Region 7 Operations Briefing

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					     Albert Lea Airport
 Contest Operations Briefing

• Welcome and General Remarks
• Launch
  – Procedures
  – Re-light
• Landing
    Welcome and Comments

   Operations Briefing

• Operational Topics
  – Gridding and parking
  – Parking cars – go/no-go for launch
  – Airport operations
     • Notam period
  – Launch Procedures and signals
  – Re-light Landings
  – After Task Landings
  Gridding and Parking

• All 4 runways marked numerically
  – Spaced for 20 meter ships
  – Cars must be moved behind glider closest to end of
    runway PRIOR TO START.
     • No opportunity for gliders to contact the cars at launch
   Airport Operations

• Airport NOTAM for launch period
• ?
• ?
   Launch Procedures

• Launch Team – Orange Vests
  –   Tow Plane Signalman (1)
  –   Rope Runners (2)
  –   Wing Runner (1)
  –   Connect (1)
  –   Cross Runway Traffic Observer (1)
   Launch Procedures

• Procedures and Signals
   –   Assumption - if next & canopy closed – you are ready
   –   Canopy closed when plane in front of you launches
   –   Only Signals to Pilot
   –   3 Opportunities to Opt Out
        • 1. Leave canopy open
        • 2. Refuse to connect
        • 3. Release tow rope
   – 1 Minute Remedy or Push Off
   Launch Procedures

• Wing Runner Signals to tow plane
  – No additional response from glider pilot will be looked
    for or expected
  – All will be a go unless signal 6
  – When begin takeoff is given
     Signalman will signal launch
     unless cross runway traffic
   Launch Procedures

• Special Launch Requirements
  – Crew or pilot communicate to launch team
     • Water ballast requires no wing down
     • Acceleration of tow plane (Ka6)
     • Others ?
    Re-light Landings

• Always at cross runway unless wind dictates
   – Specifically briefed at the daily pilot meeting
   – Cross traffic monitor will be listening via radio on
     contest frequency
Landings at the end of the

• Assume runway you launched from
  – Changes while on task will be announced on the contest
  – Your crew is responsible for getting you towed off
  – Grass and alternate areas will be briefed at the daily
    pilot briefing

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