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					Application of Solar Thermal in
        Dairy Industry

       IRENA, 21 Nov 2012
       Abhishek Bhatewara
Solar Energy Conversion

    Solar Energy   Photovoltaic
                   Solar Thermal     Heat
 Processes requiring Heat energy in
 Dairy Sector

Source: Commercialisation of Solar Energy in Urban and Industrial Areas – ComSolar
 Energy Consumption by Processes

Source: Commercialisation of Solar Energy in Urban and Industrial Areas – ComSolar
 Source of Energy

Source: Commercialisation of Solar Energy in Urban and Industrial Areas – ComSolar
Solar Thermal Technology
Key constraints of the user
  Space Requirement
  Availability during non-solar hours
  Matching technical requirement accurately
    Integration & Optimization
Concentrated Solar Thermal in India

  PTC      ARUN     Scheffler   CLFR
How are these technologies
addressing the challenges?
                     24-hr           Space        Technical   Economics
                   availability   Requirement   requirement
Parabolic Trough        √                           √
Scheffler                                                        √
CLFR                    √                           √            √
ARUN                    √             √             √            √
Conventional Energy Replacement
Potential through Solar
Concentrating Optics


 Parabolic rotational solids   Extruded parabolic profiles
 Concentrate the irradiance    Concentrate the irradiance
     up to 2,000 times              up to 200 times

Case Study 1 – Mahanand Dairy
   (running 100% on solar)
  Pressurized Hot Water for Milk Pasteurization with storage
                                Location             Latur
                                Delivery             18 bar and 180˚C
                                Capacity             80 – 100 kWth per dish
                                Dish numbers         1 dish
                                Commissioning        February 2006
Schematic & Operation Philosophy
Case Study 2 – Chitale Dairy
     Steam Generation for Milk Pasteurization
                          Location              Sangli
                          Delivery              5 bar and 152˚C
                          Capacity              80 – 100 kWth per dish
                          Dish numbers          2 dishes
                          Commissioning         October 2009
Schematic & Operation Philosophy
Other Solar Thermal Case Studies
             Government of India,
             Heavy Water Board

                                    Akshardham Temple
ITC Maurya Hotel, New Delhi
       Steam for Hospitality applications like Laundry, Cooking, Bathing
                                         Location             Delhi
                                         Delivery             8 bar (g) and 175˚C
                                         Capacity             80 – 100 kWth per dish
                                         Dish numbers         2 dishes
                                         Commissioning        Nov 2009

  Saves about 30,000 lit of PNG pa
ARUN®100 makes its debut at
Akshardham Temple, New Delhi
                 Steam Generation for community cooking
                                     Location             New Delhi
                                     Delivery             6 bar and 160˚C
                                     Capacity             48 – 60 kWth per dish
                                     Dish numbers         1 dish
                                     Commissioning        October 2012

 Saves about 12,000 kg of PNG pa
TVS Group, Chennai                      Residential Township
  Pressurized Hot Water for Comfort       Hot water generation for domestic
               Cooling                      purpose (under construction)

  Saves about 35,000 lit of diesel pa       Equivalent to 100 ETC systems
Investment Economics

  How much would you pay today for a fuel
  tank containing 25 years of fuel?
Investment Economics
  Financial Incentives
   MNRE Subsidy
   Tax benefit due to 80% accelerated depreciation

  Project Payback
   Cooking (substituting LPG @ Rs80/kg): 2-3 years
   Process Heat
      Substituting Furnace Oil, Diesel, PNG @ Rs 40/lit: 3 - 4 years
      Substituting Coal, Biomass, Wood: ~7-10 years
   Cooling: 5-8 years

  Equity Payback: Less than 1 year
  Thermal Energy Needs in Dairy Industry
  Solar Thermal Technologies to fulfill these
  Installation Case Studies – contrasting the
  Attractive Economics
About Clique Solar
  We are active in the Solar Thermal segment
  We are specifically focused on off-grid
  Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST):
   Industrial Process Heating (IPH)
   Solar-assisted Cooling
  We are pioneers in the IPH market
   First ARUN installation in Feb 2006
   Even today, the only commercially proven
   technology in the 140-250°C – ‘the IPH sweet spot’
Why Pioneers?
  We have expanded the potential applications of solar
  energy and made it technically & commercially viable
  We have customized the system to the needs of the
  end user
    We have understood and addressed the challenges faced by
    the users in adoption of solar thermal technology
  ARUN® is unique, patented and one-of-its-kind

  Probably the only technology in the solar domain
    that has been 100% indigenously developed
Facts about Clique Solar
  Working in the solar domain since 2004
  MNRE channel partner since Aug 2011
  Promoted by veteran IIT Bombay alumni
  Consortium member of one of India’s first CSP
  power plants coming up near New Delhi
  Intersolar India 2012 AWARD winner
  CSP Today, Spain 2012 AWARD – Top 3 in ‘Best
  Technology Supplier’ category

    Mr. Ashok Paranjape   Dr Shireesh Kedare
     Managing Director         Director

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