Healthy Ways to Eat Red Meat

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					Healthy Ways to Eat Red Meat
Eating red meat is a popular activity for many Americans. Red meat can provide healthy amounts of
protein for our bodies.

Tips for a Healthier Use of Red Meat
However, if red meat is consumed too often, it can be have a negative effect on our bodies. When
eating red meat, people should examine how lean the meat is.

The leanness of the meat will determine how healthy it is going to be for your body. The amount of
meat you eat will also determine how beneficial it is going to be for your body.

Many people struggle with this dilemma; they know eating red meat can help boost their protein levels
and be good for them, but they don’t know how or are not eating the right amount or right kinds of red
                                                                  meat. One way to eat healthy
                                                                  portions of red meat is to not make
                                                                  your red meat the main entrée in
                                                                  your meal.

                                                                     For example, if you’re cooking a
                                                                     meal with a steak, try cutting the
                                                                     steak into strips and mixing it up
                                                                     with vegetables, like broccoli,
                                                                     carrots, and corn. If you are worried
                                                                     about your red meat feeling too
                                                                     heavy, this is a great way to get
                                                                     around that way of thinking.

                                                                     Make the meat an accent rather
                                                                     than the main attraction of your
meal. This will help the meal to seem lighter in your stomach, while still giving you the nutrients and
protein that your body needs.

Finding the Healthier Cuts
Another fear people have is whether or not their meat is even healthy or not. The only way to combat
this is to simply buy leaner cuts of beef.

A leaner cut of beef is going to have a small amount of fat compared to the amount of beef in the cut.
Beef is notorious for containing large amounts of saturated fats; this is why many athletes often shy
away from consuming red meat.
If you’re concerned about the amount of saturated fat in your red meat, try to purchase red meat that
has “round” or “loin” in the name at the grocery store. These cuts are usually going to be very lean,
sometimes even as lean as chicken.

Certain kinds of red meats, like ribs, rib eyes, and briskets, are especially notorious for being fatty. Try to
avoid these types of meats as they very rarely provide you with decent amounts of nutrition.

If you have decided to purchase ground beef, try to buy the beef that is 95% lean; this beef is going to
have significantly less calories than a lower percentage leanness. Another issue that people face is how
big of a portion they should consume.

Many people try to consume too much red meat and end up feeling sluggish and bloated. The solution
to this is to simply eat a smaller portion.

Another issue that people run into with their red meat is how to store it. A new and popular way to
store red meat is to use vacuum sealing bags.

Vacuum sealing bags provide a fresh seal for your meat so you do not have to worry about it going bad
quickly. Purchase vacuum sealing bags to ensure that your meat stays fresh for a very long time.

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