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									                                    Offical PrOGram

                          w w w . r e f r a m e f i l m f e s t i va l . c a

D O c u m e N ta r y f i l m s t h at e N t e r ta i N , i N f O r m a N D i N s P i r e

Friday thru sunday, January 25 th - 27 th, 2013
  market hall                           shOwPlace                               the veNue
   140 charlOtte st.                    290 GeOrGe st. N.                      286 GeOrGe st. N.
      705.749.1146                         705.742.7089                           705.876.0008
                    WELCOME TO
                    ReFRame 2013
                    Eye-opening inspiration and intense outrage: these              campaign; an indictment of the BP oil spill that

1    PASSES &
                    are two emotions that our ReFrame programming
                    committee members often express as they spend
                                                                                    uncovers big oil and government complicity.

                    months selecting films for this festival – for you.             What’s neW @ reFrame 2013
                        For nine years now ReFrame has been inviting                Not One but Two Features on
                    you into warm, comfy cinemas to relax, sit back, and
                                                                                    Friday and Saturday Nights
     SPONSORS       view films from around the corner and around the
     & SUPPORTeRS   world. But this experience, as you probably know, is            For both evening programs this year our audiences
                    not about being passively entertained and lulled into           will now be challenged to choose between two
                    complacency by images of exotic worlds and people.              separate film programs.
                    Indeed, we know that many of you actively work to                  On Friday evening at Showplace you can meet the
     LaTe NIGHT
                    create justice everywhere. Socially engaged artists
                    and audiences like you have a symbiotic relationship
                                                                                    outspoken and outstanding Ai Weiwei, a Chinese
                                                                                    dissident artist.
                    – each moves the other to action.                                  Or at Market Hall you can go on a trip with
                        We at ReFrame choose films that challenge                   Canadian kayakers as they challenge the new
                    all of us to reconsider, reflect on, re-imagine, and            Enbridge pipeline; and explore the depths of
7    WORKSHOPS      re-create the worlds we live in. Many of this year’s
                    selection of 63 films tell tough stories that challenge
                                                                                    corruption in The Big Fix, a political exposé of the
                                                                                    BP oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico.
                    This year, be challenged by:                                       On Saturday evening at Showplace you can
                                                                                    choose to view a photographer’s shocking and
                    * Alan Shain, a stand-up comic who also has cerebral palsy
8    STILL                                                                          stunning evidence of climate change in Chasing Ice,
                    * Rachel Wotton, a sex worker dedicated to                      which will be matched with our guest speaker, Dr.
     ReFrame           pleasuring people with disabilities                          Martyn Obbard, part of the KWIC Café series.
                    * Octogenarian ping-pong competitors who use the                   Or at Market Hall you can meet Father McNeill, a
                       sport to stay alive and alert                                gay Catholic priest who over the decades has proudly

                    * Manjusha, a teenage Indian girl turned journalist
                       who decides to tell her village’s tragic story of
                       cotton farmers pushed to suicide by Monsanto
                                                                                    stood up for LGBT rights, and paid the price.
                                                                                       Neither choice, we’re certain, will disappoint you.

                    * Vito Russo, an AIDS activist and author, who leads            Sunday Morning Breakfast with two highly
                       the fight for LGBT rights, and                               acclaimed film- and video-makers,

                                                                                    Alanis Obomsawin and Richard Fung.
     FILM           * Blackfire, a Navaho band that blends punk rock and
     LISTINGS          Aboriginal traditions as an activist and educational tool.   Read their impressive biographies on page 6. This is
                    But there’s even more, including food films that we             an amazing opportunity to hear two very different,
                    hope will both whet your appetites and nourish and              but both very personal and passionate, storytellers
                    challenge your minds:                                           talk about their work.

18   SCHEDULE       * In Organic We Trust takes us inside the organic
                       food industry and asks us to explore beyond the              Audience AwArd
                       label, and                                                   This year, for the first time, we will ask you to help us
                    * Dal Puri Diaspora takes us on a culinary and                  choose your collective favourite film. You can find out
     FILM              political journey from Trinidad to India to Canada,          how to get involved both on-line and at the venues.

                       tracing the delicious and sometimes unsavoury
                       history of the roti.                                         A few finAl thoughts…
                    Challenging BIG power is a recurring theme at ReFrame.          We are always aiming to go greener, to continue to
                    We seek out issues that don’t make front-page                   support activist and independent filmmakers, and to
                    news: a Palestinian community’s struggle to protect             improve our festival. Please take time to share your
                    their land; a revealing critique of the Pink Ribbon             thoughts – they can only help us to do better.

                                    eNJOY! and thanks for coming out and making all of this possible.
    PASSES & INFORmaTION                                          DOWNTOWN PeTeRBOROUGH
                                                                                TIa STaR

         FeSTIVaL PaSS PRIceS                                                                     mIRaNDa
                                                                                 BLack HONeY              SaLON

            30            $
                              15                  $
                                                                  THe GaRNeT         DeaR HeNRY
                                                                    ReFRame/                        SaVe OUR SOLeS
                                                                    GReeN UP                      SPLIce           BLOODLINe
                                                                    OFFIce                          NaTaS          PaRLOR
                                                                                                    GReeN eYeWeaR

         Pass holders receive priority seating. Please be
      at the venue 15 minutes before the screening begins.

                      DOwNlOaD Our aPP                                                              maRkeT HaLL

                                                                                                    THe VeNUe

                                                                               aRT GaLLeRY OF

       Green Up Store                         trent Central StUdent aSSoC.             FleMInG ColleGe BookStore
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          705-745-3238                         chamPlaiN cOlleGe, suite s110                     705-749-5539
       Green eyewear                                                                  HappenStanCe BookS and yarnS
374 GeOrGe st. N. PeterbOrOuGh                  TICKETS ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE             44 QueeN st., lakefielD
         (705) 775-3937                        www.reFraMeFIlMFeStIVal.Ca                      705-652-7573

              GeNeRaL INFORmaTION
              T: 705.745.3238 x 400 or (mobile) 705-933-4222


   reFrame 2013 remembers: the PCVs community, magnus isacsson, and stop the Quarry movement.                                  1

    100.5 KRUZ FM           Elderstone Resource      The New Classical         Pilkington-Henniger       Tia Star Boutique
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    Amnesty International                            Ontario Public Interest
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    Canadian Mental                                  Peterborough Drug         Sex Work Action           Fund
                            Kawartha Sexual
    Health Association                               Strategy Initiative       Program (SWAP)
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    Peterborough Branch
                                                     The Peterborough          Showplace                 Fellowship of
                            The Kawartha Truth &
    Canadian Women                                   Examiner                  Performance Centre        Peterborough
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    For Women in
                            Group                    Peterborough NDP          Slavin, Linda and Alan    United Way of
    Peterborough            Kawartha World Issues    Federal                   St. Andrew’s United       Peterborough and
                            Centre (KWIC)                                      Church                    District
    Catalina Salon                                   Peterborough NDP
                            Kenner Queer             Provincial Riding         Sustainable Agriculture   The Venue
    The Centre for Gender                            Association
                            Collective                                         and Food Systems          Wild Ideas Art and
    and Social Justice
                                                     Peterborough              Program                   Culture Consulting
                            Langley, Kathryn
    CHEX Television                                  Partnership Council on    TANGO                     The Wire MEGAzine
                            Market Hall              Immigrant Integration
    CM Consulting
                                                     (PPCII)                   Thomas A. Stewart         Women’s Event’s
                            Memorial Centre
    Community and Race                                                         Secondary School          Committee of
    Relations Committee     Miranda Studios          Peterborough Pride        Global Justice Club       Peterborough
    (CRRC)                  Photography              Peterborough Public       Thomas A. Stewart         YWCA of
    Conrad Consulting       My Kawartha -            Library                   Secondary School          Peterborough, Victoria
                            Peterborough This        Peterborough              Queer Positive Space      and Haliburton
    Corus Entertainment
                            Week                     Religious Society of      Group
    Dan Fewings
                            National Film Board      Friends (Quakers)         Thomas A. Stewart
    Dear Henry                                                                 Secondary School
                            Nerve Media              Peterborough-
    Downtown Business                                Kawarthas Chapter         Student Arts Council
                            New Canadians Centre                               (SMAC)
    Improvement                                      of the Council of
                            Peterborough (NCC)
    Association (DBIA)                               Canadians


THaNk YOU TO OUR                                                           maNY THaNkS TO THe ReFRame BOaRD OF DIRecTORS
                                                                            Nancy Carter       Daphne Ingram        Jennifer Tiberio
                                                                            Grant Conrad       Patti Shaughnessy    Tara Williamson
                                                                            Ferne Cristall     Cameron Taylor       Asaf Zohar
 Ontario Arts Council Media Arts Festivals
 Ontario Arts Council Arts Education Project
                                                                                                      and to the hard-working,
 City of Peterborough
                                                                                                      immensely talented staff:
 Canadian Heritage
                                                                                                      Krista English and Steve Blair
 Ontario Trillium Foundation

 Pilkington-Henniger Charitable Trust                                      FRIDaY OPeNING NIGHT PROGRamS –
 T.E.W. Nind Endowment Fund                                                NOW THeRe aRe TWO
                                                                           AT ShOWpLACE
DeSIGN aND maRkeTING                                                       Film: Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
 BrandHealth Communications                                                (See page 12)
                                                                           Date: Friday Jan. 25, 2013
                                                                           Location: Showplace
                                                                           Time: 7:30 p.m.

                                                                           AT MARKET hALL
                                                                           Films: The Big Fix and The Pipedreams Project
                                                                           (See pages 13 & 26)
                                                                           Date: Friday, Jan. 25, 2013
                                                                           Location: Market Hall
                                                                           Time: 7:30 p.m.

2013 ReFRame cOLLecTIVe                                                    FRIDaY OPeNING NIGHT RecePTION
 Alec Affleck          Arlene Chambers          Kate Jarrett
 Debbie Alger          Ferne Cristall           Mary Mattos                “LET’S CELEBRATE”
 Joyce Barrett         Krista English           Judy O’Toole               Date: Friday Jan. 25, 2013
 Steve Blair           Ann Evans                Justin Reid                Location: Showplace
 Barry Boyce           Daphne Ingram            Jennifer Tiberio           Time: 9:30 p.m.
 Nancy Carter                                                              Music: Julie Fenn & Megan Kendrick will warm your hearts with
                                                                           their sweet harmonies and old fashioned musical style.
** Special thanks to our honorary members: Robert Clarke, for
his extraordinary editorial services; Ziysah Markson for organizing
Saturday evening’s Late Night at ReFrame; Elizabeth Fennel for co-
ordinating the Still ReFrame exhibitions; Biz Clarkson for all her great
work and enthusiasm as a Trent intern working at ReFrame; and to
Sima Mostofi Javid (Nepal) and Sarita Worravitudomsuk (Thailand/
Japan) for helping ReFrame find wonderful independent films from
the remote corners of our world.

                                                                                                            ReFrame LaTe NIGHT

                                                                                           cLImBING POeTRee (BROOkLYN, NY)
                                                                                            Climbing PoeTree is the combined force of two
                                                                                            boundary-breaking soul-sisters who have sharpened
                                                                                            their art as a tool for popular education, community
                                                                           organizing, and personal transformation. With flawless cadence and
                                                                           impeccable lyricism, Alixa and Naima interweave spoken word, hip hop,
                                                                           and award-winning multimedia theatre to expose injustice, heal from
AT ShOWpLACE                                                               violence, and make a better future visible, immediate, and irresistible.
Film: Chasing Ice                                                            In 15 self-organized tours over the past 10 years, Climbing PoeTree
(See page 15)                                                              have catalyzed audiences in more than 70 cities across the United
Guest Speaker: Dr. Martyn E. Obbard                                        States – including 11,000 miles travelled on a bus converted to run on
Date: Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013                                              recycled vegetable oil – and abroad from the UK to South Africa to Cuba.
Location: Showplace                                                        They have shared stages with visionary leaders and artists such as
Time: 7:30 p.m.                                                            Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Danny Glover, Angela Davis, Vandana Shiva,
                                                                           Alice Walker, Sonia Sanchez, Meshell Ndegeocello, The Last Poets, and
                Dr. Martyn Obbard, a research scientist, has closely       Dead Prez. Visit
                studied the population dynamics, habitat use, and
                movement patterns of polar bears in the Hudson Bay                         DUB TRINITY
                Lowlands of Ontario – and especially the effects of                         Guaranteed to get you dancing, local fave Dub Trinity
climate change on the abundance and distribution of the bears. He                           is a high-spirited dub/ska band that has brought social
works with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, teaches at Trent                      consciousness to the dance floor for over 12 years.
University, and has appeared on CBC’s Rick Mercer Report.                  Their songs blend the styles of Burning Spear, Woody Guthrie, and
                                                                           Linton Kwesi Johnson, while their music fuses roots dub-reggae and
AT MARKET hALL                                                             ska with Meters-style funk, a dash of Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat, and picket-
Film: Taking a Chance on God                                               line solidarity.
(See page 28)                                                                Dub Trinity’s commitment to political issues and tradition of backing
Date: Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013                                              up dub poets has led to collaborations with various community and
Location: Market Hall                                                      human rights-based organizations as well as invitations to play a wide
Time: 7:30 p.m.                                                            variety of festivals, conferences, forums, and fundraisers. Dub Trinity
                                                                           is Kirsten Addis, Jean-Marc Pineau, Chris Collins, Tom “Hojo” Reader,
With filmaker Brendan Fay in attendance.                                   Greg Roy, and Rob Wilkes.

SaTURDaY LaTe NIGHT aT maRkeT HaLL                                                         PeTeRBOROUGH POeTRY SLam
SHake IT!                                                                                  A special sampling of poetry will give you a sneak
                                                                                           peek into the minds of recent champions of the
Featuring: Climbing PoeTree and Dub Trinity                                                Peterborough Poetry Slam.
Location: Market Hall
Time: 9:30 p.m.
Cost: $10/$5 or PWYC.                                                                      eSTHeR VINceNT (HOST)
We invite you to shake off your cynicism and shake out your body as                        Esther is an artist and entrepreneur living in
we continue our tradition of post-film celebration guaranteed to propel                    Peterborough. When she’s at work she is a
us towards justice. This year’s lineup includes the powerful inspiration                   photographer, designer, and production manager.
of the internationally touring spoken word duo Climbing PoeTree, local
funk reggae group Dub Trinity, and a sampling from the Peterborough
Poetry Slam. Hosted by Esther Vincent.
Sponsored by The Centre for Gender and Social Justice


                                          Join us on Sunday morning for a             What does a gay Asian video artist have in common with an Abenaki
                                          light breakfast and a chance to             elder and filmmaker?
                                          meet and hear from two highly                  Maybe it is that tough, complex subjects like colonialism and racism
                                          acclaimed Canadian artists:                 cross over in their work. Maybe it is their commitment to dealing with
                                          Richard Fung and Alanis Obomsawin.          often-overlooked, immensely challenging political and social issues.
                                          Date: Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013                    Media arts expert Su Ditta will moderate a discussion between
                                          Location: Downstairs at Showplace           Richard Fung and Alanis Obomsawin as they explore their decades-
                                          Performance Centre                          long award-winning histories of producing films and videos that
                                          Time: 10:00 a.m.                            merge personal and political passions.

                          RIcHaRD FUNG is a Toronto-based video         SU DITTa loves almost all moving pictures and the artists who make
                          artist, writer, theorist, and educator. He    them. She has worked in the arts and culture sector for over 30 years,
                          holds a degree in cinema studies as           serving as Executive Director of the Canadian Images Film Festival,
                          well as an ME in sociology and cultural       Associate Curator, Media Arts, at the National Gallery of Canada, Head
                          studies, both from the University of          of the Media Arts Section of the Canada Council for the Arts, and
                          Toronto. He is Associate Professor in         Adjunct Curator: Media Arts at Oakville Galleries. Su is President of Wild
                          the Integrated Media program at the           Ideas Arts Consulting and lives in Peterborough.
                          Ontario College of Art and Design.
His new video, Dal Puri Diaspora, is featured on Saturday
afternoon at ReFrame.
   Richard’s work has delved into subjects ranging from the role
of the Asian male in gay pornography to colonialism, immigration,
racism, homophobia, AIDS, and his own family history. The
results have been widely screened and collected internationally
and broadcast in Canada and the United States. He is a past
Rockefeller Fellow at New York University and has received the
Bell Canada Award for Lifetime Achievement in Video as well as
the Toronto Arts Award for Media Art.

                           aLaNIS OBOmSaWIN, a singer/storyteller
                           and member of the Abenaki Nation, is
                           one of Canada’s most distinguished
                           documentary filmmakers. Her latest film,
                           The People of the Kattawapiskak River,
                           screens Sunday morning at ReFrame.
                                 Alanis has always been inspired by
                           the desire to let the voices of her people
be heard. In 1967 she was invited to join the NFB as an advisor
on a film about Aboriginal people, and since then she has gone
on to direct films of her own, creating over 30 uncompromising
documentaries on issues related to the lives of Aboriginal people.
And she has continued to perform and fight for justice for her
people. In 1983 she was appointed a member of the Order of
Canada in recognition of her dedication to the well-being of her
people and the preservation of the First Nations’ heritage through
her filmmaking and activism.

                                                                       FREE WORKSHOPS

                           Workshop Title: The Outsider Project
                           Date: Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013
                           Time: 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
                           Location: ARTSPACE
                           378 Aylmer St. N., 705-748-3883
                           pre-registration is required by emailing:

Phase 1: Micky Renders and Kim Renders bring the Outsider
Project to ARTSPACE. Workshop participants will have their bodies
cast in packing tape to create an “Outsider” – a personalized life-
sized, luminous representation of the participants. The “Outsiders”
created in the workshop will then be used in Phase 2 of the project.

Phase 2: During the ReFrame Film Festival we will distribute
“Outsiders” to various locations throughout Peterborough as part
of the event.
   When you come across an “Outsider, we want it to be
interactive. Take a picture of the “Outsider” and upload it to
the Outsider2013 social media sites.

                           Workshop Title: “ART is our WEAPON,
                           our MEDICINE, our VOICE, our VISION”
                           Date: Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013
                           Time: 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.
                           Location: Miranda Studios
                           140 Hunter St. W.
                           pre-registration is required by emailing:

Join Brooklyn-based multimedia artists Climbing PoeTree for
this arts and activism workshop and interactive presentation
combining storytelling, slide-shows, creative writing, and poetic
outbursts. We share tactics and strategies on how art and cultural
work can be used at the service of our visions for a more just and
sustainable world. Participants share struggles and solutions from
their own communities, and get creative, imaginative, and inspired!
   Alixa and Naima are innovative educators who have led
workshops in institutions from Columbia University to Rikers
Island Prison. They offer communities the tools to work towards
fundamental social change. For a full bio, see page 5 and

       STILL ReFrame

                           cURaTORIaL STaTemeNT:
                                                                                                   aRTIST: JUDITH HYLaND
                           All of the artists chosen for this year’s
                                                                                                   VeNUe: Bloodline Parlour
                           Still ReFrame program use their unique
                                                                                                   391 Water St. N.
                           visual or material languages to explore
                           a variety of issues of concern to them.                                  artist’s statement: “Inspired by pre-World War
                           Some have chosen to examine local                                        I documents from Petrolia, Ont., and ignited
                           issues that have a direct impact on the             by the BP oil spill, these pieces serve to confront some of the
                           people of Peterborough; others offer                complex realities of our dependence on oil. Wheel depicts the
unique perspectives on societies beyond our nation; and still                  intersection between the geological, technical, and human aspects
others use their art to reconfigure familiar objects into imagery to           of the formation, extraction, and use of oil. Map is designed as a
guide us through an uncertain future.                                          navigation tool for women lost in a land full of unfamiliar stories
   I want to thank all the artists who responded to the call for               and unrecognized wisdom. Prayer serves as a compass to help us
submissions, and my fellow jurors – festival director Krista                   navigate our way through a complex and uncertain future.”
English and past curator and artist Micky Renders – for their help
in selecting this year’s projects.                                                                 aRTIST: BeTH mccUBBIN
   It is my pleasure to present the artists of Still ReFrame 2013;                                 VeNUe: Tia Star Boutique
we hope their works inform and inspire.                                                            10-188 Hunter St. W.
   – Elizabeth Fennell, Curator
                                                                                                    artist’s statement: “The title of the piece is
                                                                                                    as free as a bird, giving reference to peace, and
                                                                               release from oppression. When watching the flight of birds one’s
                                                                               spirit soars with their movements, creating a moment of lightness, a
Please join us at Market Hall between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Sunday,
                                                                               universal human quest increasingly difficult to obtain.”
Jan. 13, to celebrate the grand opening of Still ReFrame. Enjoy
refreshments and a small sampling of the work by our ten featured
artists (who will be present) – and then you can feel free to strike out                           aRTIST: PaTRIck mOORe
on your own or accompany our guide to the different art installations                              VeNUe: Dear Henry
that will be located downtown for the rest of the month of January.                                219 Hunter St. W.
                                                                                                    artist’s statement: “Paper books are becoming
                                                                                                    anachronistic in the digital age. Artists are now
                     aRTIST: PHILLIP cHee                                      empowered to use them as raw materials to create works of art that
                     VeNUe: S.O.S. Save Our Soles                              evolve new and arresting forms from these artifacts of the human spirit
                     388 George St. N.                                         and hand. To that end I have begun a new artistic exploration rooted in
                       artist’s statement: “Combining the medium of            rearranging, recycling, and re-imagining the book.”
                       photography with the tradition of the flâneur, I have
begun a project to observe and preserve the urban ‘physiognomy of                                  aRTIST: BaRRY mORTIN
the public spirit’ of twenty-first century Peterborough.”                                          VeNUe: The Venue
                                                                                                   286 George St. N.
                     aRTIST: eLIZaBeTH cOOPeR                                                      artist’s statement: “These posters were created
                     VeNUe: The Garnet                                                             in response to a KPR School Board Trustee
                     231 Hunter St. W.                                         telling a student who was protesting the closure of a Peterborough
                     artist’s statement: “For two months in 2009               high school (PCVS) to “talk to the hand.” The Trustee’s gesture
                     I lived and volunteered in Bourj el-Barajneh, a           and statement are emblematic of the disconnect not only between
Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut. I also worked in and visited Shatila       the Board and the community but also between the Canadian
and Nahr al-Bared camps. There are over 400,000 Palestinian refugees in        government and its citizens – opposition is frustrated or shut down
Lebanon, living in the confines of 12 congested camps. They are barred         with omnibus bills, prorogues, and manipulation.”
from voting and from working in over 70 professions, and they lack any
citizenship status. These images are a record of my time working with
children in the camps.”

                                                                                                                            STILL ReFrame

                     aRTIST: BRIaN NIcHOLS                                        cOmmUNITY aRT
                     VeNUe: Catalina Salon
                     131 Hunter St. W.                                                               aRTISTS: STUDeNT WORk FROm THOmaS a. STeWaRT SS
                   artist’s statement: “HOUSES: These houses                                         – PaRT I & PaRT II
                   have been made from discarded acrylic paintings,                                  LOcaTION OF PaRT I:
batik pieces, buttons, beads, silk threads, photos, gauze bandages,                                  Black Honey Bakery, 217 Hunter St. W.
and porcupine quills. Inside each house are words typed on a 1951                                    LOcaTION OF PaRT II: Natas Café, 376 George St. N.
Remington typewriter. The text is from actual conversations at
Howard Hospital, Zimbabwe, words borrowed, bits of poetry, old                    I SEE: A student exhibition about what we see in the world around us.
memories, and made-up phrases. The words explore many different                   In no other time in history has there been such a concentration of
aspects of home and cross the divide between Canada and Africa.                   images, such a density of visual messages. This is not merely an
Each of the houses feels like a person to be remembered from time                 assembly of competing ideas: it is a language in itself.
spent in Africa. Many of the people at the hospital remain nameless                  Filtering their thoughts through their own interests and
because they soon die from complications related to HIV/AIDS.”                    experiences – and growing up submerged in an ever-present
                                                                                  ocean of visual stimulation – students present a personal response
                                                                                  to the question “what do you see?” Presented by the Visual Art
                     aRTIST: ROB NIeZeN                                           Department, Thomas A. Stewart SS.
                     VeNUe: Green Eyewear
                     374 George St. N.
                                                                                                     For the second year, January is ReFrame month at
                      artist’s statement: “My Nightscapes show                                       the Art Gallery of Peterborough, 250 Crescent St. N.
                      the dream world of our cities created by artificial
                                                                                                     Two events not to be missed:
light. The reflections of wet surfaces on rainy nights make the colours
                                                                                                     Artist Talk: Olexander Wlasenko
explode, emphasizing our theatrical surroundings: a world we escape
                                                                                                     Synchronicities: Art & Cinema
to from our daily life, hide, or get lost in, and forget. My ‘stills’ in oil on
                                                                                                     Date: January 19, 2013 Time: 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
canvas of this real, and at the same time surreal, ‘other’ world leave the
viewer with little mysteries.”                                                    Opening Reception for three new shows:
                                                                                  David Clarkson and Michelle Gay: Space and Time
                     aRTIST: JameS RIDYaRD                                        Olexander Wlasenko: Art House Cinema – Family Archive
                     VeNUe: Showplace Peterborough                                Miriam Davidson and Rani Sanderson: Ice Cream Truck Stories
                     290 George St. N.                                            Digital Storytelling in the Community
                      artist’s statement: “I have just returned to                Date: January 19, 2013 Time: 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                      Peterborough . . . my ambition is to visually record        For more details please visit:
the beauty of this area. I aim to create contemporary work that
addresses historical representation. I am interested in exploring the
overlooked and forgotten (the kind of landscape people walk through
without recognition). I seek sites that seem ‘timeless’ or suspended in a
constant haze of ‘when?’ It is the interplay and resulting clash between past
and present that most excite me.”

VeNUe: Tango
366 George St. N.
artist’s statement: “iSpeak amplifies the voices of diverse local
youth through photography as a medium for storytelling to express
who we are, where we are, where we come from, and the people
and issues that matter to us. The iSpeak Collection emerges from
a Peterborough youth-led participatory photography (Photovoice)
project that explores experiences and identity, and raises awareness
of social justice issues including urban development, environment,
cultural practices, (anti)colonialism, (anti)homophobia, stereotypes,
and charity.”                                                                                                                                             9
      ReFrame: IN THe cOmmUNITY

Throughout the year ReFrame collaborates with many organizations to bring great films to Peterborough.
Here are two pre-festival events leading up to ReFrame 2013.

                  Film: pina (3D)                                                          Film: In Search of Blind Joe Death
                  Directed by Wim Wenders                                                  – The Saga of John Fahey
                  Germany/France, 100 min. 2011                                            Directed by James Cullingham
                                                                                           Canada, 58 min. 2012

Date: Jan. 10, 2013                                                   Date: Jan. 19, 2013
Location: Galaxy Cinema, 320 Water St.                                Location: Bagnani Hall, Traill College, Trent University, 310 London St.
Time: 7:30 p.m.                                                       Time: 7:00 p.m.
cost: $12.00                                                          Note: A reception at The Trend, Traill College, will follow the film screening.
Tickets available at
“Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.”                                Fahey is known as “the father of American Primitive Guitar.”
                                                                      Some think of him as a foundational figure in American folk music.
This revolutionary 3D film from director Wim Wenders captures         Fahey transcended his essential Delta influences, combining
the aesthetic of Pina Bausch’s greatest works in a thrilling way,     bluegrass, Brazilian, classical, Indian, New Orleans, musique
presenting extracts from some of the most noted dance pieces          concrète, and gothic industrial ambience.
by Pina Bausch in the Tanztheater (“dance theater”) style of which    Presented in collaboration with Gzowski College, Trent University.
she was a leading exponent.
Presented in collaboration with Public Energy.

                                                                           Each year ReFrame tries to think of new and innovative
                                                                           ways to go green.
                                                                            Lug a mug.
                                                                            Sign up for the ReFrame online newsletter.
                                                                            Download the ReFrame iPhone APP
                                                                            Fill in your festival survey online.

                                                                           Eating, drinking and shopping at ReFrame are convenient
                                                                           and only a few steps away. The International Bazaar is
                                                                           located downstairs at Showplace all weekend and is a
                                                                           wonderful place to unwind between films. You’ll find a
                                                                           tasty assortment of food from around the world as well
                                                                           as crafts and, of course, other people who are eager to
                                                                           talk about the films.
                                                                           take action. sign a petition@reframe
                                                                           Support your causes –sign petitions. Market Hall Lobby.
                                                                           information tables@reframe
                                                                           Learn about the groups that sponsor ReFrame by visiting
                                                                           tables in the lobby at Market Hall.

                                                                                                          ReeLkids FILM FESTIVAL

ReeLkids FILm FeSTIVaL
                                                                               2013 ReeLkids FamILY FILm eVeNT
The REELkids Film Festival offers programs for children in Grades 1 to 8.
                                                                               weaving wisdoms – Joining Generations
The festival features important award-winning films from around the
                                                                               Presented by reelkids film festival
world on topics including the environment, indigenous peoples, social
justice, and world issues.
                                                                               This is a delightful collection of award-winning short films
For more information contact us at
                                                                               from around world focusing on the relationships between
A selection of the REELkids films will screen at ReFrame Film Festival
                                                                               children and adults. The films deal with topics such as visiting
on Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. at Showplace. See below.
                                                                               grandparents, children having friendships with older adults,
ReeLkids aT ReFRame                                                            distant relationships, and the circle of life. It is a short film
saturday, 10:00 a.m., showplace, 54 min.                                       program that the entire family will enjoy.

Saturday Morning, FaMily-Friendly Short FilMS                                  visit for more information.

Sponsored by Downtown Business Improvement Association (DBIA)

                a Sea TURTLe STORY                                                           SPeLLING Bee
                Directed by kathy shultz                                                     Directed by Zoe leigh hopkins
                canada, 10 min. 2012                                                         canada, 3 min. 2010
Under the cover of night, a sea turtle secretly digs a hole on a             A young girl finds inspiration in her daydreams of a Native-language
tropical beach and lays her eggs in the sand before returning                spelling bee.
to the ocean.
   A stunning animated film exploring the life cycle of a sea turtle
– introducing concepts such as the food chain, predatory animals,                            TmB PaNYee Fc
and the nature of marine life.                                                               Directed by the Glue society
                                                                                             thailand, 6 min., 2011
                                                                             Koh Panyee, a small floating village on the sea in the south of
                meLTDOWN                                                     Thailand, has not an inch of soil. Back in the 1980s the kids there
                Directed by carrie mombourquette                             loved to watch football on TV, but had nowhere they could actually
                canada, 2 min. 2012                                          play the game. They didn’t let that stop them. They followed their
With the last of the Arctic ice disappearing, a polar bear decides to try    dream of playing football by using their limited resources to build
his luck at finding a job in the big city. When it proves difficult to fit   their own field – right on the water. A heartwarming short film
into the human world, the bear finds a more creative solution to his         based on a true, and inspiring, story.

                                                                                             PLaY LUNcH
                BUNTY’S TRee                                                                 Directed by cassandra Nguyen
                Directed by Jasraj singh bhatti                                              australia, 10 min., 2011
                india, 6 min. 2011                                           Seven-year-old Molly Lam promised her mother that she would eat
A young boy matures into adulthood under the watchful eye of a               her lunch before she starts playing football with the other kids – but
benevolent tree growing in his garden. A silent film that says a million     there is a mountain of food in front of her. Enter ten-year-old Sam. A
words about saving the environment.                                          friendship blossoms as an unlikely pair bond over food and a game.

                mOUSe FOR SaLe                                                               ZeBU aND THe PHOTO FISH
                Directed by wouter bongaerts                                                 Directed by Zipporah Nyaruri
                belgium, 5 min. 2011                                                         kenya/uganda, 12 min. 2010
A little mouse in a pet store is desperate to get a new home. He’s           A witty and resourceful 10-year-old son of a fisherman can’t take any
got one big problem: his huge, laugh-provoking ears. When a young            more of his father’s fruitless efforts to pay a shrewd businessman’s
boy comes into the store, the mouse perks up and performs. But will          debt at the expense of the life of his sick mother. This short film, with
anyone notice?                                                               its sweet, uplifting story, is making waves at festivals around the world.

                                                                                                     aI WeIWeI: NeVeR SORRY
                                                                                                     friday, 7:30 p.m., showplace
                                                                                                     Directed by alison klayman
                                                                                                     china/united states, 91 min., 2012

                                                                                the inSide Story oF a diSSident oF the digital age –
                     5 BROkeN cameRaS
                                                                                “a thrilling unFiniShed SyMPhony.”
                     friday, 4:45 p.m., the venue
                     Directed by emad burnat and Guy Davidi                     Ai Weiwei is not just China’s most famous international artist
                     france/israel/Palestine, 90 min., 2011                     – he is also its most outspoken domestic critic. He is, in one
                                                                                reviewer’s words, “an enemy of the (closed) state he works in.”
a PaleStinian village’S Struggle againSt violence                                  Against a backdrop of strict censorship and an unresponsive
and oPPreSSion.
                                                                                legal system, Ai expresses himself and organizes people through
In the West Bank village of Bil’in, the construction of a wall – which Israel   art and social media. In response, Chinese authorities have shut
says is needed to stop suicide bombers – consumes much of the arable land       down his blog, beat him up, bulldozed his newly built studio, and
and allows nearby Jewish settlements to extend onto villagers’ fields.          held him in secret detention.
    Over a period of time Emad, a Palestinian farm labourer                        In her intimate, detailed portrait of the artist as self-promoter
who was born in the village, uses five video cameras to record                  and political thorn in the side of the state, director Alison
episodes in the village’s resistance to Israel’s separation barrier.            Klayman manages to blur the boundaries of art and politics.
Emad’s instinct is to film whatever events he sees; he believes                 Based on unprecedented access to Ai, her “galvanizing”
that doing so will bring meaning to his community’s troubled                    cinéma verité documentary provides a nuanced exploration of
existence. Whether he is watching his son grow from an infant                   contemporary China and one of its most compelling public figures
into a precocious pre-schooler, or marching in a demonstration                  – someone who, “deep down, really cares about this country
or participating in a protest with ammunition and tear-gas hissing              and what happens to us . . . who puts his life on the line for
above him, his rhythmic and reflective narration sets the film’s pace.          something he believes in.”
    A cycle of resistance and retaliation develops between the
                                                                                Special Jury Prize, Sundance Film Festival, 2012; New York
village and the settlements, and in this intensely powerful and
                                                                                Magazine Critics Pick, 2012
personal film – with a few light-hearted moments as well – each of
Emad’s cameras meets a different fate.                                          Sponsored by Bradley Ling & Associates; Cambium Environmental;
                                                                                CM Consulting; Conrad Consulting; Nerve Media; River Current ;
World Cinema Documentary Directing Award, Sundance Film
                                                                                Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School Student Arts Council (SMAC)
Festival, 2012; Best Feature Documentary, Jerusalem Film
Festival, 2012; Best Documentary, Durban Film Festival, South
Africa, 2012; Audience Award and Special Jury Mention,
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), 2011;                                      aLaN SHaIN – FOUR meNUS PLeaSe!
Grand Jury Award, Open City Docs Fest, London, 2012                                                  friday, 4:45 p.m., market hall
Sponsored by George Street United Outreach Community                                                 Directed by corinne baumgarten (in attendance)
                                                                                                     canada, 23 min., 2012

                                                                                “a SenSe oF huMour that juSt doeSn’t quit.”

                                                                                For people with a severe disability, even the simplest things in life –
                                                                                like ordering food in a restaurant (much less getting there) – can be
                                                                                complicated. For some, it helps if you have a sense of humour to go
                                                                                along with your wheelchair.
                                                                                    Alan Shain of Ottawa has cerebral palsy. Despite that, he left a
                                                                                secure but unsatisfying job as a civil servant to take up a career in
                                                                                comedy, and more – as playwright, theatre performer, storyteller, and
                                                                                disability activist.
                                                                                    As journalist Joyce MacPhee says, “Shain is unpredictable, intelligent,
                                                                                and has a wonderfully dry sense of humour onstage and off. He is not

                                                                                                                       FILM LISTINGS

afraid to poke fun at himself or others, and people who misunderstand        reviewer, “in which corporate needs come first and citizen safety is
the disabled are fair game.”                                                 roundly ignored.”
   Inspired by her friendship with Shain, Corinne Baumgarten made            Official Selection, Festival de Cannes, 2011
this film in hopes it would “shed light on the more challenging, less
discussed aspects of the life of disabled people, without falling into the   Sponsored by Trent University Environmental and Resources
trap of repeating stereotyped images.”                                       Studies Program

                                                                                                BITTeR SeeDS
                    BIG BOYS GONe BaNaNaS!*                                                     saturday, 11:15 a.m., the venue
                    sunday, 1:45 p.m., the venue                                                Directed by micha X. Peled
                    Directed by fredrik Gertten                                                 united states/india, 57 min., 2011
                    sweden, 88 min., 2012
                                                                             “FilMS like thiS can change the world.”
a david and goliath battle with a corPorate
Machine.                                                                     Every 30 minutes a farmer in India kills himself in despair
                                                                             because he can no longer provide for his family. Large farms have
In 2009 Fredrik Gertten’s documentary Bananas!, chronicling                  prospered, but most farmers find it increasingly more difficult to
a lawsuit against controversial food giant Dole, was set to                  make a living off their land.
premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Dole responded with                   Cotton farmer Ram Krishna is at the epicentre of the suicide
an aggressive media and public relations campaign to quash the               crisis region and struggling to keep his land. Will he be the next
film’s release and discredit the reputation of the filmmakers. The           one to die? His neighbour’s daughter, Manjusha, is determined to
filmmaking team behind Bananas! refused to be bullied, filing a              set aside village traditions and become a journalist. She decides
countersuit and launching their own media strategy. Their point              that Ram Krishna’s plight will be her first assignment.
was that no one suing them had even seen the film!                               This “beautifully told and deeply disturbing” documentary
   A true documentarian, Gertten once again picks up his camera              follows a season in the life of a farming community – moving from
to record his fight for free speech. Big Boys Gone Bananas!*                 villagers to Monsanto seed salesmen and corporate executives to
is a scintillating case study of an independent filmmaker who                critic Vandana Shiva – skilfully and masterfully weaving together
refuses to give in to the financial and political clout of a corporate       “a rich tapestry of compelling human stories and subplots.” Bitter
giant. The result is a dramatic cautionary tale of the power of              Seeds raises critical questions about the human cost of genetically
individuals to fight back.                                                   modified agriculture and the future of food cultivation and farming.
Sponsored by George Street United Outreach Community                         International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), two
                                                                             awards: Best Green Screen Documentary and Oxfam Global
                    THe BIG FIx                                              Justice Award, 2012; Special Jury Commendation, Port Townsend
                    friday, 7:30 p.m., market hall                           Film Festival, 2012; Jury Award, Green Film Festival, Seoul, 2012
                    Directed by Josh tickell & rebecca harrell
                                                                             Sponsored by Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and
                                                                             Peace Association
                    united states/france/Germany, 90 min., 2011

“i didn’t know you could buy a branch oF the
Military . . .”

“Beaches all along the Gulf Coast are clean, they are safe, and they
are open for business,” said President Obama in the wake of the
2010 massive BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig spill off the Gulf Coast.
    Would it were so. In this enraged exposé of the nasty mix of
Big Oil crime and government corruption – a piece of “smart,
covert reporting that shames our news media” (Village Voice) – the
filmmakers reveal that the truth of the matter is somewhat different.
    What filmmakers Josh Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell found
when they began their “nose-to-the-ground” investigation of the
disaster was an insidious revolving door of government, lobbyist,
and corporate connivance – “a political culture,” according to one


                                                                                     “bothering” her – they tell her that if they catch her alone they will kidnap her.
                                                                                     Still, she continues to believe that if a girl can “become a champion,” just maybe
                      BOTTLeD LIFe                                                   the example will change things for other women in the country.
                      saturday, 5:00 p.m., showplace
                      Directed by urs schnell                                        Sponsored by Canadian Women For Women in Afghanistan,
                      united states, 90 min., 2012                                   Peterborough; Women’s Event’s Committee of Peterborough

“neStlé iS a Predator. a water hunter.”                                                                    BOYS WILL Be BOYS
– Maude barlow.
                                                                                                           friday, 1:00 p.m., market hall
To make money from water, you first have to own it.                                                        Directed by Jennifer Dong, Joanna livadas,
   How does anyone manage to turn ordinary water into a billion-                                           and maneesa sotheeswaran (in attendance)
dollar business? The Nestlé corporation, based in Switzerland,                                             canada, 6 min., 2012
has perfected the not so magical art of transformation. By taking
                                                                                     a FilM FroM the real change girlS FilMMaking
over other leading brands, such as Perrier and San Pellegrino, and
                                                                                     Project 2012.
buying up underground water resources, Nestlé has come
to dominate the global business in bottled water.                                    Does the all-pervasive influence of social media and pop culture play
   Swiss journalist Res Gehringer decided to investigate this                        an important part in society’s justification of violence against women?
money-making phenomena. After Nestlé refused to co-operate                           Three young girls set out to investigate this question – and, at the
with his project on the pretext that it was “the wrong film at the                   same time, empower themselves – through this short film.
wrong time,” Gehringer went on a journey of exploration that took                        The youth filmmakers were participants in SkyWorks Charitable
him from the United States to Nigeria and Pakistan. His journey                      Foundation’s “Real Change Girls Filmmaking Project 2012,” done in
into the world of bottled water – a “wakeup call” for anyone                         partnership with Plan Canada’s Because I Am a Girl Speakers Bureau,
interested in protecting vital natural resources – reveals the                       which was created to give girls between the ages of 14 and 22 –
schemes and strategies of the most powerful food and beverage                        girls who are passionate about human rights and social justice –
company on our planet.                                                               the opportunity to be advocates for girls’ rights.

Panorama Selection, Bejing International Film Festival, 2012;
Conscience Competition, Docville, Belgium, 2012; Official
Selection, Peace on Earth Festival, 2012
Sponsored by Peterborough-Kawarthas Chapter of the Council of
Canadians; Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School Global Justice Club;
Trent University Environmental and Resources Studies Program

                      THe BOxING GIRLS OF kaBUL
                      sunday, 10:00 a.m., the venue
                      Directed by ariel J. Nasr
                      canada, 52 min., 2011

a coMPelling journey oF PerSonal and Political
tranSForMation – oF Fighting For what you believe in.

For decades in Afghanistan, even after the fall of the Taliban, women
were denied the right to play sports. Even today, girls who pursue a sport
live in danger of being kidnapped and maimed by Islamist radicals.
      Despite the risks, three sporty Afghan girls – Shahla, Shabnam, and Sadaf –
are dedicating themselves to boxing. Their dream is to win a medal at the next
Olympics. Under the eyes of a tenacious coach they work out rigorously at an
athletics stadium in Kabul – a place where girls were publicly lynched during the
T aliban era for “sins” such as playing sports.
      The film follows Sadaf, a talented 16-year-old boxer, as she goes to a match
in Vietnam. But when her fame spreads through the media, people start

                                                                                                                          FILM LISTINGS

                                                                              emerging “green-gold” multibillion-dollar carbon industry, these are the
                                                                              voices on the front line, the voices that are seldom heard.
                    camP 14 - TOTaL cONTROL ZONe
                    sunday, 11:45 a.m., the venue                             Sponsored by Peterborough Religious Society of Friends (Quakers);
                    Directed by marc wiese                                    Trent University Environmental and Resources Studies Program
                    france/korea, 101 min., 2012

they Say nobody can leave it alive . . .
but he did, and lived to tell the Story.                                                          cHaSING Ice
                                                                                                  saturday, 7:30 p.m., showplace
Shin Dong-Huyk was born in November 1983 in a North Korean
                                                                                                  Directed by Jeff Orlowski
“re-education” camp. The child of two political prisoners, he spent
                                                                                                  united states, 75 min., 2011
the first two decades of his life in Camp 14. From the age of six he
was subjected to forced labour, hunger, beatings, and torture. He was         the beauty and the horror oF collaPSing
always at the mercy of the wardens. His childhood memories include            glacierS caPtured on caMera.
witnessing the execution of his mother. As he grew up, he knew little         In the spring of 2005 National Geographic photographer James Balog
or nothing of the world outside the barbed-wire fences.                       headed to the Arctic on a tricky assignment: to capture images of the
    At the age of 23, with the help of an older prisoner, Shin                Earth’s changing climate. Balog had been sceptical about the science
succeeded in escaping. For months he journeyed through North                  of climate change, but that first trip north opened his eyes.
Korea and China and finally to South Korea, where he encountered a               Putting both his career and well-being at risk, Balog set out on a
world completely strange to him. This film tells his story.                   mission to gather undeniable evidence of our changing planet. In the
    Director Marc Wiese shapes this documentary as a powerful                 boldest expedition of his life, battling untested technology in subzero
study in survival, quietly drawing details from Shin in a series of           conditions and with a band of young adventurers in tow, Balog
interviews and contrasting those words with the corroborating stories         perilously and laboriously installed revolutionary time-lapse cameras
of two former camp guards – punctuated with animated scenes that              to fashion a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers.
illustrate Shin’s life in evocative monochrome.                                  It takes years for Balog to see the fruits of his labour, but the
Sponsored by Amnesty International Grp. 46                                    hauntingly beautiful images of his Extreme Ice Survey compress
                                                                              those years into seconds and reveal ancient mountains of ice in
                                                                              motion as they disappear at a breathtaking rate.
                                                                                 This “magical, yet horrifying film” presents a photographer delivering
                    caRBON RUSH                                               undeniable evidence mixed with a message of hope to our carbon-
                    friday, 4:45 p.m., showplace                              powered planet.
                    Directed by amy miller (in attendance)
                    canada, 84 min., 2012                                     Best Documentary, Annual Awards, Environmental Media Association,
                                                                              2012; Cinematography Award, Sundance Film Festival, 2012; Audience
Meet the Men and woMen on the Front lineS                                     Award, South by Southwest Film Festival, 2012; Audience Award, Hot Docs
oF carbon-trading.
                                                                              Film Festival, Toronto, 2012; Best Documentary, Big Sky Film Festival, 2012
Hundreds of hydroelectric dams in Panama. Incinerators burning                Sponsored by Kawartha World Issues Centre (KWIC); Ontario Public
garbage in India. Biogas extracted from palm oil in Honduras.                 Interest Research Group (OPIRG); Transition Town; Trent University
Eucalyptus forests harvested for charcoal in Brazil.                          Environmental and Resources Studies Program
   What do these projects have in common? In the wake of the
signing of the Kyoto Protocol and under the auspices of the United
Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism, they are all receiving
carbon credits for offsetting pollution created somewhere else. But
what happens when markets are manipulated to solve the climate
crisis? Who stands to gain, and who suffers? Are the projects
actually reducing emissions? What happens to the people and the
communities where these projects have been set up?
   Travel around the world with Carbon Rush to meet the people who
have experienced the impact of the various projects – from indigenous
rain-forest dwellers who are having their way of life threatened, to dozens
of campesinos assassinated, to the waste-pickers at landfills who have
seen their livelihoods disintegrate. In the cacophony surrounding the

                                                                               Cutting Loose, one reviewer notes, is “an artistic work of optimism
                    cRImeS WITHOUT HONOUR                                    and pathos, making the seemingly quirky into something profound.”
                    friday, 1:00 p.m., market hall                           Best Short Documentary, Encounters Film Festival 2012; Best
                    Directed by raymonde Provencher                          Matter of Fact Film, Indianapolis Film Festival 2012; Grand Prix –
                    canada, 69 min., 2012                                    Asterfest 2012; Best Documentary, Flickerfest 2012; Best Short
                                                                             Documentary, Riverrun, 2012
acroSS cultureS: “caPturing the brave StorieS
behind the ScarS.”                                                           Sponsored by John Howard Society of Peterborough
In Canada honour killings came into the news with the 2009 Shafia
family murder of four women found in a car sunk into the Rideau Canal
in Eastern Ontario. In a Stockholm cemetery activists gather every                              DaL PURI DIaSPORa
year to honour Fadime, a Turkish immigrant to Sweden murdered by                                saturday, 3:10 p.m., market hall
her father in 2002. Around the world people of different backgrounds                            Directed by richard fung (in attendance)
and cultures, different heritages and faiths, continue to be subjected to                       canada, 81 min., 2012
violence or forced marriages in the name of honour. The “dishonour”          the revealing journey oF weSt indian rotiS
can come simply from dating someone from a different culture,                acroSS three continentS.
refusing to take part in an arranged marriage, or wanting to divorce.        From India to Trinidad to Toronto and other far-flung places, the moist,
   With testimonies from four extraordinary activists, filmmaker             doughy, flatbread-wrapped curry dish known as dal puri – or roti, to
Raymonde Provencher reveals the dilemmas, chilling threats, shame,           those of us in North America – has experienced a remarkable passage
and scars that are all part of the pervasive phenomenon. Whether it’s        across space and time. It’s a moveable feast that links colonialism,
the story of a Christian from India in Toronto, a Muslim from Turkey in      migration, and the globalization of tastes.
Berlin, or an Iraqi Kurd in Sweden, they all “make it clear,” writes Lynne      Toronto-based documentarian Richard Fung set out to find the
Fernie, “that the justification for these crimes lies in a family power      origins of his favourite childhood food. He found a food industry
structure based in entrenched patriarchal cultures that cross borders        based in the slave trade, but he also discovered the cultural
and faiths.”                                                                 commonality of a tasty staple that knows no borders. The recipe for
   In this case, too, the principal participants in the movie begin their    dal puri travelled with indentured workers from India’s Gangetic Plain
own crusade: to raise awareness and open up a dialogue about the             to southern Caribbean colonies in the 19th century. In the 1960s the
issue in an effort to stop it from happening again and again.                wrapped roti migrated from Trinidad to North America, where it is
Sponsored by New Canadians Centre Peterborough (NCC)                         known as Caribbean or West Indian roti.
                                                                                As the dish moved from home fire to street stall to restaurant
                    cUTTING LOOSe                                            chain, and from festival to fast food, the flatbread was radically
                    saturday, 5:00 p.m., the venue                           transformed in ingredients, cooking method, ways of eating, and
                    Directed by finlay Pretsell and adrian                   identity. Featuring interviews with leading food writers and scholars,
                    mcDowall                                                 this film, as one critic puts it, “works equally well as simple food
                    scotland, 29 min., 2011                                  porn; expect to leave hungry.”

“i’M truSted with a Pair oF SciSSorS and i’M in here                         Sponsored by Jamaican Self-Help (JSH)
For Murder.”

In Scotland’s prison system a rather untraditional approach to
rehabilitation is helping many of the country’s prisoners come to
terms with their crimes and preparing them for life outside. The
prisons give eager inmates a pair of sharp scissors and encourage
them to practise the unlikely skill set of hairdressing.
   In the buildup to the annual Scottish Prison Service Hairdressing
Competition, Francis, the current champion, has winning the
coveted prize as his ultimate goal. But he also has other objectives
on his mind. Like him, too, some of Scotland’s most dangerous
prisoners are hoping to turn their lives around through cutting the
hair of fellow inmates on a daily basis. As one of them says, 10
minutes spent cutting hair “is like 10 minutes outside jail.”

                                                                                                                         FILM LISTINGS

                                                                           story of the fight to get the falcon off the endangered list.
                   THe eND OF ImmIGRaTION?                                    The film was screened at the Toronto Youth Short Films Festival,
                   saturday, 10:00 a.m., market hall                       2012, and in the Home Grown program of the Planet in Focus
                   Directed by marie boti and malcolm Guy                  Environmental Film Festival, which showcases the best short films
                   (in attendance)                                         about local issues made by Toronto-based emerging filmmakers.
                   canada, 53 min., 2012
what have we here? citizenS with Full rightS – or                                               a FIeRce GReeN FIRe:
“rent-a-workerS” with Few or none?
                                                                                                THe BaTTLe FOR a LIVING PLaNeT
Each year nowadays the number of temporary foreign workers coming                               saturday, 12:45 p.m., the venue
to Canada exceeds the number of permanent economic immigrants.                                  Directed by mark kitchell
    They are not just the seasonal agricultural workers who have been                           united states, 114 min., 2012
toiling in our fields for the past 40 years, or the live-in nannies and
                                                                           SPanning 50 yearS FroM conServation to cliMate
maids from the Philippines. These days temporary foreign workers
                                                                           change: the cauSe that juSt won’t go away.
are found in all sectors: fast food, service stations, city bus drivers.
They come, do the work they are told to do – usually jobs that no-         From halting dam-building in the Grand Canyon to battling 20,000 tons
one else wants to do – and must then go back home. The motto in            of toxic waste at Love Canal; from Greenpeace saving the whales to
Canada, once known as an “immigrant-friendly” country, is “ Use ‘em        Chico Mendes and the rubber-tappers protecting the Amazon; from
and toss ‘em out!”                                                         climate change to the promise of transforming our civilization: here is the
    Noticing this trend, the filmmakers – both of them the children        first comprehensive exploration of the environmental movement and its
of immigrants who came to Canada in the 1950s from war-ravaged             grassroots and global activism. A Fierce Green Fire tells vibrant stories about
Europe – travelled across the country, talking to migrant groups,          people taking action – and succeeding – against enormous odds.
employers, unions, and even government officials. They discovered              It’s not easy being green. Environmentalists have long been both
a hidden world that is as close as the McDonald’s on the next corner.      revered and reviled; they have been called killjoys and Cassandras.
It leaves them wondering: is this the end of immigration as we have        Every battle begins as a lost cause, and sometimes even victories
long known it? And they ask the crucial question: is this the kind of      seemingly won have to be fought for again and again. During an
society we want to build?                                                  epoch in which humans began to rival nature as a power determining
                                                                           the fate of the Earth, environmentalism became one of the great
Sponsored by Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Indigenous
                                                                           causes of the 20th century, and it remains a key to the 21st. This film,
Studies, Trent University; Peterborough Partnership Council on
                                                                           says Cara Mertes of the Sundance Festival, is “shaping up to be the
Immigrant Integration (PPCII)
                                                                           documentary of record” on that movement.
                                                                           Sponsored by The Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough
                   FeaTHeReD BULLeTS
                   friday, 4:45 p.m., market hall
                   Directed by David fyfe (in attendance)
                   canada, 10 min., 2012
helPing to Save “one oF the FierceSt PredatorS in
the SkieS.”

By the early 1970s, after two decades of use, the pesticide DDT had
brought the peregrine falcon close to extinction.
   Many people, including a group of Canadian scientists, fought to
save the species. One of them was biologist and Order of Canada
recipient Richard Fyfe, whose efforts over a period of 40 years made
a difference. Fyfe dedicated his life’s work to saving this magnificent
creature from extinction. Now his grandson, David Fyfe – a student in
Film and Television Production program of Humber College – tells the


                                                                          maRkeT HaLL

                   11:00 - 12:30 A.m.                                 We Were Children (83 min.)

                                                    Girls Between two Worlds (8 min.) - Youth filmmakers present
                    1:00 - 2:30 p.m.                     Boys Will Be Boys (6 min.) - Youth filmmakers present
                                                                 Crimes Without honour (69 min.)

      Friday,       2:45 - 4:25 p.m.                      Vito: the Life of Gay activist Vito russo (93 min.)
                                                         shelf Life (11 min.) - With filmmaker megan murphy
                                                              yeti (2 min.) - With filmmaker Liam Svirk
                    4:45 - 6:15 p.m.                   Feathered Bullets (10 min.) - With filmmaker David Fyfe
                                           alan shain - Four menus Please! (23 min.) - With filmmaker Corinne Baumgarten

                                                                  the Pipedreams Project (29 min.)
                    7:30 - 9:30 p.m.                                    the Bix Fix (90 min.)

                        9:30 p.m.

                   10:00 - 11:00 A.m.       the end of immigration (53 min.) - With filmmakers marie Boti and malcolm Guy

                   11:15 - 12:15 p.m.                    northwords (50 min.) - With filmmaker Geoff morrison

                                                              Why i dance . . . Pourquoi je danse (8 min.)
                   12:45 - 2:45 p.m.
                                                                      the Perfect Fit (12 min.)
                                                                       First Position (94 min.)

 January            3:10 - 4:40 p.m.                   dal Puri diaspora (81 min.) - With filmmaker Richard Fung

       26           5:00 - 6:30 p.m.                                         trans (93 min.)

                    7:30 - 9:30 p.m.                taking a Change on God (54 min.) - With filmmaker Brendan Fay

                        9:30 p.m.       Late night - shake it! - With Climbing poeTree, Dub Trinity, and peterborough poetry Slam

                   10:00 - 11:15 A.m.                                 meet the Fokkens (76 min.)

                                                 shining night: a Portrait of Composer morten Lauridsen (73 min.)
      Sunday,      11:45 - 1:25 p.m.                    - With peterborough Singers - The Voices of peterborough

     January        1:45 - 3:35 p.m.               Of two minds (92 min.) - With filmmaker Lisa Klein and Doug Blush

       27           3:50 - 5:30 p.m.                                  Pink ribbons, inc. (98 min.)

                           SHOWPLace                                                         THe VeNUe

                           Off Label (80 min.)                                       the Lost Bird Project (60 min.)

             Ping Pong: never too Old For Gold (76 min.)                          Where heaven meets hell (80 min.)

                     People of a Feather (94 min.)                                    the invisible War (99 min.)

           Carbon rush (84 min.) - With filmmaker Amy miller                           5 Broken Cameras (90 min.)

                   ai Weiwei: never sorry (91 min.)

                     reception - “Let’s Celebrate”

                                                                             then and now - ishinomaki 11.11.11 (15 min.)
                    reeLkids at reFrame (54 min.)
                                                                                       into the Gyre (44 min.)

no Job for a Woman: the Women Who Fought to report WWii (61 min.)                         Bitter seeds (57 min.)

                       stories We tell (108 min.)                    a Fierce Green Fire: the Battle For a Living Planet (114 min.)

                     unfinished spaces (86 min.)                                        the hole story (80 min.)

                                                                                       Cutting Loose (29 min.)
                         Bottled Life (90 min.)                           three Voices: discovery. recovery. hope. (50 min.)
                                                                    - With representative from Ontario Shores Centre for mental Health

        Chasing ice (75 min.) - With speaker Dr. martyn E. Obbard

                                                                                        Khatti suun (22 min.)
                          skydancer (75 min.)
                                                                                  the Boxing Girls of Kabul (52 min.)
          the People of the Kattawapiskak river (50 min.)
                                                                                Camp 14 - total Control Zone (101 min.)
                   With filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin
                      smoke songs (20 min.)
                                                                                  Big Boys Gone Bananas!* (88 min.)
                re:Generation music Project (77 min.)
                                                                                           Jimmy (12 min.)
                     in Organic We trust (81 min.)
                                                                            scarlet road: a sex Worker’s Journey (70 min.)


                                                                                              THe HOLe STORY
                   FIRST POSITION                                                             saturday, 3:10 p.m., the venue
                   saturday, 12:45 p.m., market hall                                          Directed by richard Desjardins and
                   Directed by bess kargman                                                   robert monderie
                   united states, 94 min., 2011                                               canada, 80 min., 2011
“ready to Soar” . . . “with their ballet dreaMS                           Sounding the alarM about Mining.
on the line.”
                                                                          The history of mining in Canada – whether nickel in Sudbury, silver in
For the young dancers at the Youth America Grand Prix, one of             Cobalt, gold in Timmins, or copper in Rouyn – is the story of astronomical
the world’s most prestigious ballet competitions, lifelong hopes          profits made with disregard for the environment and human health.
and dreams are at stake. With hundreds competing for a handful               Using striking images, rare archival footage, interviews, and their
of elite scholarships and contracts, practice and discipline are          trademark humorous social commentary, the directors make a clear
paramount. Nothing short of perfection is expected.                       case against the manner in which mining has long been carried out
   This award-winning documentary follows six young dancers –             in Canada. In a country rich in mineral resources, mining companies
ages 10 to 17 – as they prepare for a chance to enter the world           have historically paid little tax while local municipalities bear the
of professional ballet. They struggle through bloodied feet,              financial burden of building and maintaining the roads that businesses
near-exhaustion, and debilitating injuries, all while navigating the      use to truck their wealth out to other countries. This provocative film
drama of adolescence.                                                     is essential viewing.
   A showcase of awe-inspiring talent, tenacity, and passion, First
                                                                          Sponsored by Peterborough NDP Provincial Riding Association
Position paints a thrilling and moving portrait of the most gifted
young ballet stars of tomorrow.
Audience Award for Best Documentary: Dallas International Film
                                                                                              IN ORGaNIc We TRUST
Festival, 2012, Portland International Film Festival, 2012, and DOC
                                                                                              sunday, 3:50 p.m., showplace
NYC, 2011; Jury Prize, San Francisco Documentary Festival, 2011; First
                                                                                              Directed by kiplin Pastor
runner-up, Best Documentary, Toronto International Film Festival, 2011
                                                                                              united states, 81 min., 2012
Sponsored by Public Energy
                                                                          an eye-oPening exPoSé oF the Food induStry.

                                                                          Director Kiplin Pastor goes on a personal and investigative journey
                   GIRLS BeTWeeN TWO WORLDS
                                                                          across America to find the true meaning of the word “organic.”
                   friday, 1:00 p.m., market hall
                                                                             What began as a grassroots movement of small-scale farmers has
                   Directed by adiba hasnat, miranda hersco, and
                                                                          turned into a $30-billion industry in which large corporate operations
                   Jenny Deng (in attendance)
                                                                          have replaced small, diversified organic farms and the “certified
                   canada, 8 min., 2012
                                                                          organic” label has become a marketing tool. Hearing from farmers,
a FilM FroM the real change girlS FilMMaking                              organic certifiers, scientists, and organic critics, the film reveals that
Project 2012.                                                             despite the corporatization of organic, the original grassroots philosophy
In this short film, three young girls set out to examine the challenges   is making a comeback in many innovative forms.
and experiences that many first-generation Canadian girls face and to        Digging down into the content beneath the label and the truth
consider how family, friends, and culture influence their identity.       behind the marketing, In Organic We Trust takes a balanced approach
    The youth filmmakers were participants in SkyWorks Charitable         to clear up misconceptions about organic food while highlighting
Foundation’s “Real Change Girls Filmmaking Project 2012,” done in         practical solutions that are transforming the way we grow and eat.
partnership with Plan Canada’s Because I Am a Girl Speakers Bureau,
which was created to give girls between the ages of 14 and 22 –           Golden Palm Award, Mexican International Film Festival, 2012;
girls who are passionate about human rights and social justice – the      Audience Award Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival,
opportunity to be advocates for girls’ rights.                            2012; Special Mention, Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival,
                                                                          Toronto, 2012
Sponsored by Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation
District 14 – Equity and Diversity Committee                              Sponsored by Slavin, Linda and Alan; Sustainable Agriculture and
                                                                          Food Systems Program

                                                                                                              FILM LISTINGS

                                                                        Focusing on the powerful emotional stories of several young
                                                                     female soldiers, The Invisible War reveals a systemic cover-up
                  INTO THe GYRe                                      and follows the women’s struggles to rebuild their lives and
                  saturday, 10:00 a.m., the venue                    fight for justice. Featuring hard-hitting interviews with high-
                  Directed by scott elliott                          ranking military officials and members of Congress, the film
                  united states, 44 min., 2012                       reveals the perfect storm of conditions that exist for rape in the
ScientiStS, a tall ShiP, and a voyage into the great                 military, the history of what amounts to a shocking cover-up,
oceanic garbage Patch.                                               and what can be done to bring about much-needed change.
In the summer of 2010 a team of scientists working with the          Audience Award for Best Documentary, Sundance, 2012
Sea Education Association, an educational institution based in
                                                                     Sponsored by Kawartha Ploughshares; Kawartha Sexual Assault
Woods Hole, Massachusetts, set out on a journey to the remote
                                                                     Centre; YWCA of Peterborough, Victoria and Haliburton
Sargasso Sea. Their goal: to sail into the North Atlantic “gyre” –
one of the five systems of rotating ocean currents – and study
at close hand the issue of plastic pollution.
   Into the Gyre follows the team as they collect, count, and                           JImmY
archive the surprisingly ubiquitous fragments of plastic that                           sunday, 3:50 p.m., the venue
they find floating in the gyre. What they discovered was                                Directed by martin smith
startling – a swirling vortex of countless tiny plastic solutions                       scotland, 12 min., 2011
thousands of miles from land. Along the way the film examines        “an inSPirational Figure, Movingly Portrayed.”
the history of the “plastic age” and its little-known effects on
marine ecosystems, and considers what we can do to stop the          Come along and spend a day in the life of Jimmy McIntosh, MBE,
spreading problem of plastic pollution.                              who has been campaigning daily for disabled rights since 1972.
                                                                     Nothing can stop him, especially not his own cerebral palsy. See the
Best Film, Scinema Festival of Science Film, Canberra,               world from his unique point of view as a wheelchair-bound dynamo –
Australia, 2012; Best Environmental/Ecology Film, Film Festival      from bed to business and public spaces and back again, negotiating
of Colorado, 2012; Best Environment Film, San Francisco              ramps and doors and Edinburgh’s snow. This intimate film is “tough,
Frozen Film Festival, 2012                                           uncompromising, heart-warming, smart.”
Sponsored by Trent University Environmental and Resources               The film is from the “Bridging the Gap” series, consisting of
Studies Program                                                      short films commissioned as “new talent initiatives” by the Scottish
                                                                     Documentary Institute. See also The Perfect Fit.
                                                                     Franklyn Marshall Award for Short Film, CurtDoc International
                  THe INVISIBLe WaR                                  Documentary Festival, Vidreres, Spain
                  friday, 2:45 p.m., the venue
                  Directed by kirby Dick
                  united states, 99 min., 2011
a hidden battle within “the MoSt PowerFul and
advanced Military organization in huMan hiStory.”

“He hit me in the head and knocked me out,” says one woman.
“A few months later I found out I was pregnant,” says another.
   The epidemic of rape within the U.S. military is one of
America’s most shameful and best-kept secrets. In recent years
a female soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan was more likely to be
raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire. The number
of assaults in the last decade alone reached the hundreds of
thousands. But only 8 per cent of assault cases are prosecuted
in the military – and only 2 per cent result in convictions.


                    kHaTTI SUUN                                                              THe LOST BIRD PROJecT
                    Sunday, 10:00 a.m., The Venue                                            friday, 11:00 a.m., the venue
                    Directed by Laalu Bohara and Meena Pariyar                               Directed by Deborah Dickson
                    Nepal, 22 min., 2011                                                     united states, 60 min., 2011
FroM illiteracy to education: the reSult iS “both                         Five birdS, Five SculPtureS: connecting with the
honeSt and heart-breaking.”                                               earth through art.

In Nepal two uneducated women from remote villages decide to go           From the tropical swamps of Florida to Martha’s Vineyard to the rocky
to school. One of them, Nabina, is age 29; the other, Kopila, is 17.      coasts of Newfoundland – over a period of two years – sculptor Todd
Both of them are Dalits, members of the so-called “untouchable            McGrain and his brother-in-law, Andy, went on a mission: to create
caste.” Both of them had spent their lives until then completely          artistic memorials for five birds* driven to extinction in modern times.
immersed in household chores or working in the fields, helping               On their road trip they scout locations, talk to park rangers, speak
their families make ends meet. They had been too poor to get an           at town meetings, and battle bureaucracy in their effort to gather
education as children.                                                    support for their project. They
   Enrolling at the primary level, they study alongside children who      seek out the locations where the birds were last seen in the wild and
are decades younger – children who tease them, thinking that it’s         negotiate for permissions to install McGrain’s large bronze sculptures
funny to see older women in their classroom. Enduring the initial         there. McGrain’s aim in placing the sculptures is to give presence to
mockery of villagers and balancing their hectic daily routines, Nabina    the birds in the strange places where they are now so starkly absent.
and Kopila turn out to be an inspiration for the girls and women in          This film, by three-time Academy Award nominee director Deborah
their village, proving that it is never too late to pursue your dreams.   Dickson, is a different kind of “buddy movie” – an elegy to the five
   The film was created by two women in Nepal’s “untouchable              birds and a thoughtful and sometimes humorous look at the artist and
class” through a workshop sponsored by the Human Rights Film              his mission. As he puts it, “Forgetting is another kind of extinction.”
Centre of Nepal (HRFC).                                                   * Passenger Pigeon, Carolina Parakeet, Labrador Duck, Great Auk,
Sponsored by Ontario Public Service Employees Union - Local 352           and Heath Hen.
Fleming Faculty
                                                                                             meeT THe FOkkeNS
                                                                                             sunday, 10:00 a.m., market hall
                                                                                             Directed by rob schröder and Gabrielle
                                                                                             Netherlands, 76 min., 2011

                                                                          SiSterS are doing it For theMSelveS – in
                                                                          aMSterdaM’S red light diStrict.

                                                                          “In the old days, the local copper would tap on the window if a girl
                                                                          was showing too much ankle, now the girls deal coke from their
                                                                             Meet the Fokkens is a portrait of two remarkable women
                                                                          – “funny, rambunctious, and charming.” Louise and Martine
                                                                          Fokkens, are 69-year-old identical twins – and prostitutes. Louise
                                                                          retired at age 67, but Martine still entertains customers from her
                                                                          window in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. In their day they
                                                                          freed themselves from the control of their pimps, ran their own
                                                                          brothel, and set up the first informal trade union for prostitutes.
                                                                             This delightful film, with its “lively, often comic tone,” follows
                                                                          the two women as they tell hilariously ribald stories of their
                                                                          trade, go out to buy condoms by the box, and shop for new sex
                                                                          toys – and as Martine engages with her clients. The sisters are
                                                                          “funny and kooky,” but their lives and past histories also carry
                                                                          a resonance of sadness. They are, after all, according to one

                                                                                                                     FILM LISTINGS

reviewer, “women forced into a hard life by circumstance, who            Along the way they learn about issues facing the North today and
tried to make the best of their situation, and are trying still.”        confront some of the dark moments in its recent past.
Best European TV Documentary of the Year, Prix Europa Television            Through interviews, emotional moments, gripping action on
Awards, 2012                                                             the land, amazing wildlife encounters, and insightful conversations
                                                                         between the authors and Rogers, Northwords explores the idea of
Sponsored by Sex Work Action Program (SWAP)                              “North” and shows what happens when the country’s best writers
                                                                         tackle one of its most overwhelmingly beautiful places.
                   NO JOB FOR a WOmaN: THe WOmeN
                                                                         Best Documentary, Banff World Media International Pilot Competition
                   WHO FOUGHT TO RePORT WWII
                   saturday, 11:15 a.m., showplace                       Sponsored by Retired Women Teachers of Ontario- Peterborough Branch
                   Directed by michèle midori fillion
                   united states, 61 min., 2011                                              OF TWO mINDS
“bulletS don’t diScriMinate. the dangerS are                                                 sunday, 1:45 p.m., market hall
baSically the SaMe whether you are Male or                                                   Directed by lisa klein and Doug blush (in
FeMale.”                                                                                     attendance)
When World War II broke out, reporter Martha Gellhorn was                                    united states, 92 min., 2012
so determined to get to the front lines that she left husband
                                                                         beSt dayS, and darkeSt MoMentS: a PerSonal
Ernest Hemingway, never to be reunited. Ruth Cowan’s reporting           account oF what it MeanS to be biPolar.
was hampered by a bureau chief who refused to talk to her.
Meanwhile, photojournalist Dickey Chappelle wanted to get close          This intimate, painful, and painfully funny look at those who live in the
enough to the action that she could feel bullets whizzing by.            shadows of a pervasive condition focuses on what it’s truly like on
   Narrated by Emmy Award winner Julianna Margulies (The                 the inside – the extreme highs and the depressing lows of a disorder
Good Wife), this film features an abundance of archival photos           experienced by five million Americans every day. “It’s the roller-
and interviews with modern female war correspondents, as                 coaster ride of your life.”
well as actresses bringing to life the written words of these                The stories of people struggling with bipolar disorder – and
remarkable women. Their repeated delegation to the sidelines to          overcoming it – are personal, diverse, and surprising: an artist lives
cover the “woman’s angle” succeeded in expanding the focus of            a secret life as a cross-dresser; a bipolar couple learns how to live
war coverage to bring home a new kind of story – a personal look         with each other; someone is bipolar and does not even realize
at the human cost of war.                                                it; a journalist’s openness on YouTube paves the way for global
                                                                         understanding. “If I could take it away, I wouldn’t,” says one woman,
Nominated, Best Use of Archive in a History Production, History          “because I’ve seen things no-one else has seen.”
Makers Award, 2012                                                           The husband and wife team of Lisa Klein and Doug Blush are no
Sponsored by Older Women’s Network of Peterborough; Women’s              strangers to their subject-matter. The film is dedicated to Lisa’s sister,
Event’s Committee of Peterborough                                        Tina, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and died in 1994 – and
                                                                         the filmmakers hope above all to show others suffering that they are
                                                                         not alone.
                   NORTHWORDS                                            Sponsored by Canadian Mental Health Association Peterborough Branch
                   saturday, 11:15 a.m., market hall
                   Directed by Geoff morrison (in attendance)
                   canada, 50 min., 2012
a FaScinating literary exPedition above the tree line.

In summer 2011, journalist and activist Shelagh Rogers handpicked
five of Canada’s leading writers – Joseph Boyden, Alissa York, Noah
Richler, Sarah Leavitt, and Rabindranath Maharaj – to accompany her
to a remote corner of northern Labrador. They were travelling not
just to explore and seek inspiration, but to instigate new stories and
conversation about the North.
   This film tracks the group as they navigate the harsh and stunning
terrain of Torngat Mountains National Park – the country’s newest
national park and a place steeped in geological and human history.

                                                                                                PeOPLe OF a FeaTHeR
                    OFF LaBeL                                                                   friday, 2:45 p.m., showplace
                    friday, 11:00 a.m., showplace                                               Directed by Joel heath and the People of
                    Directed by michael Palmieri and Donal mosher                               sanikiluaq
                    united states, 80 min., 2012                                                canada, 94 min., 2011
liFe on the Medicated MarginS                                               Finding wayS oF Surviving in a changing
oF aMerican Society.                                                        canadian arctic.

Doctors today are liberally writing prescriptions for psychotropic          In the world of the Inuit on the Belcher Islands in Hudson Bay, one
drugs such as Aderall, Ambien, Zoloft, Paxil, Seroquil, Prozac,             crucial element connecting the past, present, and future is a unique
Wellbutrin and Effexor, to name but a few. Often these drugs are            cultural relationship with the eider duck. Eider down, the warmest
combined in polypharmacy cocktails or distributed for off-label use         feather in the world, allows both Inuit and bird to survive harsh Arctic
– for unapproved or untested indications, that is – leading to abuse,       winters.
dangerous side-effects, and heavy dependence.                                   Featuring spectacular and groundbreaking footage – including
   The makers of Off Label travelled across the United States to find       time-lapse photography – from seven winters in the Arctic, People of a
personal stories of the impact of pharmaceutical industry practices: from   Feather juxtaposes re-creations of traditional life with modern life in the
professional guinea pigs who make their living as drug test subjects,       community of Sanikiluaq during a time when both people and eiders
to pharmaceutical reps who haunt doctors’ offices promoting their           face the challenges posed by changing sea ice and ocean currents
products, to patients hooked on never-ending cycles of pill-popping.        disrupted by the massive hydroelectric dams powering eastern North
   A sometimes humorous and often tragic peek inside the medicine           America.
cabinets of America, Off Label reveals a country addicted to a                 In this highly acclaimed “poetic and artistic” piece of work – a
pharma-culture. As one reviewer put it, the film “doesn’t propose           collaboration with the community of Sanikiluaq itself – the eyes of
any easy answers. But this humane film documents the often-painful          a remote subsistence culture challenge the world to find energy
stories of just a few of the casualties of today’s pill-happy medical       solutions that work with the seasons of our hydrological cycle.
culture, and it will leave a lasting impression, not unlike a scar.”        Audience Choice, Best Environmental Film, Vancouver International
Sponsored by Peterborough Drug Strategy Initiative                          Film Festival, 2011; Best Direction and Cinematography, New York
                                                                            International TV/Film Awards; Science Communication/Best Feature
                                                                            Film, New Zealand Reel Earth Festival; Environment Award, San
                                                                            Francisco Ocean Film Festival, 2012; Jury Award, Green Film Festival,
                                                                            Seoul, Korea
                                                                            Sponsored by Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG);
                                                                            Trent University Department of Indigenous Studies; Trent University
                                                                            Environmental and Resources Studies Program; The Unitarian
                                                                            Fellowship of Peterborough

                                                                                                THe PeOPLe OF THe
                                                                                                kaTTaWaPISkak RIVeR
                                                                                                sunday, 11:45 a.m., showplace
                                                                                                Directed by alanis Obomsawin (in attendance)
                                                                                                canada, 50 min., 2012
                                                                            an urgent houSing and Poverty criSiS and traile

                                                                            On October 28, 2011, Theresa Spence, chief of the Attawapiskat First
                                                                            Nation, declared a state of emergency in her community in Northern
                                                                            Ontario. The housing conditions on the reserve made international
                                                                            headlines and revealed the often hidden realities of extreme poverty
                                                                            in one of the world`s wealthiest countries. A media storm erupted in
                                                                            Canada as the plight of the isolated First Nation captivated the country.

                                                                                                                FILM LISTINGS

   What was largely absent from the genuine concern and political
finger-pointing portrayed in the press were the voices of the people
of Attawapiskat themselves. Alanis Obomsawin, Canada’s most                               PING PONG: NeVeR TOO OLD FOR GOLD
renowned Aboriginal filmmaker, journeys to Attawapiskat on the                            friday, 1:00 p.m., showplace
shores of the Kattawapiskak River and introduces us to the residents                      Directed by hugh hartford
of the beleaguered community. Through the filmmaker’s gentle, yet                         united kingdom, 76 min., 2012
unflinchingly honest lens, we are taken inside the overcrowded homes    a SPort and the PaSSionS, PrejudiceS, and
and makeshift shacks as the residents speak of their hardships and      PoSSibilitieS oF growing old.
display an abiding hope for the future.                                 Way out there in Inner Mongolia pensioners from across
Sponsored by The Kawartha Truth & Reconciliation Support Group;         the world gather to compete in the over-80s Table Tennis
“Ramnesty” Kenner Collegiate and Vocational Institute; Rotary           Championships.
Club of Peterborough; Rotary Club of Peterborough Kawartha; Trent          This “rousing and effective” portrait of eight determined
University Department of Indigenous Studies                             octogenarian players with 703 years between them takes us from
                                                                        their lives back home, with training schedules that rival athletes a
                                                                        quarter of their age, to the fiercely competitive arena and what is
                                                                        possibly their last chance for glory. In the event, some fall by the
                  THe PeRFecT FIT
                                                                        wayside; others make it through to the final rounds.
                  saturday, 12:45 p.m., market hall
                                                                           Terry, 81, has been given a week to live but remains
                  Directed by tali yankelevich
                                                                        determined to beat the odds and has his sights firmly set on
                  scotland, 12 min., 2011
                                                                        winning gold. Inga, 89, has used table tennis as a means to
“the dancer Should Feel the Soul oF the ShoeMaker                       fight her way out of the dementia ward she committed herself
in the ShoeS.”                                                          to. Les, at 89, is a 14-times cancer sufferer and 12 times world
Ballet shoes are the footware of choice for delicate and nimble         table tennis champion. Rune, 85, is the new favourite to win gold
dancers. But where do they come from? The answer: a tenacious and       in the men’s over 85s, and an arch rival. He and Les have only
perfectionist shoemaker pounds out his soul in fashioning each pair,    been playing each other for the last 35 years. Dorothy, 101, is the
desperately striving to ensure that the shoes are as comfortable as     oldest competitive player in the world. Ursula, 90, says “Young
possible.                                                               people are shitting themselves.”
    Filmmaker Tali Yankelevich admits that she was thoroughly              A true story of the power of the human spirit, Ping Pong offers
surprised when she first visited a ballet shoe factory in London. One   funny, moving, and inspiring stories of battling it out on the large
of the shoemakers she saw proved to be the inspiration for this short   table of life.
film. He had “an incredible energy in the way he worked and made
his shoes that was hypnotizing to watch. He almost looked like he
was dancing – there was a rhythm and a fascinating synchronization
in his movements and how he worked. His face was also so full of
    This is a new film from the “Bridging the Gap” series, consisting
of short films commissioned as “new talent initiatives” by the
Scottish Documentary Institute. See also Jimmy.
Shortlisted for an Academy Award Nomination, Documentary Short
Subject, 2013; SXGlobal Shorts, South by Southwest Festival (SXSW),
Austin, Texas, 2012
Sponsored by Public Energy


                                                                         Best Canadian Short, Planet in Focus Film Festival, Toronto,
                   PINk RIBBONS, INc.                                    2012; Best Experimental Film, Oregon Film Festival, 2012; Best
                   sunday, 3:50 p.m., market hall                        Environmental Film, Reel Paddling Film Festival, 2012; Best Short
                   Directed by léa Pool                                  Documentary, Toronto Beaches Film Festival, 2012
                   canada, 98 min., 2011
“iF PeoPle actually knew what waS haPPening, they                                             Re:GeNeRaTION mUSIc PROJecT
would be really PiSSed oFF.”                                                                  sunday, 1:45 p.m., showplace
Breast cancer can be a devastating disease, as far too many people                            Directed by amir bar-lev
well know. But for marketing experts it is a “dream cause.” It has                            united states, 77 min., 2011
become the poster child of corporate cause-related marketing                            turning the tableS on the hiStory oF
campaigns. Each year millions of dollars are raised in the name          MuSic: it’S revolutionary.
of finding a “cure” for breast cancer, but where does this money         The almost mystical magic of music often springs from the magic of
go, and what does it actually achieve? What about prevention or          collaboration. And a wonderful part of musical collaboration in turn
exploring possible environmental factors?                                often springs from the mixing of genres.
    In Pink Ribbons, Inc., director Léa Pool reveals how the painful         The makers of this film set out to discover, and document, what
reality of breast cancer has been hijacked by a shiny, pink story of     happens when five popular and influential electronic producers/
success. As women – the most influential market group – walk, run,       DJs – Mark Ronson, DJ Premier, The Crystal Method, Pretty Lights,
jump, race, and shop for “the cure,” the corporations backing the        and Skrillex – each take on a specific music genre – rock, country,
events boost their bottom lines. Yet the money raised is unevenly        classical, R&B, and jazz – and push the envelope, fashioning
allocated. Who really benefits from the campaigns – the cause or the     something entirely new and different. The electronic wizards
company? And what if the very products that promise to find a cure       immerse themselves in a foreign genre by writing and mixing
are actually contributing to the problem?                                and recording a brand new track with an influential collaborator –
    The film’s producer, Ravida Din, herself a breast cancer survivor,   someone who in effect is their polar opposite.
wonders: “How did we get to this kind of breast cancer culture that          The result is not just magical and wonderful but a re-imagination
privileges shopping [as a solution] as opposed to getting angry and      of creativity – and a re-imagination of the history and recording
asking for change?”                                                      processes of different musical genres through the eyes of immensely
                                                                         talented DJs. The collaborating artists are not so bad themselves.
                   THe PIPeDReamS PROJecT                                They include country music’s Ralph Stanley, members of The Doors,
                   friday, 7:30 p.m., market hall                        Martha Reeves of Martha and the Vandellas, the Funk Brothers, an
                   Directed by faroe Des roches and ryan                 all-star band of New Orleans jazz players, and the Berklee Symphony
                   vandecasteyen                                         Orchestra of Boston.
                   canada, 29 min., 2011                                     “Here’s a music movie that doesn’t hit a sour note.” – Blind Film Critic.
three kayakerS, two MonthS, nine hundred                                 Sponsored by The Wire MEGAzine
kiloMetreS, one coaSt.

In May 2010 Enbridge Inc. officially applied to build twinned                                 ScaRLeT ROaD: a Sex WORkeR’S
crude oil and condensate pipelines that would connect Alberta’s                               JOURNeY
Tar Sands to Kitimat, B.C., and for the first time bring crude-oil                            sunday, 3:50 p.m., the venue
supertankers to British Columbia’s North Coast. In fall 2010, Curtis,                         Directed by catherine scott
Ryan, and Faroe kayaked 900 kilometres in opposition to this                                  australia, 70 min., 2011
controversial pipeline.                                                  “a deePly heartening docuMentary about the
   Their journey leads them face to face with the complexity             interSection oF Sexuality and diSability.”
of the environmental assessment process, the difficulties local          – badaSS digeSt.
communities face in having their voices heard, and the growing           Impassioned about freedom of sexual expression, Australian sex
resistance against the pipeline. Leaving the city behind for             worker Rachel Wotton specializes in a long-overlooked clientele –
adventure and the exploration of the isolated and dangerous coast,       people with disabilities.
they immerse themselves completely in one of the last truly                Rachel works in New South Wales, where prostitution is legal.
wild places on Earth. Through their experience the trio becomes          Her philosophy is that human touch and sexual intimacy are
awakened to a world of power, politics, and the question of              therapeutic aspects of our existence, and it is having a dramatic
democracy.                                                               impact on the lives of her customers. Many of them are confined
                                                                                                                      FILM LISTINGS

to wheelchairs or cannot speak or move unaided. Through her              beauty. In Shining Night, through the eyes of other composers,
work in the organization Touching Base, Rachel both fights for           conductors, singers, and music students, his story unfolds; and
the rights of sex workers and strives to increase awareness and          through performances from a number of skilled practitioners – from
access to sexual expression for people with disabilities – and she       Volti and Con Anima Chamber Singers to the San Francisco Choral
brings together these two often-marginalized groups.                     Society and University of Aberdeen Choral Society and Orchestra –
   The film follows Rachel as she conducts sex and disability            and recorded soundtracks, his music comes to life.
workshops, speaks to the World Congress on Sexual Health,                    Filmed in California and Scotland, this “spare, thoughtfully crafted,
and stays overnight with severely disabled clients, who blossom          serene” film provides a rare look into the private life of a living
under her attention. Rachel has made it her life’s work to end           legend, someone considered a genius in the field of musical creation,
the stigma surrounding these people. The depth, humour, and              illuminating “the person behind the music.”
passion in this positive and pro-active documentary will transform       Best Documentary, DC Independent Film Festival, 2012; Best
how we see sex workers and people with disabilities.                     Documentary/International Subject, Eugene Film Festival, Oregon;
Sponsored by YWCA of Peterborough, Victoria and Haliburton               Honorable Mention, Los Angeles Movie Awards
                                                                         Prior to the film screening the Peterborough Singers will perform two of
                                                                         morten Lauridsen’s compositions. The highly regarded 100-voice choir, under
                   SHeLF LIFe                                            artistic Director/Founder Syd Birrell, has been the voice of Peterborough for
                   friday, 4:45 p.m., market hall                        20 years.
                   Directed by megan murphy (in attendance)
                   canada, 11 min., 2011
an iconic Store in enniSMore, a FaMily haven, and erin.                                       SkYDaNceR
                                                                                              sunday, 10:00 a.m., showplace
The moving camera takes a short trip across the Chemong Causeway
                                                                                              Directed by katja esson
and stops at Sullivan’s General Store in the hamlet of Ennismore.
                                                                                              united states/Germany, 75 min., 2011
The family business there has been passed down through four
generations for 100 years. Inside the store we meet Erin, the great-     aboriginal liFe FroM high above – and down below.
granddaughter of the original owner, who works alongside her brother     The Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, World Trade Center: for
and her dad and other family members.                                    more than 120 years, Mohawk ironworkers have raised America’s
   Erin has cystic fibrosis, and in a sense she has outlived herself.    modern cityscapes. They are called “sky walkers” because they walk
Doctors said she had a life expectancy of 17 years. She remembers,       fearlessly atop steel beams just a foot wide, high above the city.
as a child, setting a goal for herself: to be the oldest person with         Every Friday at quitting time, it seems, they jump in their cars and
cystic fibrosis and live to age 32. She is now 32.                       make the eight-hour drive up north to be with their families on the
   For Erin, the store provides “a safe haven” and “a feeling of         reservation. But who really are these Mohawk sky walkers? What is
community and support.” Despite her medical struggles she is doing       their life really like? What is their secret for overcoming fear? Has sky
well lately and, somewhat to her surprise, is still going. “Things may   walking replaced an ancient rite of passage? Or is it the pure need to
be turning around,” she says – and she “is looking at a future that      adapt in order to survive?
seems way longer than I ever expected.”                                      From the fragile hierarchy on top of the breath-taking steel
                                                                         structures in New York City to life “on the Rez,” where problems like
                   SHINING NIGHT: a PORTRaIT OF                          unemployment and crime make it hard to see the pristine beauty of
                   cOmPOSeR mORTeN LaURIDSeN                             the surrounding lands: Skydancer provides exceptional access to the
                   sunday, 11:45 a.m., market hall                       lives of these ironworkers and in the process offers an intriguingly
                   Directed by michael stillwater                        different perspective on contemporary Native Americans.
                   switzerland/united states, 73 min., 2012              Sponsored by Peterborough NDP Federal

a Man, an iSland, and MuSic that MoveS the world.

He is, according to one critic, “The only American composer in history
who can be called a mystic.”
    On his island home in the Pacific Northwest, inspired by the
silence of nature, Morten Lauridsen composes works of timeless


                  SmOke SONGS                                                             STORIeS We TeLL
                  sunday, 1:45 p.m., showplace                                            saturday, 12:45 p.m., showplace
                  Directed by briar march                                                 Directed by sarah Polley
                  united states, 20 min., 2011                                            canada, 108 min., 2012
an indigenouS band with a MiSSion: both angry and                     a PerSonal eSSay on the intractable SubjectS oF
redeMPtive, traditional and Modern.                                   FaMily and MeMory – and whether there can ever be
                                                                      a truth.
The late godfather of punk, Joey Ramone, declared them “fire
punk-rock.” And while punk rock and human rights do not               Here, in her first documentary film – after the major successes of her
necessarily share a common cause, in the case of the Arizona          two feature films, Away From Her and Take This Waltz – Sarah Polley
band Blackfire, the music and the message are two integral parts      journeys back through the decades to reveal the highly contested
of a solid and strong identity.                                       shared memories of her own family.
   Born into the heart of the Navajo Nation in an area on Black          In recent years Polley had become fascinated by how a family
Mesa that is still in political dispute, the members of Blackfire –   secret had taken on a life of its own – how the secret had mutated
two brothers, Klee and Clayson Benally, and their sister, Jeneda      as people began to bring it out into the open and put it into their own
Benally – find it impossible to separate their passion for music      words. In finally deciding, after considerable hesitation, to tell the
from their socio-political messages. Mixing their pure punk rock      story of this secret, she found herself wanting instead “to make a
with Native American words, rhythm, and sometimes dance,              film about our need to tell stories, to own our stories, to understand
they transfer a dark history of forced relocation, racism, and        them, and to have them heard. . . . I wanted the story told in the
human rights violations into a potent mix of creative expression      words of everyone I could find who could speak about it.”
and youth empowerment.                                                   In Stories We Tell Polley weaves archival footage, still photos,
   On the road, at home, and in the studio, their unique              testimonials, and other intriguing elements into a lively and richly
artistry finds its wellspring in the contemporary issues facing a     textured documentary that seamlessly blends past and present, the
generation of Native American youth. This band’s outreach is not      real and the imagined. This captivating and highly acclaimed film –
confined to the stage.                                                heartfelt, revealing, and charmingly funny – is replete with tender and
                                                                      powerful moments. It serves especially as a search for and loving
National Finalist, Student Academy Awards, 2012; Audience
                                                                      homage to one key player who is no longer here to share her own
Award, San Francisco Independent Documentary Film Festival,
2011; Nominated for the International Documentary Association
Humanitas Award, Los Angeles, 2011                                    Sponsored by Canadian Mental Health Association Peterborough
                                                                      Branch; Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies,
Sponsored by Community and Race Relations Committee (CRRC);
                                                                      Trent University; Trent Centre for Community Based Education
Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation District 14 – Equity
and Diversity Committee

                                                                                          TakING a cHaNce ON GOD
                                                                                          saturday, 7:30 p.m., market hall
                                                                                          Directed by brendan fay (in attendance)
                                                                                          united states, 54 min., 2012
                                                                      Faith, love, and PerSeverance: a gay rightS
                                                                      Pioneer-PrieSt and the catholic church.

                                                                      Here is the story of the remarkable, uncommon life of Father John
                                                                      McNeill of New York. A prisoner of war during World War Two, Father
                                                                      McNeill went to become a Jesuit priest and Vietnam War protester. In
                                                                      1987 he was kicked out of the Jesuit order for his active questioning
                                                                      of the Roman Catholic doctrine on homosexuality.
                                                                         Father McNeill’s dedication to human rights and equality for LGBT
                                                                      people started early in his career as a priest. After the Stonewall riots
                                                                      of June 1969 he became a voice of liberation for gay people, and in
                                                                      1970 his articles published in a Roman Catholic periodical addressed

                                                                                                                    FILM LISTINGS

the church’s doctrinal failings in the treatment and acceptance of        and then to rediscover yourself through art, self-expression, and
LGBT people. In 1972 he co-founded the gay and lesbian Catholic           compassion for others. It is a film that encourages others to raise
group Dignity NY. In 1976 he published his groundbreaking book            their own voices to ask for help.
The Church and the Homosexual. He came out in front of millions of        Sponsored by Canadian Mental Health Association
people as a guest on the Today Show and remained a leader in the          Peterborough Branch
gay community through the AIDS crisis of the 1980s. He has shared
his life with Charles Chiarelli, his partner of 45 years.
   Above all, as this inspiring portrait clearly reveals, he remains a
natural storyteller, whether at a kitchen table or in his homilies and                       TRaNS
retreats – someone who has always refused to let his voice be silenced.                      saturday, 5:00 p.m., market hall
                                                                                             Directed by chris arnold
Sponsored by Affirm United; St. Andrew’s Church; The                                         united states, 93 min., 2012
Peterborough Catholic Listening Circle; The Unitarian Fellowship of
                                                                          MeMorable StorieS and unuSual liveS: an entrance
                                                                          into a coMPlex and draMatic world.

                                                                          The transgender community may well be the most misunderstood
                   THeN aND NOW – ISHINOmakI 11.11.11                     and mistreated minority in North America and around the world.
                   saturday, 10:00 a.m., the venue                        Inspired by the incredible story of Dr. Christine McGinn (herself a
                   Directed by ivan kovac and Jeffrey Jousan              transperson) and her work as a transgender surgeon, Trans provides
                   Japan, 15 min., 2012                                   an up-close and very personal vision into the lives, loves, and
                                                                          challenges of a remarkable cast of characters of all ages and from
aPril, 2011: “juSt aS we reached higher ground,                           all walks of life – stories of confusion and courage, excitement and
the tSunaMi arrived.”
                                                                          emotion, that have never been told, until now.
“My family’s story ended at that moment.”                                     These are stories of extraordinary people who face fear,
   On November 11, 2011, eight months after the Tsunami, the two          discrimination, ignorance, and violence in hope that they will one day
directors and their producer, Paul Johannessen, visited Ishinomaki        to be able to live . . . ordinary lives. To anyone who has ever looked
and interviewed a number of residents. What they found was a range        in a mirror and wondered “who they really are?” Trans asks another
of very different stories and experiences on a long and continuing        question: “Are you brave enough to find out?”
upward path to recovery.
                                                                          Best Documentary, Fresno Reel Pride Gay and Lesbian Film Festival,
   Ishinomaki, a seaside city on the northeast coast of Japan, was
                                                                          2012; Best Documentary, Torino GLBT Film Festival, Italy, 2012;
seriously damaged by the series of tsunamis that struck the area.
                                                                          Audience Award, Best Documentary, Philadelphia QFest, 2012; Best
Neighbourhoods were levelled; about 29,000 residents lost their
                                                                          Documentary, Louisville GLBT Film Festival, 2012; Best Director,
homes; over 3,000 people died.
                                                                          Documentary, LesGaiCineMad Festival, Madrid, 2012
   “The water kept coming. It was like a river.” With camera-work
from both April and November 2011, with its stories about people          Sponsored by Canadian Mental Health Association Peterborough
rebuilding community together, this short film brilliantly combines       Branch; Kenner Queer Collective; Peterborough Pride; Rainbow
heartbreaking photography of destruction and heart-rending                Service Organization (RSO); Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School
testimonies of loss and survival.                                         Queer Positive Space Group

                   THRee VOIceS: DIScOVeRY.
                   RecOVeRY. HOPe.
                  saturday, 5:00 p.m., the venue
                  Directed by katie tallo
                  canada, 50 min., 2012
(chris bovie and cynthia weaver from Onatrio shores centre
for mental health science will be in attendance.)
a raw and heart-wrenching docuMentary
about Mental illneSS.

Shot on location in Ottawa, Toronto, and Halifax in association with
the Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Services, Whitby, the
documentary reveals what it is like to lose your grip on who you are


                                                                                               VITO: THe LIFe OF GaY acTIVIST
                    UNFINISHeD SPaceS                                                          VITO RUSSO
                    saturday, 3:10 p.m., showplace                                             friday, 2:45 p.m., market hall
                    Directed by alysa Nahmias and benjamin                                     Directed by Jeffrey schwarz
                    murray                                                                     united states, 93 min., 2011
                    cuba, 86 min., 2011
                                                                            overcoMing hoMoPhobia and oPPreSSion
caStro and cuba and a worldwide ShowcaSe For art?                           – FroM inviSibility to liberation.

“Cuba will count as having the most beautiful academy of arts in the        On June 27, 1969, a police raid on a Greenwich Village gay bar called
world.” Thus spoke Fidel Castro in 1961.                                    the Stonewall took a surprising turn when patrons decided it was
    That very same year Castro and Che Guevara duly commissioned            time to fight back. As a riot erupted on Christopher Street, a new era
three young, visionary architects to create Cuba’s National Art Schools     in the gay rights movement was born. Vito Russo, a 23-year-old film
on the grounds of a former golf course in Havana. Construction of the       student, was among the crowd.
trio’s radical designs began immediately, and the school soon held its          As a youngster growing up on the rough streets of East Harlem in
first classes. For a short time dancers, musicians, and artists from all    New York City, Vito had been mercilessly teased by older boys, who
over the country revelled in the beauty of the schools.                     constantly yelled gay slurs at him and, sometimes, beat him up. Still,
    A few years later, as the political climate changed and Soviet-         Vito said, “I never once, not for a second, believed that it was wrong
inspired functionalist forms became the standard, the art schools and       to be gay.”
their architects fell out of favour. The continuing construction was            In the aftermath of Stonewall, a newly politicized Vito Russo found
abruptly halted. Cuba’s ambitious National Art Schools project was          his voice as an outspoken and inspiring gay activist and critic of
neglected, and nearly forgotten.                                            LGBT representation in the media. He went on to write The Celluloid
    Some forty years later the schools were in use, but remained            Closet, the first book to critique Hollywood’s portrayal of gays on
unfinished and decaying. Still, the dream did not completely die. The       screen. During the AIDS crisis in the 1980s, Vito became a passionate
schools were ultimately rediscovered as one of the most outstanding         advocate for justice via the newly formed ACT UP. He died of AIDS in
architectural achievements of the Cuban Revolution; in 2000 they            1990, but not before, as director Jeffrey Schwarz puts it, “his work
were nominated for the World Monuments Fund Watch List. The                 forever changed the landscape for those living with the disease.”
exiled architects were eventually invited back to finish their unrealized   Elle Flanders Award, Best Documentary Film, Inside Out Toronto
project.                                                                    LGBT Film Festival, 2012; Best of the Fest, Palm Springs International
    Featuring intimate footage of Fidel Castro, Unfinished Spaces           Film Festival, 2012; Audience Award, Best Documentary, Queer
documents the innovative dream of a revolution and the struggle and         Lisboa, Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2012; Audience Award,
passion of three artists devoted to creating a “site of outstanding         Favorite Documentary, Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2011;
universal value.”                                                           Audience Award, Best Documentary, Pink Apple Lesbian and Gay
Documentary Special Jury Prize, San Diego Latino Film Fest, 2012;           Film Festival, Zurich, Switzerland, 2012
Documentary Jury Prize, Salem Film Fest, Massachusetts; Award               Sponsored by Peterborough Pride; Rainbow Service Organization (RSO)
for Best Reportage, International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA),
Montreal, 2012; Documentary Jury Prize, Semana Internacional de
Cine (SEMINCI), Valladolid International Film Festival, Spain
                                                                                               We WeRe cHILDReN
                                                                                               friday, 11:00 a.m., market hall
                                                                                               Directed by tim wolochatiuk
                                                                                               canada, 83 min., 2012
                                                                            reSidential SchoolS: “to kill the indian in the child.”

                                                                            As young children Lyna Hart and Glen Anaquod were taken from their
                                                                            homes and placed in church-run boarding schools – and the trauma
                                                                            of being torn apart from their families and homes was made worse
                                                                            by the subsequent years of untold physical, sexual, and emotional
                                                                            abuse. The effects persisted into their adult lives.
                                                                               They were only two among 150,000 Aboriginal children, sent to 80

                                                                                                                         FILM LISTINGS

schools across Canada, who felt the profound impact of the Canadian
government’s residential school system. The last of the schools
closed only in 1996.                                                                            WHY I DaNce . . . POURQUOI Je DaNSe
   Through the eyes of two children this emotional, challenging                                 saturday, 12:45 p.m., market hall
docudrama unflinchingly conveys the experience of those who were                                Directed by Gloria ui young kim
forced to face hardships beyond their years. Now, one of them says,                             canada, 8 min., 2012
“I can tell my story.” It may be the story of a national tragedy, but it   “iF you have a choice between eating and dancing,
demonstrates the incredible resilience of the human spirit.                alwayS chooSe dancing.”

Sponsored by George Street United Outreach Community                       Gotta dance! Gotta dance! And, as this film shows, there are as many
                                                                           reasons for dancing as there are beats in its music track. “There’s
Two counsellors from Niijkiwendidaa will be available
                                                                           nothing really like it.”
immediately following the screening of We Were Children to talk
                                                                              “Why do you dance? Why do you breathe?” In a celebration of
with people who may be adversely affected by the content of the film.
                                                                           diversity, inclusion, and dance – and its 50 years of support to the
                                                                           hundreds artists and arts organizations across the province – the Ontario
                                                                           Arts Council and filmmaker Gloria Ul Young Kim let the dancers explain
                   WHeRe HeaVeN meeTS HeLL                                 the freedom and discipline, the joy and catharsis, the self-affirmation
                   friday, 1:00 p.m., the venue                            and interconnection they experience when they set their bodies to the
                   Directed by sasha friedlander                           music. “As long as you have a beat inside you, dance is for you.”
                   united states, 80 min., 2012                               “Let loose and enjoy it for what it is.”
eaSt java, indoneSia: iF hell haS a SMell, it’S                            Sponsored by Public Energy
Probably rotten eggS.

Every day, several times a day, independent sulphur miners by the
hundreds ascend Kawah Ijen, an active volcano in Indonesia, and go                              YeTI
down into the crater. The meagre pay they get for their work there –                            friday, 4:45 p.m., market hall
barely enough for food and basic needs – is based on the weight of                              Directed by liam svirk (in attendance)
the sulphur they mine and carry out each day.                                                   canada, 2 min., 2011
   Gruelling physical labour and toxic billowing smoke wear down
                                                                           a gliMPSe oF a naSty Future right here
their bodies. Unable to afford protective gear, the miners are
                                                                           in the heart oF Peterborough.
completely exposed to the harsh elements, breathing in the sulphuric
gases and carrying the sulphur on their backs. They are buoyed by          Inspired by George Orwell’s dystopian and satirical novel Nineteen Eighty-Four,
their faith in Islam and the hope that they will be able to save enough    a Peterborough high-school student fashions a metaphoric statement
money to send their children to school so that the new generation          on the forced closing of the downtown high school, PCVS – a sad,
can avoid the same future.                                                 painful affair conjuring up themes of oppression and loss of individuality.
   First-time filmmaker Sasha Friedlander follows four of these               Liam Svirk produced this animated short for his computer tech
miners, who struggle daily to feed their families and educate their        high-school class. He says he “got a 92” on it and an award for “Best
children. Friedlander contrasts the miners’ village as a place of peace,   Animation” at his school’s film festival. Now you can be the judge.
spirituality, and hope with the treacherous yet breathtaking beauty of     Best Animation Award, PCVS Film Festival, 2012
the volcanic landscape as a place of pain and struggle.
   Where Heaven Meets Hell takes us inside a community locked into
a cycle of poverty and inadequate education, where we witness people
desperate to break through seemingly insurmountable constraints.
Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary, and Outstanding
Cinematography Award, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival,
2012; Halekulani Golden Orchid for Best Documentary, Hawaii
International Film Festival, 2012.


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2670 Leavenworth Street, #F,      2065 rue Parthenais, Bureau #277,                                               The Lost Bird Project
San Francisco, CA United States   Montréal, QC Canada                    Girls Between Two Worlds                 Middlemarch Films
94133                             H2K 3T1                                Skyworks Charitable Foundation           247 West 30th Street, #7F,
415-348-1796                      514-523-8530                           401 Richmond Street West, Suite 240,     New York, NY United States                    Toronto, ON Canada                       10001                               M5V 3A8                                  212-645-2324
Bottled Life                      cutting Loose                    
Kloos & Co. Medien GmbH           Scottish Documentary Institute
Schlesische Street, 29/30,        74 Lauriston Place,                                                             meet the Fokkens
10997 Berlin, Germany             Edinburgh, Scotland                    The Hole Story                           KinoSmith Inc.
49-030-4737-2980                  EH3 9DF                                National Film Board of Canada (NFB)      223 Humberside Avenue,                44-131-651-5874                        150 John Street,                         Toronto, ON Canada

                                                                                         FILM DISTRIBUTION INFORmaTION

M6P 1K9                               The Perfect Fit                       Peterborough, ON Canada               700 Gordon Street,
416-992-2060                          Scottish Documentary Institute        K9J 7T8                               Whitby, ON Canada                    74 Lauriston Place,                   416-459-8630                          L1N 5S9                     Edinburgh, Scotland                         1-800-341-6323
                                      EH3 9DF                                                           
No Job for a Woman: The Women         44-131-651-5874                       Shining Night: a Portrait of
Who Fought to Report WWII          composer morten Lauridsen
Women Make Movies                     Inner Harmony                         Trans
462 Broadway, Suite 500WS (at Grand                                         3 Monroe Parkway, Suite P-231,        The Film Collaborative
Street),                              Ping Pong: Never Too Old For Gold     Lake Oswego, OR United States         137 N. Larchmont Boulevard, #606,
New York, NY United States            KinoSmith Inc.                        97035                                 Los Angeles, CA United States
10013                                 223 Humberside Avenue,                503-746-8687                          90004
212-925-0606                          Toronto, ON Canada                  323-207-8321                        M6P 1K9                                                        416-992-2060                                                      
Northwords                                       Women Make Movies                     Unfinished Spaces
FilmCAN                                                                     462 Broadway, Suite 500WS (at Grand   Film Sprout
7 Elm Grove Avenue,                   Pink Ribbons, Inc.                    Street),                              25 E. 21st Street, 7th Floor,
Toronto, ON Canada                    National Film Board of Canada (NFB)   New York, NY USA                      New York, NY United States
M6K 2H9                               150 John Street,                      10013                                 10010
416-997-6834                          Toronto, ON Canada                    212-925-0606                                     M5V 3C3                                                          416-973-3012                
                                                                                              Vito: The Life of Gay activist Vito
Of Two minds                                                                Smoke Songs                           Russo
Dish Communications                   The Pipedreams Project                Briar March                           The Film Collaborative
818-508-1000                          Ryan Vandecasteyen                    011-64-9-810-9056                     137 N. Larchmont Boulevard, #606,                    1701 Powell Street, #310,                     Los Angeles, CA United States
                                      Vancouver, BC Canada                            90004
Off Label                             V5L 5C9                                                                     323-207-8321
Anish Savjani & Vincent Savino        604-600-2245                          Stories We Tell             
181 North 11th Street, Suite 304,                  Mongrel Media               
Brooklyn, NY United States            1028 Queen Street West,
11211                                                                       Toronto, ON Canada                    We Were children
917-501-5197                          Re:Generation music Project           M6J 1H6                               National Film Board of Canada (NFB)                  Visit Films                           416-516-9775                          150 John Street,               173 Richardson Street,                        Toronto, ON Canada                  Brooklyn, NY United States                    M5V 3C3
                                      11222                                                                       416-973-3012
People of a Feather                   718-312-8210                          Taking a chance on God      
Sanikiluaq Running Pictures                    The Film Collaborative
121-1984 Mathematics Road,                      137 N. Larchmont Boulevard, #606,     Where Heaven meets Hell
Vancouver, BC Canada                                                        Los Angeles, CA United States         SASHA Films, LLC
V6T 1Z2                               Scarlet Road: a Sex Worker’s          90004                                 Sasha Friedlander
604-813-5635                          Journey                               323-207-8321                          658 Warren Street, #3,             Women Make Movies                 Brooklyn, NY United States              462 Broadway, Suite 500WS (at Grand          11217
                                      Street),                                                                    831-234-8988
The People of the kattawapiskak       New York, NY United States            Then and Now – Ishinomaki   
River                                 10013                                 11.11.11
National Film Board of Canada (NFB)   212-925-0606                          Ivan Kovac                            Yeti
150 John Street,                                              Liam Svirk
Toronto, ON Canada                                                                           705-931-2996
M5V 3C3                                                                     Three Voices: Discovery. Recovery.
416-973-3012                          Shelf Life                            Hope.                            Megan Murphy                          Ontario Shores, Centre for Mental
                                      879 Wedgewood Court,                  Health Science



                  J a N u a ry 24- 26, 2014
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