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									                                sletter,                                                             Vol 1.

                      Rahab New

  Introd uc i ng our ne w le ad e rs hi p
At the end of 2007 Ning resigned from Rahab Ministries and World Outreach to take up
responsibility for the new Photharam project. We see our new structure with God being the
Cornerstone of Rahab. Rahab remains under World Outreach International and we have put in place an
advisory board. The board is made up of members of the Jaisaman Church, a World Outreach represen-
tative, an accountant, and Mam and Prai from Rahab. There is also a western woman who has lived in
Thailand for 30 years, speaks Thai fluently and understands Thai culture. Rahab’s new management
team is Mam, Prai and Margaret.

                                   Chanaprai      Wangkhampha
                                   (Prai) is the manager of the
                                   Rahab Bazaar, which is both
                                   an income generation project
                                   and provides new work and
                                   skills for women leaving the
                                   bars. She oversees the
                                   production,      sales,   and
                                   distribution of all Rahab
Tiwa Montonwit (Maam) is           products. She is also involved     Margaret Mac Gregor,
our     Pastor     at    Rahab     in researching and developing      from New Zealand, is a
Ministries. She provides the       new products for the women         hairdresser with over 40
spiritual covering of all at       to make by hand and sell not       years experience. She
Rahab through bible teach-         only in Thailand, but all over     trains the women in hair-
ing, and prayer, praise and        the world.      Prai exhibits      dressing skills, and assists
worship. Her role involves         strong respectful leadership       in the salon as needed.
                                   qualities out of a gifting of      Margaret has also been
vital discipling of each of the
                                   mercy and grace. She speaks        teaching English to staff .
women who come through our
                                   English, vital for her role in     She and Mam head up the
program. She also provides
                                   Rahab Bazaar.                      Outreach team that goes
support and encouragement
to all of the staff at Rahab.                                         into the bars each week.
Her wisdom and strong faith                                           Margaret has an ability to
will be an integral part of our                                       endear herself to the
new leadership team. Mam                                              women who know her as
lives at Rahab house with her                                         "mummy”. She will bring
husband Piya, and daughter,                                           this mother’s heart to the
Ploy.                                                                 team. Margaret’s husband
                                                                      Paul also works at Rahab.
 PAGE 2                                                                                             RAHAB NEWSLETTER,                VOL 1.

                                         Outreach to the bars.
 Each week on Tuesday and Thursday              needs they have. We can offer them love              good relationship with a woman and she
 we visit a bar in Patpong and on Thurs-        and support as they stay trapped in a                asks questions about why we are there
 days we also visit Nana. Although we           miserable gut wrenching work place.                  which opens up an opportunity to share.
 have not had a lot of women leave the          Many of the relationships we build take
                                                                                                     The new year at Rahab has seen five-
 bars in 2007, we                                                        weeks to de-
 built some strong
                         For I know the plans I have                     velop, but we
                                                                                                     new ladies join the jewellery team—Praise
                                                                                                     God for their commitments to Christ.
 relationships    with   for you, says the Lord; plans                   believe      it      is
                                                                                                     Five have left the bars and four are liv-
 some women and                                                          God’s timing.
                                                                                                     ing at Rahab House. Others are think-
 have     had     the
                          to give you a future and a
                                                                         O n          o ne           ing seriously about leaving the bars, their
 opportunity to pray      hope, plans to prosper you                     occasion          visit-    lives are very different to ours and it is
 on occasion. One
                                                                         ing this same               not that easy to leave straight away. We
 woman     who    had         and not harm you.
                                                                         woman we were               praise God for these new lives in Him. If
 looked sad and full
                                                                         threatened by a             you are interested in sponsoring any of
 of despair was visibly touched when we
                                                client who took a dislike to the conversa-           these women look on the Rahab website
 prayed for her. We have given her a
                                                tion he overheard us having with her                 for details on how to do so or email ra-
 bible which she is reading it and asks
                                                about the Bible. He was married to a                 hab@anet.net.th
 questions when we meet up with her.
                                                Thai woman and understood the Thai
 She hates the work she does, but is
                                                we spoke. It did highlight the potential
 feels trapped by the financial demands
                                                danger we could be in, but also the good-
 on her. This is the saddest part of work-
                                                ness of God to have the opportunity to
 ing at Rahab—often offering the women
                                                share His Word.       We do not share
 work at Rahab just cannot cover the
                                                about Jesus until we have developed a

                                   Rahab Christmas Party
Each year Rahab has a Christmas party before closing for the holiday season.
Last year we held it on the December 21st and had around 12 bar girls, a number
of our supporters from both Bangkok and a team from New Zealand, plus some
visitors who had been involved with Rahab in the past and were back. It was a night
of fun, food, fellowship and laughter and happy faces.

                                                                                       The team from NZ did a drama dance, some of
                                                                                       the Rahab staff a dance and Jep from a Bang-
                                                                                       kok church shared a message. As a result of her
                                                                                       message, two women have given their          hearts to
                                                                                       Jesus and one has since left the bars. It was a
                                                                                       wonderful end to 2007.
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                               PAGE 3

                                         Prai continues to oversee the mak-
    Rahab                                ing and designing of Rahab jewelry.

    Bazaar                               She has a real gift for creating new
                                         pieces and maintains a high standard
                                         of work from all who make jewelry.
                                         Each piece is handmade and can take
                                         anything from most of a day to 20
                                         minutes to create. The price does
                                         not reflect the hours of work put           do well.
                                         into individual pieces.
                                                                                     Any payments you make to Rahab
                                         Recently a teacher from one of the
                                                                                     Bazaar should now be made through
                                         International schools invited Rahab
                                                                                     World Outreach to prevent
                                         to go and teach the children how to
                                                                                     confusion during this transition
                                         make jewelry. Four Rahab staff
                                                                                     time. We have had to close the old
                                         had a fun time teaching them. After
                                                                                     Rahab accounts and have opened a
                                         the session there was an opportu-
                                                                                     new one. World Outreach also has a
                                         nity to sell some of the jewelry.
                                                                                     secure internet banking site which
                                         Each month Rahab exhibits at the
                                                                                     may be an easier option for some
                                         Thai craft fair. It involves a lot of
                                                                                     people. The WO offices are avail-
                                         work getting the jewelry ready, dis-
                                                                                     able on the WO websiteor on the
                                         played attractively and staff avail-
                                                                                     back page of the newsletter.
                                         able to sell it at the fair, but we can

 Rahab House is our home
Rahab House is situated away from        lot of “parents" eager to help out at
Patpong and off the Sky Train route      any time.
so we usually travel by bus. We
                                         Rahab House pays 3 monthly for our
have 18 rooms and are in a quiet Soi
                                         rent and God has provided money for
although it is noisy due to a number
                                         our next payment.
of building sites and a big mall
behind it.                               We recently had money donated to
                                         enable us to make up welcome packs
Presently, there are a number of
                                         for the women. We plan to include
staff, two Mums with their babies
                                         soap, towels, nightwear and a bible
and others who work at Rahab living
                                         verse to encourage them as they
in the home. We have a nice sense
                                         arrive.                                     Both were actively involved in their
of community, the two babies have a
                                                           Sarah and Alex            home church in Te Puke and felt a
                                                           from New Zealand          call to Rahab Ministries. They have
                                                           are House Parents         been in Bangkok almost a year now.
                                                           to      our    family.    This year has largely been given to
                                                           Alex was a teacher        learning Thai. They now can have a
                                                           in New Zealand            basic conversation and get around
                                                           teaching workshop         town. Alex will be taking up duties
                                                           technology        and     assisting in running Rahab office and
                                                           Graphics          and     Sarah is also involved in Outreach to
                                                           S a r a h ’s   b ac k -   the bars. They hope to continue to
                                                           g r o u n d        i s    learn Thai part time.
                                       Our Home            psychiatric nursing
                                                           and        counseling.
                    View our website: www.rahabminsitriesthailand.org
Please place your orders by emailing rahbazar@loxinfo.co.th or contact our representitives in the following
Australia:               Ms Lyn Harwood           email: lharwood@aapt.net.au
                                                  St George’s Cathedral, 38 St George’s Terrace, Perth
                                                  Western Australia 6000
Ireland:                 Aileen Jervis            email: aileen@cfc-net.org
                                                  10 Belmont Road, Belfast BT4 2AN
New Zealand:             Valerie Walker Phone: 04 569 7615
                                                  31 Pokohiwi Road, Normandale, Lower Hutt
United Kingdom:          Beverley Samways         email: beverleysamways@yahoo.com
                                                  60 Kenilworth Court, Leamington Rd, CV6 4JW
United States:           Jack Rudd                email: admin@wousa.org
                                                  615 East 9800, South, Sandy, UT 84070
United States:           Sharla Tenburgh          email: s_tenburgh@sbcglobal.net
                                                  1315 Park Place Blvd # 515 Hurst TX 76053

                                     Rahab Mnsistries Financial Support
Please make cheques payable to World Outreach and ear marked Rahab Minisitries for Patpong,
Sponsorship, Rahab Bazaar or general—please send to the World Outreach Office nearest to you.
Australia:               PO Box 5000              Sunshine Coast MC QLD 4560
Canada:                  PO Box 172               Lambeth Stn., London, ON N6P 1R1, Canada
Malaysia:                PO Box 8541              Kelena Jaya 46792 Selagor Darual Ehsan
Netherlands:             PO Box 2549              2002 RA, Haarlem, Holland
New Zealand:             PO Box 72448             Papakura 2244, Auckland:
Singapore:               PO Box 048               Ghim Moh Estate PO, Singapore 912732
South Africa             PO Box 180               Halfway House 1685
United Kingdom PO Box 7973                        Reading RG6 5WY

                  NB if you have a change of address or email, or no longer wish to receive our news-
                  letter, please let us know—
                  Rahab Ministries, PO Box 57, Patpong Post Office, Bangkok 10506, Thailand
                  Ph/ fax 66(0) 2 2369270

                  Email; rahab@anet.net.th
                  Website: rahabministriesthailand.org

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