“That Sinking Feeling”

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					“That Sinking Feeling”
         Day 1
         The Crow and the Pitcher
       adapted from “Aesop’s Fables”
Once there was a terribly thirsty crow. She had not
 had a drink of water in days and knew that she
 would soon perish if she didn’t find water.
 Suddenly, to her delight, she spotted a pitcher
 setting on a table beside a pebbled path. Thrilled
 by the discovery, the crow flew to the table.
When the crow reached the pitcher, she
 discovered to her grief that the water level was
 too low and the neck of the pitcher was too
 narrow. No matter how hard the crow tried to
 squeeze her head into the pitcher, she could not
 reach the water with her beak.
So, the crow tried to overturn the pitcher, hoping
  that the water would spill and then she could
  drink it. However, no matter how hard she tried,
  the pitcher was too heavy for the crow to move.
Just as the crow was about to give up, she noticed
  the pebbles on the ground. An idea suddenly
  came to her. She picked up the pebbles one by
  one and dropped them into the pitcher.
Each time she dropped a pebble into the pitcher,
  the water level would rise. Eventually, the water
  level was high enough for the crow to drink the
  water and save her life.
If you remember, buoyancy is the ability of
   an object to float or rise in a liquid or gas.
How was the crow able to cause the water
   to rise so that she could get a drink?
Now lets watch a short piece from a video
   that describes what buoyancy is-

Lets watch the following video on buoyancy:
“That Sinking Feeling” Day 1

                                 Date That Sinking Feeling
                                            Day 1
Instructions for today’s lab:
1. Fill in your lab journal      Materials:
                                 •3 cubes
    with the correct
                                 •1 triple beam balance
2. Make a data table in your
    journal similar to the one   CUBE       Predicted     Measured
    here                                    Mass          Mass

3. Predict the mass of each
    cube. Record your
4. Measure the mass of
    each cube. Record your       3

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