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					                   .A.V.A.   Security Protection


        Alejandro Reyes, Varun Jasti and Austin Hovenden

                          July 16, 2011

Lockheed Martin, Spring Creek Barbecue, Raytheon, XTO energy and

      Our team has worked on a security system that requires four possible

codes that will unlock the system. We have accomplished this by designing

a circuit system that includes 4 possible inputs that assemble one code and

will possibly unlock the system. To create these four possible combinations

we had to come up with four different codes. However we needed to create

4 correct codes out of 16 possible codes. We needed to create the circuit

system that will accept four specified inputs.

      The design of our circuit system requires the knowledge to input 4

codes. We learned this through the process of the Binary System. This

consists of 1’s and 0’s that form the code. A 1 would cause a true and a 0

would be a false. Since there are 4 possible inputs, we would need 4 zeros

and ones. The correct codes that open the security system would need to

contain the proper sequence of ones and zeroes. To simplify correct combos

of ones and zeroes we learned how to use a Karnaugh map. A Karnaugh map

is used to eliminate possible inputs. This is done by showing a table that

may reveal that one input is not contributing to the correct codes. The

Karnaugh map shows that one input will not affect the correct code. To

create the physical circuit system we received information on chips and
gates. Each chip contains different types of gates inside of it. A gate consists

of two possible inputs and one output’ this would include the AND and OR

gate. The exception to this is the not gate, which has only one input and one

output. Throughout this design we had motivation from our mentors, peers,

and our interest in the topic of electrical engineering.

      Our problem is that we were hired to design and implement a top

home security system. One of our limitations to solve this problem is the

amount of time we have. We have 3 days to create this system. Another

limitation is that we have just learned this concept and lack experience in

this field. A restriction is only being able to use 3 chips instead of 6 or 7

chips. Another restriction on this project is the lack of material that we have.

      With the help of out mentors and our knowledge, along with the

resources that they have given us, such as knowledge of circuits and how the

work, we will be able finish this extremely difficult task, and accomplish our

goal. The techniques that we will use are Binary codes and Karnaugh maps

(explained on previous page). We are using different technologies in this

project such as, 1 digital circuit breadboard, 1 LS7404 Inverter gate chip, 1
SN7432 OR gate chip, 1 LS7408 AND gate chip, 1 set of wires to build

circuit on breadboard, 8 LEDs (light emitting diode).

      The findings of our experiment are that we have implemented our

design of a security system by using a circuit system. Our design

successfully created four correct codes that will allow access to the home by

disabling the security system. We had one situation when one of our

original codes had not successfully opened the security system. This was

due to human error in writing the wrong code down causing another code

not known to unlock the system. We needed to trace the circuit and obtain

the correct code that unlocks the system and tell our mistake to the customer.

In the end we decided to save time and money and just swapped the wrong

code with the correct one. Our work has developed a simple circuit at a low

cost that works effectively as a security system.

      We have developed a prototype security system at a low cost and will

be used as a reference to develop future, more improved security systems.

This gives us a bass on how we will design future security systems. Our

current design works effectively at providing safety and protection. We can

only imagine how it will improve and provide better security to everybody.
We may cooperate with other companies to improve our design and share

ideas to develop an improved security system. We feel pleased that we are

able to provide security to people. 


An Introduction: Computer Logic by Roderick Crowder

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