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									U.S. MARINE CORPS

JWT has enjoyed an uninterrupted partnership with the Marine Corps for over 60 years,
successfully earning the contractual relationship and supporting Recruiting Command in its
efforts to identify and enlist those young Americans who will serve as the next generation
of Marines.

The Challenges
The Marine Corps must recruit and ship approximately 40,000 qualified young men and
women to recruit training each year. To meet these readiness expectations, the Marines seek
to fill their ranks with only those who have the mental and physical fortitude to endure recruit
training and life as a Marine. While recruiting young men and women to serve as Marines has
never been an easy task, significant challenges in recent years have yielded a recruiting
environment of unprecedented difficulty:

• Dramatic changes in the social culture of the United States moving towards an emphasis on
the individual vs. the group, including the rise of the Millennial generation, who are heavily influenced
by their parents, other influencers and peers and are less inclined to consider military service.
• The rapid decline of the veteran population, who had historically communicated the benefits
of service to their friends, neighbors and communities.
• The unpopular war in Iraq.
• The widening gap in the lifetime earnings potential of a college graduate vs. a high school graduate,
causing an increased number of youth to choose college as the next step after high school.
• A declining propensity among young people to consider service in the military coupled
with a decline in the percentage of youth who are eligible to serve.

The Solution
The following provides a high-level overview of JWT’s business and advertising objectives for
the Marine Corps, and underscores the program successes across all forms of communica-
tions and media.

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• JWT delivers a comprehensive, full-service advertising and marketing program for Marine Corps
Recruiting that encompasses elements from across disciplines and core competencies. From awareness
media to direct marketing, and event marketing to public relations, the Marine Corps program typically
encompasses the following components: Broadcast Advertising – Sports (football, basketball, etc.),
general entertainment and multicultural programming.
• Public Service Announcement Program: Service-driven messaging delivered through television,
radio, outdoor and online mediums.
• In-theaters: High-impact media in male/teen destinations.
• In-school: Channel One, school magazines and posters.
• Online: Increased search engine optimization to make it easier for prospects to find us, as well as
placing online banners and rich media to drive prospects from popular teen destinations to
• Direct mail: Six mailings designed to reach high school juniors and seniors at critical decision times
throughout the year. Through detailed database analytics, the Marine Corps’ direct mail program was
expanded to deliberately target six behavioral segments of the prospect market based on their
demographic and geographic information, as well as their military propensity and ASVAB qualifications.
• Event marketing and sponsorship to put Marine recruiters in front of prospects and maintain a
presence in communities.
• Recruiter support: Informational brochures and collateral pieces, popular promotional items,
educational films and videos, and visually engaging posters help reinforce the recruiter’s sales
communications and support mission attainment goals.

In the last 10 years, as media has been continually segmented and specialized, the Marine
Corps has been able to adapt and effectively deliver television commercials to where the target
spends most of their time: watching television, attending school, going to movies and using the
Internet. To increase awareness on a relatively small media budget compared to other services
and other youth advertisers, the television plan focused on traditional sports leagues such as
the NFL and NBA and college football, as well as cable networks popular with young adult
males like Spike, MTV and Comedy Central. Through Channel One in-school programming,
the Marine Corps is able to precisely target these ads to students while in class, reaching up
to 35% of our target market on any given school day. Outside of school and TV, the spots have
run in movie theaters prior to feature films that draw largely from our target audience. has evolved to become a critical entry point for the prospect target to learn more
about the Marine Corps, and more important, to request more information about the Corps or
contact a recruiter. A similar site,, was developed to target those seeking
information about the path to become an officer in the Marine Corps. Navigating the pages
within either of the sites, youth are exposed to the message in a dynamic, compelling manner
that immerses them in the Marine Corps brand.

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                       Contact: John M. Windolph 202.509.1066
Recognizing the important role parents and influencers have with our newest generation of
prospects — the Millennial generation — we established, an online
resource designed to provide the information they needed most in order to support their child’s
decision to enlist. With the introduction of our fourth Web site,, we encouraged
prospects, parents and influencers to actively participate in the brand by joining a community
designed to deepen the connection America has with her Corps. The Marine Corps was the
first branch of service on the key social networking sites MySpace and Facebook, which our
increasingly elusive target relies on to connect with their friends and their favorite brands.

The Results
The Marines have met their mission goals for over ten years running.

In 2008, the objective was to recruit 44,979 qualified young men and women (ages 17 — 24)
for enlistment in the Marine Corps:
• During the 12-month range of reporting, the Marine Corps recruited 45,436 young men and women,
achieving more than 101% of its mission goal.

Another objective was to maintain year-over-year dominance in the key “Tough/ Elite” brand
attributes vs. all other branches of service:
• Tough/Elite: respondents more than three times as likely to associate the “Tough/Elite” quality
with the Marine Corps
• Is the most elite service: 5 times more than the closest competitor
• Gets the hardest job done: nearly 3 times more than the closest competitor
• Will only take the best young men: 4 ½ times more than the closest competitor
• Has the most prestige: more than 4 times greater than the closest competitor
• Provides its members with the greatest feeling of pride: more than 3 times greater than the closest

Finally, the objective to increase volume of qualified leads from 2007 was also achieved:
• Cumulative qualified leads are up 36.8%
• Cumulative contracts from qualified leads (resulting in signed enlistments) are up 17.9%
• Cumulative Web-based qualified leads are up 33.6%

                           JWT 607 14th St., NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20005
                       Contact: John M. Windolph 202.509.1066

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