Epsom Salt Became a Fertilizer

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					Epsom Salt Became a Fertilizer

Epsom Salt seems to be the talk of moms and dads alike. Epsom Salt is traditionally known for its use in
a relaxing bath.

Add 2 cups of Epsom salt to your warm bath and just relax. The experience is extremely soothing after a
tough day.

It’s taking the world by storm though because people are finding that it can do a lot more for you than
make a bath. For instance, did you know that it can remove splinters from a hand or foot?

The Health Benefits of Epsom Salt
Simply soak the splinter infected area in Epsom salt and water and the chemicals will draw out the
splinter until you can pull it out yourself. And here you thought you were going to have to wake weeks
until the splinter you got from shoveling came out.

It’s also extremely good for the skin. Increase the effectiveness of your face cleaning cream with a half-
teaspoon of this stuff.

                                                                                    Massage the mixture
                                                                                    into your skin and
                                                                                    rinse with cold water
                                                                                    for a deeper clean
                                                                                    than you’re used to. It
                                                                                    also works well to

                                                                                    Use it anywhere your
                                                                                    skin needs it most.
                                                                                    Simply wet your skin
                                                                                    before massaging
                                                                                    handfuls of it.

                                                                                 Epsom salt also helps
                                                                                 to fade the bruises
                                                                                 you get throughout
the day. Create a solution of cold water and Epsom salt (two tablespoons per cup water).

Soak a washcloth in the solution to create a cold compress. Apply that compress to the affected area
soon after the bruise shows up.
It will help lessen the appearance of most bruises. It won’t necessarily take away the tenderness of the
area, but at least you won’t have a nasty bruise to show off everywhere you go.

This is especially good news for those that bruise easily and play sports often. Moms and dads aren’t the
only ones finding use for this useful element.

Epsom Salt as a Fertilizer
Apparently it works as a wonderful fertilizer for plants. Just ask the guy who took the title for growing
the world’s largest pumpkin.

Pumpkin grower Ron Wallace grew a 2,009 pound pumpkin with the secret ingredient of Epsom salt.
You can’t complain with those results either.

This salt has found its way to non-organic uses in more recent times. Candleholders and greeting cards
are holding a particular sparkle now thanks to Epson salts.

You can use it to create the image of sparkle or frost on just about anything. They’ve also been seen
packed together in imitation of snowballs inside the home.

Although you can’t keep a snowball forever, one of these salt balls can provide a nice imitation one to
enhance the Christmas season, or simply reminisce of the season now passed as temperatures begin
warming up. People keep finding surprising uses for this seemingly unsurprising element.

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Description: Epsom Salt seems to be the talk of moms and dads alike. Epsom Salt is traditionally known for its use in a relaxing bath.