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					Getting the Most Out of a
 REACh Education Fair
Topics to be covered

Making the host look good

Networking/Building relationships

Tough to ask – Break the ice

Securing donations

Making the host look good
Identify their sweet spot
 ̶ # of schools
  ̶ Ease of putting together
   ̶ Turnkey operation
    ̶ We do the work for them

What is important to them?
̶ Acknowledgement from boss and peers
 ̶ Networking at the event
  ̶ Free stuff
   ̶ Always send a thank you note
    ̶ Wine and dine
       Networking/Build Relationships

̶ Become an industry expert
̶ Keeping up on the competition
̶ Man/Woman on the Street

̶ Build relationships with peers
̶ Focus group for ideas
̶ Potential job opportunities
      Countless examples of people who have found their next opportunity
       from the REACh network
Another networking opportunity

    LinkedIn –
      Tough to ask – Break the ice

               Share our mission
REACh is a not for profit consortium of academic
institutions, businesses, and other interested
organizations and individuals whose mission is to
present educational opportunities to adult learners
in the Chicago metropolitan area.
Tough to ask – Break the ice
Share list of companies that host education fairs
     Tough to ask – Break the ice
REACh offers Six scholarships of $1,000 or more each year

        Our scholarships are for your employees
       Securing Donations

Creative ideas
̶ Casual day incentive
̶ Pizza day incentive
̶ Host company’s hot spot

Common occurrence
̶ Make them think that this happens all of the time
                   Casual Day Incentive

Special event for employees:
   • “Streets of Tomorrow” Education Fair
           • 16 Colleges & universities in attendance
    •   Employees pay $5 to be able to wear jeans to work on the
        day of the event
    •   All proceeds being donated to REACh’s scholarship fund
             • 2007 - $400
             • 2008 - $175
Questions & Discussion

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