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					Hampshire RRR Digital Media Award
Submissions are invited from individual or groups of pupils in KS1, KS2 and KS3/4 on any
aspect of RRR

Submissions should be pupil initiated and developed, but can include teacher support
(especially where an aspect of technology may be beyond the ability of the learners)

The length of submission should be between 1 & 5 minutes for general viewing or user

The digital format chosen must have an audio and/or visual component Examples of
submission might be;
    a video documentary or drama
    a web site
    talking books
    a digital story e.g. stop animation , green screening or using story making software
    performance poetry
    a radio play
    digitised art, supported by an audio narration

Each submission will also need a narrative about how the piece of work was devised and
compiled. This could be in text form or within the submission. You will also need to have
identified the intended audience such as, peers, younger children, parents, governors, etc.
All contributions must adhere to good practice in terms of respecting intellectual property
and copyright.

Examples of a possible focus for a RRR submission would be;
-a digital RRR learning walk
-storytelling with a rights theme
-a piece of work with a link school
-respect in action
-realising articles of the convention through creative media
-stories based around RRR - fiction or non-fiction
-commentary on contribution to RRR work within the community - whole school or
All submissions will receive an acknowledgement. We will ask for expressions of interest
and give final details in a few months time. The deadline for submissions is the end of April

A group of Head teachers, teachers & officers will identify 5 finalists in each KS category. All
submissions will go onto the Showcase section of the RRR Moodle and all pupils will receive
a supportive acknowledgement

In June a mixed age group of pupils will be asked to join the organisers for a half day to
agree the winners in each Key Stage. The winners of the award will receive a special plaque
The final judging will be filmed and placed on the RRR Moodle, which will include the judge’s
reasons for their choice.

       Hampshire RRR Digital Media Award 2012-2013
                     Ideas for developing digital media

Digital stories

These are audio/visual narratives produced as videos using editors like Movie Maker or
Microsoft Photo Story 3. They could be Stop Animation, animated photo stories or full
videos, including the use of ‘green screen’ technology.

Talking stories/books can be built:

      in Power Point - embed pictures and sound into each slide
      using 2 Simple's 2Create-a-story - draw onto each slide, animate the pictures and
       record narration
      using Immersive Education's Kar2ouche - story boarding software that allows a user
       to add characters to backgrounds, animate them and add a narration
      as e-books - built using a variety of e-book authoring programs
      for iPhone/iPad - these can be built in iBooks Author or via Adobe Creative Suite
       5.5/6 products
      via a recordable TalkingPEN and Talking Stickers

       easily produced in a video editor like Movie Maker or similar
       ‘green screening’ requires a video editor other than Movie Maker – most commercial
        video editors support this e,g, Adobe Premiere Elements . Also useful will be large
        cloth of a uniform colour e.g. green or blue
       can also be built up from still images and animated in Microsoft Photo Story 3

Audio/Podcasts can be produced

       by plugging a microphone directly into a computer and recording using Sound Editor
        or other sound mixing program - best sound quality is achieved with a USB
       using a dictaphone
       via a recordable TalkingPEN and Talking Stickers
       recordings can be mixed together in a sound editor like Audacity - a free program


With stop-animation, characters are moved around a scene, while pictures are taken at
regular intervals to create the illusion of movement. These can be sequenced in video
editors and an audio narration can also be added.

Stop Animation solutions include

       using a digital camera and sequencing images in a video editor like Movie Maker
       Digital Blue cameras and associated software
       Hue Animation Studio

Audacity - http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Microsoft Photo Story 3 - http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=11132

Kar2ouche - http://www.immersiveeducation.eu/index.php/kar2ouchepg

Hue Animation – http://www.hueanimation.com/

2Create-a-story - http://www.2simple.com/2createastory/

iBooks Author - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ibooks-author/id490152466?mt=12
Mantra Lingua’s TalkingPEN - https://www.mantralingua.com/uk/pages.php?pageid=91

Further help
For additional help with technical aspects of creating digital media contact:

Chris Pim – chris.pim@hants.gov.uk

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