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英伦归来话感受     桑梓巨变情未央


       主讲人:大学英语教学部 黄燕
There is a Chinese saying:
you don’t know the lu-
mountain’s true panorama
( n .a view over a wide area land )
because you just live in it.
If you leave the mountain
and look it from a certain
distance and different
perspective(n.a way of think about
sth:working abroad give you a whole
                will get the
new …on life.).you
whole picture of it.
A panoramic view of lu--mountain
A view of Lu mountain from different angle
that is how I feel about
china,my country. I was away
from China for six years .
studying and working in the
That is quite a long distance and
time in a foreign
country ,overwhelmed in different
culture and custom ,I
understand the culture and
custom of my country
gives me a whole new
perspective on it.
That sounds incredible! But that
is how I am feeling.
And the remarkable thing is that I
witnessed the East giant
awakening and standing up.That
is really awesome(adj. Very
impressive, often in a way that is
Before being abroad,I had
heard from someone and
read in somewhere about
China’s awaking.I did’t
believe it nor paid any
attention to it.
I thought that was someone’s
optimistic prediction,or
someone tried to prophesy(to
say that something will happen in the future.)

something nice to Chinese,
nothing to do with the reality.
like my peers,I was
ashamed of our history,
especially the chapter of
last two century.
whenever you open it ,you will
find nothing but the national
humiliation,such as invasion by
world power countries,ceding
territories to the bullies and
signing unequal treaties with
countries with military power and
so on .
Signing unequal treaties:here MAGUAN treaty
Invaded and slaughted by foreign powers
two murderers who won the competition
of killing civilian Chinese.
 at the end of the world war
two,the two murderers were
tracked down (track sb down , find
some by searching for a long time in
different placed.)and brought to
the international military
tribunal ,they were tried and
executed afterwards.
we were bullied and insulted
simply because we were poor
and weak.
With this national humiliation in
my mind,I got a sense of
inferiority complex. when I lived
in a foreignland as a Chinese.
I believe that most fellow Chinese
got the same example
can demonstrate this.
That is whenever they got
tegether,one conversation is quite
common,‘have you come cross any
racism?’or ‘have you go any
experiences being discriminated?’
That is why my ears were
particularly sensitive to the
commentaries and reports about
China since the media and press are
free to report anything ,moreover,
different voices and different says
can be heard at the same time,no
matter pro or against.You can judg
the impartial one.
My concern about China was going
on,anyway, at such distance. which
was uplifing experience,I must
say,one piece of good news after
one ,broadcasted by bbc,even the
reports about natural disaster
happened in China,was enable me
find something warm and soothing.
Take the earthquake in Southern
China as example,the massive
resue battle for saving lives were
so well organized and so quick!
who was the first one get there ?
the resue army,instead of the
helpless generalists,the government
responed so swiftly and the aid
delivered so smoothly ,that was
really impressive.
Natural disaster could happen in
anywhere on earth but not at
everywhere the resue work will go
as quick as that in China.
Around Olympics in Bijing ,things
was getting interesting.One day I
heard bbc news reporting about
Beijing’s new terminal in
airport,saying that is the largest
terminal in the world and it just
took less than four years to
That's big ... Beijing's new terminal has 17
per cent more floor space than London
Heathrow's five terminals combined and has
an annual capacity of 76 million /AFP
It ‘s really unbelievable,
comparied with heathrow
airport ,which took more than ten
years to build up.
I was thrilled by the news-
reader’s comment: China is
taking off.
There is a very popular TV show
on bbc called “have I got news
for you?’which normally put on
show at gold time.
The show is about several
comic- like men siting together to
raise questions and give
anwsers about update’s
news ,their comments and
remarks are often ironic and
cynical,they bash politicians and
celebrities,it is very entertaining.
I can’t forget that night’s
show,because one of speaker gave
his remark about Bijing’s new
terminal,saying‘ the communist
China is undeniably brilliant. ’
I like his comment , it is really apeal
to()me.he mentioned a fact with a
subtlety of jealousy.
The Eighth August Friday 2008
was highlight in China’s
history,with the Olympics
opening ceremony kick off,China
was put on the spot,watched by
millions and millions of people
around the world.
2008Beijing olympics cerenmony
The giant scroll is opening ,what will be presented on it?
With the huge scroll is unfolding ,China’s
culture and history are presented to the
it was reported that around 5
million people watched it live on
bbc.The cerenmony was being
hailed as one of the most
spectacular ever staged,with the
giant scrolls unfolding ,all the
culture and history were
presented on it.
the way of the performs ,the idea
behind it and the comtemporay
high-tech enabled people across
the world understand what is
China and what is going on in
this country while enjoying its’ art,
there was no language barrier at
After the ceremony bbc interview
several people passing by the
street.All of them gave their
compliment to this show,I was
particularly flattered by one of
the comments, one lady
answered the generalist saying:
‘I watched it live at was the
most extraodinary thing I’ve ever
seen ,I couldn’t understand where
the whole thing come from?

it seems emerging from ground ,but
the key thing is no other countrty
could ever conceivably outdo or
replicate what was done on the day’.
On the internet,there were so many
comments on the successful
ceremony. I just pick one from it,
‘congratulations China on amazing
opening ceremony,China’s
development is nothing short of
breath taking.the Olmpic facilities
they have created are just amazing.’
during the the games,I myself even
got a lot of compliment about
beijing’Olympics,people said
congratulation to me as if I had done
something to it!my customer often
came in the clinic for their
appointment,greeting me by oh, well
done ! your guys.the games was
fantastic !
China had been the first on the
rank list,during the games time.
That was uplifting feelings.
Oh ,China is the strongest sports
country now,we will no longer be
called “east-asia sick men”,that
time is over.The stigma is wiped
Whith the two weeks’glory over,I
was getting sober and began
taking time to do my reserch
about the tangible (adj. clear and
certain enough to be felt or noticed.)
development and improvents in
I began asking myself, are
games serious business?can
it really reflect the progress
taking place in China?
 I have been doing certain
study and reserch since.
IS anything really glorious than this?
The things I have find out is
more exciting than the glory of
the bird’s nest,from an
indigenous Chinese
Because a lot of ordinary
people’s lives changed by that.
The most signifcant changes
in China is not in big cities
like Beijing and shanghai,or
the bird’s nest ,but in the vast
rural China.
In the first day of 2006 , China
abolished agricultural tax.
that has been impossible for
2600years! as the central
kingdoms and sccessive
dynastic governments mainly
depended on taxing the farmers.
dreamed of tax free havens!
a lot of classical poemes and
literature expressed their
The yoke is lifted,at length.
Free of tax now!
We claim on all this crop.
another significance is rural
popultion’s medical care,A
cooperative medical care
scheme,which covers 90%
rural China ,enabled farmers
to be cared of in sickness.
A cooperative scheme made rural
popultion be cared in sickness
90%population is covered under the scheme
before this program, about half of
the rural people never went into
the hospital for economic
In rural China again,the problem
of no-money –for –school has
also resolved.
a nine years compulsory
education program has
already implemented,which
enabled each girl and boy to
go school without
charges,even the textbooks
are free.
Nine years compulsory education program
Enable girs and boys to go school without charge.
Has the change in China really
convinced anyone outside
China?the anwer is possitive.
In her recently speech,the
secretory of the states Mrs
clinton gave this remark:
The secretory of the states gave speech at welcom
dinner to Chairman WU
I have said publicly and privately
about China and to Chinese leaders,
we admire the extraordinary
progress,that China has made in the
last 30 years in reducing poverty in
China and giving tens of millions of
Chinese people the chance to have
a better future.
I recently read a article named “how
China opened my eyes”written by
“an old Mexico hand”.
This guy made two weeks’ tour in
China,he was thrilled by the
development and change in big
cities.He suggest his government
should come to China to look
Guangzhuo airport,stainless-steel giant architecture
International metropolis
Shanghai’s skyline is surreal
He wrote ,“all Mexicans in a
position of leadership---in
business,education or
government,should buy plane
ticket to China to see for
themselves what Mexico is up
against(be up against sth : to have to
compete against a very difficult opponent ,or
deal with a difficult situation),
they can fly to one of a dozen
major airport China has built
in the past decades……
Roam the bustling shopping
districts,and see how a giant
is reawakening.
Then they should fly home
and start the serious
business of reawakening
These slides can go on and go
on .if we have time.
China has showcased it’s
economic muscles indeed.
In the upcoming national
day ,we’ll see it’s military muscle!
Question about Shanghai.What the traveller’s
impression about it is its’ infrastructure,the
city’s appearance,as you have seen it in the
photoes.that is Shanghai’s hardware,how
about it’s software?lingualistically,have you
noticed anything changed ?the language has
changed in it .now in the formal occasion
people speak Mandarin,no longer Shanghai
dialect.what is your explanation about this
phenomenon?the dialect is spoken at
residential alleys.
Intercontinental ballistic nuclear
Short and medium-range
Anti-satellite missiles
Cruise millsiles
A missile with an estimated
range of up to 12000
kitometres is the longest-
Military inspection
The upcoming military parade will be spectacular
Woooool,unmanned fighter plane.
China’s missile programme is
aimed mainly at deterrence
Who is your idol?Are you a fan of who?
两   挺
强   起
元   国
勋   民
邓   的
稼   脊
先   梁
Good luck!
Thank you for


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