The Roots of Revolution by yurtgc548


									The Roots of Revolution

       Ch 12 Sec 1
                 The Old Regime

   Under the Old Regime, society was
    divided into three Estates or Classes.
       First Estate -- Made up of the clergy.
          Comprised 1% of the population
          A lot of power and Money.

          Did not have to pay taxes.

          Higher church officials neglected the spiritual
                         Old Regime

   Second Estate.
       The Nobility
          2% of the population
          Few paid taxes.

          Held highest positions in army and government.

          Inherited title and land.
                 Many nobles were poor……
            As a group they were irresponsible.
                           Old Regime
   Third Estate
       97% of the population.
       Most important members
        were the Bourgeoisie
        (Middle Class).
            They were educated and
       The rest were peasants
            Paid taxes
            Were forced to pay Tithe
             (10% of income) to
            Have no voice and were
             under control of King and
                      Estates General
   King Louis XVI was faced with increasing
    financial difficulties.
       Tried to tax first two estates but they resisted.
       King was forced to call for the meeting of the Estates
            Each Estate had a single vote.
            Third Estate wanted each individual to vote.
            King ignored them, Third estate was locked out.
                 They took the Tennis Court Oath.
                 Declared themselves the National Assembly.
                     French Revolution began.

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