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									 Spring 2011                         Turkey Creek Currents
                              Turkey Creek Homeowners Association

    Board of Directors                             President’s Message

Richard Cloutier          Will our dues be doubled this year??
2543 Lemon
288-9670                  This year the TCHOA Annual meeting will be held on Tuesday May 19th
rcloutie@bellsouth.net    at the Peace Lutheran Church on Port Malabar at 7PM (Details and map
                          on last 2 pages). One of the items on the agenda will be the setting of the
Vice President
Henry Morin               annual dues. Will the dues be doubled, tripled or remain the same. We
1090 Mandarin             are counting on your input at the meeting to keep the dues at a
728-7340                  reasonable rate. Also on the agenda will be:
                                 A briefing on activities this past year;
Cathy Farina
                                 Treasury Report;
2560 Lemon Street                Beautification Report; and
722-9562                         A Report on Crime Watch Activities;
cafarina@cfl.rr.com              Report on the Activities of the Welcome Committee;
Treasurer                        Setting of the Annual Dues;
Mary Brandow                     Election of Officers for the Next Year.
2596 Limequat St.
                          Once again this year the names of all attendees of the annual meeting
                          will be placed in a drawing for the chance to get their annual dues for this
Architectural Chairman    year paid for by TCHOA.
Marilyn Howard
2552 King                 To stay absolutely up to date on all of our community events, such as the
724-0546                  recent TCHOA picnic hosted by the Farinas, be sure to regularly check
marilena@cfl.rr.com       out the TCHOA website at www.turkeycreekhoa.org.
Beautification Chairman
Jean Lowe                 Thank you, thank you, thank you I can’t say thank you enough to my
1167 Mandarin             fellow board members who worked tirelessly this year to make our
409-9707                  neighborhood better. Marilyn Howard, Cathy Farina, Mary Brandow,
Jean.lowe@harris.com      Robin McIntosh, Jean Lowe, Henry Morin, Ivy and Ivan Shim thank
Welcome Chairman          you for all of the efforts you expended on behalf of the neighborhood
Robin McIntosh            throughout the year. You are all truly the heart and soul of our
1101 Pineapple            community.
nestobirdz@cfl.rr.com     Rick Cloutier
Crime Watch               President TCHOA
Ivan & Ivy Shim
1000 Mandarin
                          ***Please note the annual meeting is at a
ivyshim3@yahoo.com        new location – see last 2 pages for
  CRIME WATCH COMMITTEE UPDATE                         • Do not trust chain locks for the front doors.
                                                       Once the door is cracked open, even slightly,
Door-to-door Salespeople in our Neighborhood           criminals easily can break the chain and force
                                                       their way in.
We have a “No Solicitors” sign at the entrance to
our neighborhood and have not had a big                Additionally, be suspicious of solicitors who may
problem with door-to-door salespeople. We do           be burglars in disguise. If in doubt about a
occasionally get solicitors at our doors, and in       solicitor, call the Palm Bay Police.
this uncertain economy, the frequency of visits
may rise. The following observations and tips
are offered to our residents. They are largely             WELCOME COMMITTEE UPDATE
taken for Dave Larimer article that appeared in        The real estate market must have picked up,
Florida Today, on Jan 22, 2011.                        since we've welcomed 5 new families since last
                                                       Fall. The first is John Cady, at 890 Mandarin,
The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office suggests           and his beautiful standard poodle, Uma. He's
residents be guarded in their dealings with door-      been fixing up his house and yard, and it looks
to-door salespeople. Most folks who appear             great! Next are Donovan and Robin Watson
unannounced at your front door are harmless            (another Robin!) at 1099 Citrus, who are also
but usually have a goal in mind: sell a product,       improving their house. Don't you wish HGTV
service or idea to you.                                would come by and offer to help us out?

“Do not ever let a solicitor in your home,” said       Then, we welcomed David and Nicole Woodrow
Sgt. Joanna Seigel of the sheriff’s office crime       at 2567 Limequat and their two children. David
prevention unit. “Do not hesitate to call for law      works at Intracoastal Pool and Spa, and Nicole
enforcement assistance,” she added. “We are            for Miracle Ear. Next comes Mark and Damaris
here to help the citizens of Brevard and will help     Pearah at 2573 Temple and their four children.
                                                       Mark works at Harris, and Demaris homeschools
determine if the solicitor is a legitimate seller.”
                                                       the children. Talk about a busy family!
Seigel said most door-to-door solicitation is
                                                       Just recently, we welcomed Steve and Doine
unlawful without a permit and the details can be       Ovanezian, who moved down here from
found in Florida State Statutes 501.021 and            Queens, New York. They tested the area for
501.022. (Go to leg.state.fl.us/Statutes for more      awhile, and loved it, and bought the house at
on Florida laws.) You can call the crime               1068 Pineapple. A lot of hammering's been
prevention unit at 321-454-6643 or send an e-          going on at their new house, too, as they put in
mail to crimeprevention@bcso.us.                       wood flooring. They have a white American
                                                       Eskimo dog named Riley.
The Brevard Sheriff’s Office offers these
additional tips on home safety:                        Please email or phone us when you’re aware of
                                                       new neighbors moving in so that we may
• Use the peephole or window to check who’s at         officially welcome them to our beautiful area.
the door and, secured behind your locked entry,        Newcomers will be visited and given their
ask “who’s there?” If you don’t like the reply, call   Welcome Gift Package, including a copy of our
authorities.                                           bylaws and deed restrictions.
                                                       Robin McIntosh
• Don’t open the door until you are sure of a          1101 Pineapple Ave, 321-729-8988
visitor’s identity. If someone asks for help and       Email: nestobirdz@cfl.rr.com
you are concerned for your safety, tell him or her
through your locked door, “I am calling the police
for you right now.” Call 9-1-1 immediately when
you are concerned about a suspicious person.
  ACTIVITIES OF THE TURKEY CREEK                    mailed to each resident at considerable
       BOARD OF DIRECTORS:                          expense, is now published by the Board
                                                    electronically, about three times per year.
                Many homeowners may wonder                  The Board maintains the front entrance,
what activities the Turkey Creek Board of           and in the past year sponsored two volunteer
Directors have been engaged in. This article        Saturdays to clean up and improve the front
summarizes what the Board has accomplished          entrance landscaping. Although there were a
or tried to accomplish in recent years.             few other very welcome neighbors (thank you
                The whole purpose of the            Elayne Hough and Glen Weimar!), the lion’s
homeowners association is to preserve property      share of the work was done by the Board.
values, and most of our activities are centered             The Board keeps track of new neighbors
around this. The Board of Directors meets once      and welcomes them after they have moved in
per month. The Board welcomes input from            with a basket of goodies and a copy of our
members of the community, and the Board             covenants and bylaws. After dues are set at the
meetings are open to anyone who wishes to           Annual Meeting each May (organized and run by
attend. We encourage you to tell us what you’re     the Board), the Board sends out notices to all
unhappy with, so we can try to correct it. If you   homeowners to collect our annual dues, and
are unhappy with the job the Board is doing, we     follows up with second notices if necessary.
welcome your involvement and urge you to seek               Our President and Vice President attend
a Board position at our Annual Meeting in May.      many of the Palm Bay City Council meetings,
The Board hopes to establish an advisory            and serve as the neighborhood’s liaison with the
committee to study and give the Board guidance      City. This resulted in obtaining an ordinance
concerning the covenants, which would expand        authorizing the speed humps. After polling the
the thinking and interpretation of the covenants    neighborhood to find out whether the speed
beyond just the Board. More on this later at the    humps were wanted, the Board acted upon the
Annual Meeting, but if you are interested in        positive result by having the three speed humps
serving on such a committee, please let a Board     installed. This happened over a period of two
member know.                                        years rather than all at once because the Board
                A major accomplishment was          did not want to exceed its budget and needed to
spearheading a neighborhood-wide effort to          finish collecting for the humps before paying for
write new, enforceable covenants when our old       them.
ones expired in 2008. Many neighbors took part              The Board organizes and your dues
in this effort, with the result that we now have    finance our Annual Picnic. The Board places the
properly recorded and enforceable covenants for     ad for the annual Garage Sale, organizes and
our neighborhood. Your dues and assessments         judges the annual Christmas light decoration
paid for the legal work necessary to accomplish     and coloring contest, and organizes and follows
this.                                               the bylaws on election of Board members each
                The Board contacts violators of     May at the Annual Meeting.
our covenants and attempts to bring the owner
                                                              TREASURER’S REPORT
into compliance. At least 90 % of the time, our
neighbors recognize the covenant violations and     130 of the 152 property owners in Turkey Creek
promptly correct them. Our frustration is the few   have paid their dues for the current fiscal year of
homeowners who refuse our requests and              2010-2011. If you have not done so yet, please
ignore the covenants. We urge all of our            send in your dues before the annual meeting in
neighbors to talk to their neighbors who are        order to retain your voting rights. The dues
violating the covenants and ask them to correct     notices for 2011-2012 will be mailed out some
the violations before contacting the Board. It is   time in June. As always, if you have any
much more difficult to say no to a neighbor you     questions, please feel free to contact me via
see several times a week than to a Board            phone or email.
member you don’t know or barely know!
                        The Board created and       Mary Brandow
maintains a website, www.turkeycreekhoa.org,        Treasurer, TCHOA
which contains news and information about the       321-984-7277
community. The newsletter, which used to be         marybfla@bellsouth.net
Below are two Baby Sitters waiting to hear from
parents that need a Night out on the town to
celebrate a very special occasion or a much
needed break. They are Turkey Creek residents
and excited about the prospects of work.                      BRANDON’S
                  Kaitlyn Forry                                 LAWN SERVICE
                                                  ONE TIME SERVICE OR MONTHLY MAINTENANCE
                LaTrina Jackson
                   952-6278                                  321-960-5014
    PET or HOUSE SITTING SERVICE                  Free Estimates!              “A Cut Above!”
Katie McIntosh, age 20, a Turkey Creek
resident, would love to take care of animals,
plants, mail, etc, while you're on vacation.
Phone: 729-8988.

One of our neighbors, Sharalyn Bouley is           TENDER TOUCH HEALTH
offering housecleaning services and can be
reached at 951-7087
                                                          “Homecare based on Love”

                                                  If you or anyone you know can benefit from
                                                   our Homecare services, please contact Bibi
                                                    R-Singh, RN, at 321-266-9091 or 321-327-
                                                          5050 for further information

                Turkey Creek Homeowners Association
                   Your Board of Directors Invites You to
              The Annual Turkey Creek Homeowners Meeting
                            to be held at
               7:00 pm on Thursday May 19, 2011 at
                 The Timothy Room (map below)
                     of Peace Lutheran Church
                         1801 Port Malabar
             Corner of Troutman and Port Malabar Blvd.
The agenda includes:          A briefing on activities this past year
                              Treasury Report
                              Beautification Report
                              A Report on Crime Watch Activities
                              Report on the Activities of the Welcome Committee
                              Setting of the Annual Dues
                              Election of Officers for the Next Year

  If you can not attend the meeting, please fill out the below proxy form
                 and give to a neighbor or board member

                                           Proxy Form
The undersigned Homeowner in Turkey Creek Subdivision hereby appoints:

_________________________________________                or          TCHOA Board

as his/her proxy at the annual meeting to be held on May 19, 2011. The undersigned approves any

and all actions that said proxy may lawfully take at said meeting.

Signed _________________________________________ Date ___________________

Name __________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________

Proxy forms may be handed in at the meeting; given in to any board member or given to

Richard Cloutier 2543 Lemon St. 288-9670 phone, 956-9634 fax or rcloutie@bellsouth.net

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