Painting CPP Procedures - Cal Poly Pomona-ag by yaofenjin


									                         CPP ON THE HILL PROCEDURES

Welcome to a Cal Poly Pomona tradition! The purpose of this policy is two-fold:

1.    To maintain the concrete “CPP” letters on the hill and the general area around
      those letters, in an attractive manner, consistent with the general appearance of
      the campus; and,
2.    To permit Cal Poly Pomona students, organizations, cultural celebrations, etc. to
      continue the tradition of periodically painting those letters in the colors of their
      respective organizations.

The policy is as follows:
1.    Because the CPP is the property of the University, any organization wishing to
      paint the CPP must obtain permission and schedule that activity in advance with
      the Facilities Coordinator in the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers,
      Building 26. An Application for Scheduled Event Form must be submitted. Any
      painting without advance approval is strictly prohibited.

2.    Once approved, each club/organization may reserve the CPP for their colors for
      a minimum of 3 business/school days. No organization may schedule and/or
      paint over the CPP in any manner within the reserved time (3 business/school
      days) of another club/organization.

3.    No cardboard, lumber or other materials may be used to change the shape of the
      letters or to add additional letters or symbols.

4.    Groups painting the CPP must remove all of the materials used in the activity
      such as paint cans, brushes, etc.

5.    At certain designated times during the year no organizations may paint the CPP.
      At such designated times, which are opening of Fall Quarter and
      Commencement; a designated organization will paint the CPP in the University’s
      colors, green and gold. The necessary paint and painting supplies to be
      provided by Facilities Management.

6.    Any special requests or modifications to the designated time periods may be
      made by petition to the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers. Additions or
      modifications to these time periods may be made by petition to the Office of
      Student Life and Cultural Centers.

7.    Individuals or groups violating this policy, or vandalizing, or defacing the CPP in
      any manner may be subject to a variety of student discipline disciplinary
      sanctions and/or criminal prosecution. Student disciplinary action and criminal
      prosecution may be concurrent.

Important information
1.    You will need mops, rollers or brushes
2.    2 - 5 gallons of paint for each letter (can be watered down)
3.    Flashlights
4.    The path to the CPP is at the top of lot “J”. (Caution: there is often brush on the
      path, wear good shoes and long pants!)
5.    You may paint ONLY the CPP letters during your approved dates.

Risk alert and liability waiver
By scheduling to paint the CPP, the club/organization officers and advisors agree that
      all those who participate in this activity will be alerted to the risks and agree to
      the following release of liability:

      In consideration for being permitted by the California State Polytechnic
      University, Pomona to participate in the above-stated activity, the
      club/organization and those who participate in the activity hereby waiver, release
      and discharge any and all claims for damages for personal injury, death or
      property damage which an individual may have, or which may hereafter accrue to
      an individual, as a result of my participation in such activity. This release is
      intended to discharge in advance the State of California, California State
      University, Board of Trustees, and all of its officers, employees and agents, from
      any and all liability arising out of or connected in any way with participation in
      such activity. Club/organization members understand that their participation in
      such activity involves an element of risk and danger of accidents and knowing
      those risks, they nonetheless assume those risks. It is further agreed by the
      club/organization that this waiver, release and assumption of risk is to be binding
      on their heirs and assigns. The club/organization, activity participants, and its
      members agree to indemnity and to hold the State of California, California State
      University, Board of Trustees, and all of its officers, employees and agents free
      and harmless from any loss, liability, damage, cost or expense which they or any
      of them may incur as the result of death of any injury or property damage that
      they may sustain while participating in such activity.

Interesting Historical Fact
      The CPP was originally built by the Cal Poly Pomona Sigma Nu fraternity and
      each year, the Greek Council paints the CPP green and gold to honor all of our
      graduates during commencement.


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