“Start to act like you like them_ like youre glad to see them

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					             “Start to act like you like them, like you're glad to see them, and like you're actually
         entertained by their boyish playfulness. This may be a “fake it till you make it” effort, but
What I have learned              give it a try.” –Troy Fullerton
about participating in
                                                                                            “Besides, I do know
I have learned that some                                                                    that I can probably
people say some                                                                             do a better job
absolutely insightful                                                                       getting the kids to
things while others                                                                         communicate in
frankly need to put some                                                                    French in my
more time into their                                                                        classroom than I
thoughts. I have learned                                                                    am currently
that there are numerous                                                                     doing.” –Denise
opinions about different                                                                    Wagstaff
topics and that I may not
agree with them, but that
does not necessarily mean
that they are “wrong” or
that I cannot grow from               “Also, I don't do a "unit" just on por and para until the kids ask for one
thinking about these                  (usually sometime in Level IV) I teach them expressions instead like
perspectives. I have also             por la mañana, por la tarde, por la ventana, para mi cumpleaños,
learned that professional             veinte dólares por la blusa, etc, la tarea para mañana, para
communities really hold a             mí. Otherwise it's just confusing and it's not helpful when the kids
wealth of information and
                                      are speaking to learn two lists (which they often confuse anyway).”-
they are great to look into
if you want to improve                Bill Heller
whatever it is you are
How my understanding of teaching and learning a world
language has changed as a result of participating in
Learning a language is a very long process that takes a tremendous
effort from both the teacher and the student. On the teacher’s part
that means being able to get up every day in front of a class and
engage students by relating to them and having a presence that
radiates enthusiasm and a willingness to use all kinds of techniques   “The Walrus and the Carpenter
(including sometimes making a fool out of yourself) necessary in       Were walking close at hand;
order to get them to learn. It also means being able to know how       They wept like anything to see
to teach concepts and pace that teaching in order to best facilitate   Such quantities of sand:
learning and at the same time get through material that needs to be    "If this were only cleared away,"
covered.                                                               They said, "it would be grand!"
                                                                       "If seven maids with seven mops
                                                                       Swept it for half a year.
                                                                       Do you suppose," the Walrus said,
                                                                       "That they could get it clear?"
                                                                       "I doubt it," said the Carpenter,
                                                                       And shed a bitter tear.” –Lewis
                                                                       Often language can be so complex and
                                                                       with so many tiny details to know
                                                                       and/or to teach it can seem like so
                                                                       much sand on a beach that needs to
                                                                       be cleared away. But if we take a
                                                                       moment to feel out the sand, even
                                                                       take a rest in it, we find that it’s not
                                                                       so bad; it’s actually quite comfy.

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