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									August 21, 2008

Volume 11 No 144

Stupid Quote Of Quotes Of The The Day Day
On Daughters, Rough:

"He tried to jack in and take down their group from the inside after he heard what they were saying about him behind his back."


atient may take ibuprofen 400mg orally every 6 hours for pain provided by patient’s daughter.

physician’s order, received by a pharmacist

natole Broyard: “There was a time when we expected nothing of our children but obedience, as opposed to the present, when we expect everything of them but obedience.”


A Word A Day


yopic (my-OP-ik)

Useless Facts Of The Day

Warren Buffett: “The only time to buy these is on a day with no 'y' in it.” Margaret Mead: “Women want mediocre men, and men are working hard to become as mediocre as possible.” Niels Bohr: “Prediction is very difficult, especially

adjective: 1. Nearsighted; unable to see distant objects clearly. 2. Shortsighted; lacking foresight; narrow-minded. Via Latin, from Greek myopia, from myop(nearsighted), from myein (to close) + ops (eye). "Three characters dominate the drama: star prosecutor David Boies, whose casual demeanour belied razor-sharp courtroom instincts; Judge Penfield Jackson, the conservative arbitrator who grew increasingly disenchanted with Microsoft's arrogance; and Bill Gates, portrayed as a surly, myopic Napoleon, whose cantankerous, evasive testimony did much to bring about the guilty verdict." Steve Yap; Consequences of Hubris; Far Eastern Economic Review (Hong Kong); Jun 14, 2001. *Happy Birthday* ------------------------1931 Nancy Hadley actress (Love That Jill) [77] 1932 Melvin Van Peebles actor (Boomerang)[76] 1933 Dame Janet Baker Engl, mezzo-soprano[75] 1935 Mart Crowley writer (Boys in the Band) [73] 1938 Kenny Rogers singer/actor (Lady) [70] 1939 Clarence Williams III actor (Mod Squad) [69] 1944 Jackie DeShannon Hazel Kentucky, singer (What the World Needs Now) [64] 1944 Peter Weir director (Witness) [64] 1945 Patty McCormack NY, actress (Ropers) [63] 1951 Harry Smith host (CBS Morning Show) [57] 1956 Kim Cattrall Engl, actress (Star Trek VI) [52] 1957 Budgie rocker (Siouxsie & the Banshees)[51] 1958 Kim Sledge Phila, vocalist (Sister Sledge-We are Family) [50] 1959 Jim McMahon NFL QB (Chicago Bears, SD Chargers, Phila Eagles) [49] 1967 Michael Bendetti actor (21 Jump Street)[41]


seless facts:  TV viewers know fictional Old

West hero Don Diego de la Vega best as Zorro.   The Barbie® doll is 11 1/2 inches tall. A bowl of lime Jell-O, when hooked up to an EEG machine, exhibited movement which is virtually identical to the brain waves of a healthy adult man or woman. J.F. Cantrell opened the first washateria (laundromat) on April 18, 1934 in Fort Worth, Texas. It only had four machines. about the future.”

Urban Word Of The Day



ack in

v. 1. To gain entry; to connect, as to a network. 2. To enter or connect by deceptive or unscrupulous means, esp. with malicious intent.

Published: 11/10/2009 7:19 AM


Stuff-Of-The-Day Newsletter
1982 Rollie Fingers (Brewers) becomes 1st pitcher to get save #300 1985 Mary Decker Slaney runs mile in world record 4:16.71 1986 Lake Nios Volcanic eruption in Cameroon releases poison gas, killing 1,746 At ThinkGeek we sure do love us some small R/C copters and lately there are more than a few different models. That's why we go to the ends of the known universe to dig up those fresh R/C Copter nuggets that feature the most unique flying mechanics for your geek pleasure. This Silverlit Tandem Z Chinook Helicopter certainly fits the bill. With two rotors arranged front and rear in a military style the Tandem Z looks unlike any other small R/C copter we've seen. The three channel control allows you to hover motionless, turn right or left and move forward and backward. For steering the Tandem Z actually pitches the front blade right or left while the rear blade remains stationary. Much improved trim dials allow you excellent control to compensate for unwanted rotation. There's even a headlight on the copter you can turn on and off via the remote. Important Note You'll need practice and a gentle touch to fly this copter well, but once you get it in the sweet spot you'll find that you have much better control to fly where you like. . . . August Moons Product Features

History Of The Day
1841 John Hampson patents venetian blind 1858 1st Lincoln-Douglas debate (Illinois) 1887 Mighty (Dan) Casey Struck-out in a game with the NY Giants! 1901 Joe McGinnity, suspended from NL for punching & spitting on an ump 1922 Curly Lambeau & Green Bay Football Club granted NFL franchise 1926 White Sox Ted Lyons no hits Red Sox 6-0 in just 67 minutes at Fenway 1929 Chicago Cardinals become 1st pro football team to train out of town 1931 Babe Ruth hits his 600th HR (Yanks beat Browns 11-7)


831 Nat Turner slave revolt kills 55 (Southampton County, Virginia)

Explanation: This August was eclipse season. The month's first New Moon and Full Moon were both seen in darkened skies during a solar and lunar eclipse. Blocking the 1933 Ruth's homer leads AL Sun, the left panel's New Moon was captured during the total solar eclipse of August 1 from the path of totality overlooking Novosibirsk (Siberia) Reservoir, locally known as to a 4-2 win in 1st All Star the Ob Sea. A lovely solar corona and bright inner planets Mercury and Venus emerged Game during the total eclipse phase, while the flickering view screens of eclipse watchers' digital cameras dotted the landscape. On the right, the Full Moon grazed Earth's 1945 Pres Truman ends shadow nearly 15 days later in a partial lunar eclipse. That serene view was recorded Lend-Lease program during an early evening stroll along the shores of the Odet River near the city of Quimper in western France. For planet Earth there are about two seasons each year 1949 NY Giants beat during which the orientation of the Moon's orbit is favorable for solar and lunar eclipses. Phillies on a forfeit, due to The next eclipse season begins in January 2009 with an annular solar eclipse.


Three channel control gives you proportional up/down, right/left and forward/backward control

fan's throwing debris

1959 Hawaii becomes 50th US state 1963 Martial law declared in S Vietnam 1965 Gemini 5 launched into Earth orbit (2 astronauts) 1968 Democratic Convention opens in Chicago 1972 1st hot air balloon flight over the Alps 1972 Republican convention opens in Miami Beach 1975 3 truck pile up kills 10, injures 26 on French highway 1975 Rick & Paul Reuschel become 1st brothers to pitch a combined shut out 1976 Al Bumbry hits the 17th inside-thepark HR in Oriole history 1977 Donna Patterson Brice sets high speed water skiing rec (111.11 mph)

1986 With 2 outs in the 6th inning, The Red Sox score 11 runs 1987 Clayton Lonetree, 1st marine courtmartialed for spying, convicted 1988 Cease fire between Iran & Iraq takes effect after 8 years of war 1989 Voyager 2 begins a flyby of the planet Neptune 1991 Communist coup is crushed in USSR in 2 days

 

Working headlight is controllable via remote 7 Minute fly time, 10 minute charge time

Price: $49.99 /?cpg=76H


Gadget Of The Day

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andem Z Chinook R/C Copter Two Rotors are Better than One

Scattered Scattered Thunderstorm Thunderstorm s s

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