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					Armed &
Armed and Deputized Tactical Medics
          Sheriff Kem Kimbrough
      Clayton County (GA) Sheriff’s Office

         Battalion Chief Bill Lowe
 Clayton County (GA) Fire & Emergency Services

                Good Guys Shooting
                  Sheriff Kem Kimbrough
                    Clayton County, Georgia
Elected Sheriff of Clayton County, Georgia in 2008.
•      500 full-time employees
•      1800 average daily inmates

Former Director of Special Investigations and Chief of Jail Operations.

Graduate of Morehouse College and Emory University Law School.
                Battalion Chief Bill Lowe
        Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services
National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer (EFO)

Doctorate in Human Resource Management

Mandated Georgia Peace Officer / Clayton County Deputy Sheriff
       Tactical Medic Justifications
• High risk warrants are getting more dangerous.
• Violence against peace officers at an all-time high.
• Medical care at the location of violence saves lives!
• Bad guys are getting more desperate!
• Tactical medics can fulfill any law enforcement
• The “rules of engagement” have – and continue –
  to change! Law enforcement and fire service MUST
  work together – so EVERYONE GOES HOME!
Deputy DeGrow
                   Fallen SWAT Operators

Senior Corporal Norman Smith      Daniel Sakai
Dallas (TX) Police                Oakland (CA) Police
End of Watch: 01/06/2009          End of Watch: 03/21/2009
                       Fallen SWAT Operators

Sergeant Ervin Romans      Detective Allen Pearson      Detective Marc DiNardo
Oakland (CA) Police        Lenoir County (NC) Sheriff   Jersey City (NJ) Police
End of Watch: 03/21/2009   End of Watch: 04/08/2009     End of Watch: 07/21/2009
            Tactical Medics Are Willing To:
Treat initially at the First
Responder level?

Treat with little or no

Carry what they need in one
small bag?

Face drastically elevated risks
to your life

Use deadly force to protect
themselves, others, or stop a
forcible felony?
                CCFES Tactical Medic Goals
Care Under Fire for Police,
Sheriff, and US Marshals.

Bystander, hostage, and
suspect care.

Support success of the

Tactical Medics Provide
              • Direct, on scene
                medical care.
              • Trained professionals
                who are experienced in
                prehospital medicine.
              • Liability reduction.
              • Training.
              • Familiarization with
                tactical operations.

              SWAT Takedown
What Tac Medics Offer SWAT Operators
• Operate within the “hot zone” of an incident.
• Preplan, stage apparatus, helicopter landing
  zones, lanes of egress.
• Rehabilitate officers (rest, fluids, observation for
  any problems).
• Participate in training, conduct training for police
  officers in buddy care and tactical field care.
• Ability to remain in field for
  extended operations.
• Chem/Bio treatment and
• Hazmat Techs.
• On-scene care to return
  officers to incident.
• Evacuation of large crowds
  (multifamily, commercial,
Special Agent        Special Agent      Special Agent    Special Agent
   LeBleu               Willis           McKeehan          Williams

                United States Department of the Treasury –
                 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
                 End of Watch: Sunday, February 28, 1993
                               Waco, Texas

            Tactical Medic Course
• Care Under Fire.
• Tactical Field Care.
• Nonlethal weaponry.
• Health/medical risk
• Specialized treatments for
  tactical field.
• Operating in no light,
  sensory overload and
  deprivation conditions.
Tactical Medic Course Cont’d
             •   Preplanning.
             •   Rapid patient extraction.
             •   Mass Casualty Triage.
             •   Coordination with Agencies.
             •   Extended Operations.
             •   Active shooters.
             •   School incidents.

                          SWAT in Action
World War II / Combat Medic’s Pouch
CCFES Tactical Medic Pouch
             Enter SWAT Medics
• Early 1970’s, LA Sheriff’s Office trained the first
  tactical medic.
• Deputy sent to EMT school.
• Slow concept to catch on.
• Tac Medic was usually a SWAT operator, with
  military background, who provided basic care.

                                    LA SWAT KIA
Tactical Medic Program
         CCFES Tactical Medic Team
• 20 member team, available 24/7/365.

• Georgia mandated peace officers. Sworn as both Clayton
  County police officers and Clayton County deputy sheriffs with
  state-wide law enforcement authority.

• Regularly utilized by United States Marshals.

• Complete a Georgia law enforcement academy.

• Carry their firefighting and SWAT gear with them. Firearms
  secured in gun locker on unit.

• Written policies covering deployments, use of force, and
  mandated training requirements.
    Minimum Requirements / Tactical Medics

•   Approved by fire department officers
•   Three years of paramedic experience.
•   Pass SWAT obstacle course.
•   Complete law enforcement academy.
•   Annual Firearms Qualifications.
•   Attend 40 hr Tactical Medic Course.
•   Attend 40 hr Tactical Operator Course.
•   Maintain fire, paramedic, and peace officer certifications.
•   Many are certified hazardous materials technicians.
What if….
        You have a disoriented,
        injured, armed, and
        combative officer?

        An injured suspect is
        placed in your care and
        is uncooperative?

        You cannot get to an
        officer down?
        How Do Tactical Medics . . .
• Gain the trust of the Operators?
• Prepare for situations from a tactical medical
• Preplan for possible scenarios?
• Ensure Operators’ health and welfare on a callout?
        Could the following happen?
• Be called on to treat a
• Have a mass casualty
• Treat a patient by
• Enter a structure and
  purposely separate
  yourself from the entry
                            Jonesboro, AK
Have you considered…
             The best place to stage
             when the entry team
             makes entry?

             Where the best
             cover/concealment will
             be if you need to bring
             an officer out?

             The effects of non-
             lethal weaponry?
Patient Assessment Under Fire
         Law Enforcement Feedback
I wish we had medics with us all the time. Nobody ever
thinks of us going down, but I bet when it happens, we’ll
have 10 of you on each team!
                                   United States Marshal

. . . and I want to extend a special thank you to the Clayton
County Fire Department and their tactical medics during
our three-day fugitive roundup!
                                      Sheriff Kem Kimbrough

Tac Medics are our life insurance policy. My wife ALWAYS
asks me: “Are the tactical medics on your SWAT call out?”
                     Clayton County Police SWAT Operator
Clayton County Fire & Emergency Service
    Tactical Medic Operator’s Course
                Tactical Medics
Primary Duty: Care of the team to ensure mission success
• Skills Accountability.
• Standardized
• Standardized patient
• Documentation of
  incidents for tracking.
• Your role on callouts
  will be clearly and
  specifically understood.

               SWAT Prank
Tac Medics are a part of
the team – they have a
specific function.

Like a sniper, negotiator, or
commander, Tac Medics
role is specialized.

Freelancing is not an
      • Establish / Review the
        incident plan.
      • Background info of
        suspects, civilians,
        children, dogs, etc.
      • Weapons, threats.
      • Entrance/exit of scene.
      • Possible maps or
        surveillance photos.
      • Be ready to ask
                Detroit SWAT Incident
         Medic Placement - Extraction

• Put yourself in a position
  that is not in direct
  location of entry, but able
  to get there quickly:
  bottom of steps to
  doorway, corner of house,
  behind car in driveway, etc.
• Point is to be able to
  observe closely the first
  critical seconds of entry.

                                 Chest Wound
How does The Sheriff Benefit from
  Deputizing Tactical Medics?
Columbine High
Police Officer Vs. Fire Captain

Police officers call for
SWAT Operators when
they need help!

SWAT Operators call for
Tactical Medics when
they need help!

Our role is continually
changing – as we become
accepted, we will be more
ENJOY the Conference
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