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curriculum vitae - Criminology and Criminal Justice - University of


									                 BROOK WRAIGHT KEARLEY, M.A.

INFORMATION:   University of Maryland
               Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice
               2220 LeFrak Hall
               College Park, MD 20782
               (301) 405-4711 office
               (301) 405-4733 fax

EXPERIENCE:    Graduate Research Assistant, August 2011-Present.
               University of Maryland, Department of Criminology, College Park,
               Experience: Responsible for the day to day management of a pilot study
               examining the effectiveness of a gang prevention/intervention effort --
               Family Functional Therapy, Gang -- within a population of juvenile justice
               involved youth.

               Research Specialist, Maryland Center for Juvenile Justice, University of
               Maryland, Baltimore, MD, March 2011-August 2011

               Experience: Research activities related to Maryland’s Department of Juvenile
               Services MCASP implementation and evaluation of DJS’ evidence-based
               programs, to include FFT, MST, and MTFC. Contributed to grant writing
               and development of IRB protocols.

               Consultant, Choice Research Associates, Greenbelt, MD, November

               Experience: Conducted reviews of the scholarly literature and contributed to
               program evaluation efforts related to a BSAS/SAMHSA funded grant for
               enhanced services within Baltimore City’s Drug Treatment Court.

               Director, Criminal Justice Initiatives, December 2009-October 2010
               Senior Evaluation Specialist, October 2007-December 2009
               Evaluation Specialist, June 2005-October 2007
               Social Solutions International, Inc., Silver Spring, MD
               Experience: Designed and implemented program evaluations. Developed
               and conducted focus groups, key informant interviews, structured surveys,
               and other forms of data collection. Analyzed data and interpreted findings.
               Wrote reports for both scholarly and lay audiences. Managed personnel and
               project budgets. Contributed to business development efforts, wrote
               proposals and developed new concepts for research projects.
                                                                   B. Kearley
                                                                       Page 2

Data Analyst, Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office, Project Safe
Neighborhoods Initiative, Baltimore, MD, October 2004 to June 2005
Experience: Responsible for data collection, data analysis and coordination
between multiple agencies involved in a federally funded violence
intervention initiative (Project Safe Neighborhoods). Duties included:
construction of data files and subsequent data entry, data cleaning and
statistical analysis; participation in weekly working group meetings with
related agencies; tracking of targeted offenders; and the preparation of
quarterly progress reports to the funding agencies.
Faculty Research Assistant, January 2003-June 2004.
Graduate Research Assistant, August 1999-December 2002.
University of Maryland, Department of Criminology, College Park,
Experience: Responsible for the management of a three year follow-up study
of Baltimore City Drug Court participants. Duties included: training and
supervision of project trackers, interviewers, and interns; construction of data
files and subsequent data entry, data cleaning and statistical analysis;
management of working fund account; community interviewing using a
complete biopsychosocial assessment; and the preparation of monthly
progress reports and scholarly papers and presentations.
Drug Ethnography Assistant, Summer 2000.
Michael Agar, Ph.D.
Experience: Assisted in the development of a survey for use in monitoring
drug trends in Baltimore City as well as coordination of a network of drug
professionals in the Baltimore City area.
Research Associate, Center for Substance Abuse Research, University
of Maryland, College Park, MD, February 1998-August 1999.
Experience: Assisted in the design and implementation of a drug treatment
evaluation. Conducted focus groups, interviews, surveys, and other forms of
data collection related to an epidemiological study of drug trends. Analyzed
data and interpreted findings. Wrote reports for both scholarly and lay
Internship, The Stapleford Trust, London, UK, June 1996-June 1997.
Experience: Responsible for the organization of an international conference
held at the Royal Society of Medicine, titled, Symposium on Prescription Heroin
and Rapid Opiate Detoxification. Additional duties included: production and
mass mailing of a quarterly newsletter on the Trust’s activities; response to all
requests for information concerning services provided by the Trust, i.e., hair
analysis and rapid opiate detoxification; and the presentation of Trust related
information to various social service and related agencies throughout the
United Kingdom.
                                                                                       B. Kearley
                                                                                           Page 3

              Research Associate, Operation PAR, St. Petersburg, FL, August 1994-
              May 1996.
              Experience: Responsible for the coordination of research activities associated
              with a federally funded project involving drug addicted women and their
              children, and a study of bioassays and self-reported drug use among a sample
              of detained juveniles.

EDUCATION:    M.A., Criminology, University of Maryland
              Thesis: Predicting Success in the Baltimore City Drug Treatment Court: The Influence of
              Personal Characteristics and Assigned Sentence Length on Graduation Status.
              B.A., with honors, Criminology, University of South Florida

              Gottfredson, D., Kearley, B., and Bushway, S. (2010). Substance Use, Drug
              Treatment, and Crime: An Examination of Intra-Individual Variation in a
              Drug Court Population. In editor Mangai Natarajan, Drug Abuse: Prevention
              and Treatment, Volume III; The Library of Drug Abuse and Crime. Ashgate
              Publishers, Surrey UK.
                      Also published in 2008, Journal of Drug Issues, 38(2): 601-630.
              Gottfredson, D., Kearley, B., Najaka, S. and Rocha, C. (2007). How Drug
              Courts Work: An Analysis of Mediators. Journal of Research on Crime and
              Delinquency, 44:1: 3-35.
              Gottfredson, D., Najaka, S., Kearley, B. and Rocha, C. (2006). Long Term
              Effects of Participation in the Baltimore City Drug Treatment Court: Results
              from an Experimental Study. Journal of Experimental Criminology, 2: 67-98.
              Hess, L., James, I., Kearley, B., Munly, K. and Nemes, S. (2006). Alcohol and
              Substance Abuse Among Older Adults, in editor Rin Yoshida, Trends in
              Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Research, Nova Science Publishers, New York NY.
              Groff, L., Kearley, B., Fogg, H., Beatty, P. and Couture, H. (2005). A
              Randomized Experimental Study of Sharing Crime Data With Citizens: Do
              Maps Produce More Fear? Journal of Experimental Criminology, 1:1: 87-115.
              Gottfredson, D. C., Kearley, B., Najaka, S. and Rocha, C. (2005). The
              Baltimore City Drug Treatment Court: Three-Year Self-Report Outcome
              Study. Evaluation Review, 29: 42-64.
              Gottfredson, D., Najaka, S. and Kearley, B. (2003). A Randomized Study of
              the Baltimore City Drug Treatment Court: Results from the Two-Year
              Follow-Up. Criminology and Public Policy, 2:2: 171-196.
              Nemes, S., Wish, E., Wraight, B. and Messina, N. (2002). Following-up
              Drug Abuse Treatment Cohorts: How Necessary is a High Response Rate?
              Substance Use and Misuse, 37:1:19-45.
                                                                              B. Kearley
                                                                                  Page 4

              Messina, N. Nemes, S., Wish, E. and Wraight, B. (2001). Opening the Black
              Box: The Impact of Inpatient Treatment Services on Client Outcomes.
              Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 20:2:177-183.
              Messina, N., Wish, E., Nemes, S and Wraight, B. (2000). Correlates of
              Underreporting of Post-Discharge Cocaine Use among Therapeutic
              Community Clients. Journal of Drug Issues; 30: 119-132.
              Mieczkowski, T., Newel, R. and Wraight, B. (1998). Using Hair Analysis,
              Urinalysis, and Self-Reports to Estimate Drug Use in a Sample of Detained
              Juveniles. Journal of Substance Use and Misuse; 33:1547-67.

              2011 Systems of Care Training Institutes, Baltimore, MD
              Farrell, J., Kearley, B., and Irvine, J. “Race and Commitment to the
              Department of Juvenile Justice.”
              Messina, N., Nemes, S., Kearley, B, and Calhoun, S. (2010). TOWAR:
              Training on Women’s Addiction and Recovery, Phase I Final Report. Final
              report prepared for National Institute on Drug Abuse.
              Harrell, P., Kearley, B., and Nemes, S. (2010). Maryland Tobacco Quitline
              Comprehensive Evaluation Report. FY2010 final report prepared for State
              of Maryland, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
              Nemes, S. and Kearley, B. (2010). Off the Streets Program, Process
              Evaluation Report. Prepared for Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the
              Off the Streets Program.
              2010 American Public Health Association, Denver, CO
              Nemes, S., Messina, N. and Kearley, B. “Development of a Comprehensive
              Training and Model of Care for Women's Addiction and Recovery in
              Correctional Settings.”
              2010 College on Problems of Drug Dependence, Scottsdale, AZ
              Lynch, A., Kearley, B., and Namur Karp, J. “Creating Lesbian, Gay,
              Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Treatment-Sensitive Substance Abuse
              Counselors: The Importance of Cultural Competency.”
              2008 Gerontological Society of America, National Harbor, MD
              Hess, L., Kearley, B., Thomas, Z., and James, I. “Substance Abuse among
              Older Adults: Risk, Treatment, and Relapse.”
              Kearley, B., Fertziger, R., and James, I. (2007). Baltimore County After-
              School Opportunities Program Evaluation Report FY2007. Technical report
              prepared for Baltimore County Local Management Board, Baltimore, MD.
              James, I. & Kearley, B (2006). Lima/Allen County Sexual Assault Review.
              Technical report prepared for Allen County Court Watch, Lima, OH.
              Kearley, B., and Karp, J. (2006). Evaluation Findings Regarding the
                                                                                B. Kearley
                                                                                    Page 5

               Effectiveness of the Deliver Free of STDs Program. Technical report prepared
               for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on behalf of Danya
               International, Silver Spring, MD.
               James, I. & Kearley, B. (2006). Needs Assessment of Zone One, Atlanta,
               Georgia Minority Substance Abuse, HIV and Hepatitis Strategic Prevention
               Framework Imani Project. Technical report prepared for Substance Abuse
               and Mental Health on behalf of the Morehouse School of Medicine Imani
               Project, Atlanta, GA.
               2006 College on Problems of Drug Dependence Conference, Scottsdale, AZ
               Munly, K., Hess, L.S., Kearley, B., James, I., Nemes, S., Pelletier, L., and
               Moolchan, E. “Substance Abuse and Older Adults: A Review of the
               2004 American Society of Criminology, Nashville, TN
               Beatty, P., Kearley, B., Groff, L., Fogg, H., and Couture, H. “The Effects of
               Crime Mapping on Citizen Fear of Crime: A Randomized Experiment in
               Redlands, California.”
               2003 American Society of Criminology Conference, Denver, CO
               Kearley, B. and Gottfredson, D. “Predicting Success in the Baltimore City
               Drug Treatment Court: The Influence of Personal Characteristics and
               Assigned Sentence Length on Graduation Status.”

AWARDS:        Graduate Assistantship and tuition award, University of Maryland.
               Demetrious Karamasoukis Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement,
               Honors Program, University of South Florida.

MEMBERSHIPS:   American Society of Criminology

SERVICE:       Board Member, Mt Washington Elementary School,
               School-Family Council (2012); PTO (2010-2011)
               Member, Mt Washington Improvement Association (2009-present)
               Grant Writer and ATP Board Member, Patterson Park Public Charter School
               Voter Registration Volunteer, Maryland State Board of Elections (ongoing)
               Campaign Assistant, Robert H. Dillinger, 1996 campaign for Public
               Defender of Pinellas County, FL.

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