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					    Harvester Training 2004

New Generation Picking Head
      New Generation Picking Head – MK2
    Features :-
• Full floating head;
• Tiltable and self aligning;
• Has a ‘soft pick’;
• Hydraulic, symmetrical
  width adjustment – 10”;
• Easy setup to suit
  canopy, yield & variety;
• Variable speed settings,
  from 0 - 550 rpm;
• Extremely robust
     New Generation Picking Head – MK2
  Head Timing :-

• pre-set in the URM
• should not need to be
• left and right sides linked
  by a central drive shaft;
• ensures both sides
  operate simultaneously.
    New Generation Picking Head – MK2
  Head Timing :- If the driveshaft has been removed.
  The timing can be checked using these procedures:-

• Turn the Left side Drive-
  line by hand until the
  locking plate and hole are
  in the correct position
• Use a bolt to “Lock” the
  left drive-line in place.
  New Generation Picking Head – MK2
Head Timing :- The picking head is correctly timed when
the key-ways in the eccentrics are facing as illustrated.


                                  Outside keyway   R
   H      Inside keyway

    New Generation Picking Head – MK2
  Head Timing , continued:-

• Turn the Right drive-line     • Ensure the finger carriers
  by hand until the keyways       move back and forth in a
  are facing as illustrated.      synchronized motion,
• Reinstall the timing          • Warning: Always check
  driveshaft, closest spline,     the locking bolt has been
• Remove the “locking” bolt       removed before starting
  on the Left side.               the machine hydraulics.
• Manually turn the drive
  line over slowly,
    New Generation Picking Head – MK2
  Drive Line :- For fine-tuning, if necessary, it is possible
  to manipulate the coupling in the vertical drive-line.
• The coupling can be split
  - allowing the vertical
  drive-shaft to rotate.
• The sprocket can now be
  moved in either direction,
  1-tooth at a time.
• Ensure the chain joiner;
  covers; etc, are securely
  re-fastened before
  operating the machine.
    New Generation Picking Head – MK2
  Drive Link Adjustment :- the design has the ability to
  change the movement of the picking rods front and rear.

• Some grape varieties
  can prove difficult to
• Increasing the RPM
  of the head.
• Adjusting the width of
  the finger gap.
    New Generation Picking Head – MK2
  Finger Carriers :- It is important to ensure the Finger
  Carriers are set, and maintained, at the correct angle.

• A template is supplied to
  visually check the finger
  carrier angles.
• The same template is
  used front and rear - by
  utilizing opposite ends.
    New Generation Picking Head – MK2

• The angle is adjusted by
  changing the length of the
  adjacent turnbuckle.
• Remember to re-tighten
  the locknuts afterwards.
• Note: the angle is greater
  on the front carriers.
    New Generation Picking Head – MK2
  Through Passage :- The design offers ‘symmetrical’
  movement, for adjusting the through passage width.

• The profile width of the
  vine canopy can vary
• The through passage
  width is important for soft
  fruit removal & minimizing
  vine damage.
• Available hydraulic width
  adjustment of 125 mm,
  (5”) each side.
     New Generation Picking Head – MK2
  Angle Adjustment :- The picking head has adjustment
  for setting the angle of the picking rod banks.

• Turnbuckles at the top
  allow the operator to
  “angle in” the sides.
• Important: with the sides
  angled, the available
  width adjustment is less.
• If the Head is spread too
  far, the timing drive shaft
  may separate.
  The width adj. may be as
  low as 80 mm.
    New Generation Picking Head – MK2
  Picking Rods :- This new picking head is only available
  with - 3 ft spacing, Long Bow Rods.

• Bow rods are used in a
  short stroke; higher
  speed; mode of picking.
• The rods holder spacing
  is infinitely variable.
• Factory set at 4" spacing,
  inter spaced between left
  and right-hand sides.
• Tool supplied for this
    New Generation Picking Head – MK2
  Maintenance :- Regular maintenance and checking is
  essential to ensure reliable operation and performance.

• Never work on the           • Wash with fresh, clean water
  harvester unless –            every ten hours.
  all controls are off;       • Check and tighten all
                                mounting/assembly bolts.
  the park brake is ON;
                              • Check for oil leaks and repair
  PTO is disengaged             immediately.
  (Tow);                      • Check all bearings & bushes.
  the ignition is off;        • Check picking rods; holders;
  the wheels are                and clamps.
  chocked;                    • Replace any worn or damaged
  and the key has been          items.
  removed.                    • Check oil level in gearboxes.
                              • Lubricate all grease points.
      Maintenance :- Regular maintenance and checking
is essential to ensure reliable operation and performance.

                          The chain cover needs to be removed
                          and lubricated every 100 hours
                          Check screws and keys at the same
                          Check locking screws of eccentric's

                          Visually check alignment of drive
                          coupling each day
   End of presentation!
Thank you for your participation.

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