Tide of Grief Tsunami The Earth shrugged_ and more than 140000 by yurtgc548


									       Tide of Grief

The Earth shrugged, and more
than 140,000 died. A story of
  unimaginable tragedy and
       NEWSWEEK Jan 10, 2005
Tide of Grief
Tsunami death toll
• Country             Estimated deaths
•   Indonesia              94,081
•   Sri Lanka              30,196
•   India                   9,479
•   Thailand                5,187
•   Somalia                  200
•   Myanmar                    90
•   Maldives                   80
•   Malaysia                   68
•   Tanzania                   10
•   Bangladesh                  2
•   Kenya                       1
•   Estimated total       139,394
Earthquake’s Size, Damage Called Biblical
A geology expert explains the significance of
Sunday’s deadly quake and resulting tsunamis.

• Dec. 27, 2004 - As at least nine nations searched for
  the missing following the world’s biggest earthquake
  in 40 years, geologist Gianluca Valensise of the
  Italian Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology
  spoke with NEWSWEEK’s Eric Pape Monday about
  the shifts in the earth’s tectonic plates that sparked
  a 9.0 quake and a 33- to 40-foot-high wave
  that blanketed thousands of miles of Asian, Indian
  and African coastlines with death and destruction.
Tsunami National Geographic
• http://environment.nationalgeographic.co
The Tsunami Threat
Science: Though extremely rare, killer waves can be less
predictable, and more destructive, than the quakes that cause them

      Waves of devastation: An aerial view of India's Marina Beach after the tsunami
• Fact File: Flooding and communicable
• •Water-borne diseases •Vector-borne diseases
  •Risk posed by corpses
• The major risk associated with flooding is the
  contamination of drinking-water facilities.
• Outbreaks of typhoid fever, cholera, malaria,
  tuberculosis, bloodborne viruses (such as
  Hepatitis B/C and HIV), and gastrointestinal
  infections (such as rotavirus diarrhoea,
  salmonellosis, E. coli, typhoid/paratyphoid
  fevers, hepatitis A, shigellosis and cholera).
Interesting websites
• http://walrus.wr.usgs.gov/tsunami/
• http://www.geophys.washington.edu/tsunami/
•   http://serc.carleton.edu/NAGTWorkshops/ocea

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