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					                                    Financial Planning
                                Instructor: Michael Yates

Course Overview and Objectives
The course part of the array of David Douglas Business Department electives intended to give an
overview of financial planning, taxation, insurance, budgeting, risk management, and related

Financial planning is the process of managing finances in order to meet life goals. Financial
planning coordinates all aspects of finances-earning, saving, spending, investing, tax planning,
retirement planning, and estate planning into one comprehensive plan, reflecting individual
needs and goals.

Course Organization
This course will involve a degree of mathematics, higher-level analysis and reasoning,
prediction, independent study, projects, teamwork, and research. This will require a heavy
reliance on a student’s application of CRLS such as: organization; and personal management.

With the objective of application to area of interest to the student, students should have the
option, whenever possible, to tailor their focus and direction of assignments and projects to their
areas of interest.

Computer work is an essential element in business and will be a utilized resource in this course.
Projects will feature PowerPoint presentations, stock tracking and graph creation on Excel, and
reading charts and graphs from credible internet sources. All assignments will be typed and

Subjects / Topics Explored

The following subjects, topics, and material will be addressed over the semester:

      the importance of financial planning
      financial independence
      setting financial goals
      budget creation
      taxation and it’s impact on financial planning
      tax-deferred vehicles
      ethics and financial planning
      saving and borrowing
      saving for college
      credit
      insurance (auto, property, health, disability, etc)
      risk management

Activities / Projects

   1. Financial Goals Project: Students will be creating a company, developing a plan,
      justification, and all supporting materials for that company to go public.

   2. Consumer Guides: Students will be compiling a “guide” encompassing a summary of all
      the topics covered during the course. The objective being a binder that a person could
      hand to a person inexperienced in financial planning and be a helpful informational tool.
      Note: These are excellent work examples for Junior and Senior Portfolios.

   3. 1040EZ: Students complete an actual 1040EZ given scenarios of an employee profile and
      details. Current tax tables are referenced online.

   4. Case Studies: Preparation and in-class discussion of two case studies are required. These
      cases will deal with actual financial management situations. Students will be expected to
      evaluate situations, identify problems, and recommend solutions.

Course Outline
      Introduction to Financial Planning
      Steps of the Financial Planning Process
      Planning Principles
      Financial Planners - What they do
      Measuring Financial Health
      Financial Planning Survival Skills
      Budgeting
      Taxes
           o History of Taxation
           o Filing a 1040EZ
      Saving and Borrowing
           o Banking
           o Savings Vehicles
           o Loans
           o Interest Rates
      Credit Cards
      Consumer Loans
      Car and Home Decisions
      Auto Insurance
      Risk Management
      Disability Insurance
      Life Insurance

Each student will be evaluated on all facets of this course, its activities / projects,
attendance/punctuality, and class participation. The weightings will heavily favor projects.

Instructor / Office Information

Instructor: Michael Yates

Offices: Room 215

Office Hours: 7:30-8:00am, 2:40-3:30+ weekdays. Other times by appointment.

Telephone: 503.262.4406



Methods of Communication: E-mail and in-person are the two best and most efficient ways of
communicating with me outside of class.

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