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									                      ENERGY MISSION


Today, less than 10% of global electricity is produced by sustainable energy
sources. This week, discover YOUR power to help change that number.

Shift the Grid

Our energy grids are built on diminishing and unreliable resources. And more
than 1.5 billion people around the world live without regular access to any grid
electricity. Our energy future depends on having the skills and ingenuity to
harness renewable power sources, on or off the grid.


      Solar energy
       photovoltaics, solar thermal power, solar ovens
      Wind energy
       windmills and turbines
      Micro-grids
       local networks for local power
      Kinetic energy
       hand cranks, bicycle pedal power
      Organic energy
       biodigesters, microbial fuel cells

Who else is inventing creative,
sustainable ways to power our
everyday lives?
Meet Jessica, a real power player: she invented a soccer ball that
generates electricity when you kick it. Play a quick game of soccer with
your friends, and you can power your household light for an entire

Jessica tested her idea in South Africa and Kenya. Now she has her own
company called sOccket to help her spread her big idea all over the world.
And she's not the only young social innovator changing where and how
we can get power.

Meet Hugo, born and raised in South Africa. He makes technology that
allows anyone, anywhere to make electricity from dirt in their own
backyard. To share his solution, Hugo started a company called Lebone --
pronounced [La - bo - ney] -- it's the Northern Sotho word for light, lamp,
or candle.

Your LEARN/INVESTIGATE mission this week is to figure out: Who else
is inventing creative, sustainable ways to power our everyday lives? Find
someone working on a creative electricity project, or a sustainable energy
project -- and tell me about their big idea.

Find the power players:
Try searching "social entrepreneur" and "electricity", OR "social innovation"
and "energy", OR "sustainable energy" and "creative solution". Whose great
idea can YOU discover?

Your objective:
Find a POWER PLAYER: someone who is working on an amazing electricity or
sustainable energy project. Share your discovery.

Design a new way to power
something you use everyday.
Take a look around you. Something YOU use or do every day could be
powered differently.

Your challenge this week is to DESIGN A NEW WAY TO POWER something
you use everyday. Maybe it's your mobile phone. Maybe it's the light you
use to read at night.

Your solution should be cheaper, or more sustainable, than your current
power source.

It's an ambitious challenge -- You know that even if you fail, you can
learn from your efforts... and maybe even inspire someone along the

Your objective: Design a new way to
power something you use every day.


Tell a creative story about how
you're celebrating a special day in
the year 2020.
You're celebrating your favorite holiday or a special event in the year
2020. What holiday or event is it, and how is it powered? What new energy
source is fueling your festivities? Focus on the sustainable energy sources
that make your celebration possible.

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