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					 Hey everyone! My name
 is Robbie. This is my
 house. I love my house.

 I live with my mom and
 dad. I also have a little
 sister named Becky.

Our house is a big house.
This is my room. My
sister also has her own

This is my backyard. Here
is my pool. Here is Max
our dog playing in the pool.
This is my swing set.
  My dad leaves before
  the sun comes up. He
  is always home for
  dinner and his clothes
  are always very dirty.

 One day we came home
 from school and mom
 and dad were sitting at
 the kitchen table. Dad’s
 clothes were clean.

“Dad, your’e home! What
are you doing home? I
“Robbie, the factory
closed. We are going to
move to a new town
where I am able to find a
new job.” Dad said.
Mom said, “Both of you will
need to pack up your rooms.”

On Saturday, I saw the moving
truck pull up in the driveway
and all I could think about is
how I was losing my home.

 Becky and I had to help
 put the boxes into the
 moving truck.

  When the moving truck was
  full, we all got into the van
  and were off to the new
  town/house. We drove for
  what seemed like hours.
The house that we pulled up to
was nothing like our old house.

 The house was smaller. The
 yard was smaller. No trees.
 No pool. No room for my
 swing set.

 There was a man waiting to
 greet us up on the porch. Mom
 told us that he was our landlord.
 The man handed Dad some
 keys and then left.
 Becky and I walked into the
 house by ourselves. The first
 thing we did was to go find our

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