Growth Ring Informational Flyer - Woodmen of the World Assured by yaofenjin


									                          WOODMEN OF THE WORLD/
                          ASSURED LIFE ASSOCIATION
                                      Hospitality . Service . Loyalty . Protection
                              The Growth Ring Matching Gifts Program…
                              An Individual Benefit Member Matching Gifts
                                                                                  The amo    un t o f
                              QUALIFICATIONS:                                        Gifts is $250Matching
                               Individuals who are benefit members of               member per ye per
                                 Woodmen of the World/Assured Life               Submit your re
                                 Association are eligible to apply for                             quest now!
                                 matching gifts with a donation to a
                                 non-profit charity or organization.
                               Individual donations will be supplemented in check form from
                                 Woodmen of the World/Assured Life Association and mailed
                                 directly to the charity or organization along with the personal
  “Planting seeds                check from the benefit member. Donations can be made in the
    for growth                   allotted amount of $250 or separate donations through out the
                                 year, totaling the $250 amount.
   through the                 Donations and Matching Gifts can be given to:
                                 entities recognized by the IRS as existing for religious, charitable,
  Growth Ring                    scientific, literary or educational purposes, or for the prevention of
  Matching Gifts                 cruelty to children and animals.
                               The individual must specify the
    Program.”                    organization and address to whom
                                 the matching gift is being made by
                                 completing a donation form and
                                 attaching a personal check made
                                 payable to the specified charity or

Send all requests to:
Woodmen of the World/         INELIGIBLE DONATIONS:
Assured Life Association
Jerry Christensen,             Donations to other individuals or other members.
Vice President of Fraternal    Donations to fund-raisers, such as car washes, luncheons or
                                dinners, auctions, etc.
6030 Greenwood Plaza Blvd.
Suite 100
Greenwood Village, CO         For more questions on the Growth Ring Matching Gifts Program,
80111                         please contact Jerry Christensen for assistance at: 800-777-9777,
Phone: 800-777-9777           extension 3773 or via email at:
Fax: 303-792-9793

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