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					       Mrs. Lund’s
        English 9
Classroom Goals
Classroom Expectations
Classroom Rules
Homework / Late Work Policy
Grading Rubric
              Course Overview
 English 9 is a two semester, one credit course designed to
challenge students. The course emphasizes building skills in
critical reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. Literature is
the core of the course, and students are expected to complete a
substantial amount of reading. The reading selections range in
genre and style, but all provide and opportunity for literary analysis.
The writing focus for the 9th grade is expository, with an
introduction to persuasive writing during the 4th marking period.
Students will also complete a full-length practice Response to
Literature CAPT that will be evaluated according to the CAPT
rubric in preparation for their sophomore year.
              Classroom Goals
Together, we will strive to:

   *develop a classroom community where each student feels
   welcome, comfortable, and safe.
   *become critical thinkers, capable of making educated choices and
   decisions about which information is good, bad, right, wrong,
   useful, useless.
   *find purpose and value in exploring and creating various genres of
       Classroom Expectations
To help you take full advantage of this course, I expect the following:
    *Willingness to listen
    Although you may not always agree with the viewpoints of others, be respectful.
    Listen carefully and consider openly before you judge.
    Full effort, participation, and preparation are necessary to succeed. Bring
    necessary materials (binder, vocabulary book, writing utensil, unit novel) and a
    desire to learn and share your ideas; I value active and questioning minds.

    *Pride in your work
    Anything done less than your full potential is not worth doing. Give it all; impress

    *Ability to work with others
    Learning to work with others requires patience and maturity. Social skills
    acquired in group settings will enhance the quality of your schooling, work, and
            Classroom Rules
I have two simple classroom rules:
  1. Try you hardest.
  2. Be respectful.
Homework / Late Work Policy
 *Normally, homework is assigned each class period and will be due the following
 day at the beginning of class.
 * Homework assignments turned in after the due date will only receive up to half
 credit (50%).

 *If you are absent on the day the homework is assigned, please do your best to
 find out what was assigned and complete it; if you are unable to obtain the
 assignment, speak to me, and we will figure out a reasonable time for you to get
 the homework completed and handed in.
 *If you are absent on the day the homework is due, the assignment must be
 submitted upon your return and labeled ABSENT, otherwise you will receive
 up to half credit (50%).
 *I suggest finding a “Homework Buddy” within class, one whom you can call
 upon if you are absent
               Grading Rubric
Your final average each marking period will be calculated based
on the percentages below:

*Class participation and class work            20%
*Quizzes and Journal Entries                   25%
*Homework                                      15%
*Tests / Projects / Essays                     40%

A note regarding essays:
All writing assignments (essays) must be typed and handed in on time!
*Late papers will be penalized one letter grade increment per day (A
to A-).
*You may not print your essay during class time; it is your responsibility
to come prepared, typed essay in hand.

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