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									                     TB/Safety Summary

    Andy Nichols, STFC – RAL

    MICE Collaboration Meeting, Harbin, 13-17th January 2009

                   TB/Safety Summary

Need for safety discussion:
   – MICE-ISIS Safety Management meetings are held
   – They are the de-facto top level safety forum
   – But we were understandably told not to use them for
     detail project safety discussion
   – We had two accidents, one lost time, so we are now on
     the HSE’s radar – we were asked to tighten up
   – So the Technical Board’s remit is expanded to include
     project Safety policy
   – New members:
       •   John Alexander – PPS
       •   Mike Courthold – Cryogenic systems
       •   Willie Spensley – CDM
       •   Matt Dickson – independent (STFC H&S representative)
                 TB/Safety summary

• The existing CDM regime will continue in the MICE hall for
  the life of Phase Two
   – But much of the phase two-specific hardware needs
      specialist safety consideration outside the CDM
   – This will be formulated by the TB at monthly meetings
   – A formal report is then submitted to the MICE-ISIS Safety
• MICE users need to co-operate with the TB on all matters of
   – Early indication of risks/procedures/hazards should be
      given so that risk assessments can be made effectively
   – Not too much is impossible as long as it’s understood
      and written down and the right people and procedures
      are involved!
   – Willie or Andy are the contact people

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