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					Guide to Hosting the Chick-fil-A Leadercast
                     About the Event
•   One-day leadership event featuring renowned
    authors, CEO’s, & thought leaders.

•   Broadcast LIVE from Atlanta via satellite or
    internet broadcast to hundreds of locations
    throughout North America.

•   An opportunity to develop more people for a
    fraction of the cost, eliminating travel
    expenses and out-of-office time.

•   Brought to you by GiANT Impact, a leadership
    development company in Atlanta, Georgia.
                        The 2011 Speaker Lineup

John Maxwell             Robin Roberts            Dave Ramsey                Suzy Welch                  Seth Godin                Mack Brown
Leadership expert and   Anchor of ABC’s emmy-     Author of “The Total       Best-selling author,    Entrepreneur, marketing    Head Coach of the Texas
  best-selling author    award winning show,     Money Makeover” and      television commentator,    expert, and best-selling    Longhorns, 2009 Big 12
                        “Good Morning America”     radio personality       and business journalist     author of “Linchpin”        Coach of the Year

        Erin Gruwell                  Dan Cathy                  Muhtar Kent               Sir Ken Robinson              Frans Johansson
      Founder and president        President and COO of         Chairman of the board         Best-selling author &      Best-selling author of “The
         of The Freedom               Chick-fil-A, Inc.          and president of The          leader in creativity,           Medici Effect”
       Writers Foundation                                       Coca-Cola Company             innovation, & human
               Benefits of Hosting
• World-class training without leaving the office.
  With an “in-house” experience for 20 team members or 2,000 people in your
  network of field offices, eliminate travel expenses and out-of-office time.

• Offer a lineup of speakers for low cost and easy coordination.
  Offer training by renowned leadership experts without paying an honorarium
  for each speaker or orchestrating an entire leadership conference. We bring
  it to you!

• Invest in your team and your company.
  Give your office momentum to inspire growth in leaders at all levels in your
  organization. When you invest in them, they invest back into the company.

• Get results.
  Develop the collective leadership skills of your team and exceed your
  organization’s standards for performance, productivity and profit.
What Your Team Will Learn
           • How to lead based on respect and
             relationship rather than rights and position.
           • The difference between dynamic
             leadership and mediocre management.
           • Ways to move past the brainstorming
             phase to actually implement ideas.
           • How to provide exceptional customer
             service & create a culture of servanthood.
           • The keys to finding your passion and
             unlocking creativity in your workplace.
           • Way to incorporate innovation in your
How it Works
     • We assemble the renowned
       speaker line-up in Atlanta, GA.

     • From Atlanta, each speaker
       session is transmitted LIVE via
       satellite or internet broadcast.

     • Hundreds of host sites and nearly
       70,000 attendees across North
       America receive the signal.

     • Utilize breaks between sessions
       and lunch to develop action plans
       with your team.
      Site Packages & Rates

Prices range from $27.40 to $89.75 per attendee:

Attendees      Price             Attendees         Price
20             $1,795            100               $4,895

30             $2,495            150               $6,195

40             $3,095            300               $8,220

50             $3,595                  Retail value per person = $149
       Thank you.
For more information, please visit

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