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					                             SOFTWARE CAPABILITIES

                                  Maintenance Manager

                DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES                                     INCLUDED IN

1. Track work for associations, owners, or                                    YES or NO
    non-managed customers. (except for “non-managed” customers)

2. Select the location of the job site, add a                                 YES or NO
   description of the work, and classify the work
   for reporting.

3. Assign work to internal employees or outside vendors.                      YES or NO

4. Proposals may be generated and sent to customers                           YES or NO
   prior to the start of the job.

5. Maintain a maintenance worker schedule to assign work to                   YES or NO
   employees and set up schedules for work to be done.

6. This allows multiple employees to be assigned to one job                   YES or NO
   and to schedule their time over multiple days.

7. Bill in multiple ways. You can bill the homeowner directly,                YES or NO (Partially)
   the community directly, or bill an owner’s community account.

8. Allow multiple employees to charge time to one work order.                 YES or NO

9. Use the Phone Messenger to promote phone calls to work orders.             YES or NO

10. Calls: Tracking of all incoming calls. The calls can then be assigned     YES or No
    to managers and employees for review. Once the call has been
    reviewed by a manager, he or she can then decide to turn the call
    into a Work Order. A call does not always have to generate a work

11. Tracking of incoming calls from homeowners for various reasons.           YES or NO
            a.      Reporting capabilities to track the number of calls
                    received, and the time spent handling calls from
                    each community.

12. Global Owner Search - Search across all communities to locate             YES or NO (Partially)
    Owners by name, street address, or A/R Check Number.

13. Global Reports - Compile global data and print reports that apply         YES or NO (Export)
    to all communities or a range of communities. A drill down search
    on multiple communities.
14. Print Labels for Board and Committee members in all of our              YES or NO

15. Lockbox Processing - Process payments received from your                YES or NO
    Bank’s Lockbox or from Online Payments.                                 (Online Payments)

16. Scan Payments using the optional MICR check scanning interface.         YES or NO

17. Direct Debit (ACH) - Automatically withdraw monthly funds from          YES or NO
    owners’ bank accounts through the Direct Debit interface.

18. Enter bills quickly across multiple communities, post, and then          YES or NO
    print checks using the optional MICR Check Printing feature. (not across multiple communities)

19. Form Letter Manager - Share form letters among multiple                 YES or NO
      communities to quickly create and update customized merge

20. Customized automation of repetitive tasks such as the following:
     Apply recurring owner charges, prepayments, late fees, or             YES or NO

     Categorize collections and print collection letters.                  YES or NO
      Print Monthly Financial Reports and Owner or Officer Mailing

     Close the current period and apply recurring journal entries.         YES or NO

     Apply recurring AP invoices.                                          YES or NO

     Print coupons or generate coupon files.                               YES or NO

     Define default print settings and set posting dates based             YES or NO
         on a range of automated date combinations.

     Schedule job run dates using Outlook-style date recurrences.          YES or NO

     Schedule jobs to run manually, automatically, or to prompt a          YES or NO
      selected user when the job should be run.

21.   Community Fact Sheet.                                                 YES or NO

22.   Phone Messenger.                                                      YES or NO

23.   Calendar/Organizer/Scheduler.                                         YES or NO

24.   Form Letters/Templates.                                               YES or NO
25.   Community Officer tracking.                                    YES or NO

26.   Owner Resale function.                                         YES or NO

27.   Violation Tracking.                                            YES or NO

28.   Communication Histories.                                       YES or NO

29. Vehicle Registration/Tracking.                                   YES or NO

30. Link invoices to an online payment option that allows            YES or NO

      members to pay via Credit Card or ACH.
31. Document Management                                              YES or NO

32. Facilities Reservations, including assigning reservation fees,   YES or NO
      and to collect payments on-line (No).
33. Members Directory                                                YES or NO

34. Online Voting                                                    YES or NO

35. Mobile Notifications                                             YES or NO
36. Community Store                                                  YES or NO
37. News Feeds                                                       YES or NO
38. Advertising                                                      YES or NO
39. Community Store                                                  YES or NO
40. Events Calendar                                                  YES or NO
41. Group Dash Boards                                                YES or NO
42. User Wall for private messages to members                        YES or NO
43. Extensive operational and financial reporting, including         YES or NO
    vacancy reports, multiple rent rolls, lease expirations,
    insurance expirations, property/unit/occupant reports
    and delinquency reporting.
                    CC&R Violations and Architectural

                    DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES
                    INCLUDED IN

1.   Batch processing tools to help you quickly create and process              YES or NO
     multiple violations or requests at once across multiple

2.   Reminder feature to automatically determine which items need               YES or NO
     your attention when you enter the violation section of the

3. Load a digital picture of a violation or approved change, which may          YES or NO
   be printed in a letter or report, or attach architectural plans and other
   supporting documentation.

4. Custom define form letters using a simple word processor interface.          YES or NO

5. Define our own set of 3-digit CC&R codes, and assign them to                 YES or NO
   records to easily categorize records.

6. Create a series of action levels, each of which may have fees and/or         YES or NO
   letters attached to them. The CC&R module will automatically follow
   these steps to help you generate letters in a timely manner.

7. Batch entry to enter multiple similar violations at once across              YES or NO
   multiple associations.

8. Print warning letters based on the schedule established in                   YES or NO
   action tables.

9. Batch Letters to generate letters globally for all of our associations       YES or NO
   at once.
                                      Community Websites
                DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES                                    INCLUDED IN

1. Online payment processing - allow homeowners to log in to a               YES or NO
   secure site to pay their dues and signup for recurring payment

2. Board only areas for reporting and Payables approval - gives board        YES or NO
   members the access they need to see important reports and facilitate
   the approval of pending payables.

3. Posting of community documents - allows owners to see and                 YES or NO
   retrieve necessary community forms in a secure environment that
   Synchronizes Owner, Work Order, and Violations data. Provide
   Owners real-time access to all information as it relates to them, and
   allow them to request services and make changes to keep our
   software data current.

4. Private resident only area - Selectively publish what the general         YES or NO
   public can see on the community website and what is exclusive
   for homeowners.

5. Bulletin boards and Notices, such as the following:

        a. Newsletters;                                                      YES or NO

        b. Babysitting;                                                      YES or NO

        c. Community Meetings;                                               YES or NO

        d. Electronic posting of Garage Sales with photos of product         YES or NO
           and pricing. Should have the ability for consumer to pay

        e. Notices of Board of Director Meetings with accompanying           YES or NO

        f.   Display directories for all of your clubs and associations      YES or NO
             so members know who to call.

        g. List all of the service providers in one central place and        YES or NO
             categorize the list for easy viewing.
        h. Set up directory of Approved Vendors.                              YES or NO

        i.   Photo and Video gallery                                          YES or NO

6. Community defined site - further personalize the site with your            YES or NO
   community's look and feel and even tailor the site to link to the
   things important to your homeowners.

7. Membership Directory - Manage your members online, and allow               YES or NO
    the members to manage their own data which reduces your time
    and effort.

8. Ensure confidentiality of information by providing each member             YES or NO
   with a unique ID and Password. With this unique ID, members
   shall have control of managing their profile, determining what
   notifications to receive and what information is available to other

9. The Board Members, other specific committee member’s (as authorized)       YES or NO
    and the system administrator have access to restricted and enhanced
    software features that can improve the efficiency within the community.

10. “Permission based” access to tools such as the following items:

        a. “Accounting”;                                                      YES or NO

        b. “Website”;                                                         YES or NO

        c. “Maintenance”; and                                                 YES or NO

        d. “Facility Management”.                                             YES or NO

11. Secure registration system to allow new residents to register on the      YES or NO
    site. After approval by the administrator, they are emailed and
    welcomed to the site.

12. Link invoices to an online payment option that allows                     YES or NO
    members to pay via Credit Card or ACH.

13. Automation of the following processes:
       a. Automatic Website Publishing;                                       YES or NO

        b. Automated Collections Processing;                                  YES or NO

        c. Community Report Defaults’                                         YES or NO

        d. Instant Email Notification on Work Orders;                         YES or NO
         e. Automatically Pass Work Order Charges to Owner;            YES or NO

         f. Automated Violation Processing;                            YES or NO

         g. Mobile Device Compatibility; and                           YES or NO

         h. Schedule Processes to Run Off Hours                        YES or NO (Not

14. Link invoices to an online payment option that allows              YES or NO
    members to pay via Credit Card or ACH.

15. Document Management                                                YES or NO

16.   Facilities Reservations, including assigning reservation fees,   YES or NO
      and to collect payments on-line. (No to online payments)
17.   Members Directory                                                YES or NO

18. Online Voting                                                      YES or NO

19. Mobile Notifications                                               YES or NO

20. Community Store                                                    YES or NO

21. News Feeds                                                         YES or NO

22. Advetising                                                         YES or NO

23. Community Store                                                    YES or NO

24. Events Calendar                                                    YES or NO

25. Group Dash Boards                                                  YES or NO

26. User Wall for private messages to members                          YES or NO

27. Market and Fill Vacancies On-line in the following
       a. Upload pictures and list vacant units. Allow prospects
          to search and apply for available listings online;           YES or NO

         b. List vacancies on your resident website;                   YES or NO

         c. Receive inquiries online from interested prospects;        YES or NO
        d. Customize your rental application and then receive                YES or NO
           applications online;

        e. Collect rental application fees electronically; and               YES or NO

      i.   Get notified immediately when a new application                   YES or NO

                                         Gate Security
               DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES                                     INCLUDED IN

b.         Track owners’ vehicles and visitors coming into the community     YES or NO
           based on the owner they are visiting.

c.         Search cars based on owner name, car color, make,                 YES or NO
           model, tag number, or year of the visiting car.

d.         Add visitor data and print passes for long-term visitors, set     YES or NO
           Restrictions for certain individuals, and define the required
           fields for visitor admittance.

e.         Track vehicles and maintain a visitor log history, which.         YES or NO
           can be printed

f.         Setup permanent and temporary community visitors for use          YES or NO
           by an attended guard gate/station.

g.         Generate reports, to quickly and easily get a printout of,        YES or NO
           all vehicles residents, or visitors.

h.         Manage multiple guard gates with individualized access controls. YES or NO

i.         Define gates and generate keys to allow guards to                 YES or NO
           use Guard Gate.

j.         Installation of Guard Gate in the gate houses in order to provide YES or NO
           guards a simple, easy to use, limited feature interface. Guards
           using Guard Gate may search for and/or add visitors and vehicles,
           set timestamps, and print passes.

10.        Export data to a Mobile Manager and the                           YES or NO
           Communities Website.
                                         Utility Billing

              DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES                                  INCLUDED IN

1. Track meter readings and calculate charges for usage of water,          YES or NO
   electric, gas, and other utilities.

2. Enter meter readings manually or import a meter reading file,     YES or NO
   apply sales tax and other service fees, and print invoices.
3. Handle all types of billing with four methods with which to       YES or NO
   calculate utility charges to your property owners: Single Rate,
   Tiered Rate (Tiered Net), Highest Rate per Usage (leveled charges),
   and Fixed Amount.

4. Track owners’ history by usage and utility charge amounts, and          YES or NO
   generate invoices for utility usage.

5. Apply miscellaneous fees for service charges, taxes, interest,          YES or NO
   and other utility related fees.

   Print utility usage reports by utility or a combination of utilities.   YES or NO
                                     Work Order

              DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES                                INCLUDED IN

1. Track service requests and work orders for both owner and
   community properties in the following manner:

       a. Create service requests from owner’s calls, and              YES or NO
          escalate them to work orders once they have been

       b. Define job locations, contact information, and a full        YES or NO
          description of the job.

       c. Load a digital picture of the work area, which may be        YES or NO
          printed in work orders.

       d. Define 3-digit work order types to categorize job types.     YES or NO

       e. Add vendors, contractors, or employees on-the-fly            YES or NO
          as needed, and assign service requests and work orders
          to them.

       f. Charge owners for work completed using a job costing         YES or NO
          feature which allows for parts, labor and ‘other’
          miscellaneous charge types. Each charge type may also
          have tax or burden rates attached to it.

       g. Schedule preventative maintenance as work orders,            YES or NO
          using a target date feature to track scheduled
                                          Pool Pass

              DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES                                INCLUDED IN

1. Track membership for facilities such as swimming pools,
   tennis courts, golf courses, and more in the following manner:

       a. Issue pool passes and track pool membership for each           YES or NO

       b. Assign pass ID numbers automatically or manually.              YES or NO

       c. Track all qualified pool pass recipients, organized by         YES or NO

       d. Track date of birth of children for age cutoff limitations.    YES or NO

       e. Define relationships of pass recipients to the home            YES or NO
          (owner, child, guest, relative, renter) and assign pool
          passes to each.

       f. Include digital photos of pass holders in pool pass            YES or NO

       g. Search existing pool passes by owner name or street            YES or NO

       h. View Pool Pass records by home, or view them all at            YES or NO

           Create passes in laminated picture ID format using Avery YES or NO

       i. Print pool and other facilities delinquency listing with a     YES or NO
          user specified dollar cutoff. This checks to see if facility
          use is allowed despite a past due balance.

       j. Print pool membership reports including pool pass listing      YES or NO
          for lifeguard / admittance checking.

                DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES                                INCLUDED IN

1.   Set up and track employee payroll across multiple
     Associations in the following manner:

     a. Set up tax tables for federal, any state, or                     YES or NO
        local (county/city) payroll taxes.

     b. Automatic Payroll update with the GL and                         YES or NO
        bank accounts, including cost center and
        departmental tracking.

     c. Set up employees, including vitals, deductions, and              YES or NO
        sick/vacation balances.

     d. Handle multiple pay types (hourly, salary, non-employee)         YES or NO
        and frequencies
        (daily, weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly).

     e. Define up to six deductions/earnings codes per employee,         YES or NO
        including pre-tax earning adjustments, such as 401k.

     f. Distribute employee time worked to cost centers which            YES or NO
        we can define.

     g. Print a number of reports that prepare all of the necessary      YES or NO
        paperwork for you, including quarterly and year-end
        tax reports, employee reports, mailing labels, and tax forms
        such as W-2s and 1099s.
                                       Mobile Manager
                 DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES                              INCLUDED IN

1.   Enter that data directly into a PDA or touch screen smart                YES or NO
     Phone while you are on site, and then sync the data from
     the device to the program. (No synch required – All online)

2.   Mobile Manager should contain the following features:

     h. Community Selector: Store as many communities as                      YES or NO
        We have, regardless of community size. The only
        Limitation is the memory in your unit and/or installed
        to the mobile device's memory card.

          b.        Owner Information: Use to view owner property             YES or NO
          Information and owner AR balance stored in
          the software.

     c.               Quick Reference: View a quick list of all of the        YES or NO
          homes on a street, and view the number of CC&R
          violations, Work Orders, and Service Requests.
          Quick jump to any of these sections.

     d.               CCR Violations: Access existing CC&R violation          YES or NO
          records for any home, or add one. CC&R fields
          correspond to the software by tracking violation codes,
          status, notes, and actions to take. Use your camera
          enabled mobile device to take pictures and attach
          them to the record in the field.

          e.         Architectural Requests: Access ACC records for           YES or NO
          any home, or add one. ACC records are accessible
          via the CC&R module. Fields correspond to
          the software by tracking approval status, notes,
          actions taken, and actions to take. Use your camera
          enabled mobile device to take pictures and attach
          them to the record in the field.

          f.         Work Orders: Pull or create work orders for a            YES or NO
          selected home. Fields correspond to the software by
          tracking types, vendor assignations, authorization codes,
          location links, and notes. Use your camera enabled
          mobile device to take pictures and attach them to the
     record in the field.

     g.          Service Requests: View or create service requests for     YES or NO
     a selected home. Fields should correspond
     to the software by tracking types, authorization codes,
     location links, and notes. Use your camera enabled
     mobile device to take pictures and attach them to the
     record in the field.

h.               Vehicle Information: Ideal for use by guards in a gated   YES or NO
     community. Guards can walk through a parking lot and
     check the license plates of suspicious looking vehicles
     with their hand held organizer.

     i.         Vendor Information: Quickly access vendor information YES or NO
     to make a phone call, visit, or select a vendor for work
     order assignation.
                         CONCIERGE SERVICES

   Premises Mapping (No)

    Scaled mapping with pan and zoom

    Interactive Mapping (No)

    Select "I am here" and then search for destination. Your location and the

    destination location both show up on the map relative to each other.

    Turn by Turn Mapping (No)

    Interactive Mapping which then adds specifically how to get from A to B

    and visually shows it on the map.

   Booking / Reservation Request Module (No)

    Users view amenity descriptions, availability and prices, then book.

    Staff receive requests integrated into an exisitng system or use this module's

    included backend as an end to end solution.

   Advertising/Sponsorship Module (Partial)

    One web based administration interface allows you to launch national,

    regional and targeted campaigns in multiple languages. Track impressions,

    click throughs, and other mobile advertising metrics.
   Push Promotions Module (No)

    Relevant Promotions "Pop Up" based on time, location, interests or

    scheduled by you etc. just like a text message whether the

    App is open or not.

   Weather and News Content Integration (No)

    Real time integration for live content from forecasts to watching movie previews and buying tickets
    for your local theater.

   Calendar of Events (Yes)

    Manually or Automatically updated from existing calendar information.

   Existing Camera Integration (No)

    View live camera feeds without installation of any expensive hardware or software. Cameras are
    instantly visible across all mobile platforms.

   User Registration and Preferences (No)

    Set what, where, how and when you want to use the APP or receive new information from the

   People Finder (No)

    Locate friends or attractions on property.

   SMART Community (No)

    Communicate with on property staff for valet, visitor management, amenity booking, calendar of
    events, submit a work order etc.


    The entire system is built from the ground up to be globalized. Content and user interface can be
    seamlessly managed from one system. End users can manage their language preferences, and
    recieve content in their native language automatically.

                      DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES      INCLUDED IN

1. Cash or Accrual Accounting;                       YES or NO

2. Fund Balance Accounting;                          YES or NO

3. Lockbox processing;                               YES or NO

4. Direct Debit;                                     YES or NO

5. Setup Recurring Owner Charges;                    YES or NO

6. Tamper Proof Audit Trail;                         YES or NO

7. Balance Sheet report;                             YES or NO

8. Income/Expense report;                            YES or NO

9. Cash Flow report;                                 YES or NO

10. Reserve Fund statement;                          YES or NO

11. Global Vendors;                                  YES or NO

12. Check Printing;                                  YES or NO

13. Digital Check Signatures;                        YES or NO

14. Online AP Approval; and                          YES or NO

15. Budget Development Tool                          YES or NO

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