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					                                             PBWS NEWSLETTER
                                        Palm Beach County’s Most Exciting
                                               Watermedia Society
                                                             MARCH 2012
   The Palm Beach
 Watercolor Society
   is a 501(c)3 non-
  profit organization                NEXT MEETING MARCH 8, 2012 6:30 PM
promoting excellence
 and education in all                 Boca Community Center, 150 Crawford Blvd. Boca Raton.
forms of watermedia.
 Watermedia include                                   SUSAN HANSSEN NWS, FWS
watercolors, gouache                             Innovative watercolor / watermedia artist and
 and acrylic, amongst
                                                 workshop instructor, by popular demand will be
others and it is some-
times combined with
                                                 visiting us again, teaching us her award winning
         collage.                                specialty : painting on gold gesso with water-
                                                 color and gouache.
      PROGRAM                                    For a more in depth experience learning this
      SCHEDULE                                   technique, join the workshop Susan is giving on
      2011—2012                                  March 7th & 8th at the Boynton Beach Women‟s
                                                 club. There has been a cancellation so there is a
  COME EARLY to                                  space in the workshop. Call Lynn or Flora right
 SOCIALIZE, doors                                away. The application is on the last page.
    open 6 PM
                            Official Annual Meeting                                 WELCOME NEW MEMBERS
March 8 Susan Hanssen       March 8, 2012
                                                                                    Thomas Rebek
April 12 Sally Cooper                                                               3233 NE 34 St Apt 1408
                            As announced last month the official annual meeting     Fort Lauderdale FL 33308
                            of the members will be held at the March 8th gen-       954-567-3810
May 10 Marian Axley,
                            eral meeting, 6:30 PM at the Boca Community Cen-
NWS, FWS, GWS, WSA                                                        
– FWS 2010 Slide Critique   ter at 134 Crawford St in Boca Raton. The election
                            of board of directors for 2012-2013 will take place     Garrett Bender
                            at that meeting. Manny Jomok, chair of nominating       27 Lyndhurst B
                            committee presented the following slate of candi-       Deerfield Beach 33442
                            dates for the board of directors at the February gen-   718-312-2153
                            eral meeting:                                 

                            Paula Adams        Sharon Jacobs                        Terry Sussman
                            Pat Boldizar       Donna Jenner                         5746 Crystal Shores Dr.
      Editor:               Janet Davis        Carole St. Cyr                       Boynton Beach, Fl 33437
Donna Walsh Warren          Genia Howard       Adrienne Walker                      561 637 5055
                            Lynn Holland       Donna Walsh                
   Features Editor:         Peter Notaro       Flora Zolin
     Flora Zolin

       Mailing:                 ELECTIONS                     Membership Renewal due by 4/30/12
     Paula Adams             will take place at the           Notices going out in March. Please respond ASAP. It
                               March Meeting!                 really helps a lot to get renewals in a timely fashion.
 Pat Boldizar will be showing her watercolors and pastels from March 21st through May 6th, 2012 at:
 Friends Art Gallery at Spanish River Library and Community Center,
 1501 NW Spanish River Blvd. ,Boca Raton, FL .

 The Opening and Reception will be March 21st, 2012 from 6 to 8 pm. You're invited.

 At the paint-outs we have been trying out a new concept,
 suggested by Manny, of having a group critique at the end
 of the painting session. After painting we will line up our
 paintings and have a group critique. If you want com-
 ments from the group, add your painting to the
 lineup. All levels of participation are welcomed. Ask the
 group for feedback on your painting or just listen and
 learn to others in the meet-up group. Bring your lunch
 and we can make it a picnic.

 Marlene Weiss organized and implemented a 50-50 raffle
 at the February meeting. Evelyn Cohen helped Marlene
 with the selling of the raffle tickets and Evie was quite the
 sales person. Carol Ann Sherman brought some items
 from Cheap Joes and Holbein to add as raffle prizes so
 the first 50-50 raffle was quite successful and lots of fun.

 PBWS has display racks in case we need them for any exhibits but they
 are also available for rental if any artist needs them, Members of Palm
 Beach Watercolor Society get discounted rates on the rental. And, of
 course the revenue benefits our art education fund. Marilyn Young
 manages this program. Keep this in mind if you need racks for a show
 or hear of someone who needs them.

                                  Can you Yupo? Well if you were at the February meeting you would have a good
                              idea of how to get going with watercolor on Yupo. Carol Ann Sherman, aka “Princess
                              of Yupo” was the demo artist at the February meeting. She is very talented and her
                              enthusiasm is infectious. Check out these photos Sharon took of the demo.
 UPCOMING EXHIBITIONS                                     PAINT OUTS 2011 - 2012
 Coral Springs Museum of Art                              1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month
 29th Annual Open Juried Show                             9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
 2855 Coral Springs Drive                                 Various Locations Palm Beach, Broward and Dade
 Reception, TBA                                           Counties - Contact Judy Thurau (561) 482-0383 or
 Take in: Tuesday, March 6, 10 AM - 12 noon      or check Meet up Web Page http://
 Take down: Monday, April 2, 10 AM - 12 noon     Bring your lunch
 March 7 - April 1, 2012                                  and we will have a picnic and share and/or critique our
 Chairs– Adrienne Walker & Donna Jenner                   paintings.
                                                          March 6, 2012 Boynton Inlet Park
 Boca Raton Community Center Exhibit- 2012                6990 N. Ocean Boulevard Ocean Ridge, FL
 Take in Tuesday, April 3, 11 AM to 12 Noon Take          Fantastic place to paint. If you love waterscapes, it has it
 Down Monday, April 30, 11 AM to 12 Noon                  all, beach, boats, fishermen. Also has great parking. We
                                                          will meet in parking lot. Hopefully no rain this time.
 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month                        March 20, 2012 Old Key Lime House in Lantana
 9:30 AM - 12:30PM at the Boca Raton Commu-               The Old Key Lime House is the oldest waterfront res-
 nity Center in the Silver Palm Room.                     taurant in Florida. More info and directions at http://
 There is a different focus each time. It is also OK to Street parking, do
 just come and paint or draw with others, in this OPEN    not park in restaurant parking lot.
 STUDIO format. No charge to members; $5.00 to
 non-members. Please RSVP so we can get a head
 count. Contact Dona Nenner (561) 362-5506 - or Joan Starr-                        FACEBOOK is a wonderful promotion tool for                                             groups like ours. So if you are on Facebook,
 March 13, 2012
                                                             Please Like PBWS Facebook Page
 March 27, 2012

    PBWS Officers and Directors 2010 –2011
    Donna Walsh, President                                 561-499-3046
    Lynn Holland, Vice President                             561 638-9927
    Peter Notaro, Secretary, Membership                         561 381-7835
    Adrienne Walker, Treasurer                                 561-498-3605
    Paula Adams, Communications / Guests                      561-417-3742
    Pat Boldizar, Historian / Public Relations                  561-395-1052

    Genia Howard, DVD Librarian / Education                    561 276-5110

    Sharon Jacobs, Shows & Sunshine                            561-347-7929
    Donna Jenner, Shows & Programming                            561 997-6151
    Carole St. Cyr, Membership, Public Relations                        561-416-7248
    Marilyn Young, Shows, Racks, PR                            954-972-7222
    Flora Zolin, Workshops, Newsletter Feature                       561 865-0013
PRESIDENT’S LETTER                                          March 7 - April 1, 2012 SHOW
Donna Walsh, President PBWS                                 PROSPECTUS

                                                            29th ANNUAL OPEN JURIED EXHIBITION
                              This has been a good          CORAL SPRINGS MUSEUM
                              season so far. Our            2855 Coral Springs Drive
                                                            Take in: Tuesday, March 6, 10 AM - 12 noon
                              programs and events
                                                            Take down: Monday, April 2, 10 AM - 12 noon
                              are doing very well and
                                                            March 7 - April 1, 2012
                              the meetings are well
                              attended. It is a great       JUROR: Barbara O'Keefe, Coral Springs Museum Execu-
opportunity for socializing with fellow artists and         tive Director
meeting new ones. We have been getting a lot of
guests lately and everyone comments to me how               Ms. O‟Keefe has been with the Museum since 1996, Ms.
they love the way Paula introduces the guests and           O'Keefe oversees all aspects of Museum operations,
helps them realize what a warm and welcoming                which includes curating of exhibitions, educational pro-
group we are. We are getting the new people                 gramming, management of personnel and volunteers, fi-
coming because our programs are strong, and many            nances, marketing, collaboration with Board of Directors,
of you have been promoting PBWS. Keep it up.                and day-to-day operations. Exhibitions now include inter-
                                                            nationally recognized artists and continue to feature the
                                                            art of Florida artists. Under Ms. O'Keefe's direction, pro-
As we come up to this years elections, I want to let        gramming has grown from just a few initial class offerings
all the members know what a pleasure it has been            in Art Classes in an Art Museum, Artist in Residence Pro-
to work with the board this year. Despite wear-             gram, Sculpture Garden, Family FunDays, ArtShops, Mas-
ing other hats in the artist and business community,        ter Classes, and most recently the Saturday Chautauqua
not to mention real life interfering with PBWS              Series. Her excellent work has received recognition by
committee work, this group has balanced it all very         industry publications such as the New Times magazine,
well. I look forward to working with the board of           who selected her as "Best Museum Curator" of 2005. She
directors to build an even more vital organization.         recently contributed an article on the fiber artist Barbara
A lot of what has been worked on this year by the           Watler, "Unifying Diversity" for the journal Surface De-
                                                            sign. In 2009 Ms. O'Keefe and the Museum received the
board is infrastructure and reviewing policies, con-
                                                            prestigious Moretti Award for Artistic Excellence from
tracts, etc. Not as sexy as an exhibition or work-          the Cultural Foundation of Broward.
shop but essential for smooth operations. The way
you can tell we have been hard at work is PBWS is
a drama free zone.
                                                        Volunteers NEEDED
Many members have stepped up to help „get things
done.‟ You know the old saying, many hands make         Show Committee Helpers - We need members who can
light work. Well that‟s a true saying and it also       work with our experienced show chairs.
makes getting more members involved even easier
as no one person is burdened.                           Desktop Publishers - Are you good at Photoshop or another
                                                        graphics program? We could use someone to design some
We are starting to look at our strategic goals for      promotional materials.
next year and also a five year plan. Sustaining our
programming, supporting our mission and building        Open Studio Presenters - This new program is going very
our membership will be key. If you have any ideas       well. We are looking for members to step up and volunteer
of where PBWS should be going, please be sure to        to take one of the slots for next season.
let a board member know.
                                                        Fund Raising - Save your used ink cartridges so we can turn
                                                        them into $$$ for PBWS. We are also looking for members
                                                        to form a committee to help implement some of the fundrais-
I found I could say things with color and               ing plans.
shapes that I couldn't say any other way--
things I had no words for.
               Georgia O’Keefe
Flora Zolin
                                          I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, at-
                                          tended Erasmus Hall High School and
                                          the City College of New York and
                                          earned a degree in psychology. I
                                          taught arts and crafts at a summer
                                          camp, studied English and Hebrew cal-
                                          ligraphy, and created diplomas, wed-
                                          ding vows, invitations, and cookbook

                                          Art is what I love doing best.

I worked at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York in the adult in-patient psychiatric
unit doing art therapy and running groups. I was intrigued by how the patients related their lives and problems in
their drawings. When I moved into Manhattan I found a class in box making at a local “Y.” I took that class for ten
years and hand built and covered boxes that I designed and sold. One of my paintings won an award for excellence
at a NY gallery. Many have been on exhibit and several were sold. I love doing things with my hands.

I„ve taken workshops and studied with Don Andrews, Ted Nuttall, Jean Grasdorf,
Pat Dews, Carol Ann Sherman, Pat Weaver and others. Jean Grasdorf‟s pouring
techniques, Carol Ann Sherman‟s whimsical approach and Ted Nuttall‟s unique style
have influenced how I paint. At present I am studying fine art photography at Old
School Square in Delray Beach and using some of my images for my watercolor
paintings. I live in Delray Beach with my husband Howard, a CPA, raised three
wonderful sons, Michael, Eliot and David, am blessed with nine grandchildren and
one adorable great grandson.

I am a member of and on the board of the Palm Beach Watercolor Society, belong
to the Delray Art League, The Artist Guild and the Boynton Beach Camera Club.

Updates to Membership Info?
 Contact Peter Notaro
      Call: (561) 381-7835 or mail12278 Colony
      Preserve Drive, Boynton Beach, FL 33436
                                                               Why Watermedia
 All Member E-mail changes should be sent to Peter             It‟s Emotional …. It makes my heart
                                                               sing… I like the way it flows …. It is
                                                               clean and beautiful … Spontaneity …
                                                               Doesn‟t Stink … Dries quickly … So
Do you have any PBWS news?                                     versatile… LOVE to travel with it … I
  Please E-mail all member news to
  Donna Walsh at
                                                               love to paint with watercolor because I can
  Deadline for Newsletter is 15th of the month.                build an idea.
                                                                 … Various PBWS Members Quotes
           14TH SEASON WORKSHOPS 2011-2012
                                                              Boynton Beach Woman‟s Club
                                                                 1010 S. Federal Highway,
                                                      Boynton Beach, Florida 33425 561 369-2300
                                                       9:00 - 4:00 p.m. (30 - 45 minutes for Lunch)

                                                           SUSAN HANSSEN NWS, FWS
                                                   WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY, March 7-8, 2012
                                                               Watercolor Workshop
                                                    $160 for members, $190 for non members
                                                 Call Lynn Holland for information, 561-638-9927.

                                                               Workshop Application



             Phone #’s………………………..………….……...………………………………………………..……….……


             WORKSHOP: Susan Hanssen Mar 7-8 □

             For each workshop, please send your $100 deposit, or your payment in full payable to PBWS to :
             Flora Zolin,
             7981 Monarch Court                               $100.00 deposit to register per class.
             Delray Beach, FL 33446                           Non-refundable but may be used toward another
             561-865-0013                                     PBWS workshop within a year.

     Palm Beach Watercolor Society
     P.O. Box 1916                                                              y
     Boca Raton, Florida 33429-1916                                        mu .
                                                                         om ts
                                                                     a C es
                                                            0 PM Boc or gu
                                                                 e     f
                                                         6:3 t th ting
                                                      AT eld a mee
                                                   12    h    a
                                                20 and .00
                                              8, blic is $2
                                             H pu n
                                          RC the atio
                                       MA n to don
                                   Y e        d
                               DA op este
                             RS ting is sugg
                            U e
                        TH e me The
                     ING t Th ton.
                   ET tis Ra
                ME o ar Boca
              AL em d.
            ER s d Blv
       EN sen i ford
     G s
   T      n raw
 EX n Ha 50 C
N sa      1
 Su nter,

     Display Racks for Rent
     Anyone needing to rent the                                        Get your own PBWS
     PBWS racks to display their
     artwork, contact Marilyn Young.
                                                                          Gallery page.
     (954) 972-7222 or                              Support the group,
                                                                       show off your talent.
                                                                          Don’t be shy!!

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