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					         California Pacific Title Insurance                                                                                          Company
                                Affiliated With Title Insurance           And Trust Company - Title Insurance - Escrows                                                           c
    148 Montgomery St.                             San Francisco 4, California                     Phone SUtter 1-3500
    Branch OHfces: 1400 Noriega Street, San Francisco - Tel. OVerland 1-1170: 5300 Geary Blvd. - Tel. SKyline 2-0286


         AUTHORS     and   COMPOSERS                        COLYEAR MOTOR SALES       CO, 25 Division. Tel                 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS
                                                               UNderhil! 3-3980
  Hart Rtnry It 312 Shreve bid                              Colyear Motor Sales Co (branches) 393G Geary blvd
  Johnson Rob! H L443 Montgo                                   and 1455 PoweU                                     ANTHONY EARLE C       INC (Chrysler-Imperial-Ply-
                                                            Day O H Co 1460 Pine                                     mouth -Valiant), 901 VanNess av at ElUs, Tel PRos-
         AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES            and   PARTS-     Dynamotor Products Inc 127 Montgomery R401               pect 5-0444 (See Yellow Page 5)
            MANUFACTURERS                                   Edwards Frank Co 382 6th                               Arrow Auto Sales 1814 Market
                                                            European Automotive Accessories 1301 Folsom            Atlas Motors Inc 2920 Mission
  Macchi ti Co 819 Valencia
  Parts Exchange Co inc H6G Hew                             FACTORY MOTOR PARTS INC                               B 4 H Motors   Inc 900 Sanaomi
                                                                                                                  Baher Gene Motors 4885 Missioi
  Walker Marketing Corp (pacific Div) 114 Sansome R533        1690 FOLSOM                                         BAUER AUTO SALES           (Rambler). 1358 Valencia, Tel
  Wesco Sales Co   (auto parts) 341 10th                      TELEPHONE MARKET         1-6400                        ATwater 2-7474
 Western Clutch Co 98G Harrison                            Firestone T B A Dealer Service 901 Minnesota           Boas Pontiac 1465 VanNess       a<
                                                           Geary Auto Paris 4811 Geary blvd                       BONDED-STANWAY MOTORS, 790 VanNess av, Tel
                                                           Goerlich's Inc 498 Alabama
         AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES            and   PARTS-                                                              TUxedo 5-6267 (See Yellow Page 9)
                                                           Greene Howard C Co 276 11th                            Borgward-Division of Earle C Anthony Inc 1699 Van-
             RETAIL                                        Hydro Sleeve Co 1425 Folsom                               Ness av
                                                           Johnson Reynold C Co (br) 1604 Jackson                 BRITISH  MOTOR CAR DISTRIBUTORS LTD
 A 4 H Auto Parts 3809 Geary   blvd                        LEVIN'S AUTO SUPPLY CO, 450 Gough, Tel HEm-
 All Parts Auto Supply B61 Divisadero                                                                                1200 VAN NESS AV
                                                               lock 1-7500                                           TELEPHONE PROSPECT 6-7700
 American Gear & Motor Service 731 Polk                     Levin's Auto Supply Co (br) 395 Grove
  Antajen Industries Ltd 937 post                                                                                 Brooks   Ellis   Motors Inc 1595 VanNess       .<
                                                           Lockhart Gene The Muffler Man 1444 Bush
  Agto Row Parts Co 4820 3d                                Makelim.H G Co 655 Bryant
  Auto-Torium Stores No     2241 Market (Kor branches

     see Alphabetical Section)
                                                           Manufacturers' Distributor (whse) 560 7th
                                                           National Taxicab Supply Co 488 Bryant
                                                                                                                  CADILLAC           MOTOR CAR              DIVISION
  B & S Auto Accessories 1 50t) Ellis                                                                                (GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION)
                                                           Nor-Cal Distributors Inc 500 Florida                      1000 VAN NESS AV
 B 4 W Auto parts 275 Valencia                             OEM     Sales Co 222 Redwood
 Bay City Truck & Parts Co 401 1 1th                                                                                 TELEPHONE PROSPECT 5-0100
 Bayview Automotive Parts 5300 .id
                                                           P 4 S Sales Inc 1385 Harrison
                                                           Pacific Wheel 4 Rim Service 69 Bluxome
 Beach Auto Parts 555 Beach
                                                           Patterson Parts Inc 1095 Folsom
 Brake & Parts Supply Co 1 3 5 Ru-h
 Carburetor Exchange 149 Fell
                                                           Paramount Service 595 Valencia
                                                           Patterson Parts Inc 1095 Folsom
                                                                                                                  CADILLAC    MOTOR CAR DIVISION
 Cash Auto Parts 1640 Market
 Central Auto Parts 736 Turk
                                                           Power Brake Parts 4 Exchange Service 425 Valencia             (ST0NEST0WN BRANCH)
                                                           San Francisco Crankshaft Exchange Inc 355 4th             GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION
 Chanslor & Lyon Co 740 Polk
                                                           Sealed Powers 2307 Folsom                                 STONES TOWN BRANCH
 Colyear Motor Sales Co 956 Valencia                       Shaw 4 Shaw Co 1455 Bush
 Cresta Bros Auto Parts 35 Seneca av                                                                                 3141 20th AV
                                                           Star Automotive Distributors 1330 Howard                  TELEPHONE LOMBARD 4-7400
 Dilcon Auto Parts 5953 Geary blvd
                                                           Thompson Products (Replacement Div Thompson
 Oito's Auto Parts 2300 Lombard
                                                               Ramo-Woolridge Inc) 600 Fulton                    Carlsen Bros Inc 1900 19th av
 Federal-Mogul Service 1526 Folsom
 Friction Materials Corp 708 Polk
                                                           Tranpro Inc 27U 14th                                  Dealers Exchange (ofc) 365 Pacific bldg
                                                           Wait Motor Supply Co 234 7th                          DePaolo Car Co 721 Filbert
 Genuine Parts Co 717 Ellis
                                                           Wellman S K Co the 2166 Palou av                      European Motors Ltd 1740 VanNess av
German Auto parts 1268 Mission
Ignition Supply & Exchange Co 300 Grove                          •AUTOMOBILE AIR CONDITIONING                    Executive Motors 1255 California
Irving Auto Supply 1900 Lawton                                                                                   Federal Automotive Services 2297 Market
Johnny's Auto Supplies 3049 24th                           PACIFIC AUTO AIR CONDITIONING CO, 1336 Post           FOREIGN CAR CENTER, 6601 Mission, Daly City
Kray's Auto Parts 160 7th                                    Tels TUxedo 5-6565 and TUxedo 5-0767 (See Yellow       Tel PLaza 6-4666
Lakeside Automotive Service 19-18 Ocean av                    Page   4)
                                                                                                                 Frates Phil 3330 Army and 3030 Mission
Larsen Ken Auto Parts 139 Valencia                                                                               FRENCH J E CO, 1699 Van Ness av at Sacramento,
Lerer Bros 1750 Harrison                                           AUTOMOBILE BODY MANUFACTURERS                    Tel ORdway 3-2121
Levin's Auto Supply Co 11 VanNess av                                                                             Geary Motors 4700 Geary blvd
M & M Auto Supply Co 5016 Mission                          Thatcher Body Co 1445 Fairfax av                      Geer Chevrolet Co 3855 Geary blvd
Magnaline Co The 1690 Pine                                         AUTOMOBILE BODY REPAIRERS                     German Services 323 Geary R617
Mason Auto Supply Co 996 Jackson                                                                                 Harvey Motors 1601 VanNess av
Massei Auto Supplies 4995 Mission                         Alexander  B Ford Inc 1176 Potrero av                  Holiday Chevrolet Inc 740 Taraval
McCulloch Auto Supply 999 Valencia                        Alioto's Body 4 Fender Works 3135 24th                 HUGHSON WM L CO INC, Office 1200 Larkin, Sales
Mid City Auto Supply 2886 16th                            Auto Sheet Metal Works 774 Golden Gate av                 Dept, 1400 VanNess av, Tel ORdway 3-9541
Midas Muffler Shop 815 VanNess av                         Avenue Garage 1375 Golden Gate av                      Hyde Motors 817 Columbus av
Mission Automotive Parts 741 Valencia                     B & M Body 4 Fender Shop 469 Eddy                      Ingold Ernest-Ceo Olsen Inc 999 VanNess av
Morris J J National Auto Parts 1201 Divisadero            Baker Bros 140 Hayes                                   Jacobs David 4150 Geary blvd
National Auto Supply 1750a Sutter                         BRUNO'S AUTO RECONSTRUCTION, 5017 Mission
                                                                                            *™mvu,               JOHNSON REYNOLD C CO (Volkswagen     and Porsche)
New Richmond Auto Parts Inc 3727 Geary blvd                  Tel JUniper 6-5864                                     1600 VanNess av, Tel PRospect 6-0880 (See Yellow
O'Leary's Auto Supply 2501 SanBruno av                    Bush Street Auto Body Co 1522 Bush                        Page   6)
PACIFIC AUTO AIR CONDITIONING CO, 1336 Post               Central Auto Body Shop 2035 Divisadero                  Krieger Harry 4 Sons 2950 Geary blvd (imported car
    Tela TUxedo 5-6565 and TUxedo 5-0767 (See Yellow      Courtesy Body Shop 4733 Geary blvd                         div) 2835 Geary blvd
   Page 4)                                                Doc's Body Shop 2340 Lombard                           LESHER-MUIRHEAD MOTORS,         1515 S VanNess av at
Pacific Automotive Co 260 8th                             Dunne Tom Auto Body Repairs 1660 Pacific av               Army, Tel VAtencla 4-1400
Pacific Truck Surplus Co 1580 Wallace av                  Eugene's Body & Fender Shop 1934 Clement                McNeil Neal Co 1435 Gough
Pine Auto Parts Inc 1140 Powell                           Feldman 4 Eiler 140 10th                                M^nzies Harold Inc 4249 Geary blvd
Putman's Auto Parts 2060 Market                           Ferd's Auto Reconstruction 445 Fillmore                MERCEDES-BENZ SALES INC
K & R Auto Body 4 Used Parts 2925 Geary blvd              Fischer E P Co 140 11th                                  1598 CUSTER AV
R 4 R Transmission 4 Differential Exchange 560 Fulton     Fred's Body Shop 1225 Mission                            TELEPHONE VALENCIA 6-4811
Rawlplug Co Inc The 3285 21st                             Haig's Auto Reconstruction 640 Golden Gate av          MURPHY C M OLDSMOBILE, 3950 19th       av, Tel JUni-
Reliable Auto Parts & Supply Co 382 Golden Gate av        Helske T 4 Son 567 Golden Gate av                          per 5-9561 (See Yellow Page 9)
Rite-Way Auto Electric 231 6th                            Henry Charles Co 1540 Bush                             Nichols Fred R 1509 Valencia
Rosen Auto Accessory Co 178 Escolta way                   Hughson's 1267 Bush                                    Paramount Motors Inc 3245 Geary blvd
Rosing Auto Supply 4735 Mission                           Jim's Body Shop 724 Valencia                           Pontiac Motor Div (General Motors Corp) 2015 Lom-
San Francisco Auto Parts 220 Fell                         Kerr Auto Body Shop 1255 California                        bard
Service Auto Parts 228 Valencia                           Lattimore A E Co 1433 Bush                             Priola Motors 4900 Mission
Speedometer Electric Co Inc 664 Turk                      Lech 1361 Bush                                         Remensperger Bros 2145 Market
Star Automotive Distributors 1330 Howard                  Metro Body Shop 1339 Evans av                          REYNOLDS & SEILER-RAMBLER, 3800 Geary Tel
Taraval Mason Auto Supply Inc 1433 Taraval                Modern Auto Works 2829 25th                               SKyline 2-4111                                      "
Truck Parts & Equipment Co 2225 Folsom                    Munroe Body 4 Fender Works 838 Ellis                   Rezzaghi C Co 2715 Hyde
United Parts Service 210 Fell                             Pundt's Body 4 Fender Repairs 3536 Sacramento          Rootes Motors Inc 2525 VanNess av R2I7
Valley Auto Supply 2520 Bay Shore blvd                    R C H Auto Body 1223 9th av                            Royal Motor Sales Co Inc 280 S VanNess av
Wheel Service & Equipment Inc 1055 Post                   Ralph's Body 4 Fender Shop 731 Turk                    S 4 C Motors 2001 Market
                                                          Ranis Jack Auto Metal Works 1634-44 Pine               S 4 M  Motors 4041 Geary blvd
        AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES and PARTS-                 Reliable Auto Body Reconstruction Co 1560 Pacific av   S 4 M Simca Sales 4019 Geary blvd
                                                          Schneiders Auto Body Shop 363 Valencia                 San Francisco Motors 5900 Mission
           WHOLESALE and JOBBERS                          Smithers Body Shop 1234 Pine                           Simca 1900 VanNess av
                                                          Snyder Fender 4 Body Shop 466 Eddy                     Spencer Buick Inc 3700 Geary blvd
A P Parts Corp The 1616 16th
                                                          Sorensen Auto Body 3121 17th                           Standard Triumph Motor Co Inc (regional office) 2140
Atlas Supply Co 660 Russ bldg
                                                          Super Auto Body 4 Painting Co 1450 Franklin               Bush
Auto Body Supply Co 1048 Folsom
                                                          Super Frame & Wheel Aligning Service 1670 Pine         STEWART CHEVROLET
Auto Electric Supply Co 541 VanNess av
                                                          Ted's Body 4 Fender Repair 1570 Waller
                                                                                                                                          CO, 3146 Mission, Tel
Auto Parts Warehouse 635 Golden Gate av                                                                             VAlencla 4-3322
                                                          Tony's 830 Larkin                                      Taraval Rambler Inc 200 Taraval
Aulo Service Parts Co 2620 3d
                                                          Tony's Body 4 Fender Repairs 963 O'Farrell             Toyota Motor Distributors 205 World Trade Center
Automatic Safety House Inc The 501 6th
                                                          United Body 4 Fender Shop 735 Cough                    United Services Suppliers 250 S World Trade Center
Automotive Enterprises 680 2d
Automotive Factors 790 Bryant
                                                          Weinberg Bros Motor 4 Body Shop 2295 Taylor            VAN ETTA MOTORS INC (Lincoln-Mercury), 1301
                                                          Western Auto Body 779 Bryant                              VanNess av, Tel ORdway 3-8800 (See Yellow Page
Bayshore Truck Equipment Co 1495 Wallace                  Williams Auto B ody Shop 3~557 Sac ramento
Best Sales Co 1454 Bush
BOSCH ROBERT CORPORATION, 225 7th, Tel UNder-                   •AUTOMOBILE CLUBS                                VAN NESS OLDSMOBILE
   hlll 1-3240                                                                                                     1700 VAN NESS AV
Brake Service Wholesale 1149-55 Folsom                                                                             TELEPHONE ORDWAY            3-9100
British Auto Parts 1301 Folsom                            CALIFORNIA STATE AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION                  (See Yellow Page     9)
Buckley E L Co 986 Harrison                                 (AAA), 150 VanNess av, Tel MArket 1-2141             VOGEL LES CHEVROLET CO,               Market   at   VanNess av
Bull C H Co 115 10th                                                                                                Tel UNderhlll 1-1702 (See Yellow Page 8)
California Auto Supply 366 Golden Gate av                                                                        Volkswagen of America Inc 2 Pine R200
California Equipment Co 660 Bryant                            AUTOMOBILE COLLECTIONS                             Waters Bob Plymouth Center 1560 VanNess av
Calpacific Equipment Co 50 Hawthorne R207                                                                        Waters James F Inc 1355 VanNess av
pa] 1 arts Warehouse Inc 666 Eddy                         NORBERC ADJUSTMENT BUREAU INC,           1141 Market
                                                                                                                 Wayne Pontiac Inc 1215 Ocean av
Coast Warehouse Distributing Co 540 McAllister              Room   301, Tel   HEmlock 1-0977 (See Yellow Page    WHJTEBONE CECIL INC (Ford Automobiles), 950
                                                                                                                    VanNess av, Tel PRospect 5-8800

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