Unit 2 Whats the Matter_ Mike by dffhrtcv3


									        Unit 2
What’s the Matter, Mike?
       Part B   Let’s read.

    Xitaoyuan Primary School
         Mr. GouFuHong
             (苟福红 )

         Answer the questions:
•   1. Who is he/she?
•   2. What is he/she doing?
•   3. How do you feel when you see him/her?
•   4.Guess.How does he/she feel?
   How does Miss Xiong feel?
• Who is she?
• What is she doing?
• Look!~How does she
How does Mr.Gou feel?
           • Who is he?
           • What is he doing?
           • How does he feel?

•   happy(高兴的)
•   sad(悲伤的、忧愁的)
•   bored(无聊的、烦人的)
•   angry (生气的)
•   tired(疲劳的、累的)
•   excited(兴奋的 )
  1.How do you feel?
2.How does he/she feel?
•   between …and… ( 在两者之间)
•   pass…to.. 传递给。。。
•   hit ((手)击球等)/kick(脚)踢)
•   fly (flies) into飞(进)…
•   bounce (off) (弹(离))/
•   goal(得)分、球门)l
•   laugh (at)(嘲)笑…
•   get---got 得到。。。
       How does the girl feel?
• Who is she?
• What is she doing?
• How does she feel?

• Is she sad?
• No, she is…..
How the boy feel?
         • Who is he?
         • What is he doing?
         • How does he feel?

         • Is he angry?
         • No, he is…
• It’s Thursday morning. The weather is fine.
  There is a ping-pong match between Mr.
  Gou and Li-Jian. Many students are
  watching .We are excited.
• Now Mr. Gou has the ball. He bounces it.
  He got ten goal.
• Now LiJian has the ball. He hits it. He got
  eleven. How does he feel? Look, he’s so
• Hooray! Lijian won the game. But Mr. Gou
  is not sad. He feel happy. Why? Because
  he feel proud of his students.
         Answer the questions:
•   Who are they?
•   (Who is he/she?)
•   What are they doing?
•   (What is he/she doing?)
•   How do they feel?
•   (How does he/she feel?)
•   How about you?
• 1.Listen to your tape.
• 2. Say something
  about the games.

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• 仿照课文, 口语复述
   Thank you!
See you next time!

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