The Way to Be by yurtgc548


									The Way to Be

 Acton Elementary
PBIS ~ 2010 - 2011
             The Way to Be
• I Will Be Prepared

• I Will Be Respectful

• I Will Be Responsible

• I Will Be Honest

• I Will Be Safe
         What is a “Bee Line”
• A “Bee Line” shows
  that students know
  “The Way To Be” Code
• A “Bee Line” looks like
  a row of students in a
  straight line.
• When in a “Bee Line”
  students hands are
  together behind their
• A “Bee Line” sounds
  completely silent.
• Voice Limit 0.
What is a “Voice Limit”

            • A “Voice Limit” is
              like a speed limit
              for your voice.

            • The Way To Be is
              to remember your
              “Voice Limit”
   Knowing Your “Voice Limit”

• If You See a
“Voice Limit 0” Sign…

• Your Voice is OFF

• There is NO
Voice Limit

      • If You See a “Voice
        Limit 1” Sign…

      • Your Voice is at a

      • ONLY the People
        Next to You Can
        Hear You
              Voice Limit

• If You See a “Voice
  Limit 2” Sign…
• You Are Speaking
  With a Medium
• The Students and
  Teacher in the
  Classroom Can Hear
  You Clearly
Voice Limit

      • If You See a “Voice
        Limit 3” Sign…

      • Your Voice Is As
        Loud Or As Soft As
        You Like

      • You Are Out On
        the Playground
• Being in a “Bee
  Line” and

• Speaking with a
  Voice That Belongs
  In the “Voice Limit”

• Will Help You Be
  “The Way to Be”!

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