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					President’s Report

    June 13, 2008
               My Platform
• Included the following major issues:
  1. Help further expand membership.
  2. Address the issues of enrollment downturns.
  3. Provide more value to members, especially
     those in regions 2 and 3.
  4. Support further formalization of the SIGs.
  5. Explore synergy between AISWorld and the AIS
     web site.
 1. Help Further Expand Membership
• Excellent work by David’s Task Force covered
  – Do the work yourself? It’s good
  – Delegate it to David? It’s priceless!
  – Thorough analysis and much food for thought
• Cathy chaired a task force on member diversity
• Deal with Wirtschaftsinformatik is valuable
  – Refer to language cautions from ECIS panel
• We MUST have de-selectable option to
  automatically renew. How can we get this done?
    2. Addressing Enrollment Downturns
• Wiki created:
    – Student Marketing materials: Craig van Slyke
    – Curriculum: Ilze Zigurs
    – What Other Associations are Doing: Jerry Luftman
    – Industry Involvement: Geoff Dick
•   New co-branded brochure
•   Student video competition
•   Second Life half-island purchased
•   Presentation at Kunming
           Video Competition
• New
  June 23
• No entries
  as of yet
         New Student Brochure Draft
•   Engaged student helper to go through our Wiki to see what impressed him (and
    used two contacts as well)
•   I took his work, shortened it, added some of my own ideas, and tried to jazz it up
     – I am not a graphic artist, so your comments will not hurt my feelings!
     – I also tried to make it personal, with the “Picture yourself” theme.
•   Some of the problems that researchers have identified
     –   Misconception about no jobs; outsourcing impacts (quotes)
     –   Notion that “geeks” study IT (photos)
     –   Misconception of meaningless, boring work in a cubicle, alone (photos of groups)
     –   Lack of understanding of junction between technology and organizations (see above)
     –   Lack of understanding of jobs people would do (sample jobs)
     –   Misconception that IS is difficult (technology’s improvements; focus on application)
•   Co-brand with universities/programs
•   Status: I received a late industry quote and will revise the draft
Student Brochure Draft – Pg. 1
Student Brochure Draft – Pg. 2
        Second Life Half-Island
• The plan was to (among other things):
  – Provide a “sandbox” for members’ teaching
  – Provide a large lecture hall for members’ use
  – Provide a “career information center” for
    informing prospective students about the field
• Geoff Hubona of GSU has engaged one of the
  best designers (an inexpensive one at that)!
• Status: no construction found so far
         Keynote Presentations
• Kunming cnAIS and Microsoft Cruise
  – “If we rebuild IT, will they come back?”
  – Played well; people do care
  – Cruise format of Microsoft Conference – a dirty
    job but someone has to do it!
• Contecsi (last week)
  – “The Slippery Slope of IT”
  – Played well too; again, people care
    3. Increasing Value to Members
• I promised a structure of informal “country
    – Did not do it quite as planned
    – Discussion forum was designed to accomplish this
    – Not many entries; some spam
• David’s membership value group is also germane here
• CA Case Competition: Another try this year
• So many ideas; so little money
• MIS Quarterly new phrasing on cover (ask me about
  the New York jazz club!)
• SPAIS Chapter
The New MISQ Cover
4. Support further formalization of SIGs
• Cathy Urquhart established a SIG board
• Next year I recommend we begin to weed out
  inactive SIGs
  – Start with warning and deadline
• We MUST make the default renewal choices
  be the SIGs chosen last year. What will this
 5. Explore synergy between AISWorld
          and the AIS web site
• Our problem was confusion about web properties:
  What did AIS have to do with ISWorld?
   – Simply renaming it AISWorld was not helpful here
• We had a competition for new design of menu system
   – New AIS logo has two colors
   – Blue: Member-generated content
   – Black: Official AIS content
• Questions:
   – Further need to weed out bad pages: continuous process?
   – What happens to Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor?
   – New thrust should be to block content to non-members for
     some key pages (problem: editor wants visibility)
         Advice for the Future
• Please keep asking Council members for
• Please consider President’s office as a team
• Presidential Addresses at ICIS and AMCIS are
  extremely valuable (especially ICIS due to
  – AMCIS address: platform and last year’s
  – ICIS address: 6 months of new accomplishments
            Advice for the Future
• Confusing things:
  – What are our models for conference affiliation?
  – We need structure like the one adopted for journals:
     • “Ownership/co-ownership model”
     • “Publisher model”
     • “Sponsorship model”
• What makes sense for conferences?
• A similar (same?) framework might be useful before
  deciding on ConfIRM proposal
• Add “Affiliation model?” “Cross-Promotion model?”
          Advice for the Future
• We need to stay on top of providing keynotes to
  – Send standard “offer” to conference chairs to provide
    a keynote
  – “Paydirt” is a full keynote
  – We might in some years settle for 5 minutes
  – Visibility is the important thing
• Future presidential candidates should receive a
  standard note suggesting that Deans be
  requested for increased budget/teaching
          Advice for the Future
• “Meet the Presidents” might have sounded a
  little pompous. How about “Meet AIS Council”
• Keep after intellectual content
  – Expand
  – Expand
  – Expand
• Some will be excellent, some will not
• ACM found it was worth the risk of variations in
          Advice for the Future
• We need to understand thoroughly what
  sounds like a drop in membership
  – It is NOT a drop in membership or interest
  – It is a correction of an error
• I believe that many who had “permanent”
  memberships will “re-up”
  – I believe our membership will increase
    significantly because of this
          Advice for the Future
• We need better policies about Council
  – They usually are due to valid personal reasons
  – Stuff happens; we need to be prepared
• Some improvements are actually quite
  painful: The Senior Scholars’ “Basket”
  – But we seem to have a happy ending
          Advice for the Future
• I think we should become a “publisher” or
  “owner” of more journals—acquire existing ones
  – Yes, Virginia, we have publishing expertise in JAIS/CAIS
  – Explore printing by a printing house (Not a publisher!)
  – Mailing can be done by the printing house too
• Ditto for conferences
• We need a 2-tier system in the e-library
  – Content we can sell (pay per view)
  – Content we only can provide free to members
                “Parting” Thanks
•   Michael Myers for inspiration and vision
•   David Avison – you’re in excellent hands for 2009
•   Yolande – for tireless patience with me
•   Andy – for fixing our technology
•   Pete, Tmitri, office staff – more patience
•   Finance Committee for difficult decisions
•   Council: Hard work
    – Hopefully you gain rewards such as satisfaction;
 A Word on Practitioner Memberships
• We can offer our expertise (assuming it is of
• A partnership should be valuable (subject to any
  demands they make)
• What do we get?
  – Larger conferences
  – Meaningful student chapters with path after
  – More membership dues
• The result will be critical mass of members
OK, now the Budget…

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