Bracing for the Storm by sethtj1


									Bracing for the Storm
The upcoming hurricane season in Orlando has many homeowners wonder what more they can do to
protect their home, families, and assets from the violent hurricanes that could approach. Hurricanes,
with their ferocious winds and torrential downpours can wreak great havoc among the homes in the
Orlando area.

Be Prepared
But those homeowners who are fully prepared for the upcoming hurricane season have less to fear than
those who are not. Becoming adequately prepared for the hurricane season can entail a multitude of
things, such as preparing and compiling an emergency supply kit in the home, implementing and
emergency action plan and teaching it to every member of the family, and preparing the home itself for
the beating that a hurricane can dish out.

                                              To make preparations to protect the home, a homeowner
                                              in Orlando should consider beginning by securing and
                                              reinforcing their garage door, if they have one. Mistakenly,
                                              many people believe that the roof of the home is the most
                                              susceptible place for damage during a hurricane and the
                                              most likely location on the structure to fail, leading to
                                              internal damage within the home.

                                               But the truth is that it is the garage door of a home that is
                                               the most susceptible to damages from a hurricane and is
more likely to fail than the roof during a hurricane. If the garage door of a home fails during a hurricane,
or in other words, if the garage door gives in to the pressure of the storm and breaks open, than the full
power of the storm can enter the home and destroy positions and assets.

Securing Your Home Properly
For this reason, securing the garage door should be the first priority of any homeowner in Orlando. A
homeowner can secure their garage door by purchasing and installing garage door reinforces that can
be found at most home improvement stores.

With the garage door reinforced, the homeowner preparing against the coming hurricane season should
turn to the doors and windows of the home. Similarly to the garage door, if the door and windows of a
home give out during a hurricane, it is much more likely that internal damages will be done to the items
within the home.

Additionally, if doors and windows of the home fail the resulting pressure of the hurricane winds that
have entered the home combined with the alternative pressures of the storm outside the home can
cause the roof of the home to be lifted off either partially or entirely. A homeowner can improve the
strength of their doors and windows by either installing upgraded doors or windows that have been
designed to withstand hurricane winds or by simply boarding up windows and doors if a hurricane

Finally, a homeowner in Orlando should tend to the security of their roof to prevent it from failing
during a hurricane. Additional braces and supports may be needed and should be installed where need
to prevent the roof from failing to protect the home during a storm.

With all of the physical preparations for a hurricane in place, a homeowner may wish to upgrade their
homeowners insurance in Orlando to cover potential damages to both the home itself and to items and
assets that are housed within it.

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