The Siberian Tiger by yurtgc548


									By: Matthew Bachand
The Siberian Tiger
 Have you ever seen animals that are dying? It’s likely
 that is a Siberian Tiger. The Siberian Tiger is good at
 catching food. They are also very territorial. The male
 will fight to the death to mate with a female. They are
 not very social but have occasional relationships. You
 will have a great time learning about the Siberian
Physical Description
 The Siberian Tiger looks like most tigers. The Siberian
 Tiger can weigh a whopping 930 pounds, though it is
 unlikely. They are usually red and orange with black
 stripes. Their height is about 4 ½ feet. The Siberian
 Tiger’s Size is about 2.85 meters. The Siberian Tiger is
 a very attractive tiger.
 The Siberian Tiger’s Habitat is very interesting.
  Siberian Tiger does not migrate because it is very
  warm year around. The Siberian Tiger’s Habitat went
  from Manchuria and Korea to Russia. The weather is
  warm, humid, and rainy. They find shelter
  underneath canopy’s, and in caves. Their Habitat has
  a lot of trees, canopy’s, ponds, brush, and fields. The
  Siberian Tigers Habitat is full of excitement.

 The Siberian Tiger eats deer, elk, wild hog, wild boar,
  fish, and birds. The Siberian Tiger’s only predators are
  humans. They find food by stalking their prey and
  then pouncing. Their diet has not changed over time.
  The Siberian Tiger hunts whenever it is hungry. The
  Siberian Tiger eats fascinating things
Life Cycle
 The Siberian Tigers Life cycle is very interesting. The
 Siberian Tiger is born alive. The Siberian Tiger lives
 for about 25 years. It takes about 3-4 years for them to
 change to an adult. The first step of their life cycle is
 cub, and they live with their mom for 1 ½ years. Then
 they venture off. I think the Siberian Tigers life cycle is
 very exciting.
The Siberian Tiger is a very interesting animal. Unlike
 most Tigers, They are not fast runners. Their body
 parts are used in traditional Asian medicine. There are
 less 500 left in the world. I think the Siberian Tiger is
 the most interesting Tiger in the world, and I hope you
 do to!
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