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									Achmad Sonhaji
home     : RIZA Apartment, Umm Ghuwailina, Doha, Qatar
email    :
mobile   : +974 6089632

Place/Date of Birth : Klaten/ November 10, 1974
Nationality         : Indonesian

Level                    : Under graduate Degree
Major                    : Regional & City Planning
Graduation Date          : June 19, 1999
Name of Institution      : Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Indonesia


QATAR PETROLEUM: Oil and Gas Company
(01 June 2008 – present)

    SAP-MM/WM Support
     Improve business process and configuration.
     Prepare technical specification for enhancement (user exit, BAdI, and report).
     Conduct user acceptance test.
     Evaluate authorization (role).
     Conduct training for user.
     Prepare statistical data analysis.
     Support end user.

(03 March 2006 – 31 May 2008)

    SAP-MM Specialist
     Designed Business Blueprint.
     Developed configuration and technical specification.
     Conducted user acceptance test
     Improved business process.
     Prepared authorization (role).
     Conducted training for trainer.
     Prepared and uploaded master data.
     Ran Implementation and Supported end user.

BLUE BIRD GROUP: land transportation services
(29 October 2001 – 29 February 2006)

    Purchasing Manager and SAP-MM Specialist

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   (15 March 2004 – 29 February 2006)
   Main duties:
    Ensured material availability and stroke the best balance possible between optimizing the
       service level and minimizing cost (Implemented consumption based planning).
    Maintained Material Master
    Created new material, maintain material master changes and carry out Data Migration.
    Enhanced Material Management Reporting.
    Configured SAP-MM based on material management policy changes.

   Team Member of SAP-MM Implementation
   (15 March 2004 - 1 July 2004)
   Main duties:
    Defined” as is” and “to be” of business design and business process, particularly to find out
       the best implementation of SAP best practices to be implemented.
    Prepared Master Data Migration, both Material Master and Purchasing Master Data.
    Developed customized.
    Conducted Training for End User Training.
    Supported Implementation (post Go Live), ensured that end user was able to handle their
       job in SAP Environment.

   Finance and Administration Manager of Branch Office
   (10 September 2002 – 14 March 2004)
   Main duties:
    Made and controlled Budgeting,
    Carried out Internal Auditing,
    Managed Purchasing and Spare Parts Inventory.

   Management Trainee for Finance and Administration
   (29 Oct 2001 – 9 Sept. 2002)
   Main duties:
    On the job training, learned the existing finance and administration management system
       and made proposal to improve the system.

2 full cycles: PT. Trans-Pacific Petrochemical Indotama and Blue Bird Group
1 support role: Qatar Petroleum

 MODULE           SUB-MODULE                           DESIGN & CONFIGURATION
   MM         General setting              Check unit of measurement
                                           Maintain calendar
   MM         Enterprise Structure         Logistics General: define valuation level and
                                            define/copy/delete plant.
                                           Material Management: maintain storage location and
                                            purchasing organization.
   MM         Logistics General            Define Industry Sector, maintain material type and define
                                            number range for each material type, create material
                                            group, define industries, and maintain search help.
   MM         Consumption-based            Maintain plant parameters: number range, MRP
              planning                      controller, external procurement, and available stock.
                                           Planning: Define storage location MRP per plant, MRP

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MODULE      SUB-MODULE                          DESIGN & CONFIGURATION
                                     calculation, and Lot-sizing procedure.
 MM      Purchasing                 Define purchasing value keys.
                                    Define Attributes of System Message
                                    Entry aids for items without a material master (material
                                     group vs. valuation class)
                                    Create purchasing group
                                    RFQ/Quotation: define document types and define screen
                                     layout at document level.
                                    Purchase Requisition: define number ranges, define
                                     document types, processing time, release procedure, text
                                     for purchase requisition.
                                    Purchase Order: define number ranges, define document
                                     types, set tolerance limits for price variant, release
                                     procedure, text for purchase order
                                    Contract: define number range, define document types.
                                    Condition: define condition types, define calculation
                                     schema, define schema group, define schema
                                     determination, define transaction/event keys.
                                    Account assignment: maintain account assignment
                                     categories, define combination of item categories/account
                                     assignment categories.
                                    Message: define message types for RFQ and define
                                     message types for Purchase Order.
 MM      External Service           Maintain condition for service
 MM      Inventory                  Define attributes for system messages.
         management and             Define number ranges for accounting document.
         Physical inventory         Define number ranges for material and physical inventory
                                    Setting for enjoy transactions
                                    Goods Receipt: set tolerance limits
                                    Authorization management: authorization check for
                                     storage location and authorization check for G/L account
                                    Physical inventory: field selection for physical inventory
                                    Movement types: copy, change movement types
                                    Print control: general setting
                                    Output determination: maintain output types
                                    BAdI for MB21/MB22
                                    BAdI for MIGO
 MM      Valuation and account      Define price control for material types
         assignment                 Account determination: define valuation control, group
                                     together valuation areas, define valuation classes, define
                                     account grouping for movement types
                                    Configure automatic postings: inventory posting, offsetting
                                     entry for inventory posting, exchange rate differences in
                                     the case of open item, MM differences due to exchange
                                     rate rounding, price differences, revenue/expense from
                                     revaluation, GR/IR clearing, freight cost clearing, custom
                                     duty clearing.
 MM      Logistics invoice          Number assignment for accounting document, number
         verification                assignment for logistics document.
                                    Maintain default value for tax code.

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 MODULE          SUB-MODULE                         DESIGN & CONFIGURATION
                                        Configure how exchange rate differences are treated.
                                        Configure how unplanned delivery costs are posted.
                                        Activate direct posting to G/L account and material
                                        Set tolerance limits.
                                        Set check for duplicate invoices.
   MM        Logistics Information      Maintain self-defined information structures.
             System                     Maintain update rules.
   WM        Enterprise Structure       Logistics Execution:
                                         Define, copy, delete, check warehouse number
                                         Assign warehouse number to plant/storage location
   WM        Master Data                Define Control Parameters for Warehouse Number
                                        Define Number Ranges
                                        Define Storage Type
                                        Define Storage Sections
                                        Storage Bins
   WM        Strategies                 Activate Storage Type Search
                                        Activate Storage Section Search
                                        Activate Storage Bin Type Search
                                        Put away Strategies
                                        Stock Removal Strategies
   WM        Hazardous Materials        Master Data
                                        Strategies
   WM        Activities                 Transfers: Define Requirement Types, Define Shipment
                                         Types, Define Movement Types, Define Stock Transfers
                                         and Replenishment Control, Set Up Autom. TO Creation
                                         for TRs / Posting Change Notices
                                        Confirmation
                                        Define Print Control
                                        Physical Inventory: Define Default Values, Define Types
                                         per Storage Type, Define Differences and Document
                                         Limits, Clear Differences (Interface to Inventory
                                         Management), Maintain Number Ranges, Dynamic Cycle
   WM        Interfaces                 Inventory Management: Generate Interim Storage Bins,
                                         Activate Automatic TO Creation, Goods Movement (IM)
                                         Not Allowed for Storage Types
ABAP                                    ABAP Debugging and analyzing (sub routine, function
                                         module, class object).
                                        Create implementation method for BAdI.
                                        Create additional field for SAP Query (for info sets).
Role Maintenance (PFCG)                 Assign menu, authorization, user
Legacy System Migration Workbench       Create/copy/delete project, sub project, objects.
(LSMW)                                  Recordings
SAP QUERY (SQ02, SQ03, SQ01)            Create/change info sets and queries.
                                        Create/change/assign user groups.
                                        Create/change quick viewer.

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2003   ERP SAP R/3 Material Management Modules, Blue Bird Group, Jakarta
2003   ISO 9001:2000 Internal Quality Auditing, Blue Bird Group, Jakarta
2002   Outbound Training, Blue Bird Group, Bogor
1996   Pre Induction Training IJC LOM West Java, by International Junior Chamber (IJC),
1996   Training for Strategic Group of Entrepreneurship in West Java, by West Java Office of
       Cooperative & Small Enterprise, Bandung

   ERP SAP R/3 Material Management and Warehouse Management Modules
   MSOffice (MSWord, MSExcel, MSAccess, Power Point)
   Visio
   SPSS Statistical Analysis
   Adobe Captivate

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