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9 October 1966 6:00 AM Wantage, England

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Most people are familiar with their Sun sign based on the month and day of birth. The Sun sign answers the question, "What's your sign?" It is the reference point that is employed when we read newspaper and magazine horoscopes. But what about the nine other heavenly bodies that make their influence felt in our lives? These planets were also in a particular sign of the zodiac when you were born. Here is where Astrology really begins to come alive for each individual. This report will take you on a revealing journey as you travel through each interpretation based on your unique month, day, and year of birth. If your birth time was included, then the Rising sign will add yet another dimension to your personal horoscope interpretation. If it is not included because you don't have an accurate time of birth, there is still much useful and insightful personal information that can be gleaned from your report. This report takes into account the various spiritual and psychological implications, as well as the material plane potentials which are part of your individual life plan. In this case the word potential is used because you have been given a certain amount of free will and the life choices that you make will determine to a large extent the level at which these cosmic energies actually play themselves out. Use this report to find confirmation for what you already feel intuitively and to unlock the door for new life possibilities that you may not have yet considered. This is where the strength and real value of your personal Astrological report is found. ********************************* Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below: Positions of Planets at Birth:
Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune 15 6 4 7 27 1 24 21 20 Lib Leo Sco Lib Leo Leo Pis Vir Sco 27 48 47 33 50 37 48 37 36 Pluto 19 Vir 14 N. Node 16 Tau 35 Asc. 0 Lib 40 MC 0 Can 53 2nd cusp 0 Sco 40 3rd cusp 0 Sag 40 5th cusp 0 Aqu 40 6th cusp 0 Pis 40

Tropical Equal Daylight Savings Time observed GMT: 05:00:00 Time Zone: 0 hours West Lat. and Long. of birth: 51 N 36 1 W 25 Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction: Opposition : Square : Trine : Sextile : 7 5 5 5 4 Deg Deg Deg Deg Deg 00 00 00 00 00 Min Min Min Min Min

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Chapter 1: The Ascendant The precise time on the day of your birth determines your particular Ascendant, also known as your Rising Sign. This was the zodiac sign that was rising over the horizon when you were born. In addition to your Sun and Moon Sign, the Rising Sign reveals very important traits that make up a major part of your personality and your individual approach to life. This is usually the impression you like to make before you really get to know someone; it is your outer personality and image.

Libra Rising: There is a distinct part of your outer personality that expresses itself very much like a Libra. You are charming, diplomatic, prefer cooperation to competition and people know you for your easy-going manner. Since this was the sign of the zodiac that was rising over the horizon at your time of birth, the principle of Libra--relating to others--will be integrated into almost every area of life in some way. Venus is your chart ruler. To discover even more about what's a priority for you, and also, the first impression you make on others, read everything in the chapter on Venus. Venus Conjunct or in hard aspect to Asc.: You are a naturally attractive person and other people find it easy to relate to you. The image you project is very important to you and you will usually invest whatever time and effort you feel necessary on grooming, the right clothes, etc. You do this because you may feel more than just a hint of chronic dissatisfaction with yourself. Even at your absolute best, you still feel as though there's room for improvement. Jupiter in soft aspect to Asc.: You have a self-indulgent streak in you. Even when you realize that a particular action may have undesirable consequences, you often make the decision to proceed regardless of outcomes. You're a risk taker. Win some; lose some. You're fortunate because you have luck on your side, if you don't take it for granted. You'll have to develop a consistent plan of action for yourself as you may have a tendency to get sidetracked.

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Chapter 2: The Sun The placement of the Sun in your chart will show you how (the sign) and in which area of life (the house) tremendous potential exists for you. Here is where you want to be successful. The Sun cannot be ignored. We must meet and deal with the area of life that the Sun shines on in our chart in order find ultimate fulfilment. Everything revolves around the Sun. When you master whatever issues the Sun points to, then other areas of life will proceed in a more balanced and satisfactory manner. The Sun also represents: your own will, major goals, and the father, men in your life, children, creativity, and the real inner you. Sun in Libra: Cooperative, diplomatic and refined, you will usually avoid conflict whenever possible. The principle of Libra embraces consideration of the other person, whether spouse, close friend or business associate. You are able to see both sides of a situation which makes this a helpful placement for lawyers and marriage counsellors, for example. Other people will often try to take advantage of this apparent niceness. However, when someone makes the mistake of trying to push you too far you will definitely balance the books. This is your instinctive sense of justice and fair play coming to the fore. When the natural Libran desire to consider all viewpoints and possibilities of a situation is carried too far, indecisiveness and fence-straddling can become obstacles to overcome. This could lead to an eventual resentment of other people, who do not appreciate your efforts to bend over backwards to accommodate them. The challenge for Libras is to balance the principle of cooperation without losing themselves in the process. You have a deep admiration for beauty and even if you are not artistic yourself you will still find some way to enhance your environment regardless of how tight your finances are. When money is abundant you can be quite extravagant, lavish and even self-indulgent. Sun in 1st house: Personal fulfilment in life is reinforced by projecting your personality. You are self confident and you basically have a positive outlook on life. Other people are attracted to your vitality, enthusiasm and usually sunny personality. There is a powerful drive to achieve personal goals along with the courage to initiate whatever action is necessary to bring your desires to fruition. There is a side to you that is active, aggressive and direct. You have strong drives and you can hold your own in competitive situations.

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Chapter 3: The Moon The Moon in your chart represents the past and points to an area of life (the house) where we function out of instinctive awareness. Often we have a deep emotional need to do the things that the Moon's house placement represents. Whenever insecurities arise and our feelings become involved, we tend to bring the traits (the sign) of our Moon into play. The Moon is like our security blanket. It also represents: the home, females in your life, the mother, nurturing others or being nurtured ourselves, as well as things related to the domestic scene in general. Moon in Leo: You need recognition and praise. You are warm hearted and playful with a flair for the dramatic. You exude an air of selfconfidence that makes other people want to give you the recognition you desire. It is often natural for you to assume dominance in social situations and being the centre of attention isn't something you shy away from. You take naturally to being in charge and you are comfortable with the responsibility that comes with authoritative positions. You have a good deal of pride, which in spite of your "I can handle anything" aura, can surprisingly be easily wounded. When you feel emotionally down, socializing or any form of recreation will pick you up again. Moon in 11th house: You need groups of people and the support that friends and acquaintances offer. At the same time, you have a need to maintain an emotional distance so that your independence is kept intact, as there is a natural inclination toward yielding to the desires of the "group mind." Group associations often lack permanence depending upon how strong your individual desire for freedom is. Women in general may have some important bearing on the realization of your hopes and wishes. Whether this influence manifests for good or ill remains to be seen. Personal life aspirations and lofty ideals are subject to waxing and waning enthusiasm on your part. Try giving yourself little pep talks when you're getting off track. Mercury Conjunct or in hard aspect to Moon: Your emotional states can be in conflict with your rational, logical thinking processes. An example of this would be saying to yourself, "I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I can't help it." You're restless and you have a lot of nervous energy that you find difficult to release constructively. Make lists for yourself if you find short-term details slipping your mind.

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Venus in soft aspect to Moon: You have a charming and refined side to yourself that you can call on when the occasion arises. You do well in most social situations. Objects of sentimental value hold special appeal to you. Music, art and beautiful things soothe your soul. Jupiter Conjunct or in hard aspect to Moon: When you become emotionally involved in a situation, you tend to blow things out of proportion. Once an emotion takes hold, it's hard for you to show restraint and then you wonder why others find it difficult to get as worked up as you are, or take you as seriously as you'd like. When you're upset you can get careless and you cope by indulging your whims of the moment.

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Chapter 4: Mercury Mercury is the planet of communication. It tells us about how we think and talk. You can gain insight into your mode of gathering, processing and transmitting information from Mercury's placement in your chart. Mercury also represents: transportation, the five senses, youth, reading, and writing. Mercury in Scorpio: You are insightful, intuitive and your communications are intensely expressive. Scorpio doesn't want to budge and you often approach life with a single-minded enthusiasm that others often find somewhat exasperating. You simply like to win, that's all. Your mind has a probing and penetrating quality that allows you to detect things that are not readily apparent to other people. You know how to keep secrets as well as dig them out of others when necessary. This makes you a natural psychologist, as you have an instinctive understanding of that which lies below the surface of other people's appearances. You prefer to learn through direct experience rather than books and lectures. You have good concentration and the ability to totally immerse yourself in whatever you undertake. Mercury in 2nd house: You can use the power of words to boost your money supply. You could earn a living communicating if you wanted to. You have the ability to be quite shrewd when it comes to financial concerns and much of your thinking and communicating is geared toward financial interests. It's hard for you to change your opinions once formed. Jupiter Conjunct or in hard aspect to Mercury: You may experience an inner conflict at times between acting on logic and acting on pure faith. You express yourself well, but there is sometimes a tendency to be overly verbose due to the fact that you doubt your own ability to get your point across satisfactorily. People do understand more of what you say than you may think they do. Really grasping what you hear can be challenging for you because your mind often likes to race ahead of the subject at hand.

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Chapter 5: Venus Venus is the planet of relating to others, and thus is associated with love, attraction and socializing. In a male's chart, Venus can provide clues about traits he finds attractive in females. In a female's chart, it reveals something about how she relates to males. Venus is also the planet of material goodies and sensual delights in all of their various forms. Venus also represents: money, harmonious conditions, pleasurable activities, beauty, and the arts. Venus in Libra: You are charming, approachable and normally very people oriented. You want to please others and you will avoid conflict whenever you can. You seek perfection in a partner and you may find yourself in numerous relationships as long as the search is on. This is one area where the reputation for fickleness originates. You may have a difficult time making up your mind anyway, as you possess an inborn desire to consider all viewpoints and possibilities before coming to a final conclusion about anything. The foregoing trait can also easily derail you from your original goals. You have a definite taste for the good things in life and as far as you're concerned you might as well have a partner who not only appreciates the same things, but can also help you attain them. Art, music and beauty in any form brings you great satisfaction, and you will always find a way to surround yourself with objects of beauty. Venus in 1st house: Venus here confers a certain magnetism. Something about your image is attractive to other people and you can use your personality to get more of what you want out of life. The impression you make on other people is important to you and you put forth the extra effort to present a combination of style and charm.

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Chapter 6: Mars Mars is our planet of action, energy output, motivation, and instinctive biological drives. It shows how and in which area of life you are willing to put forth a lot of effort. Mars' energy is quick, impulsive, and survival oriented. In a male's chart, Mars reveals something about how he relates to females. In a female's chart, Mars can provide clues about the traits she finds attractive in males. Mars also represents: competitive situations, conflicts, accidents, and sexual energies. Mars in Leo: You are passionate, have a naturally magnetic sex appeal and you possess a strong self will. You are courageous, fearless and brave, especially during times of crisis. You don't like to lose, and this trait makes you an extremely stubborn opponent when challenged. Action and vitality combine to create the ability to finish what you start, or negatively, to make you likely to be someone who doesn't know when it's time to quit. You can be quite the authoritarian. This is due to your ardent desire to complete projects once they are started, and you have little patience with those who can't match your enthusiasm and drive. This position supports the actor / teacher / group leader / authority figure. Mars in 11th house: You're willing to expend a lot of effort and energy in group affiliated activities. This refers mainly to groups of people who join forces to work toward a common cause. Many times this includes organizations whose goals are geared toward widescale social change. You actively seek out friends and acquaintances, but betrayals of trust may be encountered with Mars here. When in doubt, keeping your own counsel and trusting your own intuition will allow you to avoid disappointments. Most likely you are more action oriented than dream oriented when it comes to the attainment of your personal hopes and wishes.

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Chapter 7: Jupiter Jupiter is the planet of expansion and taking things beyond normal limits. It shows us where the universe allows us to indulge ourselves, and often we find that wherever it is in the chart is where things work out in our favour eventually. Some call this luck. Jupiter also represents: faith, ideas about God, abstract thinking, high ideals, and abundance. Jupiter in Leo: You are a generous person and you have quite a flamboyant side to your nature. You can attract the attention of others with ease, which makes you successful in most social interactions. You have a healthy belief in yourself and many of the benefits in life are conferred through your ability to follow your heart. You also have a talent for organizing and leading others. People may win you over with praise and recognition, which you love to receive. That's O.K. You probably deserve it. Jupiter in 11th house: Friendships and associations through groups are lucky for you. Some of your fondest hopes and wishes can be realized with the help of people who are willing to lend their support. You may have a large circle of friends and acquaintances, some of whom may be from a foreign culture, wealthy, or religious.

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Chapter 8: Saturn Saturn is our planet of restriction and discipline. It shows us where we may feel inadequate in some way, and thus we take this area of life very seriously because we want to perfect ourselves. Saturn also represents: life lessons to be learned, trials and tests, a strong sense of duty, and bringing ideas into material form. Saturn in Pisces: This placement of Saturn can be an indication that you will have many issues stemming from past life influences to deal with. Life lessons involve forgiveness, humility and altruism. You have the ability to combine spiritual realization with earth plane existence. Learn the value of helping your fellow man without thought of reward. You will have to learn the art of persevering against the odds and often the only encouragement you receive will be from you yourself. Be your own cheerleader if necessary. Divorce yourself from negativity. It is extremely important that you not undervalue your own unique contribution to humankind. Self depreciation will only lead to frustration and depression. Reminder: free yourself up by doing whatever it takes to release any motivation that is based in fear and guilt. Pamper your feet. Yours need extra TLC. Saturn in 6th house: This a lifetime to delve into the area of work and all work related issues. You may have to watch a tendency to become a workaholic from never feeling as though enough is enough. Working hard is O.K., but other areas of life risk being neglected. You would make an excellent craftsperson. Any work where attention to details is important will be enhanced by this placement. Care of the body, especially via proper nutrition is essential. You will benefit greatly by learning some healthful relaxation techniques. Don't worry; be happy. Uranus Conjunct or in hard aspect to Saturn: From time to time you will experience shake-ups in your attitude toward established modes of thinking and traditions that support the status quo. There is a certain amount of contentment with long held traditions. At the same time there is often an inner compulsion to break free and shake things up a bit! As soon as you begin to feel comfortable with your station in life or your achievements, unforeseen circumstances often arise that prod you into activity and forward movement again. You take yourself too seriously at times and you avoid putting yourself into subordinate positions at work or in any other group situation. If you can sit back and look at life with a different perspective, you will be able to see the value of the humorous side of life especially as it applies to you. Lighten up on your fellow man while you're at it. Those who share your capacity for progressive thinking and inventive approaches may be hard to come by, so you may as well make up your mind to go with the flow. Your visions will manifest more efficiently with the support of others.

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Neptune in soft aspect to Saturn: You can bring that which is without form into concrete existence. For example, you have an ability to take whatever you imagine and manifest it through art, music, or theatre. You can even express profound feelings through poetry and writing. This is a lifetime in which part of your mission is to bring a bit of the ethereal realm into physical earth plane existence. You seem to always have one foot outside of "reality" and the other planted firmly on solid ground. Mystical concepts must serve a constructive purpose and functioning on blind faith is not a credible concept for you. Your sense of responsibility is well developed, perhaps too much so. It may not be easy, but try to avoid acting on motivations that play off guilt and fear, such as allowing others to take advantage of your time and resources. Cultivate conviction and eradicate irrational doubts or fears. Heaven on earth is more than simply a trite phrase for you. It is your innermost vision. Saturn is Retrograde No one can give you a hard time like you can give yourself. You rarely feel satisfied with your own efforts. Constantly nagging inner voices of self criticism and unrealistic ideas of perfection can censor spontaneous creativity and squelch action before you even get started. You'll have to practice self trust. "Let go and let God" is a good mantra for you to mentally recite until your subconscious gets the message. Here's another: I will do my best and forget the rest. I will do my best and forget the rest. I will do my best and....

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Chapter 9: Uranus Uranus is a planet of unexpected change and unpredictable events. It tells us something about where we have unusual ideas and how we want to express our own unique individuality. Uranus also represents: rebelliousness, sudden awakenings, invention, progress, genius, anything "New Age," and humanitarian efforts. Uranus in Virgo: Uranus was in the sign of Virgo for approximately seven years. This means that you are part of a large group of people who will share many of the same fundamental characteristics such as the ability to be analytical and reality oriented. Many will take an unusual approach to scientific advances, health related issues, and the work environment. When you read your individual house placement for Uranus, you will be able to see where these traits will express themselves on a more personal basis. Uranus in 12th house: You can be a genius when it comes to tuning into vibrations from other planes of reality. You are no stranger to marching to the beat of a different drummer. You led a past life in which you were involved in scenarios that moved contrary to accepted norms of the day. The challenges that you met may still be causing some unresolved subconscious conflicts. Past life regression will prove to be revealing in a beneficial way. Neptune in soft aspect to Uranus: Idealistic and quite the visionary, you have much to offer in the way of hope and grand possibilities for your generation. You may have extraordinary abilities relating to mystical subjects. Here is where imagination and intuition combine, and the visualization of a utopian society based on a desire to further the lot of humankind can spur you on to tremendous achievements. You have incarnated along with a group of individuals who will join together with others of like mind to focus your unique talents on many global issues and pressing concerns. Pluto Conjunct or in hard aspect to Uranus: When it comes to expressing your uniqueness there is very little middle of the road as far as you're concerned. You're definitely a fighter for freedom and depending on personal choices you can be quite the revolutionary. You'll witness many drastic changes in the society you live in and the world you leave will be very different from the one you came into. This generational aspect endows many under its influence with a powerful sense of mission where issues of freedom and individual rights are concerned.

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Chapter 10: Neptune Neptune is a planet that dissolves hard and fast boundaries. It is where we don't always see things as they really are, mostly because we would rather view the world through rose-colored glasses. With Neptune, anything becomes a possibility, especially that which we can imagine. Neptune also represents: tuning into other planes of reality, the spiritual dimensions, cosmic consciousness, movies, music, and inspired creativity. Neptune in Scorpio: Because Neptune stays in the same sign about fourteen years, there are many other people who will experience the same things that this placement brings to varying degrees. Some of these include: a breakdown in sexual boundaries, positive spiritual transformation or extreme confusion along those lines, and a high level of deeply perceptive insights about yourself or others. Your house position will show where Neptune affects your life on an individual basis. Neptune in 2nd house: Do you ever wonder where all your money goes? Is it like magic, always disappearing? More than most you should approach anything that deals with finances with wide-open eyes. You can avoid a lot of financial confusion and doubt by cultivating a more realistic approach toward money. Be on guard for impractical moneymaking schemes. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. On the other hand, your creative inspiration can be utilized to make some money. Pluto in soft aspect to Neptune: Bigotry and narrow thinking are huge turn offs for you. You lean toward a humanitarian outlook and you see the big picture, whether it applies to you or society as a whole. Mysticism, magic and the occult attract your interest and you can choose to use any knowledge gained to produce positive results. Spirituality can undergo a complete regeneration process, and what went before will be transformed into something that doesn't even resemble the former. Usually there is a period of total chaos and confusion before order is restored. Anything that is based on deception and pretence will be brought to light and purged accordingly. The effects of this aspect are often generational and the outcome will affect large segments of the society you live in.

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Chapter 11: Pluto Pluto is a planet that brings with it transformation. Something about the area of life that it points to will undergo a complete change. Significant lifestyle changes can happen whenever Pluto is involved. Deep, complex issues will be brought to light eventually. It is where conditions can swing from one extreme to the other. It's all or nothing. Pluto also represents: psychological probing, keeping secrets or bringing them to light, power and control issues, obsessions, healing and purification. Pluto in Virgo: Pluto is the slowest moving planet, and thus is recognized as exerting a generational influence as it moves through each zodiac sign. With Pluto in Virgo you're part of the generation that can experience radical changes in scientific discovery, the medical profession, diet and nutrition and the work ethic. On a personal level, those with Pluto in Virgo tend to be aware of health related issues and are analytically minded, perfectionist and discerning. Read the house placement for Pluto in your chart. It shows you an area of life where this planet has a more personal influence. Pluto in 12th house: Deep psychological probing: that's what this Pluto placement encourages. You don't mind being alone with your own thoughts, and you can have some of your finest insights about yourself spending some quiet time in a meditative frame of mind. You may have strong feelings about helping the underdogs of society, and you can become a wonderful healer. You understand the woes of others and the perception you lend can help others to help themselves. Try to keep one foot inside your own reality. It's easy for you to get emotionally entangled in the unpleasant realities of those you try to help. One way or another, you'll have to deal with isolation in some form. This is either self-imposed or felt when working with other people who are set apart from society.

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Chapter 12: Elements, the North Node, and the Midheaven In this section of the report we interpret the following astrological influences: the Moon's North Node, the MC (the 10th house cusp or Midheaven) and also a preponderance of an astrological element. A "preponderance" occurs when 4 or more planets or the Ascendant is in that element: fire, earth, air, or water. Many people do not have a heavy emphasis of a particular element so not everyone will have an interpretation of an element emphasis. If the individual chart has aspects to the MC, these will reveal certain career options and potentials for your consideration. The North Node is an important pointer along the pathway of life. You'll have to be willing to stretch yourself and move away from familiar patterns in order to meet the challenge of the North Node. Great rewards will be reaped in the form of personal growth and reaching your potential goals. The North Node sign will suggest an approach to the area of life represented by its house position. North Node in Taurus: Incorporating the following traits into your life will make it easier in the long run to attain goals. The best way to describe this principle is to imagine a bird having to leave its nest for the first time. It is extremely challenging, but it's the only way to really learn to fly. Your North Node is in Taurus. Cultivate patience and determination. Enjoy the fruits of the earth and the fruits of your own labour. Take some time to smell the roses. Commune with Mother Earth. Wallow in sensual and tactile pleasures. Learn to appreciate natural beauty and find contentment in the simple joys of living. Find and create peace in your little corner of the world. North Node in 8th house: The universe is encouraging you to play up the aforementioned traits in these areas of life. Consider the following: bond with another person and experience real intimacy. You may even meet a kindred soul that feels like a "soul-mate." Become open to accepting the resources, or even the moral support that others give you. Learn to deal with issues concerning inheritance, or your partner's finances. Major lifestyle transitions can happen. You'll discover that drastic changes beyond your control often bring rejuvenation to outworn situations and therefore, a new lease on life. Pay attention to your dreams; they often contain psychic insights that can be pertinent to waking life scenarios. Keep a dream journal by your bedside to record impressions upon waking. MC in soft aspect to Mercury: The boss wants to hear what you have to say. You're lucky because you can get those in positions of authority to listen to your ideas. Communication skills will support your career ambitions. Variety is the key to your career, either a variety of careers, or perhaps a medley of
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duties to perform within a single career. Reporter, writer, accountant, educator, researcher, scientist, salesperson. Wherever the transmission of information is necessary, therein lies a career possibility for you. MC in soft aspect to Mars: You're well equipped to handle the competitive situations that arise in the workplace and your willingness to work tirelessly on projects wins favour with the boss. You don't go out of your way to be pushy with authority figures, but you do see them as equals and you're not shy about voicing your opinions. You're excellent at getting things going and you have plenty of innovative ideas to contribute. A career in the military, professional athletics, marketing, or in supervisory positions is supported. Choose a career that allows you to draw on your natural ability to lead, compete and meet new challenges.

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Chapter 13: House Rulerships This chapter deals with an Astrological technique known as House Rulers. The "houses" of the horoscope deal primarily with your earth plane experiences. As such, the tone of these interpretations may appear to be more "predictive" in nature. Not all statements will apply absolutely to your experience. Here we are exploring some of the various options that may exist in your chart based on the links between these twelve major areas of life, the Houses of the Horoscope. Ruler of 1st house in 1st: You want to create a distinct first impression on other people and the image you project is very important to you. There may be a strong resemblance to one of your grandparents. Ruler of 2nd house in 12th: You place a high value on idealistic concepts such as forgiveness and helping others altruistically. Or perhaps you have a talent for receiving and perceiving spiritual guidance, healing and other related metaphysical gifts. There is an indication that some of your money may go into large public institutions and charities, or you may earn money through them somehow. If you ever experience periods where your feelings of self worth are below par and are interfering with a solid sense of security, then you may benefit from some professional analysis sessions. Likewise, meditation can be a self help technique that will stimulate positive self awareness. Ruler of 3rd house in 11th: This indicates that you may think quite a bit about changing the world through humanitarian or other group efforts. You have many ideas about how to manifest your fondest hopes and wishes. Your thinking may be a bit radical, ahead of the times or unusual in some way. You may have a lot of communication with friends, acquaintances and groups of people. Ruler of 4th house in 6th: Your sense of security is connected to the work you perform and something about your upbringing influenced this. Homes or some specific domestic activity could have a bearing on the work you do. On the other hand, your home may represent a lot of duty and obligation in your eyes. If you ever considered catering or opening your own restaurant, this astrological influence supports those ideas well. Ruler of 5th house in 12th: Some of your love affairs may take place behind the scenes or you may choose to keep your romantic activities to yourself. Given a choice you'd rather keep your social activities private.
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You enjoy being by yourself at times and you can do some of your finest creative work while spending some time alone. Ruler of 6th house in 2nd: The health related fields may increase your income. You worry too much about money and possessions, although you may have good powers of discrimination when it comes to handling money. You're willing to work diligently for your money. Ruler of 7th house in 11th: Your marriage partner can be very much like a friend to you or the element of friendship is very important to both of you. You may form a business partnership with a friend or acquaintance. When it comes to committed relationships, either you or your partner may need a higher than usual degree of independence even within the framework of marriage. Ruler of 8th house in 1st: Other people's money can come to you through an inheritance. Or perhaps, other people's values can have a considerable influence on you. A radical lifestyle change could have a significant effect on your approach to life. It's also possible that a mystical experience at some point will change your outlook on life. Ruler of 9th house in 2nd: Higher education can have an important influence on your money supply and/or your feelings of self worth. Travel, law, publishing, and sports related fields may affect your income. You have faith in your ability to earn a living, and what you believe you deserve directly influences what you have. Ruler of 10th house in 11th: Your career may be connected to an organization with a common cause, such as humanitarian efforts, wide-scale social change, etc. It may also involve your friends or large groups of people. Your career can be subject to unexpected circumstances beyond your control, however, breakthroughs can happen suddenly. You have the ability to be in a position of authority within groups of people and you can be something of an authority figure to friends. Most likely those who gather together work towards some kind of social change. Ruler of 11th house in 1st: Friends and even those you are only acquainted with are very important to your outlook on life. You may even find that your friends identify with you. Or, perhaps your friends have an unusually strong influence on you. Your fondest hopes and wishes, or your desire to create radical change on some level, is an integral part of you.
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Ruler of 12th house in 2nd: Past life scenarios can bring up issues to work out regarding finances or what you have in general. This can stem from past life attitudes about money or perhaps even your feelings of self worth. You could experience a time of confusion and doubt about your own self worth. Too much emphasis on the importance of material possessions can work against you. Experience the contentment that the simple pleasures of life can offer.

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