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									           News Sharing
• (Reuters) - A tsunami that suddenly
  struck remote islands in western
  Indonesia following an earthquake off
  the coast of Sumatra (苏门答腊 )killed
  more than 100 people, officials said on
  Tuesday, and hundreds more were
Free talk
Our earth has been experiencing
many natural disasters. Can you
name some of them?

Volcanic    sandstorm (沙尘暴)
Wenchuan Earthquake
Do you know what would happen before
 an earthquake?
Watch a film clip about an earthquake and try
to use as many suggested words as possible
to describe words: shake, fall down, destroy,
Suggested what you have seen.
lie in ruins, injure, trap, dig out, rescue

When and where did the earthquake

At 3:42 am on July 28,1976 in
Tangshan, Hebei
Divide the text into three parts and find the main
idea of each part.

                                 Before the earthquake
Part 1: para 1

Part 2: para 2&3                  During the earthquake

                                  After the earthquake
Part 3: para 4

 This article is written in the order of time.
  Before the earthquake
   Strange things:

                                                  ran out
rose and fell,     deep cracks       too
                                                  looking for
rose and fell      with smelly       nervous
                                                  places to hide
                   gas               to eat

                  bright         heard the        cracked and
 ran out
 looking for      lights flash   sound of plane   burst
 places to hide
During the earthquake
1. Was it a big one? How do you know?
  What do the following numbers refer to ?
  11 km, 200 km, 1/3, 8km / 30 m,15 seconds
It seemed as if the world was
2. What damages were caused by
at an end.
  the earthquake?
people: 2/3= suffering killed people was extreme.
         The 400,000 of the or injured
things: hospitals, factories and buildings,
         bricks covered the ground,
         two dams and bridges
         railway tracks---useless,
         cows/ pigs/chicken, wells
 After the earthquake

The army organized teams to dig out
 those who were trapped and to bury the
 dead. To the north of the city, most of
 the 10,000 miners were rescued from the
 coal mines. Workers built shelters for
 survivors. Water was taken to them.

   Slowly, the city began to breathe again.
         Let’s enjoy the sentences
Simile    Exaggeration   Personification Repetition
 比喻            夸张              拟人                 重复

  The water in the village wells rose and fell,
  rose and fell.        Repetition
  It seemed as if the world was at an end.
  Bricks covered the ground like red autumn
  leaves.                      Simile

  Slowly, the city began to breathe again.
Group work:

What is your understanding of the title?
  Pair work: an interview

  A: a reporter
  B. a survivor from the Tangshan earthquake

Interview 1: strange things before the earthquake

Interview 2: what happened during the earthquake

Interview 3: The rescue after the earthquake
            Retell the story

 ____________ happened in Tang Shan. For a
  Strange things
                              rose and fell
few days, water in the wells _____________.
From the _______ of wells, smelly gas
out. Mice, chicken, pigs and even fish became
________. At 3:42 a.m, everything began to
______.It seemed that the world was
at an end __________ of the nation _____ it.
__________. One-third                   felt
A huge crack
___________cut across the city. The city lay
in ruins
Two-thirds of the people _____ or
were injured Then later that afternoon,
another big quake shook Tang Shan.
People began to wonder
 how long the disaster would last
____________________________. But all
hope ____________. _______ came to help
       was not lost    Soldiers
those ________. Slowly, the city began to
breathe again

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