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									       Tidal Energy

  By: Alex Pugh-Powanda, Ramon
Lopez, Charles Henley, Jefrey Moises
       How energy is produced
• Tidal energy is produced through the use of tidal energy
  generators. These large underwater turbines are placed
  in areas with high tidal movements, and are designed to
  capture the kinetic motion of the surging ocean tides to
  produce energy.
      How energy is harnessed
• A tidal barrage is created at the mouth of a river or other
  choke point that connects to the ocean.
• In flood tidal power generation below the water level
  there are opening in this barrage that have turbines in
• These turbines are powered when the tide goes in or the
  water level rises.
•   Once you’ve built it, tidal power is free
•   It produces no greenhouse gases or other waste
•   Requires no fuel
•   Reliably produces electricity
•   Maintenance isn’t costly
•   Tides are predictable
•   Inexpensive turbines that don’t harm the
• There are a limited amount of places for
  these tidal barrages.
• When the tide is moving correctly, it only
  produces power for 10 hours each day.
• When built across an estuary, it affects the
  – Birds rely on the tides to move mud for
  – Fish use them to migrate
             How tides work
• The moons
  gravitational force
  pulls on the ocean
• When the moon is
  right above one side
  of the earth or the
  opposite side, the
  area will experience
  high tide.
                 Bay of Fundy
• Located on the
  Atlantic coast of North
  America between
  Canada and the U.S.
• It has one of the
  highest vertical tidal
  ranges in the world.
• A good place for tidal
  turbines because the
  tides are very strong
  and be used to
  produce a large
  amount of energy.

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