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									Learn how to convert swf to mp4 for
     importing to Camtasia 8
Camtasia Studio is a software applications for creating video
tutorials and presentations (screen video capture), published by
TechSmith. This software can help to record. The presenter
carries out all steps of the demonstration in sequence and is able
to jump from one application to another without interrupting the
recording process. In addition, the presenter is also able to
overlay their voice, as well as sound effects or music onto the
presentation. Camtasia allows audio recording while screen-
capturing is in progress, so the presenter can narrate the
demonstration as it is carried out.
The newest version is Camtasia Studio 8. Camtasia Studio 8 is
perhaps the best screen recorder in existence. It gets top ranking
because of the: pro features, automated workflow, beautiful
designed and comfortable user interface, extensive capabilities
within the timeline editor, video tutorials and support which makes
this product unbeatable.

But Camtasia Studio 8 will no longer support producing FLV or
SWF files in future releases.
So if you want to do something like the guy bellow:
"I can't import SWFs created with Snagit into Camtasia Studio. I
created a swf file in SnagIt--a picture with hotspots that activates
rollovers. Tried to import it into the new Camtasia 8--still no luck.
Am I missing something? "

If you want to insert swf file into Camtasia 8 for editing, you should
convert swf to mp4 which has become the latest standard in
video. That is why camtasia use of MP4 for your Camtasia Studio
To convert the swf file you need a swf to mp4 converter to do the
conversion. Doremisoft swf to mp4 converter will help you convert
the swf file to mp4 format, what's more, it also can convert swf file
to other format that you want. If you are windows user, you can
choose to convert swf to wmv, or convert swf to avi. For mac
user, you are able to convert swf to m4v mac and convert swf to
mov mac.
Follow the step to convert swf to mp4 for camtasia:
Step 1: If you have install the converter into your computer, just
run it, click "Select File" to add swf videos from your local disk.

Step 2: Set MP4 as Output Formats. To do this you just need to
click "Next" button to Option interface, and choose MP4 as the
output format from the drop list of Output Format.

Step 3: Start to convert SWF to MP4. After completing to set
output format, press "Next" and click "Start" to convert SWF to
You can learn the video guide of how to convert swf to mp4:


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