $2,000
Donor: Walla Walla Foundry and Winery, Mark Anderson, Ali Mayfield and Squire Broel

9     Robert Sperry
P SS AA 1987
Originial drawing of gauche and ink on etched paper • 1987 •
20" x 20"
Robert Sperry was one of ceramics’ great innovators. Known
primarily as a ceramic sculptor, Sperry was also a talented
painter, filmmaker and printmaker. He was head of the Ceramics
Department at the University of Washington where he taught
for over 30 years until his retirement in 1982. During his career,
he created a number of monumental public and corporate art
murals and sculptures. In 2009, Bellevue Arts Museum was the
Northwest venue for the retrospective of his work organized by the
American Museum of Ceramic Art. This comprehensive panoramic
view of his legacy as a seminal contributor to American ceramics
and contemporary art examined Sperry’s lifelong dedication to
innovation in ceramic art. This artwork is one of several original gauche and ink drawings done on an etching by
Robert Sperry during the conception of the King County Honors Award mural in downtown Seattle. The original
etching helped to influence the final outcome of the large 30-foot tile mural.
VALUE: $4,500
Donor: Estate of Robert Sperry; Framing courtesy of Allison & Ross Fine Art Services

artful evening
              Begins at 7:15pm

10 Barbara Lee Smith
Anticipating Umbria
Painted, printed, fused and stitched mixed media textile diptych •
2009 • 34 1/2" x 40"
Using industrial fabric that looks like paper, acrylic paint, silk
paint pigments and a sewing machine to draw lines that
resemble a topographical map, Barbara Lee Smith uses a
“three-stage process of painting, collage and drawing to make
the work.” Smith has had solo exhibitions and participated in
group exhibitions in the United States, Japan, Canada, Great
Britain, France and New Zealand. Her work is in national and
international public, private and museum collections, including
the Smithsonian Institution. Her work was recently exhibited at
FiberPhiladelphia 2012, Tacoma Art Museum and will be featured at Bellevue Arts Museum’s upcoming BAM
Biennial 2012: High Fiber Diet. Teaching and lecturing internationally, she was a Visiting Professor at Joshibi
College of Art and Design, Tokyo for five years. She is the author of Celebrating the Stitch: Contemporary
Embroidery of North America. Her many honors include Honorary Member of the Embroiderers’ Guild, United
Kingdom and an archived interview as part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Archives of American Artists.
VALUE: $6,500
Donor: Barbara Lee Smith

                                                            11       Jen Elek
                                                            Blown glass and steel • 2009 • 15" x 36" x 12"
                                                           Jen Elek combines soft forms, humor and innovative
                                                           processes to create landscapes of color and light.
                                                           She primarily uses hand-blown glass, neon and steel
                                                           as her mediums. Her work was recently featured
                                                           in the group show Convergence Zone at Bellevue
                                                           Arts Museum. She has taught and been staff at The
Pilchuck Glass School and has also worked for artists such as Lino Tagliapietra and Dale Chihuly. Elek has taught
glassblowing workshops throughout the United States and internationally including Israel, Canada and Japan.
She most recently exhibited her work at The Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles and The Houston Center of
Contemporary Craft. She is represented in Seattle by Traver Gallery. Elek states, “People, the relationships we
have with one another, and the places we occupy inspire my work. Making art acts as a translator, helping me
process messages presented by modern media. My personal interpretation of American culture is the basis for
my artwork.”
VALUE: $8,000
Donor: Jen Elek

                                                                              Benefiting Bellevue Arts Museum
                                                                                  Begins at 7:15pm

12        Joe McDonnell
Blown glass and stainless steel chandelier • 2012 • 32" x 16" x 16"
“Sasparilla is a sparkling chandelier of crystal clear glass ‘ice cubes’ as
refreshing as an inviting summer beverage.” – Joe McDonnell
Sculptor Joe McDonnell received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine
Arts from the University of Notre Dame, working under renowned sculptor
Ivan Mestrovic. He also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence,
Italy and at the Harvard School of Design. Joe has produced more
than 150 major commissions for institutions, corporations and individuals
including: CBS, IBM, General Electric, Reader’s Digest, Dulles Airport, the
Milwaukee Public Museum, New Jersey State Government and most
recently, Seattle University. Additionally, he has been commissioned to
design sculptures for awards given to honorees of Jazz at Lincoln Center,
the Westchester Open Golf Classic and the Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation. McDonnell has been an associate editor and sculpture critic
for the monthly newspaper Art World. He is a longtime member of the Century Association, where he served on
the exhibition committee for many years.
VALUE: $12,000
Donor: Joe McDonnell

                                                      13 Five Nights for Two in
                                                                Spain at Madrid’s Hotel
                                                                Gran Meliá Fénix
                                                  Time to visit Spain with five nights in Madrid along with a
                                                  day-trip to Toledo. Enjoy this five-star hotel in the heart of
                                                  Madrid, on the well-known Plaza de Colón. Located in the
                                                  exclusive Salamanca District, you will be surrounded by the
                                                  famous streets of Serrano, Velázquez, Goya and Paseo de la
                                                  Castellana. This central location allows you to visit the city’s
                                                  most emblematic places, directly on the Milla de Oro and
only 10 minutes from the Gran Vía, Madrid’s famous street. Stroll through town, view historic buildings, shop and
perhaps run into movie stars at the famous Chicote Cocktail Bar.
Your package includes: Admission and tours of the Reina Sofia Museum, Royal Palace, Prado, Caixa Bank
Museum and the Galiano Museum. A guided day-trip to the City of Toledo which includes two train tickets and
a tour guide. Five-night stay in the luxurious Hotel Gran Meliá Fénix. Needs to be arranged in advance for a
mutually agreeable date to be redeemed within 12 months. Does not include airfare.
VALUE: $4,000
Donor: Lusis Fernando Esteban, Honorary Consul of Spain

artful evening
              Begins at 7:15pm

                                                     14           Lauren DiCioccio
                                                     Still Life
                                                     Hand-sewn cotton, felt, organza (skull, newspaper, cards);
                                                     Machine-sewn cotton (lined paper); Acrylic on wooden spools
                                                     (film) • 2009 • 16" x 16" (varies)
                                                    Lauren DiCioccio investigates the beauty of ubiquitous
                                                    objects of our day-to-day life that face impending
                                                    obsolescence. She sews life-size replicas of water bottles,
                                                    newspapers and film canisters, each eerily and wryly
                                                    complete with labels and brands. Recreating these items
                                                    in the language of tedious handcraft and placing them in
                                                    the context of a traditional still life simultaneously celebrates
                                                    “the everyday” while lamenting its transience. At Bellevue
Arts Museum in 2011, DiCioccio’s Still Life and water bottle sculptures were featured in The Mysterious Content
of Softness exhibition. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, DiCioccio has been an Artist-in-Residence at
Recology SF (CA), the McColl Center for Visual Art (NC), the Oberpfalzer Kunstlerhaus (Germany) and the
Vermont Studio Center (VT). Her work has also been exhibited at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (CA), the
San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (CA), Lyons Wier Ortt Gallery (NY) and Jen Bekman Gallery (NY). She is
represented by Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco.
VALUE: $8,000
Donor: Lauren DiCioccio

15 Davide Salvadore
COCOE–Studio Edition
Blown and carved glass, metal stand • 2012 • 16 1/2" x 11" x 4"
Davide Salvadore’s new Studio Edition pieces demonstrate the intense
color palettes, intricate patterning and richly carved surfaces for which he is
known. Like his signature larger works, this miniature COCOE is inspired by the
colors, textures and forms of Africa, as well as a deep respect for Muranese
glassmaking tradition. Salvadore is a Muranese maestro descended from
generations of glassworkers. He has collaborated with venerated glass houses
such as Venini, Barovier & Toso, Nason & Moretti and La Murrina. He creates
passionately expressive one-of-a-kind sculptures that push the boundaries
of centuries-old traditions. He combines traditional Italian techniques and
elements in innovative ways, which reflect diverse influences such as African
tribal imagery, Muranese roads and the smokestacks of glasshouses.
Of his work, Salvadore states, “I encourage my audience to have a real encounter
with each piece. I want them to touch it, to caress it, and to understand the shapes
and movements. Simply, I want the enthusiast to experience what I feel for my art, which is passion and love.”
VALUE: $8,000
Donor: Davide Salvadore
                                                                               Benefiting Bellevue Arts Museum
                                                                                     Begins at 7:15pm

                                           16 Therman Statom
                                           Skull House
                                           Cast glass and mixed media • 1996 • 9 1/2" x 9" x 7"
                                        Since first studying glass at Pilchuck in 1971, Therman Statom has pushed
                                        the boundaries of this medium — challenging viewers to look at glass
                                        in new and interesting ways. Using sheet glass as his primary medium,
                                        he cuts, paints and assembles the glass — adding found glass objects
                                        along the way. His artistic vocabulary includes simple, but powerfully
                                        charged forms of houses, ladders and chairs. Many of his works are
                                        large-scale public commissions. Statom has received numerous
                                        awards and recognition including Outstanding Achievement Award by
                                        UrbanGlass, Distinguished Artist Award by the James Renwick Alliance,
                                        The Ford Foundation grant, two awards from the National Endowment
for the Arts and a Fellow of American Craft Council. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally
including: Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Palais du
Louvre, France, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art in Japan and Centro Cultural de la Raza in Mexico. Skull
House is from the private collection of William Traver.
VALUE: $10,000
Donor: Traver Gallery

17         Inspiring Brunch with
           Northwest Sculptor
           Julie Speidel on Vashon Island
Seated brunch for the first 24 people to raise their bid cards. Be part
of this exclusive gathering with an insider’s view of the acclaimed
sculptor’s studio while enjoying a hearty brunch and artful
conversations. Dine in the newly remodeled studio and watch a
live demonstration. Sunday, October 14, 11am–1pm on Vashon Island.
VALUE: $200 per person
Donor: Julie Speidel

artful evening
              Begins at 7:15pm

18 Seattle Sounders Suite for 24
          with Your Host Larry Wright,
          Managing Director of BAM
Sounders fever has taken over Seattle! There is no better way
to enjoy the ultimate spectator sport than in a suite. Twenty-
four raving soccer fans can enjoy the ultimate setting for
watching the Sounders play against San Jose on Saturday,
September 22, 2012. This suite offers the perfect view of all
the action. Complete with luxurious furnishings and first-class
service, you will enjoy a Sounders experience like no other
with your host Larry Wright, Managing Director of Bellevue
Arts Museum. You will receive eight parking passes and the opportunity to go down on the field. Food and
beverages are included. Great for Sounders fans of all ages!
VALUE: $5,000
Donor: Seattle Sounders and Larry Wright

                       19         Sabrina Knowles and Jenny Pohlman
                       Hand Staff
                       Off-hand sculpted glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and beads • 2012 • 52" x 4" x 7"
                       Sabrina Knowles’ and Jenny Pohlman’s collaboration spans two decades. As seekers, they
                       have undertaken six international two-month journeys to developing nations absorbing
                       religious beliefs, political histories, current affairs, architecture, social structure and people’s
                       personal stories. They eventually morph their experiences into sculptural stories, sharing what
                       they have learned about healing, self-empowerment, compassion, strength, grace and
                       the power of the human spirit. Their intention is to create works that speak of our common
                       humanity. Staffs have always held symbolic meaning to those who employ them. For the
                       artists, the hand staff is symbolic of nurturing support and compassion.
                       Knowles’ and Pohlman’s work has been showcased in exhibitions nationwide and has
                       received numerous awards. Their work has been published in Glass, Metalsmith, New Glass
                       Review and The Seattle Times and in several books on glass art, and also featured in and on
                       the cover of American Style magazine. They serve on the Board of Trustees for Bellevue Arts
                       Museum and support Pilchuck Glass School and Pratt Fine Arts Center.
                       VALUE: $6,000
                       Donor: Sabrina Knowles and Jenny Pohlman

                                                                                  Benefiting Bellevue Arts Museum
                                                                                      Begins at 7:15pm

20        Betsy Eby
Love Song Vanishing into the Sound of Crickets
Encaustic on canvas on panel • 2001 • 30" x 48"
Rhythm, balance, lyricism and tone in Betsy Eby’s paintings
are influenced by her lifelong devotion to music. Her
paintings are informed by the natural world, drawing on
forms found on both microscopic and macroscopic scales.
Her calligraphic compositions draw on the movement of
living things and visual forms echoed throughout nature. Her
works utilize abstraction and elemental reduction to portray
essence and movement, rather than relying solely on observation or pure abstraction.
Eby works in encaustic, a medium dating back to the 4th Century BCE and written about in the works of Roman
scholar Pliny the Elder. Her paintings are created of pigmented beeswax, in a complex process of layering and
torching, with various methods of paint application. She works within the context of the physical dimension of
the wax and the way it obfuscates color, all the while building to a finished sculptural surface which glistens like
poured resin. Her work can be found in private and public collections and galleries throughout the United States.
She is represented locally by Winston Wachter Gallery.
VALUE: $14,000
Donor: Betsy Eby

                                             21        Dale Chihuly
                                             Tabac Basket with Drawing Shard and Oxblood Body Wrap
                                             Glass • 2008 • 10" x 14" x 12"
                                                “In the summer of 1977, I was visiting the Tacoma Historical Society with
                                                Italo Scanga, and I remember being struck by a pile of Northwest Coast
                                                Indian baskets that were stacked one inside another. They were dented
                                                and misshapen, wonderful forms. I don’t really know what made
                                                me want to reproduce them in glass, but that was my mission for the
                                                summer. Shortly after I started blowing the baskets, I found that I could
                                                use the heat of the fire to form the basket shapes. I wanted them to look
                                                very natural — collapsing and bending under their own weight. I soon
                                                learned that centrifugal force was another natural tool in the formation
of the baskets. Fire, gravity, centrifugal force and human breath became my primary tools.” – Dale Chihuly
Dale Chihuly co-founded Pilchuck Glass School and has led the avant-garde in the development of glass as
a fine art. His work is included in over 200 museum collections worldwide. He has been the recipient of many
awards and his newest, long-term exhibit Chuhily Garden and Glass opened on May 21, 2012 at the Exhibition
Hall at the base of The Space Needle.
VALUE: $22,000
Donor: Dale Chihuly

artful evening
              Begins at 7:15pm

22        Lino Tagliapietra
Hand-blown colored glass with spiraling black canes and blue raised canes •
2007 • 15 3/4" x 10 1/2" x 10 1/4"
One of the world’s most eminent living glass artists, Lino Tagliapietra was
born on the island of the centuries-old center for Venetian glassmaking,
Murano. At the age of 11, he was apprenticed to the glass studio of the
internationally known Muranese master, Archimede Seguso, and achieved
the rank of maestro by age 21. He later worked as master glassblower
and designer at other glass studios, including Galliano Ferro, Venini, La
Murrina and Effetre International. For the past three decades, Tagliapietra
has generously shared his unsurpassed experience, understanding and
knowledge of traditional Venetian glassblowing techniques with glass artists
and audiences around the world. He has been largely responsible for a
new renaissance in glassblowing that has swept through the world of studio
glassmaking. It is not exaggerating to say that he has affected the course of glass history and helped raise the
international standards of glass craftsmanship.
Tagliapietra has always been fascinated with how reflections of light can lead to the over-expression of color of
inner and outer canes. This play of light seems to be something organic, something alive, which is exactly what
he imagines Borneo to be like.
VALUE: $39,000
Donor: Lino Tagliapietra

                                                     23        You and Everyone at
                                                               Artful Evening
                                                     Raise the Paddle 2012
                                                     • 100% Tax-deductible Donation
                                                     • NOW is the time for YOU to Raise the Paddle!
                                                     • The goal tonight is 100% participation of all guests.
                                                     • Each and every gift makes a difference.
                                                     • Together, let’s set a record tonight with the
                                                       unparalleled matching gifts.

                                                                              Benefiting Bellevue Arts Museum
                                                                                   Begins at 7:15pm

24        Cappy Thompson
          and Dick Weiss
Spirit Animals
Black and white underglaze on terracotta • 2011 • 15" x 24" x 2"
Cappy Thompson is an internationally acclaimed Seattle artist
known for her mytho-poetic narratives on glass using the grisaille
(or gray-tonal) painting technique. Her pieces are included in
museum, corporate and private collections worldwide. Her public
commissions include large-scale installations at Seattle–Tacoma
International Airport, the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington and the
Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Thompson serves on Bellevue Arts Museum’s Advisory Council and Pilchuck
Glass School’s Artistic Program Advisory Committee.
Dick Weiss was born in Everett, Washington in 1946. He took a stained glass class in 1971, and as he says,
“basically just couldn’t stop.” Weiss also loves paint and has been known to decorate both clay and glass.
Cappy and Dick have been friends walking the same art path for over 30 years. Stylistically, they love many of
the same things. Spirit Animals nods reverently toward Indian folk art traditions. The platter was exhibited at the
Traver Gallery in March/April 2012.
VALUE: $2,300
Donor: Cappy Thompson and Dick Weiss, courtesy of Traver Gallery

                                                                           25       Etsuko Ichikawa
                                                                           Trace 658
                                                                           Glass pyrograph on paper made from
                                                                           the fire and smoke of hot molten glass •
                                                                           2008 • 19 1/2” x 55”
                                                                        Etsuko Ichikawa is a Tokyo-born,
                                                                        Seattle-based visual artist who works in
                                                                        various mediums including glass, fiber,
video and most recently sound. The scale of her work varies from palm-size to architectural-scale. Ichikawa’s
“glass pyrographs” are made by drawing with hot molten glass, which is one way to capture and eternalize
the immediacy of a moment. Her hanging installations and time-based work are about ever-changing states
of mind. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including The Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo, Seattle Art
Museum, Bellevue Arts Museum and University of Wyoming Art Museum. She is the recipient of numerous awards
and grants from the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and National
Endowment for the Arts, among others.
VALUE: $3,200
Donor: Etsuko Ichikawa, courtesy of Davidson Galleries; Framing by Allison & Ross Fine Art Services

artful evening
              Begins at 7:15pm

26 Parks Anderson
Iridea, ca 1987
Cast clear and colored lucite with steel sleeve mounted on granite base •
72" tall on 7" x 19" x 18" base
A Seattle-area sculptor, Parks Anderson has worked in many media. His interest
has always been in how he can transform different materials into new forms.
Represented by the Foster/White Gallery for many years, Anderson developed
installations interactive with viewers and also wind-activated sculptures. He has
been working collaboratively with Dale Chihuly since 1986.
VALUE: $9,500
Donor: Kirk and Alice McKinney, Jr.

                                                   27       Once-In-A-Lifetime:
                                                            Day Outing at the Porsche
                                                            Driving School for One
                                                    Experience German engineering at its finest! Put your senses
                                                    into overdrive and bid on this unique experience. Take the
                                                    wheel and tear up the track in a Porsche while safely being
                                                    instructed by a pro driver! For the first time ever the Porsche
                                                    Driving School comes to the West Coast. This one-day-only
                                                    event will be held on August 21, 2012 at the new and much-
                                                    talked-about race track, “The Ridge” in Shelton, WA. You will
                                                    have the opportunity to drive the all new 911 through some
challenging driving drills and then drive laps on the track. Enjoy the power, performance and prestige of driving
a Porsche. This experience is something you will remember for a lifetime! Must be 21 years of age with a valid
driver’s license. This event begins at 7:30am, breakfast and lunch will be provided.
VALUE: $2,500
Donor: Barrier Motors

                                                                             Benefiting Bellevue Arts Museum
                                                                                   Begins at 7:15pm

28        Via Lago Fashionista
          Party for 20
A “Girls Night Out” of fabulous fashion, friends and fun!
Invite up to 19 of your closest friends, family or colleagues
for this unique, private, in-store event at Via Lago in
Kirkland. Your “Girls Night Out” includes $300 in gift
certificates, a 10% discount on all purchases, personal
clothing stylist, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and loads of fun!
Mutually agreeable date from 6–9pm any day of the week.
VALUE: $1,100
Donor: Chapman Fina, Via Lago

                                         29 Diane Falkenhagen
                                         Apollo and the Dancing Hours
                                         Brooch in oxidized sterling silver and image transfer on polymer • 2000
                                         Created by Diane Falkenhagen, this exquisite brooch is from the
                                         private collection of Karen Lorene, owner of Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery.
                                         Falkenhagen has been a studio jeweler for 30 years. She teaches
                                         jewelry making and metalsmithing at Alvin Community College. She
                                         is best known for her fabricated, one-of-a-kind jewelry. Her mixed
                                         media compositions often combine characteristic pictorial imagery —
                                         invented or borrowed from historical sources — with fabricated metal
                                         forms and a diverse range of art media. Her work is an unconventional
                                         marriage of material and content that references a myriad of interests,
                                         including memory, metaphor, figuration, romanticism, historical
ornament, art history and iconography.
Falkenhagen’s work is exhibited widely and in numerous private collections. Her work has been published in
American Craft, Metalsmith, Ornament, Southwest Art, the New York Times, Color on Metal, Wrap, Stitch, Rivet
and Fold and five of the popular Lark Books’ 500 Series publications, including 500 Brooches and 500 Necklaces.
VALUE: $780
Donor: Karen Lorene, Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery

artful evening
              Begins at 7:15pm

30 Jennifer Zwick
The Dream
Archival pigment print • Edition 1 of 8 • 32" x 43" framed
Seattle-based Canadian artist Jennifer Zwick creates
unusual and lovely photographs of adventurous young
girls. Her constructed-narrative photographs are nonlinear
short stories. They focus on curiously adventurous young
girls populating beautiful but uneasy worlds. To create
these images, she draws from childhood fantasies and
memories and then constructs life-sized environments.
By pushing these scenarios to an extreme conclusion the
girls become metaphors for our hyper-real childhood
selves where remembered emotions become stronger
through time.
The Dream captures the times when one drifts off to sleep and the shadows and wall patterns converge to
suggest other moments in other places. A young girl, falling asleep, has the fleeting impression that her room
has merged with a forest — and this impression lingers slightly longer than she would like.
VALUE: $1,250
Donor: Jennifer Zwick; Framing courtesy of New Dimensions Frame & Gallery

                                                        31 Lunch and Wine Tasting
                                                               for Ten at àMaurice Cellars
                                                               and Custom Two-Day
                                                               Winery Tour Itinerary
                                                   Get away to Walla Walla with nine friends for lunch and
                                                   wine tasting at àMaurice Cellars and two days of wine
                                                   touring. àMaurice Cellars is a premier, family-owned
                                                   boutique winery and vineyard located in the vast
                                                   foothills of the Blue Mountains in Walla Walla. In addition,
                                                   Kathleeen Schafer, àMaurice Cellars owner, will assist you
                                                   in preparing a personalized two-day wine touring itinerary
                                                   with tasting fees waived. The bidder will take home a
bottle of àMaurice “Night Owl” reserve wine. Redeemable for a mutually agreeable date before July 1, 2013.
VALUE: $2,000
Donor: Kathleen and Tom Schafer

                                                                            Benefiting Bellevue Arts Museum
                                                                                      Begins at 7:15pm

32 Cruise on The Accord for 24
Be captain of the ship, hosting a three-hour cruise aboard
the elegant yacht, The Accord. Voted “Most Beautiful
Classic Yacht on the Lake,” it features sleek lines and
sophisticated luxury. Fully crewed, this 92-foot pedigreed
yacht invites 12 couples to experience a Lake Washington
cruise, dining on sumptuous hors d’oeuvres from Herban
Feast and wines by Chateau Ste. Michelle, while viewing
some of Seattle and Medina’s stunning waterfront homes.
Host a family celebration, a unique business retreat or
gather your friends to share this exclusive experience.
Mutually agreeable date, maximum 24 guests.
VALUE: $5,000
Yacht Donor: Dorothy Worthington
Catering Donor: Herban Feast

                                       33        Larry Calkins
                                       Mood Indigo
                                       Cloth wax, metal, indigo dye • 2012 • 5'
                                       Larry Calkins describes this artwork as “loosely based on pioneering women,
                                       mourning wear and ghosts of all my ancestors, friends and neighbors who
                                       went before me.” Calkins is a self-taught artist living in the foothills of the
                                       Cascade Range in Washington. Experimenting freely with painting, sculpture,
                                       photography and assembling books, his art defies easy labels. He is equally
                                       adept at sewing odd clothing pieces, painting animal transformation and
                                       welding or building boxes. Recent book pieces combine drawing, poetry,
                                       photographs and objects that are combined in assemblage. Another series
                                       of sculpture pieces has taken the form of flattened clothing pieces sewn
                                       with strange dimensions and surfaces infused with earth pigments, dyes or
                                       wax. These evolved from recreating childhood memories. Years working in
                                       photo labs as a printer has given him the ability to alter his images or rework
                                       found photographs often incorporated in his books. Calkins’ work has been
                                       exhibited nationally, with his most recent show Rule of Thumb at the G.
                                       Gibson Gallery, Seattle in 2011.
                                       VALUE: $2,000
                                       Donor: Larry Calkins
                                       ELIGIBLE FOR GOLDEN TICKET SELECTION

artful evening
              Begins at 7:15pm

34        Stunning Diamond Pendant
Take a look at this gorgeous diamond pendant! This dazzling piece
features four princess cut diamonds totaling .49cttw with 78 side
diamonds totaling .52 cttw set in 14kt white gold. This beautifully
simple, yet elegant design is perfect for everyday wear or for a very
special occasion.
VALUE: $2,795
Donor: Ben Bridge Jeweler, Inc.

                                                      35 Anna Skibska
                                                      Glass • 2012 • 20" x 20" x 13"
                                                      Anna Skibska is an internationally acclaimed artist
                                                      working primarily in glass. She is perhaps best known
                                                      for her enormous and impossibly fragile glass objects.
                                                      Immense webs composed of tiny glass strands are even
                                                      more amazing because they replicate massive and
                                                      heavy architectural elements. Objects and events in her
                                                      surroundings, such as a fireworks explosion, clouds or stars,
                                                      are portrayed in gossamer webs of glass.
                                                      Skibska is the originator of this technique, which several
                                                      other Polish women artists have adopted. Their work
                                                      shares the common characteristic of being crafted from
clear or colored glass melted at the torch and drawn into tiny, irregular strands. These strands are then welded
into a much larger whole using a simple hand-held jeweler’s torch. The sculptures are larger than human scale
and are incredibly intricate, fragile and ephemeral. She is a longtime Seattle resident and a graduate of the
Arts Academy in Wroclaw, Poland.
VALUE: $3,600
Donor: Anna Skibska

                                                                             Benefiting Bellevue Arts Museum
                                                                                          Begins at 7:15pm

36 Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz
Traveler CLV (155)
C-print edition 15 of 50 • 2005/2009 • 24" x 20"
Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz are artists who have collaborated to
create and photograph dystopian sculptures. At first glance, their
work looks simple and benign, but on further inspection the scenes
offer a more complicated view. Their sculptures and photographs are
in the collections of many prominent museums, including the Museum
of Contemporary Art, Kiasma in Helsinki; the Museum of Arts and
Design in New York; the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Málaga;
the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid and the
Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga, TN. They are also
represented in the private collections of other prominent institutions,
including the Progressive Art Collection, Bloomberg L.P. and 21c
Museum Hotel in Louisville, KT. In 2011, they participated in Bellevue
Arts Museum’s exhibition Travelers: Objects of Dream and Revelation,
a show which brought together nine contemporary artists who explore the ambiguous motif of travel and the
objects associated with it.
VALUE: $1,800
Donor: Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz

                                       37        Patti Warashina
                                       Fly Swatter
                                       Drypoint with four relief stencils and hand coloring • 25 1/2" x 20"
                                       Early influences in Patti Warashina’s art include California Funk, Surrealism
                                       and experimental West Coast ceramic sculpture from the 1950s and 60s.
                                       Her work is best known for satire, humor and dream state figures, expressed
                                       through low fire polychrome ceramic material and prints.
                                       Her work is featured in museum collections in both the United States and
                                       abroad, including the American Craft Museum in New York; the Seattle
                                       and Tacoma Art Museums; Henry Art Gallery, Seattle; Los Angeles County
                                       Art Museum; Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum,
                                       Washington DC; the Art Gallery of Western Australia in Perth; Icheon World
                                       Ceramic Center in South Korea; and Kyoto National Museum of Modern
                                       Art in Japan. Warashina’s Gossipmongers was included in BAM Biennial
                                       2010: Clay Throwdown! In 2013, BAM will be the Northwest venue for the
                                       retrospective of her work being organized with a catalogue by American
                                       Museum of Ceramic Art.
                                       VALUE: $1,350
                                       Donor: Patti Warashina
                                       ELIGIBLE FOR GOLDEN TICKET SELECTION

artful evening

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