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					                                    2012 Housing Colorado NOW! Conference
                                        Request for Workshop Proposals
                Conference Dates: Tuesday, October 9 through Friday, October 12, 2012 in Vail, Colorado

           Deadline for Proposals: Friday, April 6, 2012 – Incomplete or late proposals may not be accepted.
                    All applicants will be notified of the status of proposals by Monday, April 30, 2012.

The 24rd annual Housing Colorado NOW! Conference seeks workshop proposals addressing successful affordable housing
best practices, tools and trends for rural areas, mountain resort and urban communities in the areas of housing
development, management, finance, homeownership/counseling, advocacy/policy, sustainability, support services, resident
engagement, and professional/organizational development serving the full spectrum of housing needs from homelessness
prevention to workforce and senior housing.

Workshop length: The Housing Colorado NOW! Conference invites proposals for full 1.5 to 2-hour workshops or 45-
minute mini-workshops.
Roundtable Format: In addition to traditional presenter and panel formats, the Housing Colorado NOW! Conference
encourages the submission of facilitated roundtable discussions or peer-to-peer exchange forums.
Opportunity to Present Twice: If desired, you may have the opportunity to present your mini-workshop twice during the
conference. Please be sure to indicate your willingness to present twice on the proposal, if applicable.

2012 Theme: Homes Today Sustain Tomorrow
On a broader level, the 2012 Conference theme addresses the foundational role housing plays in ensuring strong, healthy
communities including education, economic, transportation, work force and health outcomes. The Conference seeks
models / research illustrating housing and support services at work strengthening Colorado communities.
On an industry level, the 2012 Conference theme addresses the need for housing and service providers to focus (work) on
leveraging new and traditional funding sources and other resources in the current economic climate as well as revisiting the
fundamentals of organizational sustainability and risk management. The conference seeks best practices (funding/tools,
sustainability, housing support services, preservation, compliance, etc.) for ensuring the long-term viability of our housing,
programs and providers.

About the Conference:
The 2012 Housing Colorado NOW! Conference, hosted by Housing Colorado, is Colorado’s premier affordable housing
event. The Conference will convene over 550 housing professionals in Vail, Colorado from Tuesday, October 9 through
Friday, October 12, 2012. The four-day conference will feature keynote presentations from national experts, a Colorado
policy panel and over 30 workshops on best practices and housing trends. The theme, Homes Today Sustain Tomorrow,
will be threaded throughout the conference and workshops. Attendees will include financial agencies and institutions; for-
profit and non-profit developers; designers and builders; homeownership specialists; cities and counties; public housing
authorities; support service providers; REALTORs® and public officials.

About Housing Colorado:
Housing Colorado works to shift the public perception and the policy environment while equipping practitioners with the
tools and knowledge needed to meet the challenges of affordable housing in Colorado. Housing Colorado members
represent all sectors and span the spectrum of affordable housing preservation and production activities. Through the
               Housing Colorado! 225 East 16th Avenue, #575, Denver, Colorado 80203
combined efforts of our growing network of housing professionals, we work to realize our vision of a decent, safe and
affordable home in a healthy and sustainable community for every Coloradan.

Workshop Selection:
The Workshop Committee, comprised of a diverse representation of housing expertise, will evaluate proposals based on
completeness, quality and clarity, the significance/timeliness of the topic, range of knowledge represented, diversity of
experience represented by the panelists and the statewide relevance of the proposal. All applicants will be notified of the
status of proposals by Monday, April 30, 2012. A proposal “Tip Sheet” is located on page 4.

If selected, you agree to the following:
 Register for the conference if you (the speaker/moderator) are attending the full conference. It is expected that all
     speakers will register and pay the discounted conference registration (speaker rate). If a speaker is only attending the
     conference for the workshop presented, they will be provided one complimentary meal and complimentary ½ day
     registration on the day of the workshop. Conference registration will open online in July 2012. Visit for details.
 Provide your final workshop description, workshop title and identify speakers with name, title and agency by Friday,
     May 11, 2012.
 Provide your final speaker bios by Friday, June 15, 2012.
 Provide printed materials for your presentation and/or electronic materials for posting online. Electronic materials will
     be posted as received.
 Notify the conference coordinator, Jackie Hahn,, of any change in plans
     (presenters, a/v needs, scheduling, etc.) as soon as you are aware of the change. Unexcused workshop cancellations
     will result in a submission restriction for one year.

Learn more about the Conference:
Visit for more information, including descriptions of workshops presented in 2011.

Who Attends:
Housing Developers, Housing Authorities, Homebuilders and Designers
For Profit and Nonprofit Housing Organizations
Legislators, Public Officials, Housing Advocates and Residents
Planners, Economic and Community Housing Development Organizations and Municipalities Exploring Development
Financial Institutions, Lenders and Investors
Property Managers, Support Service Providers and Professional Service Providers
Real Estate Attorneys and Realtors ®

Send proposals by email to the conference coordinator Jackie Hahn at


For more information, contact the conference coordinator: Jackie Hahn, or

               Housing Colorado! 225 East 16th Avenue, #575, Denver, Colorado 80203
                     2012 Housing Colorado NOW! Conference – Request for Workshop Proposals
                           Tuesday, October 9 through Friday, October 12, 2012 in Vail, Colorado
             Deadline for Proposals: Friday, April 6, 2012 – Incomplete or late proposals may not be accepted.
Workshop Name Workshop Name______________________________________________________
Description    Workshop Description (max. of 50 words). Workshop description MUST include tangible skills and knowledge
               that attendees will take away, in addition to the purpose of the workshop, its application to the conference theme
               and a summary of the major outcomes/goals. If the workshop is selected, this description will be published in the
               conference brochure and program.
               Please attach any additional information and a more in-depth description of the workshop for consideration by the
               workshop selection committee.

Proposal           Person who submitted proposal:
Submitter          Contact Information:
Workshop           The workshop coordinator is the contact person for the conference coordinator.
Coordinator        Name:                                                                  Phone:
Information        Organization:                                                          Email:
Speakers           Please attach speaker information – name, title, company, phone, fax and email and, if possible, a short speaker
                   bio (max. 50 words) describing his/her knowledge or experience with the proposed topic. If selected, these bio(s)
                   will be published on the conference web site.

                   The moderator introduces the speaker(s), keeps track of time to allow for audience participation, and facilitates the
                   discussion between speakers and audience members.
                   *Identify speakers and please have your speakers confirmed when the proposal is submitted. Speaker bios
                   are due by Friday, June 15, 2012.
Preferred Day      No preference            Wed., October 10       Thurs., October 11                               AM         or PM
Level of Content   Introductory/ Beginner        Intermediate    Advanced         N/A
Length             45-minute        1.5 - 2 hour
Format             Workshop         Round Table / Peer-to-Peer Exchange Forum
Track              2012 Theme: Homes Today Sustain Tomorrow    Homeownership/Counseling                Rural/Mountain Resort

                   Financing                                   Homelessness and Crisis Management      Advocacy and Policy

                   Property/Asset Management                   Support Services                        Professional/Organizational Development

                   Affordable Housing Development

                        Please check this box if you are willing to combine this workshop with another and/or alter your presentation if requested
                   so that we may accommodate as many speakers and topics as are relevant.
                        Please check this box if we may share your workshop proposal with other housing conferences.
                        Please check this box if you are willing to present your workshop twice during the conference. (Only applicable for 45-
                   minute mini-workshops).

                    Housing Colorado! 225 East 16th Avenue, #575, Denver, Colorado 80203
                                              Workshop Proposal Tips

Please complete this checklist when submitting a workshop proposal:
   Proposal form (page 3) should be clear, complete and legible.
   Prepare a workshop description in 50 words or less for marketing/publication.
   Remember to include the contact information of the person submitting workshop.
   Items submitted with proposal will not be returned. (Please retain a copy for your records).
   If possible, include the bios for each speaker in 50 words or less.
   You will be notified of the status of your proposal by April 30, 2012.
   Any workshop description, title or speaker revisions will be due May 11, 2012.
   Speaker bios will be due June 15, 2012.

Workshops are intended for educational purposes, not promotional. Workshops overtly promoting services
or products will not be accepted.

Please consider the following when developing your proposal:
     Preference will be given to workshops addressing the diverse housing needs of the state (geographic
        and/or continuum of housing needs).
     Preference will be given to workshops featuring diverse expertise and experience, including
        resident/consumer perspectives and participation when applicable.
     The Housing Colorado NOW! Workshop Committee seeks both introductory (101) and advanced (301)
     If you are proposing a round table or peer-to-peer exchange forum, please be sure to include a clear
        description of the facilitation style, forum structure, key issues to be addressed and the participation
        (industry/experience) required for success.
     Workshops should be interactive, when appropriate.
     Each workshop will be expected to provide at least a one page summary handout for attendees.
     Please be sure you’ve accounted for plenty of time to address questions during your workshop.

Highly Rated Workshops from 2011:                         Topics to Consider:
 Advanced Bonds and Tax Credits                           101 and 301 level workshops (financing, affordable
 Keep the Boomers Booming!                                   housing development, etc.)
 Twitter 101 and 301                                      Leveraging new and traditional funding tools
 Rev Up Your Board                                        Best practices from other states
 Legislative Scene Study: Engaging Advocacy               The future of LIHTC and other funding sources
 Evictions – Who, What, When, Why and How                 Mountain resort/Rural issues and solutions
 Our Alumni Program: Improving Housing Stability          Sustainable Development/TOD
                                                           Serving special needs; seniors, disabled, refugee
                                                              populations, young adults, etc.
                                                           Homeownership/financial counseling
                                                           Managing compliance
                                                           Non-profit fundraising
                                                           Successful partnerships
                                                           Career paths in affordable housing
                                                           Communications: Overcoming NIMBY, effective

     Deadline date for submission: Friday April 6, 2012 – Incomplete or late proposals may not be accepted.

             Housing Colorado! 225 East 16th Avenue, #575, Denver, Colorado 80203

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