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									                                               Elrick Primary School
  P7G Class Charter                                 Primary 7G
                                                       Term 4
   We have the right to a clean and tidy
  Everyone has a responsibility to tidy up
              behind them.

We have the right to be treated kindly and
 Everyone has a responsibility to care for
others and be a thoughtful member of the

We have the right to an opinion and to have
           our opinions heard
 Everyone has a responsibility to listen to
  others' opinions and respond to them

    We have the right to an education
Everyone has a responsibility to work to the
 best of their ability and always try their
                                                                        This term we are learning about
          P7L Class Information – Term 4
                                                            This term we will be using a selection of mystery and spy texts
                                                            to stimulate our own imaginative writing ideas, explore vocabulary
                                                            and develop sentence structure. As part of our advertising topic
    Every week the children will have one piece of both     we will be looking at the power of text and image to persuade
literacy and numeracy homework. Both will be issued on a    consumers.
 Monday for hand in on Friday. The children should also
     rehearse the songs and routines for their show.        Numeracy
                                                            This term we will be using our understanding of fractions to
  Our class library time is on a Tuesday and we will be     focus on decimals and percentages. We will then apply this
 visiting the library at Westhill Academy to familiarise    knowledge to real life contexts with particular attention on units
   ourselves with it before we arrive there in August.      of measure.

  To promote responsibility we will be working in small     Health and Wellbeing
       groups to support the infant activity time.
                                                            PC Carnie will be running sessions this term about Internet
It is very important, for health and safety reasons, that   We will be building on our group skills in our enterprise and
    the children bring an appropriate PE kit to school      advertising project.
       everyday. PE kits should consist of a t-shirt,       We will be using our school grounds for our PE sessions this term
    shorts/jogging pants, indoor and outdoor shoes.         with a focus on team games and fitness.

As we are a Health Promoting School the children are also   Other Learning Experiences
 encouraged to bring a water bottle to school and have a    We are looking forward to our residential trip to Barcaple (16th
       healthy snack particularly on Fruity Friday.         May- 20th May) and our links days at the Academy.
                                                            We will also be busy this term rehearsing for our P7 show and
                                                            have chosen this as a focus for our enterprise project this year.

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