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Dr. Fred's Miracle Rub is available at Ojai Village Pharmacy and at the online store home page dedicated to the cream. It is a useful and effective rub that has a pleasant smell and is easy to apply.

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									Ojai CA, Dr. Freds Meds, Offers Natural Miracle Pain Relieving Cream

Ojai, CA, 10-MAY-2013 - Ojai Village Pharmacy is pleased to announce that those people who are
suffering from pain can get natural pain relief thanks to Dr. Fred's Meds pain relief cream. One of the
major benefits of this natural product is what it doesn't have, rather than what it does have. It has none
of the potent smells of wintergreen or menthol in the list of ingredients.

Yet it is a powerful pain relief cream. In fact, it has been called a "miracle". Because it has a mild smell
and is so effective at its claim to reduce pain with regular use, the support for the product is growing.
Another advantage that is appreciated by anyone who is aware of safety issues is the fact the the "Dr.
Fred's Miracle Rub" is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The product is known for its ability to relieve sprains, bruises aches and pains quickly. The soothing
relief can be felt quickly when the cream is applied to any location that is painful. It is also effective for
arthritis, backache and similar pains. This topical pain reliever is a successful option to pain killers
which can quickly lose effectiveness.

Those who use the pain relief cream need not worry about greasiness or skin burns. The product doesn't
smell unpleasant. Using Miracle Rub will help to alleviate the pain of trigger thumb, migraines, muscle
cramps, headaches, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and bee stings.

The effective ingredients in the product include pain relievers, deep tissue penetration agents, joint
lubricants, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory agents and a nerve conduction retardant. All of these
are helpful, but the major effective ingredient is histamine dihydrochloride. This substance increases
blood flow to the distressed area.

The Dr. Fred's Miracle Rub doesn't need a prescription, however it is only available by buying online or
by traveling to the pharmacy in Ojai. The cream is simple to use. It can be applied up to four times
daily. The rapidity of its effectiveness will vary, depending upon the type of pain. The Rub might work
after a single application or may require multiple applications in order to reduce the pain.

Learn more regarding the natural pain relief product by visiting the links found at
http://www.drfredsmeds.com today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions
about the cream and how to use it can make use of the contact information presented below.

Product: Dr. Fred's Miracle Rub
Company: Ojai Village Pharmacy
Address: 202 East Ojai Avenue, Ojai, CA
Contact Telephone Number: (805) 646-7272
Email: info@dr.fredsmeds.com
Website: http://www.drfredsmeds.com

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