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									Office for International Students and Scholars

Welcome    and Intercultural activities
                   VESTA? Quid?

• Vesta refers to the Roman Goddess of the
  hearth fire. In the Roman Vesta-Temple,
  the Vestal Virgins had to maintain the
  eternal fire.
• VESTA at K.U.Leuven stands for:
  welcoming international guests and make
  them feel at home: the fire of hospitality.
                   Vesta Committee

• The Vesta-Initiatives are taken by a
  Committee, composed of: colleagues of the
  Social Services for international students
  (housing, social service), some International
  Programme Co-ordinators, the person
  responsible for of the international students
  associations and for Pangaea (our
  international meeting centre).
• For, myself, I’m the co-ordinator of VESTA
                  Vesta Initiatives

1. Orientation Days for new International
  Students & Scholars (Sep & Feb)
2. Buddy Programme
3. Follow-up Activities during the Academic
  Year for students: information &
  intercultural sessions
4. Intercultural Training Programme for
  K.U.Leuven staff
                       1. Orientation Days

- Welcome Day: welcome speech, information fair,
  guided tours, lecture on the history of K.U.Leuven &
- Practical Day: sessions on ‘Living in Leuven’,
  ‘Traffic Rules’, ‘Computer Facilities’, ‘Student
  Employment’, ‘Health Insurance’, ‘Dutch Survival Kit’ etc.
- Intercultural Day: sessions on our culture,
  intercultural games, sports activities
- Weekend Trips to Bruges
               2. Buddy Programme

• Sometimes called ‘tandem-programme’:
  International Students can ask for a
  Flemish buddy in order
 to be helped during their first weeks and
 to bring the Flemish and the International
  Community closer in contact
 to learn about each other’s culture
           3. Orientation Days Follow-up

• Session on Culture Shock
• Session on Examination Regulations
• ….

(activities (trips, St-Nicholas or Christmas
  Parties …) organised by Pangaea,
  International Contact Club and by the
            4. Intercultural Training Programme
                       for Personnel K.U.Leuven

• Sessions on Intercultural Awareness for
  international officers
• Workshops on intercultural diversity for
  residence-employees (technical and maintenance staff)
• Information Sessions: presentation of the
  several services and their staff working with
  and for international guests; a session on
  the English Language Tests (Toefl, IELTS)
• China Day etc.

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